"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Time is Near...

I haven't taken a weeks vacation in a couple of years. I've had long weekends, days here and there, but an entire week without the stresses of work? 

I think I hear angels singing! 

I'm not worrying about my half marathon, vacation is about relaxing! It's my third, and I don't have to break any records! I bought a cute new outfit, and a cooling cloth, so I'm good to go! The temp may be predicted as 87 on my race day, but I'll be finished before high noon, so who cares! I just remind myself that I did my first half at a heat index of 105...I'm hoping the ocean breeze will come into play!

My sister lives a mere 1.3 miles from the beach. That's full of awesome!! 

I will have an entire week of R&R. Lounging in the pool,  sweating it out at the beach. Having lots of sister time, and laughing is my #1 priority.

We will also get to take in a few great bands (we haven't decided which ones yet) that will be set up on the beach since it is the Rock n' Roll half marathon, after all! 

The only downside is that to avoid baggage fees, I'm checking a carry on size bag and taking a carry on. The stress of only taking what I need is really getting to me. Plus, I don't have room to steal things I really like from my Sister's house, which is kind of a tradition in our family.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! I know that I will!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Feeling Like a Real Runner...

Why do cats enjoy your smelly shoes?...

In adding to my pre race fears, my body has felt like complete shit this past few weeks.

My feet, and my knees have just started to seriously hurt. Not the usual, I've been running more, so of course I'll experience some discomfort. I mean, just walking kills my knees, stairs are the worst, and my toes have been feeling numb on runs, and ache constantly.

Knowing my body, I knew that it was unusual to experience this onset of pain, and I pinpointed it to the purchase of my last pair of running shoes.

I was dreading long runs, so..I finally bit the bullet...er, I mean credit card, and went off to my local running specialty store for an evaluation.

I knew I wouldn't be paying $60-$70 bucks for shoes, which I am use to. Frugal me hated the thought. After all, I have already shelled out a pretty penny for the race, and my plane ticket, and my fun money.

But the me that wants to not cause permanent damage to my body, and finish my half marathon, said "go for it, mastercard don't mind, and you are worth it".

First things first. My running shoes...are not even running shoes.

Upon evaluation of me, it was decided that I over pronate. This caused my big and second toes pain, because they were doing all the work, and the shoes I was wearing did not stabilize them properly.

I'd have never run around like that in a department store, I'd likely wind up on YouTube. At a specialty store, you feel right at home with all the other running "nerds".

They told me that the store is the "Cheers" for runners, and to come in any time to talk about running.

After my consultation, I left with a new pair of shoes that felt like I was running on clouds. I instantly had to test them out, even though I had gone to the store after my trip to the gym.

I'm so attached to them, that they will be boarding the plane with me vs. riding in the underbelly with all that low-class luggage.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pre-Race Jitters? I Got This...

I'm not the least bit worried about my upcoming half marathon in Virginia Beach in 16 days.

But that kind of worries me.

I haven't been putting miles in like I should be.

Especially outdoor miles.

But this ain't my first rodeo, it's my third. 

But what I'm doing differently this time is I'm more cross-trained. I do my boot camps, and my short runs (ok, mostly indoors...) but I'm not following a training schedule like I did with my last two half's.

People are trying to scare me. Trying to psyche me out.  Asking me all sorts of questions about being ready because I haven't been doing all the miles.

I have come to dismiss these people's worries because they have never run a half marathon before.

I mean, where is their licence in running? I know what to expect. I know it's hard. I know it will be painful.

But then, I have never been in business to be the fastest, my enjoyment of running a half comes from running the 13.1 consecutive miles and finishing.

It's about the experience of the race, the enjoyment of every mile run, and the (cute and sparkly starfish) medal I receive at the end.

In closing, don't let other people squash your dreams. No one knows your potential but you. People who could never accomplish what you can, will try to psyche you out.

Prove them wrong.

Press on.

Live your dream, and enjoy the feeling you have when you finally accomplish your goal!

For me, in the end...I get to spend a week with my sister, having quality time, and enjoying the sand and sun... and my running a half marathon is just the icing on the cake!

Friday, August 09, 2013

My Fitness Journey Video....

I've only been working on completing a video on my weight loss and starting to run,  for close to a year.

I have changed it so many times that I finally had to just ask myself if "self, do you think you are making the next Titanic, or a stupid youtube video".

 When I need inspiration, I love to look for inspiring weight loss, or fitness videos online. Knowing so many other people have made such changes in their own lives always inspires me to keep going.

So if I can inspire just one person, like so many have done for me, all the hours I spent making this less-than-stellar video will have been well spent.

Monday, August 05, 2013

And Then Everything Felt Right in the World....

In the days leading up to the arrival. Excitement stirred.

I tracked my package every hour along the two day delivery route. Growing more eager with every stop closer to home.

I opened the door before the Fed Ex guy even knocked.

Inside the boring brown box, was yet another box. This one was so beautiful I hardly wanted to disturb it.

But I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it. 

Behold my new most favorite thing in the universe. The Samsung Galaxy S III

Now, I could be a little over zealous, since I had to make a snap decision 2 years ago to get a really crappy android phone (LG Optimus...run away!) when I killed my beloved blackberry before my contract was up, by sticking it in my sports bra while I ran. (Not recommended....) 

But I don't think that's it. I think I made an informed decision that I am happy with. 

I did extensive research both with online user reviews, and consumer reports. I asked owners of the phone for their input as well.

I can finally attest to having the right phone making life easier. My connection at home sucked with my old phone, and it is such a dream on the new Samsung, that I rarely even fire up the laptop!  I can do everything on my phone, with a quickness!

I couldn't be happier! I think it's the most beautiful thing I own. 

photo taken on my new phone which is just as purdy as my real life camera shots!

Nevermind, I think Mr. Magoo is the most beautiful thing I own...but then again, he owns me

Friday, August 02, 2013

Fly on the Wall..

So one day, I randomly had a house full of flies. I mean, so much so, that I was either A) housing a dead animal somewhere or B) reliving that horrible fly scene in Amityville Horror.

How does one kill over 125 flies in a day? Windex. I'm pretty sure they should market themselves as a flying pest killer, because trying to kill them with a flyswatter is useless, one spray of windex, knocks em down, another spray? DEAD!!

After counting how many flies I killed,  I remembered how I made fun of my Mom for counting 100 bees that she caught in her bee catcher.

Obviously, this is filed under I'm becoming my Mother...

But the flies kept coming. Not as many, but frequent, and then there were gnats!!

The gnats made me drink too much wine, because I couldn't put my glass down for a second without one or more of them floating in it...that's wasteful! So I'd sip, sip sip...I'm empty, time for more....repeat.

I finally found the source of the flies. It wasn't a dead animal. It was my neighbors trash can, that sits directly under my kitchen window! I saw it swarming with flies, so I open it up, and it's literally crawling with maggots!!!! *shreik*

So, I had to call the landlord, and tell him that the neighbor is disgusting and she doesn't take her trash to the curb. (which is paid for by our landlord...btw) I didn't wanna be a taddle tale, but I'm running out of windex, and wine!