"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The City and Sex...

Sex and the City opens tonight! Weeee! I'm going with my girl Heather. I cannot wait! I'm almost as equally excited to see The Strangers. But I've been waiting forever for Sex and the City..right ladies? I sooo love horror movies Muh ah ah..We also might head down to Lock 3 and see a Skynard tribute band. Cus, it's free.

I lost 2lbs. Finally. After busting my ass weeks with nothin, it budged. 20 more to go. Well, one more size will make me happy. I have some new pet peeves. Men who grunt in the gym. Shut the fuck up. It sounds like you are taking a dump. I also cannot stand when they drop their weights from 4 feet in the air onto the ground. BOOM! It damn near makes me trip every time. Plus, it interrupts my Dr. Phil watching. Dicks! And, there is this one bitch who chats on her cell phone while she leisurely rides the stationary bike. I'm hoping tonight, I have it all to myself. Usually Friday's I am the only one in the gym. I love that!

The boy and me have an ongoing joke about drugging each other w/pumpkin seeds. Being that, you know we met on the internets, and my family was positive he would chop me up and put me in the trunk. It came about that he would drug me, then it turned into me drugging him with pumpkin seeds in his wine since I live "in the country" and that's probably what "the amish" would do. So, we always say we're so nuts about each other, because of the pumpkin seeds. Mostly, I put seeds in his food and drink. He said Wed. night that it had nothing to do with the seeds. Which was only totally adorable.

Last night, I mentioned that I had put them in his beer, and he said I didn't because he opened it. I told him I did and had them in my purse, did he wanna see? He told me birth control and breath mints don't count. I happened to have a packet of seeds from earth day, their sunflower seeds. They are tiny. And, the packet is opened, and unlabeled. You should have seen the look on his face when he said "You really have been slipping me seeds, what do they do"?! I think for a minute...he really believed it. He had me laughing, and misty all at the same time. He's somethin else, that one!

In the morning he texted me that my cats needed food, when I got home last night, he had broken up dog treats in their bowl for them. If you know me, this is equal to tryin to be my baby daddy. It was so adorably cute. He said he was going to make them breakfast but Fozzie was being picky. I can just see his sweet little butt talking to the cats while they obviously cried for him to feed them. Keeper. I told him he is on cute overload and I might have to eat him or something. I know that sounds weird but I totally could.

BTW, when I fed the cats after work, they did the famous cat move. You know, cry like you havn't fed them for a month and then look at the food once it's there and think...."Ok, the food's in my bowl. I'm going to go lay on your pillow now and lick my ass".

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is That A Squirrel in your pocket?

You know how my Momma moved back to Ohio this winter, and bought a house, right? She bought new furniture. One peice being a big leather recliner. Sat right next to the fireplace. She said it stunk like dead animal, and wanted to spray something on it. It did sorta smell odd, but what do I know, I have 6 pets.

When it started to warm up outside, she started getting flies. Tons of them. She saved them in a little fly carcass pile to count 30-50 flies in a day she killed. I'd call it a slight obsession. She'd do this for weeks. "There's another damn fly!" She thought they were in the windows, and woke up by the warm weather. You know, you can freeze a fly, and it will come back to life when you thaw it? Totally true. Don't be afraid to eat my frozen food though, I havn't actually done this myself, I saw it on TV. I told her maybe it was her drains or something?

After weeks of batteling flies, she said she saw them crawling out of the fireplace, and she knew something was dead in there. She said we all thought she was nuts, but I don't remember sayin that. She said this little guy came down all on his own. Doesn't he look peaceful? Poor little squirrel. Rest in peace. I guess the chimmney guy found a baby one in there too when he came. After charging my Mom an assload to put new covers on her chimmney.
That made me sing chim chimmery chim chimmery chim chim cha ri...chim chim as lucky as lucky as can be.
I'm stupid. Sue me.
BTW, my Mom is the one who took the picture of this dead squirrel. Not me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Titles aren't easy to come up with...

It's Monday already? I mean, it's Tuesday already? The first day of work is a Monday just the same. Pffft. Did you all have a fabulous weekend? What did I do? Oh, yes. I polished off that ginormous bottle of wine. I can't say that I'm sorry about it either. I feel quite accomplished! I went for a walk, drank, did some work in the yard, drank, cleaned, drank, went to the drive in and drank, and finally saw my guy. And drank.

I went to see Indiana Jones (eh, not fantastic) and Iron Man (awesome!) at the drive in with my brother and Kat. I almost lost two buttcheeks due to frostbite. Ok, so it wasn't that cold, but it was cold enough. I think in the 30's? And we sat in our lawn chairs. Wrapped in blankets, with hoodies up. Brr. Me and Kat also spent time re-arranging most of my moms household. She wasn't home, and we laughed our asses off doing it. I saw two falling stars. I made two wishes that I had previously made on another falling star. I'm pretty sure the universe already knows what's up but I guess I like to think I have some say in it.

I couldn't wait to see that boy. He said the same thing to me. It's nice to do your own thing, but always in the back of my mind I wish he was there. Or, I wish I got to go home to him! He said he had a suprise for me, and I was like yea, I bet you do. Wink. But he got me a necklace with 'love' in chinese characters. I thought it was the cutest thing in the universe. And I got a few compliments on it already today. We spent a few hours in bed. Noooot just doing thaaat ya pervs, being close, and kissing, holding hands, cuddling, and talking about our weekends! It sounds like he had a lot of fun with his peeps. We headed over to his friend's house Sunday Night for a few drinks.

I love waking up with the boy! I feel like I'm 16, and I get all goofey and I can't stand it! I smile, and I giggle, and I want to drug him and take him home and never let him go. Heh, heh. Yea, I know that sounds crazy. Uh, but, I'm totally sane.

Sunday we were interrupted. Ahem. This is like, the second time this has happened at his house. The first time, we were at least finished. This time, not so much. The boy told his friend it sucks that he was on time. He and his girlfriend finally caught on, and they offered to go get hot dog buns so we could have some um, time....All the more reason we need to get the hell outta dodge for a vacation, where you can put a sign on the door, and have all the time you want, without worrying about work, or interruptions, or schedules. Cripes, I need a vacation like that!

Every time I leave that boy, or he leaves me I think before hand, this time I'm not going to get upset. But I still do. It's just like when you visit family and have to leave and you feel like you aren't going to see them for a long time. It hurts me to go. It doesn't put a damper on my entire evening, I just have to feel that little bit, and let it pass. It's love. It happens when this bug bites you, and if I'm lucky, it's effects may be life long.

I may have found a winner on the apartment front. Gotta call this week and see if I can get in to see it. It's 2bdrm, 950 sq ft, washer/dryer, yard. Not sure about pets but it came up in my search for places with pets. So, it probably costs more. It's 13 miles from work, so about 20 min closer to my guy too! Send me good vibes! It's going to be a treat trying to coordinate a move with a lease. Having to pay my rent, plus the new rent and a deposit, but I'm positive it will all work out as it should.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drinkin' the night away....

So, I went to big bird last night, a.k.a. Giant Eagle, and picked me up some wine for date night with the boy. I prefer some yummy Breitenbach wine, (specifically Rodeo Red, or Strawberry). Which besides Wolf Creek Winery (Vignoles, or White Lies) and Maize Valley Winery (the site of my first date with the boy...sigh) is probably my favorite wine. I'm all about the local wineries!

But, I'm cheap, and $10-$15 can either get you a yummy bottle of the above mentioned wines, or, it can get you a ginormous jug of this Carlo Rossi Sangria! You do the math! (please do, cus I suck at it) This jug wasn't the usual jug you buy for get-togethers. This thing was so big, I was embaressed carrying it around in the store. I laughed to myself the whole time. Then I thought, "stop laughing people will think you're already drunk!" I'm not shitting you, this thing has got to be 2 gallons of wine. It's bigger than my gallon of water in the frig-i-dare. I'm thinking, who buys that much wine? I do. It's never too late to try new things!

I also went and rented us movies, Alien v. Predator Requim, and Juno. Neither of which I finished watching. Because as usual, we got lost in conversation, giggling, and tirelessly flirting with each other, until it erupted in um, well, you know. I told him, if he ever stopped having sex with me that I would stalk him, and force him to do it. He said he didn't see any reason he'd stop. But seriously. Somthing just isn't right when a person can make you so crazy like that. I just wanna rip him open and eat his heart. But, I mean that in a loving way. I might have lost my damn mind. By that time all that was over, it was midnight, and we tried watching a movie, and the boy fell asleep with two boobs for pillows, and a smile on his face. You know, the way it should be. He's only the cutest sleeper ever. And a damn good snuggler!

He's leaving today to go to Columbus for this thing. I swear, if he is a nerd, he's a hot one. He will be gone until Sunday afternoon. I know, for most people this seems like no big deal, cus normally I wouldn't see him until Saturday anyway's. But when it pains you to be apart from someone, an extra day certainly counts! He told me last night that he will miss me, and can't wait until we can hang out again. In the mean time, I'll be enjoying my jumbo jug of wine. And...keeping busy so I don't go nuts thinking about his sweet ass.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blame It On Hollywood...

I 've been a little under the weather latley and slacking with my blog. I think it's going around. Everyone's been slacking, and I don't like it one bit. I have to have my daily dose of blog reading to feel complete. Get with it people.

I wrote a post a while ago on how to marry a man. While I did it for entertainment value, and a little bit of, um, "what the fuck is the deal I'm a great catch" - on the side, I've gotten some emails about the topic, from women wondering the same damn thing.

What the hell IS the hold up?

Well, you can always go with the old stand-by from your Mom, that a man never buys the cow when he gets the milk for free. And, you should stop giving the milk. But, then, if you're like me, um, you might turn into a super bitch without giving the milk, and then no one would even dream of marrying you, let alone date you, and then well, it sorta ruins the whole point.

Some people think that you shouldn't live with a person before marriage, because then they wont want to marry you if they find out your annoying habits. Huh? This sounds like trickery to me, and if someone pulled that crap with this girl, I'd be pissed. And I'm a lady! As if hiding annoying or intolerable parts of yourself until marriage is going to make them less annoying and more tolerable? Dream on. Having been married, I can state that things get harder when you are married. So if they are hard to begin with, that won't change.

Why are men committing less? Prostitutes? Strippers? Skanks who screw anyone with a penis? The grass is greener? The grass only seems green, once you get there, you find out it's rough, and scratchy, and wasn't worth the headache to jump the fence. Is it their single friends? What is the big deal with commitment?

Me? I personally blame Hollywood. Not the city, the people who live there, and the fact that whatever originates there seems to catch on all over the world. It's the latest craze to live together in sin and not get married. (of course, I don't really think this is a "sin", people) And if it's good enough for Goldie Hawn, and Oprah, then it had better be good enough for all of us. Right?

You know what the difference is? They are bazillionaires, and I think that it's all about money, and assets. I dont know anyone who has such assets that need protecting. And who would want to marry someone who valued their posessions more than the love they have for you?

I guess that I'm old fashioned. I still think about "happily ever after". Growing old with someone, as my husband. The difference between the girl in her 30's and the girl in her 20's is, when I was 20 I wanted to be married because it was the thing to do. And, until recent years, I wanted to get married for the sake of being married. Now I have learned that it's not worth the headache, and struggle to get married if it's just for the title. I want it because I want to be bonded with someone who wants to be bonded with me. I don't think of it as a religious thing, or just a peice of paper. I don't want to be bitter one day, like most married people who say "why bother getting married". Or complain about how bad, and boring marriage is. That's a sure sign of a couple, that never should have gotten married to begin with.

Marriages aren't bad, in my opinion. It's the people who decide to get married for the wrong reasons that make them bad.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Name Is Kiiiiid...

Turns out, Friday around 4, one of the VP's at work asked did anyone like Kid Rock. I said are you going to the concert? He said, that's not what I asked. So, I said yea, I do. I just so happened to have scored two tickets to see Kid Rock at the Q! Better yet, they were for our company suite. Better even still? Free food, and alchohol. Hell...Yea! I had only been in a loge at like, the Akron Aeros, which is minor league baseball. This was so much fun! Of course, I took the boy! My friends Heather and Jessica were already going, and I had guest passes to get ticketed people into my suite. So I had them come up too! Have you heard Kid Rock's new song So Hot? Cus, yea, it's pretty freaking hot!

When we got in and I saw where we were seated..it was even better. We had an awesome location! You could have thrown somtehing at him, if, that's what you wanted to do! Here are some pics from the event. Click for larger view.

This of course, was "Cowboy"..
This was him with "Rev Run" But, you know him as Run from Run DMC boyeeee.

We had a lot of fun! The most interesting part of being at the concert, was going outside to smoke. Mind you, smokers taxes paid for the arena. We had to stand in a long line, to EXIT the building, and get a stamp to stand in a sectioned off area. We waited probably 5 minutes in line just to get out. Re-tar-ded. We ate fancy turkey sandwiches, and had free beer, and our own private toilet. I swear when I'm rich I'm gonna have me a suite for concerts. That's the only way to roll! Private pissing is way important!

When the concert was over we hung out and finished our drinks. Then my BF drove the girls to their car, and they followed us to a bar for his friends going away party. Ladies got in free. Music to my ears. It was like a club. It was on. I hadn't been out dancing in forever, and I wasn't feeling that well, so I only had a couple drinks. I still got out and cut a rug. We danced so much, our heads were soaked. I tore it up with the man, and we bumped and gyrated to quite a few songs. I never danced like that with a boy. I felt like my virginity was taken away. Ok, so I'm not so virginal, but whatever. I wont mention who but someones friend worked the stripper pole so well the DJ thanked her. Big cities are like the devil to a young girl from a small town.

We made out in the parking lot too. It was a blast! We flirted the whole way home and talked about how much we like each other, and how we are going to live happily ever after (well, in so many words) We didn't get to bed til about 6 am and we closed the bar at 2. I dunno if you could imagine what we did for those 3 hours after we got home, but it wasn't reading the bible!

Friday after work I met the girls up at the winery again. I had a jam packed weekend of fun, and today? I feel like a big swollen asshole. And, I can't imagine a swollen bunghole would feel very good. I have a horrid headache/sinus pressure, bloody snot, and a fever. I'm going home soon after I finish proofing some work for the girls. Yesterday I slept most of the day at the boy's house. He made us breakfast and he gave me an ice pack for my head. He's only the cutest ever. I'm glad he's mine!

Join me later in the week when I try to act like it doesn't phase me that I don't get to see him until Sunday. *Gulp*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back up off my baby daddy..Relax, it's a Dream..

I don't remember if I blogged about my boyfriend being my baby daddy? I dreamt I had a baby, and lived at my Mom's. You know, because freaking kids are expensive. And apparently my baby daddy didn't want to live with me, so, whatever. It was cold this night, and I had the kid in my room, and the boy came to visit me. We got all hot and heavy, as we sometimes do, and the kid started to cry. I can remember thinking "God, this sucks!" I went over to the crib, and the baby was swaddled, and unwrapped itself, and all of a sudden it was a cat! The cat crapped all over the blanket and was crying.

Reason 654,789 not to have kids. They interrupt your GD sex life, and make your cats jealous!

When I told my boyfriend about it, I told him I might be crazy, for dreaming I had his baby that was a cat, but he's crazy too cus he loves me. He told me the only girl he'd have cat's with is me. See why I think he's adorable? He also said something about our being more intimate and maybe some biological stuff in there too. But that wasn't as cute, so I skipped it.

I like to analyze dreams, like how I use to eat fish food all the time in my dreams, and forget to feed my fish. That I don't have. But, cats in dreams, if you are a cat lover *raises her hand* signifies an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power.

One of these days, I might link all my dream posts. I found a bunch I have saved in my drafts too. Their hella crazy things.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Let's Break a Deal..

I saw this article on another blog, and thought it was an interesting topic. Deal breakers. What is it in a person that would absolutely make you run in the other direction? There use to be no deal breakers for me. Whatever your problem was, I'd find a way to make it OK. That was because I had no idea what the flip I wanted, and I would just decide that what you were would do, because you liked me. And, obviously (not so obviously to me at the time) I didn't value myself, or trust my own opinions. Yea, that was me.

Then I started to be honest with myself. No, it's not OK if you cheat on me. Lie to me. Hurt me mentally or physically. It's not OK that you expect me to take care of your every need, yet can't even listen to me when I need to talk. It's not OK that you make fun of me for laughing, or crying, because you numb your feelings with drugs. Through all of this, you come to learn what certain things you will or won't accept in a person, if you let yourself. I actually made a list which was part of the whole "Secret" journey Im on.

I thought more about the topic, because it was on an episode of Til Death. Eddie visited his friend, who was married for the second time. His wife was really cool, and smoked cigars, and left the room so he could hang with his friends, and alerted him to "boobies" on TV. The friend told him he learned his lesson with his first marriage, and made a list of what he did and didn't want in the second one.

I always knew what I wanted in a relationship, but I never allowed myself to believe I could have those things. The Secret teaches, you can have everything you want. There is enough to go around. All you have to do is believe you can have it. My list is pretty easy:

  • Sense of humor/laughs at my stupid jokes
  • FUN!
  • Likes animals
  • Nice butt/attractive
  • gainfully employed
  • has goals/not content to let life pass him by
  • gives me butterflies!!
  • not a drug addict/alchoholic
  • has friends/social
  • romantic
  • strong/not just the body but not a wishy washy person
  • Compassionate
  • good kisser
  • sexual
  • Not religious
  • Spiritual/open
  • affectionate
  • good cook
  • gentleman
  • Makes me laugh
  • Knows what he wants, and when he is not getting it
  • No kids
  • Likes to travel
  • Can talk for hours about anything

If you'd have asked me before I started to work on myself, I have no idea what I would have said. Because the only common denominator in guys I've dated is they have had drug/alchohol addictions, and they treated me like shit, and used me. I keep journals, and looking back, there were bright red screaming flags at the beginning of all of those relationships. Now, I see those as deal breakers. I learned to trust myself. My gut. Know when something isn't right, and tune in to my intuition, that I believe everyone has, but they second guess.

And, in case you were wondering, yes, my boyfriend is everything on my list, and so much more! That's what makes him so special to me. You know when you have something good, because you don't question it. I was forever questioning myself in the past. And fighting. Two things, I can say are not missed in my life!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pizza Brings Back Memories...

So, yesterday, all anyone was talking about, was, did you get a 23 cent pizza from Papa John's? After a half hour of 5 of tag teaming the pizza joint via the redial buttons on our phones, we gave up on the hopes of having cheap pizza. *sigh* Than the news updates came. Lines of 300 or more people were at each establishment. Fights arose due to "line jumping". People were arrested. Over a 23 cent pizza.

And then the stories came out. People were actually pissed off, they couldn't get their 23 cent pizza. Seriously? As if Thursday, were the only day in all of eternity you could indulge in pizza? What posesses one to stand in line, for three hours, for one pizza? Is the economy that screwed up? And, why weren't these people working? You should totally watch the video I mean, it's pizza dude! And not very good either. It is as my girl Kat put "good when you're drunk". And if I know anything about Ohio, it's full of drunks. And stupid people who go on the news and say "I'm doin' it for Lebron". He doesn't give 2 shits if you stand in line for 3 hours, he's livin it up in his mansion, with a private chef. Dumbass. It gave me some good laughs while I watched the news. People proclaimed they were "a part of history". I can't imagine how much free publicity this has given Papa Johns.

This public outpouring took me back to my Taco Bell days. Firstly, my friend Katie brought up that when we gave out free light tacos (remember light tacos?) and we ran out, the kids in the projects threw rocks at our windows. People don't mess around with free shit, especially when you are directly located in front of the projects, where we were proud to have worked.

What it reminded me of, was how I always got screwed as a shift manager working close (which was like 9pm-6am) with one other person. In the projects. We all know where you go after the bar, Taco Bell, you aint foolin' nobody. When you are making tacos out the ass and dealing with irate stupid drunk people, you tend to run out of things. Like, say, beef, or chicken. If you try to tell people you are out of something they get hella pissed. Even more so, when they are drunk. There were many times, I turned out the lights, and pretended to be closed until the meat was done. What the hell did I care, I made 8.50 an hour.

I suspect, Papa John's just took their phones off the hook because if I worked there? "Whoops, I accidentally knocked the phone off the hook, my bad".

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I might hate sports but I love pizza!

Ok, so who's totally getting a pizza for 23 cents today? I'd hate to work for Papa John's right about now, that's for damn sure! We're all getting pizza for lunch today. Too bad I packed a yummy chicken and rice lunch that will have to wait until tomorrow. It's hilarious because you have to call individually, and pick it up yourself, in an effort to cut down on orders of 80 pizzas I guess. Everyone at work is steadily dialing Papa John's. That's all you hear, beep beep, and then the annoying busy tone! I don't love Papa John's (I'm an East of Chicago, or Pizza Hut girl) But I havn't had pizza for months, so it might just be acceptable.

You know, this insessant dialing of Papa John's, is taking me back to my psycho teen days, when I would call my boyfriend non-stop. You remember, back before call waiting? "who's he talking to?" "Get off the phone". Then, when he got off, I'd yell at him, and then he'd be pissed at me. Hecks yea, I was that girl alright! Actually, I was that girl until I got divorced. I also dated untrustworthy assholes, so it's a toss up who was worse. Or, it's like calling the radio station to win a prize. They finally answer and you hang up, cus the sound of the ring scares you. "Mother. Fucker!"

I got a mean charley horse last night. I dunno why either. I drink a buttload of water, and have 2 bananas a day. I started doing intervals on the treadmill which is 2 min at 2%, then 2 min at 4%, then 2 min at 6% all at 4.5. Lemme tell you it's a nice challenge, but it burns the buns, and the legs. I have to start changing what I eat because I'm not losing any weight working out at 1-1.5 hours 5 days a week. I even stopped drinking thru the week. What more does the universe want from me? I'm even eating meat!

I'm so tired.

I had a lovely evening with the boy! He is totally cute! I love that I get the butterly feeling when I see him still. I love that looking him in the eyes makes me googely. I love that he kisses me on the forehead, and blows on my forehead when I'm sweaty, always covering my eyes which is just the cutest thing in the world. We talked about my new job, and how I'm having trouble being the boss and a friend, and I have to be a boss and not a friend. It's hard. But I'm working on it. And he is a good person to talk to. You know he paid me an exceptional compliment and said that I am him with boobs. I think he's awesome, so that works for me. He also said one of the things he liked about me was how hard I worked to get where I am. It's so nice to be valued by someone you love. Nothing like it.

Road Rage

So, I think we've all seen it. At least, I know everyone in Ohio has. We are proud to be the road construction capital of the world. The snow starts to melt, and the cones come out. We never get to enjoy the open road of anything, because it's always down to one lane, and backed up wherever you go. It's just the way it is, and we accept it.

This morning was no different. On my way into work, the hiway is down to one lane. Has been for oh, 3 months now. Signs clearly posted miles ahead, merge right. Left lane closed ahead. But you always have that one fucktard, who thinks they can beat you to the front of the line, so they can hurry up to be stopped first in line, rather than 4th or 5th, because really, that matters.

I drew this nice diagram to illustrate it for you.

You know, how sometimes the semi truck driver will sit in the left lane to stop dicks like the "asshole" shown here, from running to the front and then slowing traffic when they have to merge in with the people who can read? That's what this "truck driver" was doing. There was a van in front of me, and then, you see me. There was also a line of folks behind me who could also read. "Asshole" was pissed first, at the truck driver, and kept weaving into the orange barrels, trying to go thru them so he could pass the truck driver. Nevermind that the road is torn up, he had a cavalier.

When he was unable to go thru the cones, he then started flicking off the truck driver. The van in front of me wasn't letting him over, and that pissed him off too. He had another guy, and a chick in the car with him. So, "asshole" was not only endangering his life, but that of his friends. Awesome. So, finally I had to let him over because he was totally trying to run me off the freaking road. I kept an assured clear distance as seen in this photo.

He rode the van's ass for a couple of miles, all the while flicking him off out his sunroof, which was freaking retarded. Once we were on the open road, he cut people off, almost causing a pile up, so he could zip in front of the van. Then, he proceeded to chuck things at him out his sunroof. First being his supersized soft drink, which totally missed the van, and hit my freaking car. Well, the pop did when it burst on the hiway. Then some trash including an oil can, fast food wrappers, and what looked like tupperware. The van tried to move lanes, nope, asshole had to move in front of him with no regard for the billion other people on the road. Did I mention they did this all at 90? I know because I was in hot pursuit until I realized, I was going 90 in a 60, and had to simma down.

Here's how I stayed calm. My Chakra suite on the CD player, my Buddha. And Ommmmmm.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Endings...Not That Kind..

If I could use one word to describe my week, it would be. Meetings. I've done nothing but attend, and facilitate meetings. Every. Day. Several times. A day. Ugh. My boss is back, and while it is kinda annoying to have someone on me all the time, I have to admit I like it. I am able to get more hands-on direction with my position, with someone I feel comfortable telling everything to, unlike my temporary boss while she was gone. I still feel like something is changing. Yesterday she told me to test out of all of these word, and excel classes, so I can take the advanced and attain my certification. Her reason? "To move anywhere outside the department, you have to have those credentials, we know you know it, but you need that record". She also told me to tell my people this. Hm. Ok.

Add that to them not re-hiring any secretaries in the department. Taking away all the statistical reporting we do, and not adding it back even though there is a week we have nothing to do and I've begged for more work. Today's meeting with my new big boss, revealed 1) he's pretty awesome. 2) he wants to have succession plans in place, much like we do for our stores. He said he expects me to take my bosses position, and I'm to prime someone to take my position. Yea, like that could happen with who we've got. But, I like a challenge. He likes that I have been creating manuals for my, and the secreterial positions. Bonus points for me!

I found out that most of what we do, reporting, is going to be given to other departments. They want the secretaries to do nothing. Mail, phones, and uh, be happy I suppose. I guess it's fitting, since those girls (cus I was there) don't get paid squat for the skill level you are expected to have. Another thing changing is in the future we will have a web communications department. *angels sing* Of course, we have information going to the web, and the intranet, but this is going to be reporting to the web. I happen to love that sorta thing, and I made this known in said meeting. There was also mention of coordinatiors positions being available in the future as well. I've also heard for the bazillionth time, the company isn't doing bad, their being smart so we don't do bad. Which is good to hear.

New girl? Better. I've attached myself to her, so the times I'm not in meetings, I'm mostly sitting at her desk. I addressed the fact that she takes no responsibility for mistakes she makes. And, that telling me "I don't know" or "I have no idea" when I ask her why something happened is no longer acceptable. Yea, me, I said that! I had my boss sit in on the meeting, and we got to the bottom of what is going on. She's afraid to ask the same thing more than once, and sits in confusion for hours at her desk. She would tell me she got something, and didn't get it. So, I've asked her if she has it now, if she says yes, I make her show me. Usually she can't. But, we're working on it. I've answered her phone calls so she can focus on one thing at a time, and she's shown improvement after doing the same. Thing. Yay for me. I have hopes that with weekly meetings, and daily training and repetition, I'm gonna make this girl a superstar!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hard to Believe I'm in Heaven...

I ate too much this morning. I had coffee, a scone and cottage cheese. The combo has me feeling like...bleh. I'm down 3 more lbs, and that was when I weighed myself at NIGHT so I'm hoping when I do a morning weigh in, it'll be even more! Weeee! I still have to lose 3 more to get back to the origonal 50lb loss but thats way easy! I laugh at 3lbs. Ha ha ha.

I got to see my guy last night. I dunno how to contain my excitement about it. You know he showed me a picture of the Cleveland sky line, explaining to me how the streets run around the terminal tower, which is like, the center of Cleveland, and I said, wtf is the terminal tower? He couldn't believe I didn't know what it was, so I asked him if he knew the Akron Beacon Journal building. He didn't. That's our landmark in Akron. Big/little city. Silly.

Anyway the point was, he showed me a picture in his camera of a blackboard and it said "I heart Mon". He said "did I show you that?" I said no, at first I thought it was mine at home that he wrote on, (and I still have) but the walls were paneling. He said he did that when we went to a little bar in Amish country, when we got a cabin for my birthday. I told him he was the cutest ever, and got all shy the way I get when I feel inebriated with love. I happen to have done the same thing in the girls room, that same day. I miss him so much when we're apart, and he told me he feels the same way, and thought he may never feel like that again. It's like he's finally getting the effects of the love bug. The love is there, but the side effects took longer to manifest for him. He actually tried to help my horrible, aching feet. If that doesn't spell keeper, I dunno what does, because my feet are tore up from the floor up!

In other news, we are having yet another meeting with the new girl. This is an entire post in itself. We have been attached at the hip all week. If she wants to have some time alone at work, she's going to have to do her job right. Otherwise, it's me and you babe. Love it.