"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, February 26, 2010

Does it snow in hell?...

This pretty much sums up my life this week.

I have blood on the front of my shirt and I didn't cut myself.

Yes, I know that's disgusting. And how it happened isn't important. What's important is that it did happen, and I have to go canoodle with 120 district managers and pass out laptops, and log them all in to make sure they work.

I can't just hide at my desk.

Oh and I'm pretty much over the snow universe. You are going to interfere with my cocktail enjoyment tonight. This pisses me off.

Almost as much as being reamed by my boss for the first time ever, over some crap a girl who works for me did, and redid, and redid THREE TIMES.

Bring on the weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Everyone Poops...

Works kept me super busy. But I have time to share my poop story from last week.

I was working over, as usual latley...and I didn't use the potty before I left cus, well, I just wanted to get home and get to drinking something w/an alchohol content. I had to poo. I mean....Poo! The kind where you are dancing in your car seat as a distraction so nothing creeps out!

It was Ohio summer, so like, 40 degrees and I had my passenger window halfway down. I pulled up to a light, only a mile from home, my body knew I was close. I let out a very loud yell...

"I HAVE TO POOOOOOOOP" in a sing-songy way. Then I looked over and saw the man in the car next to me also had his window down. And was looking at me.

That was the longest light in history.

It has a happy ending. I made it home to poop.

Monday, February 15, 2010


You know my life is so busy. I mean, I have a full time job, a manfriend, friends, family i dont see much, 5 pets, laundry, a driveway to keep free of snow, and trash to take out on Sundays. I like to nap on Mondays, and sometimes I'll nap on a Saturday or Sunday if I'm snuggling with the manfriend, I'll doze right off, he's like a warm sedative.

I workout every day for 50 minutes during my lunch break, so techically I get no downtime during the day. I'm always on. Unless you count this...um, blogging. I have to sweep every day, cus I have 4 persians. This week I've had to do it all by hand cus my belt broke on the sweeper.

I have to wash my dog blankets every other day, because she smells so horrible, and she has to get a bath every other day, and have her ears cleaned daily. I also have to diaper the dog and clean up her potty pads.

Once every six weeks I have to sit for two hours while I get my hair hi/low lighted, and colored, cut and styled. That's really a lot of work too.

I have about 24-40 hours of TV to watch every week, along with an occasional red box rental here or there. Sometimes I have to buy food, and I tan at least 3 days a week, that's an entire 20 minutes. Of which...I usually nap.

I mean, how do people have time for kids?

Reason 762,890,2099 not to have kids. They take up too much time, right? And obviously, you can see I'm super busy.

I got mad at my cat for crying in the kitchen saturday night while i was cooking. I mean geez, you're a cat what can possibly be wrong? You only got 23 vs 24 hours of sleep?

I even made time to go here this wknd for a friends birthday. (cant wait!) I think they may have made it too safe, and too safe sucks. I like the old days going all willy nilly down the hill on a real tire innertube and flying off or smashing into a tree.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Merry Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Eve, eve! What are you doing to commemorate the holiday? Personally myself and the manfriend are making dinner together, maybe see a movie, and have drinks! I don't miss the days of going out to dinner and waiting 2 hours for a table. Seriously. If that makes me old I'll be old.

I am making peirogis. From scratch. I'm polish on the dads side, so you would think that I have this down pat or something, but I've only ever made them once before. They take forever. But worth the wait! I've been wowing the manfriend with my cooking ability latley. I kept it a locked up secret.

I blame my mom. The whole cow/free milk thing. The way to a mans heart is really thru his stomach. Especially when you can fill it deliciously!

I've been stressed out at work trying to do everything at once. We have the month of February to do our reviews, and suprise! My big boss wanted the scores weeks in advance (cus word on the street is we may get raises this year. And for some of us (ahem) BONUSES!) So I had a day to do them on top of "the project".

Your review is not something you want your boss to do in a few minutes. But I did. I can pull anything out of my ass at the last minute. I think its a gift.

Enjoy the weekend. If you are single, buy a jug of carlo rossi! Everything is better with cheap wine!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jealous Much?

Well last weekend we got 15+ inches of snow. I couldn't open my car door to warm it up til I dug it out. Snow was up to my knees. The awesome thing about it is this is the day I decided to park all the way at the back of my drive. So, I had to shovel the entire thing to get out. I was sore for days.

Funny how people can come to my house to beg for stuff, but never offered to help me shovel. I sweated so much, I kept thinking its an awesome workout!

This week, I'm on a super top secret project at work. That goes sort of like this.




Only do this in super slow motion cus our computers are shit. And, sometimes you have to repeat the lather three times because when you go to rinse, you realize the lather didn't work. Or you have to rinse 5 times, and sometimes you do all three several times. I'm told this super secret project is on-going. And should have been done yesterday. I have to lather, rinse, repeat, about 30,000 times. Without including the repeating, before the repeat step is needed.

Pretty much, I have the suckiest job in the world for a while. Meanwhile, its busy time. And I have to still manage my staff. While trying not to bite their heads off.

This is why I get paid middle class wage. (not the big bucks)

Also, I gained 4lbs on superbowl sunday. I ate mac and cheese with like 4 lbs of cheese, and my yummy buffalo chicken dip. And chips. And chicken, oh and lots of beer. Luckily I have lost 3 of those 4lbs.

As I like to tell the naysayers (or people who dont have a weight problem) 4lbs can turn into 10, 15, and then 20 in no time. You have to keep an eye on it. I didn't lose 70lbs for my health.

Ok, maybe I did. But I'm not doing it again! I still have 30 more to go!

My gas bill went from 27 dollars to 169. I signed up with a cheaper supplier, but they didnt apply it yet. So, since I'm super frugal, I turned my hot water tank to vacation, and when I get a bath, I turn it up. And, my heat went from 55 degrees, to 51. I bundle up. I make it work. I will NOT have a $400 gas bill like everyone else.

I'm still in super duper love, have a roof over my head, and my car is running like a champ at over 125 thousand miles (go stratus!) so not everything sucks.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

How far can you stretch chump change...

I got my tax return.

I'm super excited cus normally I owe money. Now, mind you, I still owe the city that I use to live like $700 but thats a work in progress.

I dont have a lot of money, so I decided I'm going to leave it in my "savings" (which is a second checking account because my credit was so bad i wasnt allowed to save money...but i could write bad checks all I wanted. Soon, I'm leaving first merit) and start some seed money. Once I have a start, I don't like to touch it.

Then I'll go to the beach this summer and visit my sister. I mean, its free room and board. Well free room, and you can buy your own board and make it for half the price of eating out 3 meals a day.

But theres a billion other things I think of doing too. Its only 3 figures. By three figures I mean in the hundreds.

By hundreds I mean not even half of four digits. Four digits being $1,000. Hey, I'm not complaining. I'm not paying!!

Things I dream of doing with a measley couple g's (by g's i mean hundred):

  • Buy a new bed. Mines been broken, um, alot.
  • buy new brakes so manfriend can fix them
  • get new tires cus my rear ones are "putting it mildly" bald
  • Get my hair done
  • Pay off my employee account at work so I get an extra $30 a pay in my check (but until I stop using it, whats the point?
  • Buy new draws, and bras this is an annual event
  • get groceries. I mean like, things in the cupboard if the world ends, ill starve to death. And since my cats are so cute, obviuosly, they'll outlive me. I can't eat them.
  • buy matching rugs for my kitchen and bathroom. (i have a mismatch assortment of rugs, and I always thought gee, wouldn't it be nice to have matching rugs?)
  • Buy seasons 3-5 of Lost...used of course, to save money
  • buy this cus i want one desperatley and really, i spend like $12 a week on buying the bottles of seltzer water
  • buy a dresser, and im not talking some fancy thing, i would get a goodwill dresser and paint it white like everything else in my house
  • New sneakers. what else is new
  • buy plastic to finish covering my windows to save on my gas bill
  • I'm out of Wexler. My skin is paying the price too. Ok so the wexler, I might have to get!
  • buy a second hand bar for my dining room because I have room for one, and it would be totally awesome
  • blow it all on vodka and wine

In other news, I have been trying to push myself in the gym latley. It's hard. You get into a routine, and I'm like, well as long as I run 4 miles a day I'm good...but honestly its been like a year. I should be running more miles. I don't love it...so I decided to spend more time on the eliptical, and the bike, at higher/harder levels. It's kinda nice to be sore the next day. I missed it.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


If you are living under a rock and didn't watch Lost this isn't for you.

If you are also watching lost, and didn't watch last night cus you have the patience of a monk...don't read.


Whats the dilly with the flash sideways? The producers said its to show us how messing with time (resetting it) changed things. We noticed a lot of differences on this plane ride. They stressed that the changes will not affect the outcome of the characters thus far. Also, the reason it was underwater was to show that their "resetting" time affected the world, not just them. Innnnteresting.

For instance....things on the plane...
Rose was the one comforting Jack on the plane. Rose also didnt have the ring on a chain around her neck as in season one.
Charlie "died" on the plane.
Frogurt was on the plane, we didn't see him before.
Shannon wasn't there ( I heard that she wouldnt come back to the show)
Why was Desmond there? And did Jack know him?
Where were walt and michael?

Other stuff..
Did Locke know more about Jack's dad than he let on? Or was he being "Locke"
Why did they mention Lockes knives being gone?
How long has locke been the smoke monster? since his encounter?
Is Jacob now in Sayid?
Who are the new temple others?

Did Miles really hear Juliette? Or is he still a faker.

Who watched and what did you think?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Gratuitious Cat Photo

Tomorrow Lost is on TV. It's a television event! Three hours of lost! Manfriend is going to come share in the joyous occasion with me. We'll have snacks. It'll be sweet. I happen to have a coworker just as osessed as me.

You know, if I were smart, I would have asked that question when I interviewed people. I'm lucky it turned out this way! I think maybe the island played a part in it....(cue music...)

I made chicken noodle soup from scratch this weekend. (I made my own base and everything) and i used egg noodles, and made spaetzles! YUM! Manfriend ate 4 bowls of it. And said how yummy it was. Maybe I should apply myself more with cooking. I just dont love it.

That's all I have.

So here are some pictures of the three cutest cats in the world. (My cats...duh!)

Fizzgig in the bathtub, where she loves to roll around and cry

Fozzie on my workout clothes trunk. Where she loves to be.

Pickachu, who loves that skanky old bra of mine a little too much. He rolls around with it. Rawr.

Oh, and Pee ess...I had woodchuck cider on draft (or draught, whats the freaking difference?) at the Beer Engine this wekend, and I may have a new favorite drink!