"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Countdown Begins...

So, I am going to be 30 soon. (76 Days)
I don't think I would be sooooo upset about it, if it weren't for things they make you do in school.
Such as, where do you see yourself at.......?
I decided to look up my old school papers, to find out where I am suppose to be at 30. This was for school, so don't poke fun at my usage of words here, I was trying to get a good grade!

Let's review:

When I am 30, I will be happily married to my high school sweetheart (ex-husband). I will work in office administration (I work in marketing...still in an OFFICE) and earn a great income. My husband (ex husband) will work some type of manual labor (i dunno wtf he is working on besides making babies). Hopefully, he will be a machinist. We will have a beautiful house in Green. (we had an ok small house, in Akron, which was foreclosed on!). We will start planning our family, we want a boy and a girl. (I think he has like 5 kids, and now I dont want ANY!) I will be a stay at home mom, and he will support us. (WTF was I thinking? I am soooooo not that girl anymore!) When our kids grow up, I would like to go to school to be a veterinarian. Because, my second love, is animals. (man, I was dreaming, 2 kids, a big house, and a husband, plus veterinary school???????)

In exchange...I moved out at 18 because I couldn't get along with my mom. Moved in with my exes mom while we 'built' an apartment in his friends GARAGE! We had no working toilet. My dad ran a plumbing line out there for us. We lived there a few months, moved back in with his mom, and got a real apartment. Got engaged, because I wouldn't drop the issue, we'd been dating 3 years at the time. Bought a house, got married. Fought. Constantly. Got cheated on, a few times. Went to counseling, forgave him. Got cheated on again. Got left. Got divorced. Lost my job. Lost my car. Took my car from him one day while he was working (that was classic on my part!) Lost the house. He stayed in my life for a while, because I was not allowed to move on, but he could. Still wanted the poo tang, cus I got it like that! ha ha ha! But once I was with someone else I realized, he was a lousy lay!

So, I did meet some of my goals, I just didn't set myself good enough goals. Don't do that to your kids. Cus when they are pushing 30 they will look back at it and realize what they have or havn't accomplished.

In honor of my rapidly approaching birthday, I am going to be taking some trips down memory lane to make myself feel better. I've been reading my old journals from 10-11 yrs ago. While I use to be young, I was not carefree. I am much happier now.

So, for the young kids out there, I'm your inspiration! I hear people say all the time how much better life gets when you get older. You aren't so concerned with what people think about you, and you love yourself more. I think this may be true. I'll let you know!

This wknd was fun. Friday night I went to see Skeleton Key by myself (ahhhhhhhhhhh) I enjoy a movie alone. It was pretty good too! It's about voodoo, not so much about ghosts like you might think. I didnt get to see WG he did some dumb sports fanatasy thing Friday. I loathe sports.

Saterday I went shopping, and cleaned, which is always a great excitement! We went out to the Bier Haus for WG's Bday. (Which is officially today) He is 36 today. Yea, he is older. Not old, cus one day I will also be 36, see, you learn these things!

I let WG open his presents, even though his bday isn't until today! He seemed to like them all. I was nervous about it and it took me forever to pick stuff out. I got myself a new pillow, and my neck/shoulders/back still hurt from it! Stupid pillow!

They had martini shooters on sale for $2. Me and Tayray did a couple, or three. MMMM! We worked on WG's shot list so he can get his jacket. WG and Ahnolde played pool. When we got there I think there was like 10 people in the bar, and it was at 9:30! Dead night! But we were the party. The DJ played Ahnolde's CD.

We sat on the futons for the first time, and I had on a skirt, it wasn't very comfy at all!

Tayray and I had a secret mission. We left around 12 to go to the bell for us all, and get some windows, that someone threw out. I paint them stained glass. We stopped in the busy street and loaded up 5 huge windows in the trunk then the trunk wouldn't close, so we had to put them in the car. All the while I'm on the horn w/Bubba, trying to get her to come out with us, and we're dying laughing. I stopped to use the pisser on the way home, Tayray wouldn't let me go at this one place she told me was a house, like it mattered. So I found a port-a-potty down some side street in an allotment. It was dark, and you don't dare sit on the skanky seat so, I peed all over my underwear. That is always a fun treat. But man, it felt goooooooood to pee!

The boys couldn't hang at the bar and went home and were playing cards when we got back. I changed my drawers, and we ate our taco bell. Ahnolde made us watch boxing. From, like, 1972!!! Tayray and WG called Bubba she said she was coming but she didn't come! She hates us now!

Today's Question:

What is the wildest thing you have ever done in a car?

You may expect, some wild sex story. But everyones done that. I multitask in the car.
It takes me 30 min to drive from job 1 to job 2. Its actually a 15 min drive, but you sit in traffic for 15 min. So, I do things such as, moisturize my feet, and elbows. Write myself lists, and notes of things to remember. Make phone calls, Clean the ashtray, wipe my gearshift off. Armor-all the dashboard and doors. Flip thru my entertainment weekly (i really cant get into reading them) Add up my previous nights earnings from job #2. This is precious time when you don't have much, so I use it.

Now when I was young, and the girls were in the right spots, I use to flash people all the time. The best is flashing someone on a bicycle. If you time it right, you can make them fall!!!!!!!

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Ahnolde said...

The craziest thing I've done in a car was change my clothes while I was driving. It's kinda difficult, but very interesting to see peoples faces when you drive past them at 60 with you shirt half way over your face, and even better when your sitting there with no pants on wondering if people know! haha