"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Only Lonley On the Inside....

I woke up lonley this morning. Funny thing. For someone who enjoys being alone huh?

Of course, I thought of this song:

Hello again, your words they make me smile.
As I drift away in my little room upstairs.
Then I realize I don't even know your name.
If we could share our time, would I disappoint your fantasies?
But I believe that I could be the one you need 'cause I'm...
Only lonley on the inside
And I could start to give apologies
for all the stupid things that I will say and I will do.
If we should ever cross the same place at the same time
would your world skip a beat 'cause it was me?
If we could share our life would I disappoint your memories?
I believe that you could be the one I've needed.
And I'm...
Only lonley on the inside...
If I could give back your hopes, your joys, your treasures,
don't you think that I would change my world?
But there's so many things trying to pull us together.
And even though we're far apart, I can still watch you walk away.
It had been a week since I stayed a night alone. Weird. I think that was the reason I didn't want to start staying with anyone, cus it is so weird when you sleep alone. It felt weird. Not right. Like we broke up. I woke up on the other side of the bed. I was all out of sorts. Late. To top off waking up late, I got behind a truck, putting new lines on the road. Going 5mph. When I'm already running late. Boy, that put me in a fun mood! WG called me though. To tell me that he felt weird too. All the signs are pointing towards my wanting to be w/him all the time. I'm still not ready for the official move-in. I have my mind set on that. Maybe I think it will prevent my getting hurt? You can still get hurt if you don't live together. Maybe I think we wont break up if we are engaged....
we could still break up. I don't know. Maybe its stalling? I really don't know. I know, that if I stick to my guns I will at least know in my own mind and heart that it is real. Have I said lately how great it feels to be in love? I dunno if I have mentioned it. I know, I'm sickening!
That's what matters.
What I think.
I had a successful rabbit date last night. My poor bunny lost a toenail! Boos! No wonder he has been a big fat lumpy grumpy bun!!!! I clipped his nails and cleaned his bum. He is too fat to clean himself. We're working on that. He doesn't eat too much, he just is lazy w/o his wifey. Last night he followed Chelsea Bear around, so he will work off some of his weight.
I started watching another show. Battle of the Network Reality Stars. It is similar to the battle of the stars from years ago. It is funny. It has all the greats on it, from all shows!
I can't wait to watch Big Brother tonight. I like nothing more, than watching people I don't know fight on TV and make asses of themselves! I just do!
Bubba got a little thing we like to call "Payback" on that biznatch from job 2 that was rude to me for using the pisser. Sweet.
I think it might snow tomorrow. Saturday night it was around 100 degrees out. Now, it's freezing. And, it takes some pretty cold weather for ME to say I'm cold!!!!!
'Theres nothing wrong with Ohio...'
'Except the snow and the rain...'
Good song!
Today's Question:
What is the thing of highest value that you have lost?
That'd be my house. Can you say foreclosure?


Tayray said...

I had a scholarship to play softball in college, and I turned it down. Shouldnt of done it!!

Ahnolde said...

It would be better if you turned it down for a good reason, but you didn't!! Your reason was an asshole!! haha
I've never really had anything I would consider of great value that I gave up. I may have thrown away a winning lottery ticket once, does that count?

Tayray said...

It was a good reason, I didnt want to be that far away from home!! I didnt met asshole until the year after that! And had I taken the scholarship, I wouldnt be were I am today!
Sure you didnt leave that winning lottery ticket in your pants and someone washed it?

Mon said...

Simma down now! Im trying to change my blog kids!