"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm Entitled To a Blonde Moment....

Even though I am not blonde, everyone is entitled to have their moments...

So...Friday I had some work done to my car. I went to work that night, and on my way to Bubba's, my coolant light came on, and went off. I thought, that's odd... The next day when I went to go shopping, it came on and stayed on. I called WG and he said to check my radiator. Well, my car doesn't HAVE one. It does, but not like most cars, there is no silver cap in front. So I told him that and I think he thought I was nuts. I drove it to get some coolant, filled it up, drove all day and it was fine. I had to put the coolant in what looks like the overflow, cus that's all my car has. So I'm driving fine for 3 days.
I get to work last night and I smelled something. My friggin car was smoking! My Marissa!!!! She also puked up a ton of nasty antifreeze all over the front of the car! I lifted the hood and its spraying but I cant tell from where, cus that shit can burn you! WG came to work early to check it out for me. He couldn't see where it was leaking, he put water in it. Had me drive it around to see if it would leak...not really much too the leaking as always, when someone else is looking at it!! He thought maybe it's the water pump. Great. I paid all my friggin bills and I'm broke!
So, I tried looking it up in my book.
Got my paperwork out, and realized, I have 3 more years on my warranty. Whodathunk I actually paid for it. I also found out, someone can steal my car and I'll get a new one. You know, you buy all that crap you don't remember anything about.
Anyhoo, so when I left work, I had Bubba follow me home. It took me about 45 min I drove the back roads. With the heat on. Full blast..... Did I mention it was about 90% humidity, and I'm pretty sure it was still 80 friggin degrees!!!! (felt like it) I got home, safe and sound. And my car didn't spit or sputter or lose any fluid. WG checked it again after he got off work. He said I most likely didn't tighten my cap enough, and the pressure caused it to spurt out......cus my overflow looking tank, is actually the only way to fill my radiator, and there is some springy doomahicky that has to be on tight. It said "screw hand tight" so I thought that meant loose. What do I know? I put the key in and drive it m'kay? WG is the bestest for helping me out! It is nice to have someone to rely on!!! So unusual for me!!!
I got up this morning, and drove to work just fine. WTF?!!!! Now, I have to have my radiator flushed, but whats $50 bucks compared to a few hundred? Not a bad trade at all!

And...Here are some pics from Tiffany's Bday shindig. A fun time was had by all. There was lots of alchohol, lots of food. I didn't drink much I was pacing myself. Good thing cus WG ended up getting sick. Sorry to call you out like that, but you did. We left early. I guess it's a good thing he normally doesn't drink, cus I sure like to get my drinkon!! He was quite the social butterfly. I didn't have to worry about him at all. Alan brought his DJ stuff,and had the party bumpin'. So much that a random stranger came to check it out. He isn't really random, he's a local crazy guy, and the guys got him to leave eventually. Bubba brought out her grandmas old toilet, the kind you use when you are in the hospital. We all used it vs. walking in the house. It was a genius idea. I'm not sure how cleaning that out the next day went though...
Most of this activity with the penis, took place while I went on an alchohol run with Beth and WG. Good thing we got pictures!

JOJO and Tayray getting close. I always heard JOJO was well hung...

Threesome. Tiffany, Lawanda, and JOJO. Everyone wanted a peice of the penis.

JoJo and Alan. The look on Tiffany's face is classic!! She was where's Waldo for the evening.

Drunk Todd in the wig

Tiffany (Bday Girl) and the wig

Tayray and the wig

Me, sporting the wig.

Ahnolde (Tayray's man) and the wig...(his look was way original)


Debbie and the wig.

Some random stranger....in the wig lol (but not the crazy stranger)

Brandon (Beth's Husband)and the wig. His look was original too..

Beth and the wig.


Birthday Girl Tiffany (aka where's Waldo for the night)

Alan and the wig.

Tayray, Tayray's boobs, and Me!

And, I leave you with these beautiful images, in case these have tainted your minds.

Where do they have sea lions, beautiful beaches, wallaby's, and...did I mention, beautiful beaches? Australia. Thinking of actually BEING THERE is what gets me through the long days.

It will be mine...oh, yes.....it will be mine!!!

Today's Question(s):

What is the greatest age difference you can tolerate in your own life?

I think that 10 years would be my maximum. Just under 40 yrs old...As long as they didn't look old and have gray hair, and still acted young. WG is soon to be 7 yrs older than me. But he doesn't look like it. And he is fun to be with, so he is acceptable. lol.

What is the best place to touch, and be touched?

This is tricky. I would pick to be touched anywhere that isn't easy to touch for yourself. Hard to reach places. And it would also depend on who is touching you. And why. LOL! If we are talking having someone you love touch you, then I think it's from the neck up...(non sexually of course....) It's just sweet, and loving.


BUBBA said...

Firstly I love my wet armpits in every picture. Classic. I vow to wear the wig next time we go out. I have no shame, and I had a blast.
Jo Jo is my altra ego. She is alot of fun, she get's alot more wild and crazy than Bubba. Boy I have alot of personalities. I like to be touched on my vagina, cuz frankly it feels Good. I dont care who knows I like my vagina touched, because if you are female you like your vagina touched also.
As for age, it's just a #. I actually only know one person that is my age, the rest are all younger or Older. When I'm 50-=60 years old, I'll still be cool and able to hang with the twenty-somethings. Cuz I'm Bubba and I"m cool like that.

Mon said...

You said vagina!!! How proper! I was all talking about love! I was trying not to point out your pits, so you did it to yourself lol!