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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dead Bodies Everywhere....

I personally, can't wait until the wknd. My camera came in!! My sister's boyfriend got us cameras from his work, cus their a good deal! I am going to be off the chain with that shit!!
Soon, I will be posting pictures of random stupid objects, but hopefully it wont last forever! The novelty should wear off!

We are planning a trip to Mansfield Reformatory for November. It's an old penitentary here in Ohio. It's a ghost hunt. We have gone the past 3 years. It is lots of fun! You go at 8-9pm and you stay up til the sun comes up! The lights are out and your on your own to investigate. I have only had a couple of experiences there. Once was in the guard walk, which is behind the cells, where the guards could see in their cells from behind. A group of us single filed in there, and I was the last in line. I had this overwhelming feeling that I had to get out of there. I took a picture when I got out, and I had 'something' odd show up. It is a really interesting experience. The building is really neat and has alot of history. You get to walk around in the dark, the first time I was scared the whole time. But you get use to it the more you go.

I have not had much time for that hobby. I love to read all kinds of stuff about investigating. I use to live on a cemetary. (with TWDSO) It seems like since I moved I am not as into it. But it could also be, that I am way more busy, and have a guy who likes to spend time with me. I won't complain!

Cemetary Discovery:

Me, being the gardener that I am, dug up just about every inch of space possible to plant gardens at the house. The way the house set (which was built in the 1800s I dont remember the exact date) the garage was a good distance away. There was a yard on the side of the garage, away from the house. I saw this as prime planting, it got a lot of sun. I kept digging up a ton of rocks, which made me mad, and about 2-3 feet down, I hit a big rock. I tried digging around it and finally had to get TWDSO to come out and get this big rock out for me. He pried it up, and I pulled it out and as I pulled it out I jumped back and SCREAMED!!! It was a headstone!!!! I was yelling "it's a headstone, OMG! OMG!" I ran in the house lol!
He (being the big dumbass that he is) said

TWDSO: "it's just a halloween prop" all calm..
ME: (frantic) "why on EARTH would someone pay money to have real stone carved out for a friggin' halloween prop????"
TWDSO: "some people go all out for halloween" (im not kidding on this, he really said this shit)
ME: "TWDSO, that is a real headstone, and we have to find out why it's here"
TWDSO: "it's really not a big deal"
ME: "there are probably BODIES out there, those poor people" (i was really concerned)
TWDSO: "oh, there aren't any BODIES, I am sure they moved them!"
ME: "oh, yea, cus it would be so much easier, to exhume bodies, and leave the headstones, vs. removing the headstones and acting like the bodies arent there in the first place?" (duh!)

I proceeded to find more headstones, on my own. The first one was a woman, who was a wife and a mother. She died in 18something - they all did. They didn't have the same last names, so the first thought of it being a family plot, wasnt true. I found a mans headstone, and an infant. There were peices of other headstones, under the paved driveway which you couldnt get out. They basically layed the driveway right over the headstones. The next day, I called the police, because TWDSO had no interest in doing so. We had our first fight over this ordeal, because I am a firm believer in spirits, and I had been telling him his house was haunted from the get go! The police came out, and took the first headstones we found! They said they 'washed' into the yard from a cemetary, which was like 2 miles away. OHHHHHH k! My mom meanwhile, was calling the local paper lol, trying to get someone to give us answers, which TWDSO didn't want. I called the historical society, and they came out and said that there are headstones in other peoples yards too. Like, that makes it ok? We kept the other stones we found in the garage. I never understood why the police took them, it really bothered me, cus they should stay where they were.
TWDSO actually had someone from the water dept come out and use dowsing rods. I was actually mildly impressed that he believed that worked. Every 6 feet or so, 'something' was underground, because they crossed. Of course, it means a natural energy source is there, but every 6 feet?
He called a lawyer, and basically found out that since he couldn't prove the previous residents knew about it, there was nothing he could do. But, since there is record of him looking into it, he now has to disclose that there is a cemetary there, when he tries to sell the house. LOL LOL!
He also said, we couldn't dig up the yard, looking for anything. But, if he wanted to rebuild the garage or anything, and something were 'found' then, it would be different.
There was a guy who owned the house who tried to burn down the garage. The inside was black and smoldered. Sounds to me, like someone else knew about it too.

Close to our house was Rogues Hollow, which had a lot of local history, with well, rogues hanging out there back in the day. It is the place locally, where our crybaby bridge is, and the ghost train, you know every town has one of those.

Nothing ever really came of it, except people always wanted to do seances, or dig up the yard when they would come over. It's all fun when you don't live there!!!!

Today's Question:

What is the most extreme thing you would do to your appearance to make yourself look better.

This is easy cheesy. I am getting a breast lift before I am 40, cus they sure aint where they use to be, and I hate that!!


Rachel said...

Finding headstones in your yard is totally creepy! I am I firm believer in spirits as well. Thank you for the uplifting comment about George and the peppermints. It's totally turned around my view on it. I'm saving the peppermints now! I was telling Jason about what you had said about the peppermints. He noticed our calendar was still on July. It's a photo calendar we made with our photos. He flipped it to August, and guess what? It was a picture of George! Signs? I think so.

Mon said...

It was really creepy!!!
That gave me goosebumps, about the picture! Sometimes signs are so small they can go unnoticed, yet if you notice them they are full of meaning!

Anonymous said...

What's all this about the peppermints and George??

Mon said...

It's in Rachel's blog.