"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Life in My World Today....

Not much going on lately. I had a reallllllllllllllllllly great night! I had company. Wink wink nod nod. I'm smilin pretty good today!!
Bubba is going out with a bang. She had the worst gas at work last night. WG asked if one of us farted, and like me he can't smell well. LOL. I even smelled some of the rank things! I'm sure everyone smelled them! Bleh!

She is still gonna work at our 2nd job. Just different hours than me. I will get more work done, and make more money. That is one positive. But I'll be pretty bored mostly!

I have my review this week at work. I'm pretty nervous, for the first time. I am normally a model employee. I am a hard worker, and I never call off. I get my work done! Since April I havn't been my normal stellar employee self. You know, how men screw up your life, by breaking your heart and making you start your life over from scratch? Yea, thats me. I have been late a lot, and tired from working 2 jobs. And I get a couple personal calls, so what! Normally you would have to dig to find something 'bad' on me. Hopefully my boss will understand all I have been through. AND STILL SHOWED UP EVERY DAY TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

Off my soap box. Wish me luck on the old review!

In local news, a group of men were arrested at a park near my house, for soliciting sex from police officers. This is the place, that when I was in high school, we would never go to because the butt rompers hung out there. And that was what we called them, I wasn't PC or anything back then. And, they aren't your normal every day homosexuals, they are pervies who masterbate in their cars, while watching kids, molest children, and solicit police for sex mkay? Old dirty men!!!!!

Gas, is freaking $2.50 a gallon. Soon, I won't be able to afford to even drive to work!!! Its ridiculous! I have to fill up twice a week now! Cus, bubba misses a lot of work at night lol. I drive myself a lot, vs. car pool. Now that she is leaving, I'll surely be using up 2 tanks a week! Soon, it wont be very worth it to work 2 jobs. I have been trying to get a loan. I feel overwhelmed with debt, when in reality, I have 2 credit cards. Thats it!

My car I'll always be paying on, and my washer/dryer is paid off in November. I just pay 29% interest on my credit cards, plus late charges, cash advance charges, and overlimit charges!!!!!! Ive paid the minimum, or above for 3 years, i have not activated my new cards, in 3 years. My cards are still over the limit after 3 years. My minimum payment doesnt cover all these charges. IT makes me sick and I'm tired of paying them my money, so I'm trying to get a loan and pay them off. Not working out too well. My last bet is my credit union. I just want to be done with bills so I can save money and not be poor anymore. I make enough money to not be poor for petes sake!! Wish me luck!

Planning a vacation? Visit us in Sunny Ohio!! We have, perv's in our parks, and METH! I work, in Ohio's METH CAPITAL! Can you believe it? 104 labs were dismantled just in the county I work in. No wonder there are so many freaks around! its the METH. At least, there is an excuse right? So, you can come out, get your METH, see a few shows in Cleveland, maybe eat at the Hard Rock, catch an Indians game. Oh wait, if your going to cleveland, you surely will be molested by the countless homeless (or should i say "homeless") people there. Begging for money for food, but wont eat food if you give it to them. Probably running the METH labs up there!! It isn't safe for gals alone up there anymore! It's scarey!

Your best bet for a vacation here, is Amish Country. They got gooooooood CHEEEEESE, flea markets, craft stores, shopping, CANDLES! And, well, the Amish!!! It is always exciting to see them trucking down the road in their horse and buggy!! And you can talk about them and they'll never know, cus they don't got the internet! Or phones! Or cars!

My momma said she is done with online dating. She has said this before. I feel bad for her. But I told her she isn't shy at all that she can meet someone on the street, she'll talk to anyone anytime, anywhere. It's depressing, internet dating. And mostly they want the poo-tang and that's it. It is really sad that its even an option. People cheated enough I think before online dating came about!!!!!

Today Beth told me about the astronauts. I don't get to hear much news working all the time, and spending my TV time with Tivo. She brought up a good point, wouldn't it suck to shit yourself in space? Let's ponder that one....

We're going to lunch for Bubba's last day today. 2 of us voted for Swensons. Bubba just went there and made me crave it. It is so good! And they have tots!!

I am exactly the same weight as I was last week. Tomorrow is weigh in. I have to work out tonight, and lose some! My main competition, is my friend Dusty. She and I are neck and neck. She gained but she didn't say how much. Game on!!!! I think the pot is only around $50 this month, nothing like the 116 I won already! (thank you thank you) so thats tomorrow!!!!

Today's Question(s):

What part of your day does time go slowest, and fastest.

Fastest: The 2 hours I have to spend at home a day while awake.
Slowest: 8:30-9 the last half hour at my second job, is the slowest half hour known to man, and it drives me absofreakinglutely insane that it goes so slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which sibling was favored most by your parents?

Hmmmmmm...lets see here, uhhh it's a toss up, ummmmmmm well, shit!
DUH ITS MY FREAKING SISTER! She always was the favorite. I have to beg for
things she gets naturally. I am like the outcast of the family. sniff sniff. First born.

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