"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, June 30, 2008

Technology Rules!...

Monday, 27 days until vacation. Yippeeeee! I had a busy weekend! Friday I went to the boy's and we went out for his friends girlfriends birthday. I was actually a good partner at beer pong, and we beat 2 teams! Normally, I pretty much suck! The boy is like a master of beer pong, so I was feelin pretty good about my efforts towards the win.

We got up early Saturday I had to get my hurr did, and I took him to his Mom's. His car is in the shop. I went to my Mom's and moved some stuff for her, and got an idea of what "jobs" she had lined up for me. I took my doggie and she ran around and had fun. It was nice to see she was still full of spunk. Then I left and went to pick up the boy, and he helped me scrape and paint Mom's basement walls. It was raining so the other stuff we couldn't do. I may try to finish it on Friday since I'm off work.

We left there and went to my crib. The neighbor's were out so we got beer and hung out over there for a couple of hours. I brought a chicken breast out cus they were making burgers. Bleh. I didn't have silverware, and the boy went inside and came out w/a sharp knife and a plastic fork for me. I always use a plastic fork. Don't ask me why cus I dunno. But, he's just the cutest thing in the world. I was gonna eat it with my fingers! He's always so thoughtful of me..I'm so not use to being thought of. Sheesh. A girl could get use to that sorta thing! I'll never underestimate it. That's what being treated like dog crap gets you. You appreciate a good thing when you find it!

Sunday we went to Waffel House (mmmm) and to see The Happening. Good movie! Good because, if you ask me, that sorta thing can happen. And since its the happening I can't really say what the happening is in the happening, or I'll ruin the movie for you. Something happens. It's freaky though, to watch people just off themselves. The ways they come up with to do it. I happen to have liked all Shymalans movies with the exception of that stupid Lady in the Water one. But this one was different. I give it two thumbs up! The Happening Happens to be good. I happen to find using the happening this many times amusing.

My computer died for like the 4th time. So I give up on the stupid thing! But, what will become of all my pictures, and music? Luckily my manfriend is quite smart. He took out my hard drive and has some contraption to put it in and he got my info off and saved it for me. He's pretty handy. I dunno if I mentioned that. Or, how in love with him I am? Just so you know. Wouldn't want you to forget.

Now, for technology. I got a message from Direct TV, that my tivo can now be activated from the internet, or cell phone. So, say I'm at work and I hear someone talking about a sweet new show, I can get online, and tell MY TIVO to record the freaking thing! Say I'm in the car, out of town, and I hear a promo for a special on Edwin McCain, I can text MY TIVO to record it. I'm not even lying! Can you believe, there is stuff like this going on, and some people still use VCR's? What a waste of perfectly good technology.

P.S. I think everyone has pictures of their Tivo in their photobucket accounts, so don't judge me!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Say it aint so...

So, did you hear about Madonna? She's my hero. I am taking this almost as bad as Brad and Jennifer Anniston. It seems like everyone's breaking up! Of course, this excludes me, because I'm in bliss with my manfriend. Put that thought out of your head. There it goes. See, positive thinking works!

Speaking of divorce. There's currently a kid running around the office. Screaming. People are laughing. Oh, it's so funny your kid is screaming while I am trying to answer the phone. Shut the fuck up! Not to mention, letting it pop the balloons of my coworker she has for her birthday. Oh, that's so funny you ruined someone else's property. I don't hate kids, I just don't want them. And, there is a time and a place for them.

I watched a pretty bad-ass show last night. Fear itself. Seems kinda like Tales from the Crypt. Only, not as cheesy. Or more like Masters of Horror. I have some of those DVD's. More like mini movies. I only watched one, but it had the guy and girl from one of my fave shows, Psych. Spoiler: This one was about a woman who got a note on her wedding day to a man she didn't know well. "The person you are about to marry is a serial killer". Turns out in the end, she is the serial killer, and the note was meant for her new husband. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

I'm going up to see the boy in the big city tonight. It's his friends girlfriends birthday. Party on! We're spose to paint at Moms this weekend, hopefully it doesn't rain cus I need some cashflow for vacation. (in 29 days) I simply cannot wait to spend that whole time

I can't explain how bad my buns hurt. I guess its more like my hips/thighs. From changing my workouts doing body sculpting. I can tell a difference this week so that's what I needed, to trick my body into something new. I am doing 4 miles M, W, F and body sculpting Tu and Th.

Don't forget to watch Oprah today for some spiritual inspiration!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Tell You What to Do in This One...

Who watched "I survived a Japanese Game Show"? Omg..I havnt laughed that hard at a show in a long time! My favorite was when these two dressed up as bugs and splated onto the windshield. It also cracked me up evertyime the host said "are you exciting?" instead of excited. I'm easily amused! Right after that I watched Wipeout! People getting hurt will never cease to amuse me. So, I tivo'd them both. They will now be added into the rotation.

And, since we're talking about TV, Tivo Oprah this Friday! It's all about the Law of Attraction. (which I attribute my happiness and success to for the most part) Go here and read some stories of how it worked for others, if you don't believe me. Give your mind more credit, and start DOING IT! If you feel hopeless, change your thoughts. I'm telling you, it WORKS! Think yourself happy. We all deserve to be happy. If you watch this show or read the message boards, you will be inspired! If that doesn't work, you can revisit some of the changes it made in my life.

In keeping with this whole theme, I'm finally going to read Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" on my vaycay!

I did body sculpting last night in my effort for finding my own workout niche. My arms hurt. My thighs hurt. Waaaaaah! I forgot how hard some of that stuff is. Especially when I'm using 8lb weights. I go big or go home. I'm not starting back at 3lbs, I refuse. I use 8lbs once a week already, so why not. I'm woman, hear me roar.

For shits and giggles, my scope is pretty dead-on today:

Tender feelings draw you toward someone special today, but you may be uncertain as to how to proceed. Normally you are content to just make it up as you go, but now that you are on unfamiliar ground, you are more hesitant. Paradoxically, there's no need to go anywhere different from where you already are. The love you feel needs no further discussion or additional definition at this time.

I translate this as what I always say. Where I am is where I'm meant to be.

P.S. 31 days until vacation with the boy! eeeeeek!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yer Doin it Wrong..

Look! Edwin has new publicity photos! Loves it! Doncha wanna kiss his cute lil face? I went all over to get his album yesterday. Ok, to Target, and Best Buy. Of course, it wasn't out because TODAY is the 24th... dumbass! (Ever notice dumbass looks like dum bass..?) The guy at Best Buy was like, are you sure it doesn't come out Tomorrow? (today) Releases are always on Tuesday. Uhhhh....yea. I gave him attitude for not having it out too. Cus, notoriously they never have his stuff when it's released. I can be such a tool!
Anyway..I had a free class with one of the VP's husbands at work last week, who owns a boxing fitness joint. He comes in once a week for classes, they cost money. I got a free pass attached to one of the water bottles in the gym at work. So, what the hell? The first class is a one on one. Where I got to ask such questions as....why am I working out 5 days a week, at 4 and 5 miles and not losing weight? What the hell is the problem?

Awesome news, he told me that I am overworking my body, and that you should rest between workouts. I know, I've heard it all before, but then I see shows like The Biggest Loser, where they work out every day for 5 hours, I think, what the hell, I can do it too. One thing I did right was to stop jogging. Say huh? Yea, walking fast at a 4.4 and below is plenty. He said doing his class twice a week, and one more day of cardio is all you need. Um, 3 days versus 5 days? Yessssss! I'm still doing 5 but 2 will be at home, 30 min weight sessions. I'm givin it a week to see how it goes. Lest we forget, I'm um, going to the beach in 32 days. Squeeeeeee!
I'm so super excited to spend a week with my lovebug! (shut up!) I keep checking the website to see what's going on that week as they add things to the schedule. Last night he asked me if my sisters got good soundproofing. I can't imagine what he means by that. But I told him she takes sleeping pills....wink.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Countdown starts at 33...

I feel it's my duty to let the you know, Edwin McCains new album drops today, and you can get it for 12.99 at Target. He looks pretty cute latley too mkay?! Yes...he is in Cleveland on Wed. and I'm not going. I just saw him in Sept., and right now I have to save $ for vacay. I must really like that boy to give up Edwin. Did I just say that? Seriously... When have I ever done such a thing? How bout never. It's not that I'm giving him up for the boy, I just can't afford it. And, a vacation with my sexmuffin man sounds more appealing than drooling over a guy who, let's face it, is never going to marry me. I know you had hope for me too, but really it was all just a fantasy.

Thirty three days until me and the boy board a plane and fly on outta ohio for 9 blissful days! I will be off work for 10 glorious days. Ten days in a row. I can barely contain myself! I can't express enough, how much I need to be off of work! I have not had a vacation from two jobs for a week, um. Ever. Hallelujah! We got our tickets last night, which makes it that much better. Official. It's real. Going, going, GONE!Um, get use to it because I am going to be yapping about this for a long time. I first talked to that boy at my sister's in VA Beach, our first phone call. I think that's kinda cute.

What else is new, I've been hella busy with work. This week is finally our district manager meetings. What sucks about this? Well, theres like, 120 of them and they seem to forget we work for the VP's, not them and they try to get us to do work for them. They are annoying. They always bring sickness with them. (I'm armed with Purell this year) Usually, we have to go to some stupid outing, where we can't take anyone and hang out by yourself, and not drink cus you can't have fun, only they can get drunk and act like idiots. This year we weren't invited because of budget cuts. I'm not sad about it cus its on a work night. And it's at the Akron Aero's game.

No a/c. Bleh.

I had a splendid weekend. I went to bed early Friday, and got up early Saturday and cleaned my garage. I took before pics but the after isn't great because one side of my garage is trash. Lot's of crap from CP that got ruined, and some stuff that didn't that I'm throwing out anyway. It'll take a few weeks to get it all taken down for the trash man. I got to see my guy Saturday. We just hung out and had Bicardi Limon and lemonades. (yum) and his brother and new girrrrrrrrlfriend came over. Sunday we tried to find a city-wide garage sale extravaganza but that didn't happen. He did find a dining set. And his Mom got him a bunch of stuff. She got a shirt for me which was pretty cute of her.

I'm not entirely sure if I've ever shared this...I'm in love. Fo show! I love him so much I can't stand it! I know you couldn't tell by how I go on and on about him, but it's official. Uh, yea. Official for months now. Speaking of, Saturday we were together for 9 months. I can't believe it's almost a year! We're so lucky to have found each other. And...I'll shut up about it. Oh, except for one last....I'm going to the beach in 33 days. Weeeee!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

You say Beaver, I say Woodchuck...

I saw some ground hogs yesterday hogging the ground in my travels to the ghetto Dr. I wondered an unimportant question...are woodchucks beavers? Are beavers groundhogs? Is a gopher a woodchuck? The world wants to know! What's the difference?

Planned Parenthood is quite nice at 6pm on a Thursday. Only 1 other person. I can't understand though, why I was charged a $10 office visit for the receptionist to hand me my pills in a brown paper bag...shhhhh...and sign a peice of paper. It also took me an hour to get there (from work). It was inconvenient is all. Not, however, as inconvenient as a screaming child while I'm napping on a Sunday afternoon. So I'll shut up about inconvenience before the universe gets any ideas about my biological clock or something.

I watched 30 Days last night. I really like the show, and I was excited when I saw it was about animal rights this week. But if you like animals I don't suggest you watch it. I had to look away thru most of it, and I cried a lot. The guy who saw animals as food was even affected by what happens. I was most disturbed by the cows. I thought dairy farms were pretty decent places. (Mom took us to her cousins dairy farm and it was pretty nice there!) Nah, they pen the babies in crates and treat them horribly. If they get sick they dump them on the side of the road to die. Gross fact ahead...They make ground beef out of that. Uh...???

I also didn't know that they performed live surgeries on animals. I thought they used dead frozen ones. I mean, they are alive and well when they open them up. Aware of what's going on. And there are alternatives to testing on animals, so the people who say it's necessary are just misinformed. I think this is gonna disturb me more than seeing the strangers. I really liked watching the animals get rescued and rehabilitated on farms. Even the sheep, chickens, turkeys, and goats and cows. They run and play, and show affection to each other. I really need to start my own business doing something like that. I know it's my calling.

P.S. Gas is really $4.09. I thought I was seeing things. This only means that by July it will be up to $5 cus people will be traveling and well, might as well charge us more. You think this will change when that asshole, I mean Bush isnt in office anymore? Hope? Anyone? Hope?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I feel like that book left behind. Only, I don't believe in that sorta thing. Unless left behind means aliens swooped down and snatched up everyone but me. Nobody's blogging. I mean one or two people are. But I need my daily dose of people's lives. So many people gave it up. So many people havn't posted for weeks. You would think they went and got lives or something, and the rest of us suck for blogging. Whatever. My life's not interesting but at least I have the decency to blog about how uninteresting it is. C'mon people. Help a girl out!

I get to go to Planned Parenthood on Thursday. Hold the jealousy. Remember how it was on national vagina day. I think any day I'm involved with a vagina so is everyone else. It's not really about my vajayjay either, it's about birth control. I waited too long to send in my order for scripts, so now I have to truck it down there in person and get them. It's such a humiliating experience. And it takes forever. And, I have to see the 50 billion teenagers my hard earned tax money goes to support with their 10 kids, and one in the oven. You should have to take a pill TO GET pregnant. Whomever created the human race was definatley a man. Bleh. I also have PMS. I'm super tired, and just feel....poopie. That about sums it up. Can you tell? I thought I hid it well!

Just when I thought I'd never afford vacation, Momma needs some handiwork done around the house and I'm just the girl to do it. That manfriend of mine said when I told him what I was doing that "we could get it done in a sweaty day". Get that? He totally offered to HELP me? I know, I nearly had a heart attack and missed out on vacation and vacation money altogether. It's a whole new world with that boy and I don't anticipate I'll ever get tired of his thoughtfulness.

Oh yes, did I mention how on Friday I aced my Excel beginner at a 95% and intermediate at 97%? I'm going to try to test out of the advanced class too, doesn't hurt. Funny that the beginner was harder because I havn't used those formulas in a long time. New girl is still an idiot. I have to show her how to resize columns to make a document fit on a page. That's common sense, one, and two I've shown her 800 times. The best part, the other girl that works for me applied to another dept for more money. Can't blame her, but if I am stuck with this dipshit alone...I have no idea what will become of me. She makes me tired.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Vacation..Five Weeks and Counting...?

I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just kinda down. You know, like when you're on vacation and you have to come back to the real world? That's me. I spent the whole weekend with my bundle of cuteness. A.k.a my manfriend. You know, that boy. Sigh.

Friday I went up to his neck of the woods after work. We hit up this bar with his brother, and his new girlfriend. But, she's not his girlfriend yet. You know, his new lady friend. I'm actually so busy at work I worked until 6 and didn't work out on Friday. Didn't love that. Oh well. We had lots of drinks at the bar, we weren't driving! When we got back around 3 am, that cute boy made us breakfast. I kept telling him that he made me nuts cus he's so adorable, and he was quick to tell me that if I had a complaint I should put it in his complaint jar. So I spent the time while he cooked writing him complaint notes. You know, like, why are you so hot that you distract my thoughts. That sorta thing. Grrr. We wound up making some sort of ruckuss that needs no explanation. I got up about 7 am (we finished breakfast and such around 5 am) and the front door was hanging opened. I told the boy it seems like his brother left in a hurry. I can't say that I'm embaressed.

Saturday we went to his Mom's for a bit. I met her cats. She has a persian and a himalayan. I happen to be partial to the persians, you know, since I have them too. Eeek! We trucked it back to my house because we had a couple parties to go to. It was heather's mans birthday at the bar, so we showered and headed out there. It was a good time! We had a talk about this boy and girl we know that are totally in love, but are afraid to move forward with things. We kinda felt bad for them and decided that it was because they'd both been hurt a lot. We think they should stop being such chicken shits and get on with it. But, it's easy for us to say, we're on the outside looking in. I think you know, that we knew this couple pretty well.

After the bar, we went to Tayray's friends for her birthday celebration. I jumped on the trampoline with her, and 2 days later my legs are still killing me. I laughed so much though, it was a good time. Tayray kept doing "flips" but she threw herself forward and rolled. It was classic! There was a dog there that me and the boy secretly wanted to steal. Shhh..

Sunday I made breakfast and we handled some business you know...and went back out to Cleveland to hang with his Dad for Father's day. He let me borrow his Dad. It was still sorta sad not having my own around, but it was nice to be with my guy and feel loved. They cooked out.....well the boy did and his dad supervised. But it all worked out. They harassed me cus I'm picky. I didn't eat much of the chicken cus it was on the bone, and like the whole back end of one. And it had skin. So I picked at it. I am not nearly as picky as my boyfriend, who doesn't eat one vegetable to speak of.

Last night I got home really late. It stormed something feirce. I especially missed snuggling up with my guy, who I got to spend two nights and three days with. Siiiigh But I did have a really nice dream that me and that boy got married. It's the second one I had, at the beach. The first time was more detailed, but this one was just as sweet. I don't mind them, because I wake up happy, and look forward to the day it's a reality. Did I say that!? Holey shit!

P.S. These people are total assholes! I bet they'd never give up their pillow to a cat! Theyd probably eat its eyeballs out and then fry it's tongue up with some ramon. I'm sorry, I think animal cruelty is disgusting. This culture is infamous for it. Their pretty mean to their human-kind too.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

The boy and I discussed vacation last night. It is tenative on his approval at work that we are going to see my sister in Virginia Beach the end of July. Eeeeeek!!! I got approval today. My boss actually asked when I was going on a vacation this week, because she knows, I have not had a week off of work since 2004. That isn't a type-o. (this does not include the month after I was laid off, because I spent that time crying and sitting in the dark to save money). I have had time off 1 job, but had to work the second one for years. Or, I've had a day off both jobs, or a long weekend, but an entire week? Shut up!

I didn't get to see my cutie pants last night he worked later than usual, so we made some plans on the phone. I can't wait to wake up next to him for a week. Sit on the beach and enjoy his company. Kiss him whenever I want. Pinch his buns. Maybe break my sister's bed. (kidding, she already told me I can't do this, but they have Bed, Bath & Beyond's in Virginia if I should need to replace her bed risers....) We are going to have a fantastical time. We're gonna fly down, and rent a car. It will be fun to go with someone who likes to kick it. I have not had a fun vacation like that in...well...ever?

This means I am on super lockdown with working out and eating. I want to lose 2lbs a week. Watch me burn. I jacked up my knees with jogging, so I've been walking fast, and make the 4 mile mark in an hour, which is actually harder, and my ass is killing me. I had been doing 4.5-5 jogging for half of it. I'm going to swear off carbs (the bad ones) for a while. Except maybe, I'll still have beer. I can't give everything up. I have to get in a bathing suit. I don't look horrible, but I don't want to feel self conscious. 6 weeks. I can do whatever I set my mind to.

Other than that I've been hella busy with work. It's month end. I've had to counsel the new girl because she made yet more mistakes. My boss has had it, and the next time she is getting a write up. To try to save her ass, I have to check her work before it leaves her desk. This is always a treat, but it will teach her the standards of the department. I already did this while training her, but whatever. Job security. In turn, I have to have all of my work checked. I hate waiting for people to complete my job. Hate. It.

I've been taking classes too, on how to keep the good ones, and performance appraisals. This Friday, I am testing out of Excel beginner and intermediate so I can get my certificate. I will try to test out of advanced at a later date, because I do most of those things on a daily basis. We'll see. It's progress. I have a billion classes I have to complete as a supervisor, and the program classes are extra, for my own personal development with the company. I'm such a go-getter.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Because You Were Home...

So I happened to go see The Strangers yesterday, in broad daylight (2:30) with the boy. I love scarey movies, I watch them all the time by myself. Alone. In the dark. A movie hasn't stuck with me since "The Hills Have Eyes" remake. Which...disturbed me a bit. The Strangers...I guess bothered me one because the main characters are in love, and it's sad, and two, they live in the woods. I live in the woods. I'm in love. WTF?! I won't ruin the movie but the "scariness" starts by some strange girl knocking on the door at 4 a.m. and asking "Is Tamara there?" There is no Tamara...so she says "Are you sure?" The movie isn't action packed. It isn't super scarey, it's just a little too real I think. And sad, did I say that? I kept thinking about that when I tried to fall asleep last night. Ugh.

Other than that I had a super weekend. On Saturday we went to the winery. Me and the boy had a lot of fun flirting with each other incessently. It was 100 degrees (damn near) and muggy. We had a lot of laughs. I made a cake, and it didn't look pretty but it tasted good. We drank a ton of wine, so, when we got back to my place we broke my bed. Aaaand, then we broke it again. It was bound to happen, I have it up on risers, and the corner went thru the bottom of one, and the whole side fell. It didn't really phase us, and then the other side broke. That didn't phase us either, but it was pretty damn funny after all was said and done....uh..what the flip happened? We had to sleep on my bed like, 3 inches off the ground which was really weird. Especially getting in and out when you expect to have to slide own off the bed.

The boys mom gave me doggie steps! She got them for her cats who didn't want to use them. So now billy can climb up and down "her chair" all on her own without driving me insane with wanting me to do it for her! For some reason we got up at freaking 8 on Sunday. (Wine headaches) I made us turkey bacon and hashbrowns, and smoothies. Mmm.. The good thing about being up early is getting out early, and I had to get new risers for my bed. (ahem) I also got a $50 mirror at Bed Bath and Beyond, for 15 bucks cus the frame came loose from the one corner, which can be fixed. I just love it! I made us turkey burgers and mac and cheese for dinner and we watched a movie ("Hot Fuzz") and snuggled up in the A/C.

That boy is so good to me I can't stand it. Im totally going to keep him one day, and he'll be sorry. Or rather, he won't be sorry!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Have I mentioned how I hate to be hot..

It's typical Ohio. It was like 40 degrees a week ago, and now its 90 with 100% humity or something. I hate when you can't move without being a sweaty mess. It's disgusting! I sweat enough when I work out. I gave at the office. Leave me out of it.

I've been hella busy at work. It's month end. But it's June 6th you say. Yea, we're weird like that. Plus I'm too nice and I let one of the girls off. At month end. With a giant meeting coming up, and my own job to do. Talked to the boss today about another position. Not sure if its my cup of tea, theres a hiring freeze so someone in the dept has to fill it. It's for a trainer, like, training the field employees. Travel. Which I like except for no one to watch my pets. And, it's training classes, not one on one. I'm all about showing you how to do a job one on one but I'm not that good at "commanding a room". No more $ either. I doubt I'll apply for it but you never know.

I found a nice place last week, but I need 1750 to move in. Uh, yea, I don't have that kinda money layin around. I have none actually. I got paid today for the holiday, plus, my regular hours. Talk about your perks in management! I got a nice lump in my paycheck I wasn't expecting. But, totally need. Looked at another place 4 miles from work this week. $809 a month. For an apartment? What. Ever. It's a huge 3 bdrm but I could have a brand new swanky apartment for that. But, I'd lose weight faster cus I couldn't afford to eat...hmmm...

Going to the winery this weekend for my girlfriends divorce party! I'm making a cake. It's cause for celebration, you know, welcoming her to the club. Life after divorce is so much better! And she's already happier! Yay for her!

I've been just shy of hitting 5 miles in an hour in my workouts. I think 5 miles is going to be my goal, because thats with a steady 20-30 minute jog non-stop. I dunno about jogging an entire hour with my crappy knees. I'm around 23-24 miles a week. I remember when doing 3 miles in an hour was a struggle.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's like this...

So, I had a meeting with my boss where she told me from our discussion, she was happy with the progress I am making as a supervisor, taking initiative to handle things on my own, and learn more. My follow up was fantastic. I created little daily projects for my girls, to use a new system we have, because they aren't using it. So I made little scavenger hunts to find information. Boss loved it! So, as a reward (of course I'm lying) I have to plan out the entire year in a calendar. I already have when I download reports, when projects are due, etc..in my planner for the year. Oh no, that wasn't what she wanted. I had to do it from scratch. In a calendar template. By fiscal month. I have been doing this for several hours. Bo-ring.

I can forsee what will happen. I am going to painstakenly set deadlines, with dates, and when I want things done, and they are going to change. It's the corporate way. Do a bunch of work, so I can make you change it. Versus being honest about why I want said work in the first place, and saving you a ton of time. Whatever, if that's what they wanna pay me to do, I'm down! New girl still pretty much sucks. She still takes no responsibility. I have to tell her what she does wrong, and how. She pretends not to know. She makes stupid mistakes. I'm not giving up!

Last night I forgot socks, so I had to workout at home. I'm lucky to be alive. My treadmill is on it's last leg. I couldn't go faster than 3.9 without it slowing and speeding up on its own. I had to hold on the whole time, and no jogging. I had to cut peices of the track off, because they were hindering it's operation, and being noisy. I kept going though, like a trooper..Although, I kept picturing myself biffing it face down on the treadmill, and being found in my sports bra, with treadmill burn on my face, half eaten (or licked to death) by the cats, who have by then decided I make a damn fine pillow. Know what disturbed me most out of that scenerio? Being found in my sports bra. Eeek!

My manfriend had an interview with a hospital to do part time work in the ER. He'll get credit towards nursing school. I guess he gets some credit also for being a medic already. He's pretty cute. I might get sick and drive all the way to Cleveland for some TLC. Oh wait, I already get that without the hassel of medical bills. Who's a lucky girl? Me! Know what he did that was cute? (Honestly you'd need several hours for the full list) His house is a bazillion degrees. He lives upstairs over a bakery for god's sake. No real window in the bedroom. No real fans. I hate the hot. The hot during sex, yea, that's ok cus it's a nice payoff, and totally worth the sweat. The hot while trying to sleep..eh, not so much. Hot=cranky.

He got fans yesterday, and when he was going to bed told me he was gonna sleep in his new cool room, and that "there was a spot for me". Awww, it melted my heart. Then he followed that up by.."a wet one". Gotta love him.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday's are never fun...

Well...out with it, who all saw Sex and the City?? Ok, who loved it? I was so happy with it. For a few minutes I was pissed off. I cried. I cheered, I laughed my ass off! Heather and I went to see it where you could drink at the movies. That means you have to pee, and that kinda sucks, but it was a good time nonetheless! When the movie was over we picked up Jessica and headed to Hook Line and Drinkers on the lake because it was a nice night. There wasn't many people there and we hit the Harbor, where I paid 3.75 for a Bud Light. Nice. I stole some pussy willows off a fake plant and gave them to my manfriend (like it? from Sex and the City) cus on our first date I stole him a fake grape from the winery. I'm all about stealing for the man you see.

Saturday I headed out to Hartville coin and jewelry to what? Sell my jewelry. I stood in line for an hour, while everyone else in town had the same idea! I tried to sell my engagement ring from CP, and he said "we're not buying smaller diamonds, but I can pop it out and buy the gold". Seriously? How embaressing. In the end I sold that, a diamond cluster and gold heart from the ex husband, some gold hoops, and a ring I got in Mexico on my honeymoon. All memories I don't need reminders from. I made $108 bucks. I got ripped.

My manfriend took me on a date on Saturday. We got mexican. I had empanadas for the first time and I'm in love with them. I want them today. And tomorrow too! We had such a nice time, we flirted so much at the restaurant, that when we got to the bar, and continued, we only had a drink and had to go back to his place. Ahem. We can't help ourselves. We're crazy in love. I got sunburned on Saturday, and he put aloe on my face. I mean, to me, it doesn't get any better than that. I have never been taken care of. It's the bestest feeling.

Just looking into his eyes fills me up with giddiness. Sunday we had a nice drive to his aunt and uncles for his grandmas birthday. Their house is so nice, they have lots of land, with a pond where we fed the fish. I want to live there. Bad. It's my kinda place! We passed a donkey farm too. Love donkeys. Want one.

There was a little cat that the manfriend was going to take home with him, she was a stray and so loveable. He wants a cat, cus he's adorable and he likes them. He's almost a big a sucker as me for pets. On the way back we talked about living together, not making plans, but kinda just talking about how we've both thought about it. How maybe that's why he didn't buy a house. I said you know how things work out in the end, it wouldn't suprise me, there has to be a reason he didn't find anything.

He's more afraid than me. We definately want to see more of each other. I think that he's afraid I'm going to change. He's said a few times "don't change on me". I am who I am. I'm not hiding the crazy or anything. Or...am I? Dun dun dunnnnn....