"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, August 12, 2005

Weekend Forecast.....

The wknd. is FINALLY here!! I am lucky to be alive! I slept with my back door open all night. Some freak could've emerged from the woods and cut my head off while I slept! Or, the raccoons and skunks could've united, and opened my door, and got into all my pets food, threw a party while I slept! Drank out of my toilet, put the lamp shades on their heads!!

WG left my freezer open all night he put water in there and it was too big. Of course, not on purpose. But it is making a weird noise and everything is melted. Luckily I didn't have a lot of stuff in there cus I'm poor!! It was a frantic morning as always. I am so happy I get to sleep IN tomorrow!! I have a ton of cleaning to get done and a rabbit cage to get ready for 2 bunnies which means I have to remodel the home and put up a wall in the middle for a while.

Last night my little Boo's bunny was far more active than normal. He ran not just up and down the hallway, but into the living room, and actually interacted a bit with the cats. I think he knows he has some hot dates coming up!! I hope he finds a good girlfriend. I worry about him being lonley. He just doesn't even play with his toys.

Tonight Bubba, Lawanda, and me are going to the winery, which closes at 11pm. We are rushing from work to make it there by 10, and get a bottle down before they close! LOL!
If they have vignoles, which is only the best wine ever made I am getting one to go!! We are then making the great trek to the sex store. Which, is always a good time. It's been a few days for me, and I am a real bitch for it too! I can't help it if it is vital to my well being!! So shoot me!

Saturday, I am going shopping with Kat/Skippy, and Bubba. I have to have Marissa's coolant flushed, wooo excitement! I wanna go to Victoria's Secret cus its been forever since I have been there, or had reason to even go. Of course, Old Navy, cus there is a 20% off sale, and who can pass that up? Bed Bath, and Beyond, and wherever they gotta go. We'll have lunch, and me and kat are seeing either Dark Water or Skeleton Key....spooooooooky!! I am sure we will have a blast, as we always do when we get together!

****Big Brother Spoiler*****
I was super excited last night that kaysar was voted back into the Big Brother house!!!!!
WG actually shhhh'd me while big brother was on. I think 2 wks ago he said it was GAY! As if I have bad taste in TV? UMMMM NO! Of course I had to check out the msg boards this morning, and find out what happened in the Head of Household competition last night. So far, it's down to Kaysar, and Jennifer. If Kaysar wins, the shits going doooown! I love my TV!!!!!
*****End of Spoiler*****

I might be getting my very own computer at home! I have been without for months. Kat might have me one! =) I will be unstoppable!

I bought myself a new shirt for blogging. It simply says 'I'm blogging this' classic! I also ordered an I heart beer shirt. Tayray is getting one and so is her dog! We will be the coolest cats at the Beir Haus!!!

Today's Question:

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I have a couple.
Saying one thing, and doing another, or not sticking to your word. This stems from childhood. Don't say you will do something and not do it for me. It makes me not trust you, or believe what you say. Its the #1 cause of my pessimism!

And a poor work ethic. I think everyone should be a workaholic like me. I have issues w/people who do not take work seriously. I dunno why, I blame my dad. I think I get that from him. I am like the mail, I work in rain, sleet, snow, sick, flu, you name it. I feel like if I can do it anyone can. Because I dont really like it. It is a responsibility, so I do it. I also have been fired, for missing work, so I know what the consequenses can be!! So it really does get to me sometimes. Peoples business is their business, so don't ask why I have to make it an issue. I just do!

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hot for jr. said...

Didn't your mother teach you to lock your doors when you go to bed young lady????? What kind of woman did she raise you to be? LOL :-) Just cuz you live far from the big cities, you should know better! I would hope that if the wild animals decided to storm your place that your pets would defend you. If not, you better take them all to obediance classes and teach them to respect their mother!!