"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...

Digging in your purse for change to buy your delicious turkey chili at work...and suddenly screaming, because your cat has deposited a large dead moth in your purse.

(Fozzie in her kitty lounger..)

I saw her last night walking around with it in her mouth, proud as punch that she caught it...and when I'd try to take it from her she'd run.

I guess she decided after all, I did deserve it.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Better late than never..

I know I'm a blogging slacker. But I have good reason. I'm too busy partying.
This was me and the manfriend on the river in Cleveland for the wedding. (which was at this place) Pretty nice for Cleveland, right? We took the photo prom style, but the guy cut off our hand holding. I even had my hurr did for the occasion.

The brilliant drunk idea of this night, is we are going to have prom. We're all going to get dressed up and go out in a limo. Since we didn't go to prom together.
The wedding was so much fun, I cried. I always cry when the guy looks so happy to be getting married. They wrote their own vows, and he quoted Peter Parker. You know, from Spiderman.

I had yummy white zinfandel, and the food was awesome! We had potatos in some crispy shell thing, that I could have lived on forever and always.
I didn't catch the boquet.

We only got to dance for like 2 hours. Which was weird. So, we hauled it off to Tequila Ranch in Cleveland for dancing. I got separated from our group at the bar. I was afraid, and alone. manfriends friend found me eventually.

I don't miss the scene outside the bars after closing time. People are annoying. Manfriend's brother gave me a rose =).

The only lowlight of the day was where this skank who's name means giving things away (imagine that) who was one of the manfriend's date, came home in the car with us and made out w/his brother. When her date arrived at the house later, she then spent the night pulling up her dress that was already in her crotch and showing everyone her underwear, and pulling down the top. I sincerely hate skanks like that. Get some self esteem and stop being a whore. Thankssss.

I realize I never blogged about Poison, Def Leppard. We missed Cheap Trick. We were outside the place hiding in a pavilion. It was a torrential downpour. The kind that turns your umbrella inside out. About halfway thru Poison it stopped.
Some boy was annoying me getting under my umbrella he was wet and I was dry. We tried lots to get rid of him. Drunk boys are annoying. He said I wasn't wearing a ring and I said that doesn't mean I'm single!

Bret's voice wasn't that great. Maybe he was sick. Def Leppard..Rocked. My only complaint was they didn't sing Foolin. F-F-F-Foolin.....what the hell?

I have two new people at work. Who suck up my time. And make me teach them things. The good news is my boss wants me to sit and learn her job......I'm not for sure what this all means yet, but I can only think it's good.

Friday, June 26, 2009


So, would it be in poor taste to sell my American Music Awards Michael Jackson doll on ebay?
A mint condition in the box doll is up to $510 on ebay.
Mine has no box. No sunglasses, oh yea, and no pants.
He was my only "boy" barbie and he got around.
I could go on vacation on Michael. He owes me, because he never married me. I wanted to have his babies! Me!
Reason 456,785,234 not to have kids. Your baby daddy could up and die.
How sad!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life's Lessons...

I dunno why you always learn things the hard way. Why is that? "Don't marry him, he's a total asshole". I was with him for 5 years, and I didn't believe anyone. Two years after the wedding, it's over.

"You better go to the dentist, one day you'll be sorry". But I didn't go to the dentist. And now I pay. All I can say is, its a good thing I didn't die during the NKOTB concert, because I would have missed all the pain and suffering from the dentist, and I'd not learn my important lesson.

Firstivly the receptionist was my former coworker, who is my dentists Mom. So, it was nice seeing her, and she gave me a picture of her son she happened to have in her purse, as he was guarding our nations President at a town hall meeting in Elkhart, IN. He's in the secret service. I remember he always aspired to be, and now he is. He's single....I told her I'd set him up for her.

I got my shot of novacain....then a second, because "I have a lot of work to do". Lemme tell ya the first part wasnt bad, it was like a filling just drilled my tooth away. After the drilling and digging, she put some thing between my tooth and gum and pulled my gums out and THAT hurt.

Then, she said it was so decayed she had to take about half my tooth off, and I couldn't have a porcelain filling in that big a hole, so she put silver in it. You know, I hate metal in my mouth. When she first started, I could taste it on my tongue and I made her stop and I said if this is what it's going to be like, I can't have that in my mouth! She packed some kind of medicine up in it, and filled it up. I still dont like having that in my mouth. Maybe it will go away but it gets cold when I drink. The porcelain? I cant tell I have them.

Then I had another Xray. She said I may end up losing it in the long run, because it was so bad. I said "you told me if I had it pulled my teeth would get all jacked up" she said it wouldn't be that bad, since its the last tooth, it'll probably be fine. I said you can't pull it until I'm married off. No one will marry me if my teeth are jacked up.

Then the dreaded news. "I was almost at the nerve". So, she gave me antibiotics for a week (yeast infection better not come along and halt my sex life!!!) and told me to take some advil before the novacain wore off.

After chatting with them for a while I went off to buy some bogo Ibuprofin at Rite Aid, and started popping them. I was in tears around 8 last night from the pain. I can't remember how many of them I took.

My cute manfriend texted me that he'd make me soup and kiss my forehead when he got there. (awww) But what he did was bring me push pops (yum) and orajel, which was brilliant! Then he packed me a little zip loc with my orajel and q-tips inside for work the next day. I didn't think of that, and it helped! I think he's pretty much the cutest ever, and I'm a very lucky girl!

He also gave me tylenol w/codein so I took one around 1 am and was out like a light. After you know, snuggling with my cute guy.

We rented Revolutionary Road. What was the point of this movie?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I almost died last night....

Oh, Hi Donnie Wahlberg. You can park your shoes under my bed any time. We weren't going to go to NKOTB because it was last minute, and trying to get everyone together at the last minute for a concert, after all having to work, was a pain in the ass, but worth it.

The tickets weren't mine so I was merely a pawn in my friends indecision to go.

But go......WE DID!

And then.. I almost died, by way of heart attack June 23, 2009.

Recap.. My girlfriend had free pavilion seats, so I packed up my neighbor and we went to pick her up and head to the show.

Step 1, I got a 24 oz Bud light lime. At a New Kids concert. So what if it cost me $11, and didn't taste any better than a $2 beer. I was drinking, at the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT.

Step 2, we had tickets close enough, that I could see Donnie's sweaty chesticles in his white wife beater, and his sweet ass, and his um...well...you remember how they always did those pelvic thrusts that made your pre-teen hormones skyrocket?

Was that just me? No, of course not, you know!

Step 3 They did the same dances to the old songs, that they did on their VHS concert tapes. This is timeless, and made me scream.

Step 4 When they sang Dirty Dancing they played the part from the movie dirty dancing where Patrick Swayze comes back at the end and says "Nobody puts baby in the corner" and everyone went crazy. God, I love pop culture.....

Step 5 I swear, it was just like the beatles. I never saw them in my teen years. So, this was my moment. I could not believe how much everyone still loves them, and how much they still rock.

Step 6, (Yes, I now there isnt a step 6) They came along the side of the pavilion, to sing in the back, and we were this close to touching them. I was so excited, and jumping, and screaming, and my heart felt like it would burst out of my chest I couldn't stand it. Goosebumps, butterflies, I was all aflutter with such excitement!

I've decided that I may run off with Donnie. I mean, I was holding out for Edwin McCain forever, and he doesn't ever offer to whisk me away.

You know how I know that I'm super in love with my manfriend? I'd never leave him even for Donnie Wahlberg, he's way cuter than anyone in the universe. My Nestle Tollhouse cute cookie!

And BTW...I super love Donnie. Damn, is my manfriend lucky or what?

If he was at my home last night he woulda got lucky! I had that thing guys get after being at the strip club. I was all fired up!

Jesse McCarthy? Go eat a dick, you totally blew, and I can't believe you even opened for such iconic legends as the new kids on the block. Gawd.

P.S. Tomorrow is Poison, Def Lepard, and Cheap Trick. I'm reliving my youth. Well, I don't think I ever left it....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do Be Do Be Do...

Random thought, remember the Bud Ice commercials with the penguins? Those were genius!

I have a moment to sit and blog. I have the new girl filing conflict diamond agreements. Busy work. But I'm thinking of having her stuff envelopes. It's her slow week.

This past weekend I had a fabulous time. There was my friend /neighbor's birthday/engagement at the bar in town that the manfriend went with me to. They had karaoke, and we had a half a bottle of vodka before leaving. You know, cheaper at the bar that way. So I sang Bitch, and Strawberry Wine. Of course I was awesome. You are always awesome when you drink.

Then we danced some fast swingy songs, and some slow lovebug songs, and had a generally fabulous time. He also told me he would never marry me. I told him that was fine, cus I wouldn't marry him anyway. Which may sound mean, but he also tells me he doesn't like me at all, and obviously, that's not true. Then, we took a walk to the circle K and got some nuts and combos. Which by the way is an awesome combination when you are sipping the vodka and club soda.

That booty ass bar closed at 1 am. One thing that sucks about small towns I suppose. So we drove a mile to another bar, and closed the joint down. Someone threw up behind the minit mart, and peed their pants. It wasn't me but they rode home in my car.

Manfriend and me went to the Ihop at about 3 am, and had lots of laughs together. We returned home and got rug burn. Bow chica wow wow!

Sunday we went to Cleveland to have dinner with manfriend's Dad for father's day. Eighth year with out my own father. We ate at some chinese buffet. I had my own plastic fork, because my metal fork was bent. I don't like metal forks, and bent ones, are out of the question. Good thing I have a spare in my purse! Manfriend laughed, and didn't seem embaressed at all.

I've decided the NKOTB concert is cursed. I had several opportunities to go, but they fell thru. Last night at 10:30 a friend told me she had FREE tickets. Then we ended up deciding not to go.

Besides, I'm going to Poison and Def Leppard already on Thursday.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going To The Chapel...

Congratulations to my friends and neighbors Tara and Todd on their engagement!

(pictured here, overlooking the canal by home lol)

*More on this night later when I have more time.

And congratulations to me who actually found a dress for her 3-wedding circuit. And got a credit card at the dress barn, thanks to my Momma. I found a dress in the regular section, and I don't need to wear a bra! Now I just need shoes. I just love this dress!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Im such a slacker...

Ive been a blog slacker. Farmtown has sucked my free time online!

The new Friday the 13th is on DVD, and I'm adding it to my horror collection tonight. Awesome! This may distract me from the fact that my manfriend is going to probably see naked women at a bachelor party. I don't get men. I never will. So I stop trying.

I took Yoga on Wednesday, after working out at lunch, and after work I ran 2 miles before the class. I'm still incapacitated today.

I witnessed some girl washing herself in the sink at work in the gym. Mind you we have three showers. Gross.

I'm not ready for my new person to start on Monday. Are you ever really ready? I'm excited for the other one to start, and for me to unload my VP, and start being soley a supervisor. I will love it.

Annoying coworker, is still annoying me.

When me and manfriend are on farmtown together, we farm flirt with each other, and try to dance, and be silly, and kiss, and follow each other around. We think you should be able to grab each others buns and stuff. Good times!

I'm signed up for a conflict management class at work in July. Annoying coworker.

One of my friends is going to become betrothed this weekend. Weeeee! I know you wish it was me, but its not. I feel you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arachnids can suck it...

So, I'm taking a poll. I asked on Facebook too. But one can never have enough opinions, when one is overrun with SPIDERS.

Yes. Spiders. And overrun in the same sentence.

Pity me.

I always seem to get some sort of bug over load each summer. Last year I had these stupid house centipedes. This year my neighbor has them. Ah ha.

See this is my apartment. And thats my back yard. Lots of creeeeeepy crawlies live back there. And find their way indoors. I have so many spiders, I could probably start catching them and farm them out like in the movies. *gasp* Fame and fortune await me!!!

Seriously....anyone have a great suggestion? I am thinking I'm going to spray some murderous chemical outside around the base of the apartment. However, I have a bi-level, and this part pictured is above ground, my downstairs is mostly in the ground.

Remember I have a menegerie so I need something I can use inside that wont harm my furkids!

Free yoga tonight at work. We have a workout at work program once a week we have different things. I'm staying for the yoga.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You guys all missed my half birthday on Sunday. So did I, I didn't find this site til yesterday over at blogjem.

This is a sample of what I deal with at work. We track all sorts of info (go figure) and we are seeing now, if featuring one of our exclusive peices has resulted in sales. Only, we are relying on the people who work in the stores to tell us. Not, real statistics.

For instance this is one I downloaded:

Q. Did any customers take the (insert product here) challenge?
A. No

Q. Did any sales resulted from the (insert product here) challenge?
A. Yes

Q. How many sales resulted from the (insert product here) challenge?
A. 0


Oh and Pee ess. I still hate working out. My ticker hasnt moved in 90 days, and now I'm locked out of it. They can eat it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

If I could Fly like Time, I would save a lot on gas and a car payment...

How was your weekend? Mine pretty much rocked. Top of the list of awesome, was the fact that I got to snuggle with my manfriend for three (count em) three nights in a row. Some things never lose their appeal.

Friday I made a delicious concoction with strawberry vodka, club soda, and sliced strawberries. Pretty much everyone was jealous of my drink. I think for the general population, adding some simple syrup to this would be paramount. But alas, it's more blasted calories, and it was a great summer night drink as is.

I hung out with the manfriend and his peeps and we cooked out, and had general merriment. Then we played some games of beer pong. Which I lost horribly. But manfriend's brother took my first cups to drink them all it was like 4. Second game I lost, manfriend drank my cups. I enjoy being a girl, I didn't even have to ask!

I bonded with a guy who I thinks name was Bobby....He had on a tshirt with a slice of bacon on it that was standing next to a club sandwich, and it said "you can find me in the club". Ok, so imagine that drunk, it was way funnier. His family was gypsies. I'm of Polish decent. So somehow we talked about how our people were opressed in the holocaust. We're often forgotten about.

Know whats super fantastic? When one of your guys friends tell you that he's known your manfriend since childhood, and that you're the prettiest coolest chick he's dated. I think his friends are pretty awesome too.

Then we played thunderstruck. (you know, the drinking game) and were all feeling pretty good. Then some random dudes showed up. Manfriend lives on the second floor, and these guys just walked in. Of course the boys kicked them out. We were up until six in the morning.

Sunday we sat out back at my house ane watched birds. I finally saw the WOOD PECKERS!!! Cardinals mate for life you know. It's adorable. They "mate feed". Here, the boy is feeding the girl. I love to watch this. I think it's so sweet how the man always watches out for the woman while shes at the feeder! Chickadees are adorable too.

Suckage. Manfriends going to a bachelor party Friday. Bigger suckage. I can't go to the bachelorette party, because I am otherwise engaged on Saturday. Who has their parties on different nights? City folks.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What Tha...

I have a pain in my shoulders/neck thats making me ill. It's like flu aches and pains. After I laid down last night I felt better. The longer I'm up the more crappy I feel. I swear I use to make fun of people who had aches and pains. Karma. Believe it.

Working out still sucks. I worked out twice on Tuesday cus I didn't work out Wednesday. I wish I could buy myself thin. That'd rock.

I'm going to my manfriends tonight for a cookout. I'll probably squeeze his buns a few times too. Cus I can't help myself.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Work. It's getting super hectic. I suspect once I have two new employees it will be much worse. I'm also making a training manual for the new job I'm learning in oh, 2 weeks. Add to that, I have to deal with a person who works for me...

Me: The feedback on these newsletters you designed is we'd like the two to be exactly the same.

(one has bigger font, clearly larger, and has a shadow effect. When printed in black and white which we are now doing for money savings, it looks smudged and stupid, and messy)

Coworker: They are the same.

Me: they may be the same style, but clearly one is different, it looks smudged, and we need it to look exactly like this other one you did here, that everyone loved.

Coworker They are the same font

Me: Maybe they are the same font, but this one is clearly different.

Coworker: Maybe this one (the smudged one) has larger font, I stretched it, but it's exactly the same.

Me after close to 5 minutes of this: Just make them look the same please.

I mean seriously, this woman is never wrong. And has to argue about even the most blatently obvious thing. She has zero social skills. No manners. And listens to nothing I say. I have to instill a sense of teamwork in her. Without letting her try to run the show, which she does every time I'm away. She won't break me.

I went to the dentist for my last filling yesterday. It was cake. Here's what happened.

Me: What are we going to do about my bad tooth?

(last one on the top has had a hole in it for months. The gums have been screwed up since my wisdom teeth debacle 16 years ago)

Dentist: You mean the one you need pulled?

Me: Yes, can we just pull it?

(digs around with her metal pick)

Dentist: We will have to rebuild this thing. Whoever did this to you should be shot. your gums are really inflamed around here. Who was it?

Me: I dont remember he isn't practicing anymore where he use to be.

Dentist: Must have packed up and got out of town. You want the tooth to not hurt?

Me: Yes

Dentist: If you have it pulled all your teeth are going to shift and you'll have gaps. But if we take out the nerve it wont hurt.

Me: (gave her the look of horror while having her fingers in my mouth)

Dentist: No, I think we can save it without a root canal.

So they xrayed that one tooth, and she told me:

Dentist: We'll need you to come back for about 2 hours so I can dig out that tooth.

Me: Dig out?

Dentist: Yea, I'll get all the stuff out of it, (stuff meaning probably months of nasty food) and patch it up, we'll have to rebuild it, and eventually you'll need a crown if that works.

Me: a crowns better than a root canal?

Dentist: Yes

Me to the Receptionist: I need to reschedule for 2 hours...

Dentist: Yes, she needs a tooth dug out

Me: can you please stop saying that?

Dentist: Flushed?

Me: Yes.

Of course, I know the dentist so this convo didnt offend me.

Later that night me and the manfriend...

Manfriend: You're cute

Me: No, You're cute

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Here's my poor pupper on the way home from the vet. If she could talk, she'd be saying. "Get that goddamn camera out of my face, and turn on the AC!"

P.S. she hates having her picture taken. If she weren't in the car she'd have hidden from me.

P.P.S. I probably shouldn't have taken pictures of my dog while driving on the expressway either.

You know, I call her my million dollar dog, because she's had nothing but issues since I bought her from the pet store 13 years ago. I don't advocate pet store shopping for this reason. I'm convinced she came from bad breeding.

About 2 years ago I took her to a new vet closer to home. Who told me that her lymph nodes were swollen, and that she probably had lymphoma. In this Dr's defense she wanted me to pay hundreds of dollars for testing to be 100% sure.
Instead I cried for days. Thinking my dog was going to die in 3 months. She didn't. I ended up trying a new Dr at the practice, and he told me she's got swollen lymph nodes cus of her constant skin and ear infections. This is her third visit with this vet who still confirms this diagnosis.
We'll see how it works. Instead of $350 it only cost me $116. That's a bargain for me. She got antibiotics, ear ointment, antihistimines, and ear cleaner. And I found out she doesn't have a tumor in her liver as I was afraid she had cus she has a bulge when she lays down.
Apparently she has a spare tire. The vet said older "chubby" dogs get "fat pads". Who's he calling chubby? She only weighs 21lbs. Ideal weight is 13-16lbs. She was at one point 35lbs. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree on that one!

Monday, June 08, 2009

No Rocking My Boat...

I keep having dreams about the water. I'm going to check my dream tags to see how often they occur. For a while, it was the ocean splashing up over a bridge while im driving, and I drive through it.

Specifically, the carribean ocean.

I just sort of know it's the carribean. Well, mostly because it's clear, and blue, and the sand is white. I'm almost always on vacation. And I either am by myself, or meet friends and/or family there.

The plane ride is usually solo.

So I looked up Water/ocean in my dream book:

To see calm, clear water in your dream, signifies that you are in tune with your spirituality. It denotes serenity, peace of mind, and rejuvenation.

Yea, it's awesome to be me.

Scottish Cattle.....

Friday I went to see Drag Me To Hell at the theater, by myself. There was like 6 people in the theater, and one of them, was a stupid kid who commentated the whole movie. First I gave him the death stare.

Then I asked if he was going to talk thru the whole movie. Then I finally moved to the back opposite side of the theater, where people behind me there told him to shut up. Reason #455.786,455 I don't want kids. They annoy people who pay $8 for a movie.

I worked in my yard Saturday. Meaning, I got poison Ivy which is awesome.

I went to the winery with my manfriend on Saturday. It was super for lots of reasons. One, it took like 11 minutes to get there. On rural back roads, from my homestead. Holla!

Two, they had these cattle there. Steven and Harriett, they are scottish cattle. I think. And they were really weird looking with dread lock type hair, but super cute and I decided that I want one on my farm. I mean two. Cus these guys were in love.

I snapped this picture of Steven and Harriett, and the Amish were in the back driving by in their cart. If you look close, you can see the amish have their headlight on. That's a lantern inside the cart for you out of towners. And they also had their top down.

And look how pretty the sky was that night. It was the perfect night to sit outside with your sweetie and drink wine. You don't notice the mosquitos when you have a nice buzz going on. And you can't really be mad at life when you stop to take the time to acually look at the world.

They have a wine that goes to support small animals. Love it! And, they have delicious Sangria. Which we also enjoyed. And a wine called big pecker wine. They were out of big pecker. Go figure.

Sunday I got up and made buckwheat pancakes for me and my manfriend, before we headed off to his great uncles house for his grandma's birthday party. We got on the pedal boat in the pond and floated around for a bit, its so nice and peaceful out there, even more peaceful than at my house.

We rented a couple movies and snuggled up for the rest of the night on the couch, and I got to drift off to dreamland in my manfriend's arms. Just the way I like it!


Hella busy.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Happiness Is..

Happiness Is...going to get your breakfast at work each day and the guy yells out your order before you get to the counter. Egg beaters, turkey bacon, on an english muffin. It's music to my starving ears. It's also having the breakfast guy tell you, that you don't have to watch calories, when he tries to put cheese on your sandwich as he does every day, and you tell him while you love cheese, you had to stop seeing each other so much because of the calories.

I also had one of the VP's tell me I look thin today. It's officially my day. This is all very good because as I pulled into my parking spot today, I thought.....ugh, I so don't want to work out.

It's been cold round these parts of Ohio, but I really don't mind. I love to cuddle up with my cute manfriend and keep warm. I like doing it when its hot out too, but its not as enjoyable. When we get sweaty together, he covers my eyes and blows on my forehead to cool me off. Sometimes he'll hold up my hair for me too if I'm hot. I don't know that you would ever find someone as cute and considerate as he is. He's cute in a non clingy non annoying way. And sexy. And he's mine. I feel like that should end with a maniacal laugh.

I was talking to my coworker yesterday about fate. And how her and her fiance sometimes ran in the same crowd but never got together. I didn't run in my manfriends crowd, cus he lives 50 miles away. But, there are times we will talk about being at a concert, and we'll say "I was there!!" There's been about three concerts we were both at.

The most strange, is that he went to one of my school dances. What are the odds of a big city boy, going to a dance where we had a horse farm next door? I guess he met a girl from my school swimming out my way. They "dated" meaning he went to a few football games at my school. (I was in the marching band!) And he took her to one of our dances, that I was at!

It's funny what a small world it really is. I've read so much about how everything happens for a reason, and finding out that you cross paths with someone so often is more proof that you were on the right path in life. Signs along the way. They reassure me that I'm where I am suppose to be. With who I am meant to be with.

As if I needed any signs for that. My heart already knows. *smile*

Hoping to go to this winery on Saturday. Look how pretty it is!

Thursday, June 04, 2009


So I went to the dentist on Tuesday. I lived. As I am writing and breathing. I really didn't feel getting the shots, she numbed me, and then said she just had her fingers in my mouth. Then she said she was done. Huh?

Today I feel the shots. Ow.

I decided I'm the biggest investment I'll ever make. Some people say its a car, or a house. But, I'm more deserving of my money than any stupid house or car. So, I don't care if it cost more money to have my teeth look nice. I'm not putting crappy silver fillings in my mouth. I say crappy silver because as I've said, I can't stand metal in my mouth. If you have them its fine.

I opted to get resin fillings. Which she sealed, and she said I wouldn't have to go thru it again. This is what not going to the dentist for 16 years gets you. Modern technology. You can't even tell I have fillings. I have three on the right side now. And they don't get cold when I drink.

You know, I'm friends with my dentists Mom, so she kept stopping and telling me it looked like I was going to rip the arms off of her chair. After I found out I wouldn't be charged if I did, I kept holding on for dear life.

But it wasn't as horrible as I had imagined. I made them shoot me twice with novacain though. I told them I felt pain when they poked me. The assistant said, pressure or pain? I said I don't know, it feels pokey!!! Questions like that are hard to answer! I want to feel nothing, ok?

After my ordeal I got home at 4:30 and slept until 8. I was so stressed out. I go back in a week to have my last one done. Then it's time to start with the eye Dr. I don't like the eye Dr. either because they shoot you in the eye with air, and tell you not to blink 15 times when they do it until they finally get you right in the eyeball.

I really think I may have conquered my fear of the dentist. It's all in the mind. The mind is quite powerful.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Farm Girls are Hott...

I think I have to have this T-Shirt. The pig happens to be my favorite animal in Farmtown, cus you can make it go to sleep. Or, it flings itself down to sleep.

How many fellow Farmtown Addicts are there? I know Erin is one. We're neighbors.

I even did those stupid surveys to get more coins. Spammed my own mailbox.

At first I thought it was stupid. Until I got sucked in. As you might imagine, I have a billion animals on my farm. It's called my menegerie too.

You can go look at Farmtown here. But I play on Facebook. Be careful though, it will suck you in too!

Obviously I survived my dental appointment yesterday. I'll update tomorrow. I don't have neurological damage or anything. (shut up, I had myself convinced this would happen)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pay Shunce...

I get drilled today. I don't want regular fillings, which are covered 100% by insurance. Only because the thought of fillings in my head floods me with such terror I can't even explain.

I don't like metal tines of a fork to touch my lips. I shudder to think about metal in my mouth! So, I'm going to pursue the alternative, with porcelain. I know it's going to cost me, but I'm my biggest investment, right? Which one would YOU rather have?? Gross! I know many people have fillings but they aren't for me. And, the customer is always right. I'm the customer.

Plus, fillings cause brain damage or something. I heard that once, and it sounds good to me.

I'll also be happy when this visit is over. I've been eating like a horse due to stress.

In other news, I might kill a coworker this week. She's actually a subordinate. I like saying that, so thats what she is. She keeps telling my other subordinate (ah ha) what to do. She does this whenever I'm not around. I have asked her already, to stop doing this. I left an hour early because I had to work out. (I skipped lunch) Today, I hear a long sordid story about how she told one girl to do some things I had just told them NOT to do.

Fucking bitch!

She is my biggest challenge. When I get my new people, I forsee this being even harder. She thinks she is the boss. She's been here longer than me, but obviously wasn't picked to be promoted because she's an asshole or something. I don't want to be the kind of person that demands respect, but I might have to. She happens to take everything I say with a grain of salt. Of course, this is relayed to my boss in our weekly meetings, and her patience is wearing thin. You wouldn't like my boss angry. She's totally awesome, but you don't piss her off.

P.S. Until last night I never knew who Heidi and Spencer were. I watched I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Now, I pretty much want them to die. I hate them both. A lot.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Goodbye May, take the flies with you...

My celery to carrot ratio in my celery and carrot cup purchased this morning, is weighing pretty heavily on the celery side. Not that it matters, but I find it to be annoying. I ate so much crap this weekend, that I think I pretty much have to live on vegetables for two weeks.

I had a pretty fabulous weekend. I didn't do a thing on Friday, and my manfriend texted me around 10:30 to see if I wanted to come up and play some beer pong with a couple couples. I obliged, and wound up having a pretty awesome night. Even though, we lost at pong over some stupid two cup rule. Then it was decided the losers would do shots out of the winners belly buttons. The girls decided it would be same sex. Cus seriously, who wants to take a shot out of a mans nasty, lint filled, hairy belly button? *shudder*

I felt sorry for those boys.

Company was over til around 4 am. We were up til after 5 am. I actually forgot why my head was sore on Saturday, cuz at the time I really didn't care. It wasn't a hangover, but rather my position in my manfriends bed. Close to the wall. *ahem, wink* At the time I was like, I'm fine....but 3 days later I still have a sore head. I'm a pretty awesome girlfriend.

I had to get up at 9am on Saturday to go get my hair done at home. I ran around with my Momma, showered, and headed back up to Cleveland for a graduation party. On 3 hours sleep. I was cranky. My manfriend got me caffeine, and something for my head. He's pretty cute like that. (I'm gonna steal him.)

Know what sucks about Cleveland? (besides sports, and how it has my manfriend living there..ah ha....)

Mayflies. I mean seriously, they are the most useless disgusting things ever. They swarm like locusts, and get in everything. One time up at Port Clinton on the way to Put in Bay they were so bad that they squeegeed the windows of the McDonalds we were eating at twice to remove them. We don't have these in Akron. Or even in the canal. I'll take tree frogs and possums and June bugs (oh my) any day over may flies

MTV awards? Um, you pretty much sucked my will to live for 2 hours. I think kids that like Twilight are worse than kids who loved NKOTB. (And I'm one of those kids). But, I know how much we annoyed the world with our addiction, much like Twilight annoys me with its craptastically emo cast.