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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Test of My Morals?..

I am signed up at OK Cupid! because they have fun tests to take. I have been hit on like every girl in the friggin' world who is ever online where men are. You know 'em, they IM you and act interested in something you have in your profile....and in about a minute flat, their all talking about how they want to lick your pussy. (I am using the words they use, I would rather refer to it as a china, cotchie, or a hoo ha) As if that is really how you get a woman to be interested in you, even when their single. I never met someone online, for this very reason!

For instance:

Randomman: "Hi, I see you like music, I like music"
YOU: "Yes, my fave band is suchandsuch"
Randomman: (i think they look up suchandsuch real quick at google) "Ah, I really like that one song"
YOU: "Me too!"
Randomman: "So, do you like to have your pussy licked?"
YOU: block user!

That is no lie, it's about that fast. Once in a while, you'll get the guy who really seems sincere, and you waste about an hour talking, til they bring up the cunnilingus.
Their easy to ignore when they IM you.

But they do also send you msgs to your inbox at the site too. I usually delete them without a second thought. I am after all, hopelessly in love.

Over the wknd, I got one from a guy who says I sound interesting from my profile (smart guy!) and that maybe we could be friends. So, this guy I actually looked up his profile. Because he took the time to send me a msg. that didnt involve sex. And, he wasn't cute.

He has MS and is in a wheelchair. So, now I feel like, if I ignore him like the other people, he will think I only ignored him BECAUSE he is in a wheelchair. I have nothing against making new friends..but I am also not up for getting myself into a situation I can't get out of.

Ignore it?
Let him down gently with an "I'm in love with WG but friends are nice"
"WG is really posessive and he will kill any man I talk to?"
(this is not true, but I figure, it is an easy out for me)

I am leaning toward ignoring it, cus how will he ever know that I even got his msg?

Today's Question:

What is the one non monetary thing you have the highest hope of obtaining in life?

Since I can't say fame and fortune...
A happy marriage that lasts a lifetime, with someone who is my best friend, great in the sack, and loves animals! I don't ask for much!

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Ahnolde said...

The one non monetary thing I have the highest hope of obtaining is my own family. Someday soon, I want to have a wife and kids, at which time it will become a VERY monetary thing!! haha