"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With The Old...But...I Didn't Mind The Old..

I have been "single" for more than just this past year, but for the first time in a very long time, I actually focused on me in 2012. I stopped waiting to do a lot of things I had always thought I would do, because I wanted "someone else" to catch up and be in the same "place" as I was. I stopped wishing for what might have been, and started embracing what "is".

I stopped using the phrase "when I met the right person I will...." and did whatever it was I wanted to do, on my own.

I can't say that I am completely over exmanfriend, but I have come to the realization that while I have continued to grow both in and out of our relationship, he is still stuck in the same place, unwilling to move foreward. I know that it's something that will not change, and that makes it easier to picture my future without him.

I had a fabulous 2012. From marathons, to buying new furniture, to realizing that I am in fact, a pretty amazing girl, who deserves everything her little heart desires, and settling is not an option.

I can't say that I'm happy to see 2012 go. I had one of the best years I've had in a very long time, and all it took was being true to myself.

I hope you all had a spectacular 2012, and if it was hard, I hope you can take away the lesson in the hardship.

Here's to new beginnings. Bring on 2013!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of , Wait, I mean Merry Christmas!...

For Christmas, I got two more seasons of one of my most favorite shows in the entire universe... Lost!!!!!! The more  I re-watch this series, the more obvious it becomes that they really did tell us the entire time those islanders were dead all along, but the creators just lied to us the whole time and said they weren't. But I'm not mad about it.

I spent two entire days watching seasons 3 and 4 in my pajamas, (with wine, opened by my new electric wine opener...you might have a problem when....) along with season one of American Horror Story which by now I can probably recite word for word, but at least my DVR can finally be cleared of this season once and for all!

I didn't miss much in the real world, as we were under a winter storm warning, no driving unless it was an emergency. A 4 mile trip to Starbucks for an emergency skinny peppermint mocha took me an hour and 10 minutes.

The downside to this hibernation is that my cheap 10 year old $20 walmart  DVD player was working overtime, and developed a horrible whirring noise, and wouldn't  play some of my DVD's that worked just fine on my laptop.

Now I am forced to move into the age of technology, and get a blue ray player. One with wifi of course, because if I'm going to spend the money on a new player, I want to also enjoy  netflix on the beautiful new TV as well! And, I deserve it!

But mark my words, I'm not buying blue ray discs! No way, no how! Not until DVD's are totally edged out like Beta was by VHS tapes. (remember beta? anyone?)

Mr. Magoo got a new toy which he is learning to like. The squeaker sounds different from his old toys, so he is pretty apprehensive about it.  He also got that handsome sweater from Santa.

What was your favorite gift this year? 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Singular for Christmas...

It's my second single Christmas. My third if you count the time me and exmanfriend tried to get back together for 2 months...

All I can really say now, is it's kinda great.

I don't have to rush around, or split my time with my family up with time with someone else's. I don't have to stress out about what to get which members of the other person's family, or a boyfriend.. and I save a lot of money.

Unless you consider the fact that I spend that extra money on bottles of wine, and crash out drunk in my Moms spare bed with my dog. And... that extra time I have is spent taking stupid pictures of my pets.

Oh, well..I still think I'm awesome!

Merry Christmas, internets! I hope it is filled with love, and happiness, and that you get everything your hearts desire!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Naughty List....

Lucky for my Mr. Magoo, the wonder rescue dog, being cute gets you off the naughty list.

"oh, hi, did you need these?"

This dog successfully chewed up all my Christmas gift receipts, that he dug out of my purse. I hope everyone likes their gifts, because they are stuck with them!

I love him too much to be mad. I just need to start storing my purse up out of his reach!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rockin 37...

I played this about 10 times while dancing around with my girlfriends...I'm totally an adult!

Well, helloooooo, 37!!! No longer in my early or mid-thirties, I'm hanging out on the "late side". But, as I tell my younger friends, life gets so much better with age! I wouldn't trade a number for how much more I get to know myself with each day, it's (maybe) worth the wrinkles I'm starting to get. (but I'm not above botox in the next couple of years....)

Alot was great about this birthday.

I renewed my license. And for the first time since I was 21, I gave my ACTUAL weight!! I also finally got a new picture to match the new me! I was so super excited about this accomplishment, it made all the sacrifices and trips to the gym so worth it.

The next day I had my girlfriends over to my casa for wine, cheese, and a hell of a good time! Not only did everyone bring their favorite bottles to share, but I got a pretty sweet private stock for my bar! I also got some other gifts, including, but not limited to, a hello kitty gingerbread house kit, and a fancy bedazzled wine glass that holds almost a full bottle. (my friends know me so well!)

I bought a bottle of the first wine that I had on my first date with exmanfriend. Because I loved it. And I wanted to associate it with a new memory. Best decision ever. We laid to rest a painful memory, and made a new one, complete with a positive toast!

I was so excited, and grateful that my girlfriends could all make it. Being a December baby means contending with holiday parties, and family, but my best friends always make time for me, and I feel truely blessed for that!

We spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to take group photos. Setting up the auto picture, after long deliberation about poses, was a billion laughs. There were mostly shots of my back running for my position in the picture. We got a couple good ones out of the 20 we took.

The night progressed with dancing at my favorite gay bar. We danced and sang to "Like a Prayer" like it was our jobs, which I later professed was just as fun as seeing my idol sing it live last month!

The moral of the story is, you are only as old as you feel. And I feel pretty damned good!  It's all about embracing your life, doing what you love, and above all else....laughter! That is what keeps you young!

And maybe wine helps. I think the alchohol content pickles you from the inside, and helps with keeping you look amazing...but what do I know?

Even Mr. Magoo was caught hitting the bottle...


Monday, December 10, 2012

It's My Birthday! (Almost)

My days have been blazing by, because yet another one of my little birdies at work has left the nest. (got a promotion) I'm very happy when my girls can move up, but I'm pretty sad for me. I'm stuck on secretary AND supervisor duty until I can find someone equally as fabulous to replace her.

I simply hate the interview process, besides counselings and reviews its my #1 most hated duty.

I had my Momma sleep over last weekend. Remember when you couldn't wait to get away from your Mom? It was so fun to have her over! We hung out in our jammies and watched movies! Then,  we spent 9 hours Christmas shopping. I'm nowhere near done. Shopping under pressure is hard.

I read "Bared to You" in one day. And started book two. I thought it was safe to start since book 3 comes out NYE, but looks like I'm going to be waiting to find out what happens with Gideon and Eva...

After almost 2 months off from daily running, (slacking) I started back at it full tilt, and I've finally tried SPINNING 3 days a week!! I love the team environment, which fuels my desire to push myself. Running and spinning in the same day makes Jill a tired girl, and I have been crashing very early!

I'll be doing a Christmas caroling run next week with a local running group. Dress festive, and sing carols while running through the neighborhoods. I'm pretty excited about this one, it's all fun, and no pressure!

I've been preparing for my 37th birthday party this weekend! (omg...I'm almost 40!!!)  I'm having the ladies over for another wine party, where we all bring our favorite wines, and cheeses, and then go tripping the light fantastic at my favorite dance club, and forget that we are entering mid-life.

Today, marks the one month anniversary of my legendary attendance of the Madonna concert! I'll never ever, get tired of reliving this memory!

How are your holiday plans coming along?

Mr. Magoo got a haircut for Christmas, and a new sweater.


Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New Neighbor, Strike 1...Old Tenant, Score 1...

I think I've established before, I don't live in the best neighborhood. I keep to myself, and don't walk around after dark.

But, I have a pretty sweet fully re-done pad. My electric and gas bills are cheap due to the new plumbing, wiring, furnace, hot water tank, and windows. And I have 2200 square affordable feet all to myself!

It's close to work, they don't charge me for my pets, I didn't have to put down a deposit, or last months rent, and my landlord is pretty awesome.

I just got a new neighbor two days ago. Last night was the first night she stayed in the apartment. I got up to let my dog out before work, and our back door is WIDE open! I thought, maybe she was still home, and just went to her car or something...no, car was gone!

Ummm...hello? Does she not have a brain? Come on in, degenerates, go ahead and steal everything we have!!

Said back door, leads to our shared basement, and our shared enclosed porch, which gives access to the back doors into our duplexes.

I ran downstairs to see if I noticed anything missing. Washer/dryer, air conditioners, old computer, my bicycle...ALL of my storage is kept down there. She has nothing, why does she care? Someone could be lurking down there, waiting for me to do laundry and murder me. They could bust out the glass on my kitchen door and unlock it and rob me blind while I'm hard at work!

After a lot of worrying on how I should handle it... I left a voicemail for my landlord, expressed my concerns, and he immediately returned my call.

Not only is he going to talk to the new neighbor, but he is coming out to make sure no one is hiding in the basement, so I am not afraid to do my laundry. He even thanked me for letting him know, as that could also lead to damage to his property.

New neighbor has made a shitty first impression on me.