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Friday, August 19, 2005

Minimum What?.....

Mimimum wage. I saw a posting at work, that it is now $5.15/hr. Back when I started working at the big bad Bell, I made $4.25/hr. I am pretty sure I worked a heck of a lot harder than most kids these days too! When I was a crew trainer, I think I made $5/hr.
When I was a manager, in the GHETTO, I think I made a whopping $7/hr.
$7/hr to be in charge of people, money, and the store. And I never stole either, man I was good!!
I gave 3 years of my life to the Bell!

I was even CLOSING manager, while working a DAY job here!!! 7:45-4:30, then I worked til 1-2am weeknights, and til 4am weekends. I was putting in about 70-90 hrs a week at this job too! We got our first new computer system and had to re enter all the old info in the new system!!!! I made good money though! Blew it all, but I made it!
This was only like 6 years ago too! I slept in my car on my lunches, and had far too many mini thins pumping thru my blood. I was jazzed up all the time on caffine pills!

Now, you know why I shut the store down sometimes! I was only making 7 bucks an hour! Working like a dog. I was being treated like one in my personal life too.
I was never scheduled more than 1 person, nights, to run an entire store, plus do the mgr stuff. 1 person to run drive thru, and me to make all the freaking food, and cook the food, which took 30-50 minutes depending on what it is!

So next time you pull up to your local Taco Bell, don't be a friggin' dick when they say "I'm sorry, we're out of chicken" or "I'm sorry we're out of beef" Because chances are, they are in the same boat I was. And, they might spit in your food.

Not that I ever did. We did fun things when you were dicks to us. Like, smashing your hard taco!

"Oh, you have an attitude?"
CRUNCH! whoops!

Or, giving you more of what you don't want!

Rude customer: "Last time I was here, I asked for no sour cream, and you put it on there can you please make sure they dont put any on there? It isnt that hard to do!"
Friendly Taco Bell Employee: "Extra sour cream you say?"
squirt squirt

Or, giving you less of what you want more of!

Rude customer: "You don't put enough meat on the tacos, can you please make sure you fill them up with meat? I mean, you charge for the meat, you could at least make sure their not empty and filled with lettuce"
Friendly Taco Bell Employee: "easy on the meat on those tacos"

FYI its ONLY 1/2 oz of meat per taco. and yes, I still remember that!

Or, acting like we care!

Rude customer on the phone: "Yea, I just came through your drive through, and I ordered $50 worth of food and I didnt get 10 tacos."
Friendly Taco Bell Mgr: "Im sorry rude customer, but when did this happen? Oh, 2 hours ago? I have been here for 8 hours, and I don't remember an order that large, let me check for you, do you have your receipt?"
Rude customer on the phone: "no, I didn't get one"
Friendly Taco Bell Mgr: "I'm sorry rude customer, but I checked our system and we didn't have any orders that large at all today"
Rude customer on the phone: "Maybe it was yesterday"
they tend to get rude, and threaten you with 1800 taco bell at this point.
Friendly Taco Bell Mgr: "give me your name and I'll write down your shortage, and the next time you come in we will take care of it for you"

Then, you throw the name in the trash and act like you have no idea what they are talking about when they come in to get the free food they never paid for! They will look like a total ass insisting they are on 'the list'. They'll call the 1800 number regardless, and get free shit.

Or, the people who eat half their food, bring it up cus it was 'wrong' and their 'allergic' to tomatos, yet they ate half the item already. You make them another one, for FREE, (the customer is always right ya know!) and they eat half and find something else wrong with it. This is called, feeding a family on a $1.49 burrito.

Or, the dumbfucks who would come thru and order McDonalds, because NO ONE has EVER done THAT before, ho ho he he it is just friggin' hilarious!

Some people, thought they were slick!

Rude customer: "I know I sat here, and drank my entire pop while I waited in the drive thru, but can you please fill the cup up to the top? You didn't fill it"

Clearly, the rules were, free refills in the DINING ROOM only!!

And, then, you'd get the stupid kids, who would come in and order a WATER only, and go get pop. Like, we are that stinking retarded, that we don't know what you are doing? We use to have a cool mgr when we were youngins, she kicked those assholes out! While we laughed!

Or, my all time favorite, an instance when the police were called. (this happened a lot in the ghetto one, but not for me)

Ex husband comes through drive thru. Asshole ripped my heart out. And has the balls to come to my place of employment!

I put some nasty green sauce on his food.
He brought it back, pissed off. He came inside. I had to go in the back and hide.
He threatened to slash my tires, so I called the police! muh ah ah ah ah ah!
Policemen LOVE the bell!!!!!!!!!! We gave them free shit!

You don't piss off a fast food worker. I think they should be classified as #2 right under post office workers, on a scale of craziness!

I was proud of my job at Taco Bell. In my day, it was the only respectable fast food place to work. Everyone else were dorks! We had the coolest uniforms, the best food, and we were open late! Plus, we got to kick people out we didn't like. In high school, I worked in my own stomping grounds. I even got to dress up like a taco. I got paid for it. Best picture ever. Some day I will post it. I did it for the Indian Maidens tour. They tried to knock me over, they were little bitches! They were probably the reason I started to dislike children.

I would sanitize the drains! I was a model employee!

I also had to wear a blue band aid to cover hickies before. Does that make me a slut?
Even if I ended up marrying the guy who gave them to me?
I never wore the Bullwinkle hat on the front register, I refused!
I did take the kids meal toys from time to time. I stole from work. I admit it!

Those people arent making crap for money, and it is a lot of work to get your stinking orders out the window in 30 seconds when you order enough for an army! I cried many a night after working there. I swore my kids (back then i liked the fuckers) would NEVER work in fast food.

If nothing else, you will have great stories to tell when you get older!

Today a coworker of mine is wearing a shirt that simply says "The Lube" I could not stop laughing. I have a perverted mind, because she said it is an oil place.

2 weeks since my review was due. I have a meeting this morning but it isnt about my review. Who knows when I'll get it. It was suppose to be today! This is the first time I've ever been nervous. Because I have had so much crap going on so far this new year, that I hope it doesnt outshine the good I've done! I just know its going to be mostly things I need to improve on!

The moral of this story is a lot like the fight club. The people who you most depend on daily, make the least amount of money. They are your waiters, waitresses, fast food workers, gas station employees, convenient food store clerks, grocery baggers, bank tellers. They are also the ones who get treated the worst in the world by the public. You should be kinder to people you deal with day to day, because you never know when it will be YOU slinging those tacos!!!!!!!

Today's Question:

Got a work story?


Anonymous said...

You left out the sexual activity in the drive thru. I tell you I saw it all at Taco Bell. The saddest thing is the rudiest and stupidest people that I ever had to serve or work with were not at Taco Bell but at my ("highly priced" Ha Ha!) job at The University of Akron. Educated people are not any more couth then anybody else. Working in a service job just sucks. These experience lead to my favoite phrase. "The world would be Ok without People"


Ahnolde said...

I know when I worked at MickyD's, I wasn't allowed to work the counter because I told my manager that I hated people on my first day! They tried to put me on the counter once, someone came up and complained because they wanted no pickles. SO I opened the burger, took off the pickles, ATE them in front of him, and put the bun back on and said there you go sir! haha They didn't let me work counter anymore.

TayRay said...

I worked at hardee's with my best friend Rachel at the time, and I had to prep the chicken and I found a magot in the chicken ( NOTE TO SELF DO NOT EAT HARDEE'S CHICKEN) and I threw the chicken breast at her, she was working the drive thru and it went out the window and hit someone's car in the drive thru!!! I aslo would hide in the cooler and eat the pickles out of the container!!
I did get fired once from Apples, it was a grocery store, because I didnt want to wear a tie to be a packer!!

Celina said...

I've been "lurking" for long enough...this Taco Bell stuff is just too good...I worked at my local Taco Hell...for 2 months, quit, then a year later for 4 months. I hated it! I was the only "white girl" working there (even though I'm hispanic), which wasn't a problem until the drunk frat guys (college town) noticed and started asking for ME at the window and counter. We also had some really bad employees & managers that would drink on the job, hook up in the bathroom, and deal drugs in the parking lot....Yeah, that sucked!

Anonymous said...

I am just full of stories today! You also left out your lust for your older General Manager that didn't wear underwear. He is now a high school teacher so we won't mention his name because I sure he wouldn't want his students to know about his dislike for underwear.


Mon said...

Thanks for stopping by! I quit and went back to the bell around 4 times! I walked out and they even took me back!
Katie: Oh yea, I had the hots for him..boy!! He flaunted that shit around the bell all the time in his dress pants! I know he wanted me! lol.