"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Slum Lord...

Let me start by saying, that I do not live in the slums, nor does my landlord deserve the title of 'lord' in any sense of the word.

It snowed last night. About 4 or 5 inches. It was a matter of probably 4-5 hours that this happened over. I get a call at job #2 from Tayray, warning me not to attempt to get into our driveway, cus the stupid bitch landlord didn't have the drive cleared. We live on quite a steep hill. Let's think back to Dec. 8 when I couldn't get up in my car, and my back wheel landed in the ditch, and CP and Tayray's BF had to push me out. Luckily. Another time, I went down the hill sideways thinking my life was going to end, as I crashed into someones front room. Last night, Tayray had the same problem, she went down sideways.

I called CP to see when he'd be home to help Tayray get up the hill. She ended up parking across the street at a friends house. He called me shortly after, to tell me that our neighbors girlfriend fell into the ditch I slid into, only, her entire car was in it. They tried to get it out, but in the end a tow truck had to come. Tayray called to complain last night to our skanklord. Hopefully more neighbors did. I called but she didn't answer and I wanted to talk to her.

So, I take the 25 minute drive home from job #2, and turn it into a 50 minute drive. Which is always fucking fun to do after working 14 God Damn hours! I had to go 25 the whole entire way, cus no matter which way I go, I have to contend with hills. I wouldn't want to have another near death experience. The roads were awful. All they said on the radio was 'where are the snow plows' good fucking question. This is maybe the second real snow storm we had. Um, where are the salt trucks? I am really depressed about the state of the world these days. We can't even clear the fucking roads? Since when??? We normally dig out every morning here in the winter, and it's never been this much of a problem!

CP said he would get my car up THE HILL, he got his car up. I didn't want to contend with the hill this morning, knowing what a dumb fucking bitch landlord I have, I knew it wouldn't be cleared.

So, I parked about a block away, at a church. Hoped I didn't get towed, because my landlord is a stupid fucking worthless peice of shit. Did I mention that? Hoped I didn't have a break in, cus I clearly state on my car insurance that the fucking car is in the fucking garage overnight. So, this morning instead of getting into a clean, dry, warm car in the garage-- I had to put on CP's boots, and tredge through the snow down a hill on FOOT, to my frozen car. Tug and tug on the door to get it opened.....ice. Wait for it to defrost and warm up, and drive to work. and arrive 20 minutes late, to start my whole work-filled day again today! I just love it.

On the way I placed a call to the landlord, who, didn't answer:

"Hi MICHELLE (yea, thats her real name)this is Mon I'm calling from 'my street' where I just tredged down that treacherous hill in the snow to my car, because I couldn't park in the driveway. I wondered if you were going to do anything about it. I know that last night myself and several of my neighbors could not get up or down, and here it is, the next morning AFTER the snow, and you still havn't had it cleared. I just wondered if you planned on doing anything about it, thanksssssssssss"

How fucking hard is it to pay some dillhole a hundred bucks a year, and have them clear some motherfucking driveways? Huh? I of course, read my lease which states that she isn't responsible for damage due to rain, wind or snow. Nevermind the fact that at LEAST 3 of us (there is only 4 apartments) asked shithead if she kept the snow clear in the winter, to which she responded YES. I pay a LOT of money to live there. We also all pay different rents for the SAME apartment!!! I'm going to report her to the BBB, or something, and ruin her stupid pathetic life! I work too fucking hard to have to deal with this bullshit!


Today's Question:

What's your slumbitch story?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Bloody Monday...

Is that song Monday bloody Monday, or Sunday bloody Sunday? I should ask my sister, she is the master of 'howsaresgo'. Har-D-Har.

I slept away the wknd. I'm so freaking tired today it isn't funny! I was however, awake enough to get my Edwin tickets in the mail!!!! Not well enough though, for proper celebration. I'll get to it!

I thought I'd be ok to go out for Bubba's bday celebration, but CP had to call me off. My throat hurt so bad and I slept. You'd think I was rarin' to go today but I'm not. I wasted 2 days. I got no cleaning done, except for the dishes and the rabbit condo So, all week I'll be trying to squeeze cleaning in. I got pets. It can't go til next weekend!

I got a visit from Katie and her son. She said they were in Amish country on their way home, and he needed to use the potty. I'm a good half way point. Turned out, he didn't have to go, he just wanted to visit Aunt Mon's petting zoo. That's what Aunties are for.

CP made me chicken soup. He really made it, with chicken and real vegetables, and noodles. It was the muthafuckingbomb!! I think this was the first time being sick in YEARS that I didn't cry for my Momma. Someone actually took care of me! Even brought me Sunkist!

While we're on the subject, CP joined this stupid online game for final fantasy that he had been itching to do. After of course, I got the speech on how it won't take away from our time together, and he'll never do it when I'm home. Let me note here, that I normally wouldn't care, but I'm only home 2 hrs a night other than sleep...remember? So, he said to me at 12:15 after playing the game, "i'll be right in to bed" I woke up at 2:30 and there he sat, playing that game on a work night, Mr. "I can't stay up past midnight any other day". Like a freaking kid! His own brother told me not to let him do it cus it'll suck his will to live. He said CP spent real, live, human reality money, for fake, unusable, video game world money. Boys are so gay!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, wait, my friend Kat is sucked into her own game world! Dare I say, gamers are gay??

Today's Question:
What can suck you in and make you lose track of time?

I dunno that anything does these days, I'm always aware of time; and how I spend it. I think I might need something mindless to do, to loosen me up! Wait, DRINKING! When I drink I don't care about the time! I need to get drunk I think! That's it!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sometimes Work Ethics Suck...

I had a shitty Friday. I should add to my resume 'miracle worker' cus I'm getting pretty damn good at it! We are using a new web-based newsletter thing at work for the newsletter I used to code by hand. Supposedly 'easier'. Sure it is, to someone who doesn't know html. I am use to coding and having no limits. This program, limits what you can do and it is frustrating to know how to do something, and not being able to do it.

I got to job 2 and there was a note saying we could go home with no incident if we wanted. FUCK YEA! I went to tell the supervisor and he said "oh, that shouldn't be up there, we need help, we're screwed we're 2 days behind" I said then you should take that note down before people get their hopes up. He said "you can go since you saw it, but I'd realllllly appreciate it if you'd stay" BTW we were not 2 days behind.

WTF would you do? I fucking stayed. I never even got a fucking THANK YOU! It turned out to be good cus I was pissed off and I made 50 bucks in 4 hours. Now we're talkin!

When I got home CP had gone and got me 2 of my favorite things. Beer, and wine! He's the sweetest!

Then, Chelsea bear cuddled with me on my lap, and made me smile. I got these adorable pictures. CP said she looks dead. But I assure you, she was cuddling in my lap and she just goes hypno and zones out when you rub her belly. She's only the cutest bunny EVER. So enjoy!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

How To Feel Like A Peice Of Shit In One Easy Click....

I love to help people, and helping you feel like crap, is even better. I got on the Biggest Loser website to try to join the biggest loser club, only it costs money. But, know what is free? You can act like you are siging up for a free diet (which you never get btw) and find out your BMI (body mass index) there. Which, I have known mine for a while, and it shall remain secret, but this has a chart. It puts your BMI on a scale from one extreme to the next. Under, Healthy, Over, OBESE!

I'm thinking I'm hot shit, cus you know, I lost 28 lbs and I'm still struggling desperatly to hold on to that, and lose more, but that's a lot and I'm proud of it. So, where do I fall on such a scale you ask?


I can shop at a regular store! When I think Obese, I'm thinking, moo moo's and house slippers!
So, if you want to feel like a fat lard, I encourage you to log on to the biggest loser site, and find out where you fall. The worst part of it, is it tells you you are obese, then asks you to pay for a freaking diet plan, as if that will work. More reasons people ARE obese! DIETS! Kiss my obese ass!!!!! They also have my 'Ideal weight' at 107. I was really sickly in high school cus I never ate. I also, never weighed 107. So, that's totally wrong!!

Why not just say your fucking fat and get over it! Words are some funny things aren't they? Cus, I'm totally ok with the fact that I'm overweight. I don't like it, and I'm working on changing it, but I can accept the terminology. Just like sometimes I am a bitch, but I wouldn't like to be called one. Ya hurr?

Don't get me wrong, I love the show, and it is really inspiring, and I've learned a few things from it. If you check out the sample workout routines, you will see why those people lose weight so fast. They work out 3 hours a day, 6 days a week.

To sum it up: The biggest loser club will make you feel like a loser!!!!

Today's Question:

What do you think about all the hoop-la over words? They are, just words! But they can hurt!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due.....

I recently went with Progressive auto insurance. You know, they'll tell you their rates, plus the rates of several other customers...yadda yadda. I was always particular with my car insurance, because I wouldn't go to places that ran your credit. I think it's wrong. I got a pretty good deal with one of their 'other customers' and was excited to have this taken directly from my account so I don't have to fool with it whatsoever. They never said they would run my credit, I thought there was some kind of disclosure law about that, but what do I know? I'm a marketing assistant. Apparently I can't read.

I will say, they were fast. My policy started right away and within 3 days I had my permanent insurance card and all my info in the mail. I didn't even have to talk to a person at all. I did it all online. But, within all my paperwork, was a statement as to why I didn't get the lowest rate possible.

My credit.

They also listed the 'reasons' my credit is 'bad'. Apparently, it is a horrible thing, to have 1 credit inquiry in 24 months. I'm really fucking careful with this shit, OBVIOUSLY! I don't try for things that run my credit, as I am trying to get my score higher so I can get a mortgage in a couple years. 1 inqury in 2 years, is pretty fucking good if you ask me! Another reason? I paid my car payment late past 30 days 1 time in the last 2 years. Not good, but I had to up and move out with no warning, so that kinda happens. What else....oh, the kicker. I have 40% of my credit cards in use. Not even HALF the balance on the whopping 2 credit cards I have. Which I pay, above the damn minimum, ON TIME every month! Nevermind that only half my income is spent out in bills! Fuck that useless information!

I dunno much about other places, but here in Ohio we are required to carry fucking car insurance. They send us letters randomly in the mail from the BMV asking for proof. We have to sign a waiver when we get our tags. It's asked for when you are pulled over for anything. So, how is it ok to go by CREDIT on something you are REQUIRED to carry? And, what does my credit have to do with the ability to pay, when it is coming right out of my account? If I don't have money in there, they'll still get paid, and I'll be screwed with overdrafts. I mean, I really don't get it!

It is like they were dead set against giving me 'the lowest rate' so they had to come up with some half assed retarded excuse to fuck me over. ASSHOLES! When my 6 months is up with them, I'm SO out of there!!!!

You have to pay your car payment, insurance, tags, and liscense plates, your drivers liscense, and now, I personally pay 120 a month for gas to drive the damn thing. I think what I really need is homeowners insurance on the sumbitch!

This is for Momma: I walked last night. It was cold. Hill had her comfy sweater, I had my warm coat, and guess what I wish I had half way through my walk? Cotton Balls for my ears. I'm getting old. My ears never use to hurt in the cold!!!!

Today's Question:

Do YOU think it's right they check a credit score to insure a car?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Risky Business....

First and foremost. I didn't take any mini thins Monday. I wasn't a chipper gal. I am very happy today after having one. I think I'm seriously addicted.

CP told me this wknd in the midst of all our 'talking' that he is a risk taker. I'm so not. I think that it is a good thing, cus we balance each other. Sometimes he makes me do things I'm not comfortable with, and I make him not do things I'm not comfortable with. It works.

He said that with me, it was love at first sight, and that is a huge risk. Love at first sight? I said stop before you make me cry! He never said that before. He said he wanted to live with me right away and propose to me right away and didn't consider the risks involved. I guess another risk involved with love at first sight is you don't believe the girl when she tells you she is difficult, then act all surpised when she is.

Who, Me?

His Valentine's Gift finally came! I got him Clerks 10th anniversary edition. He opened it up and said Clerks 10. Alright. And turned it over. I said, didn't you notice why it took so long to come? And I turned it over, and he still didn't notice. OHHHHHHHHHHH, it's AUTOGRAPHED by Kevin Smith! You can buy pretty much anything on Kevin's site autographed, it just takes forever to arrive. He really liked it. It has a TON of extra's on it. Only one of the best movies ever.

I got in a workout last night and I feel fantastic today. Amazing how that works. It's like a drug for the soul! We watched American Idol, and picked our 6 top favorites. To see if they will make it all the way. It was something fun to do. I like Paris the best, she performed like a star!! I can't wait to see the guys cus in auditions there was a cutie with a very Edwin-like voice, and anyone with a voice like that is a winner to me!!!!

Slim Fast makes me poopy. I know you care.

I spent the last 2 days at job #1 trying to fix a problem on our website that didn't exist. We'll call it the phantom jibberish. Long, long story short, it wasn't even the site I work on. It was the site for one of our divisions. I have information from their site on ours, so that is how the confusion came about. People from that company didn't even know who did their own website. Turns out they have a web developer do it. Ummmm, yea, that's so not me! IDIOTS!

Today's Question:

Are you a risk taker? Or smart like me, and make informed decisions?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Strike Up The Band!!...

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Go Dogs! Be Still my beating heart.... I received an email at my MSN high school group, that there will be an ALUMNI BAND PERFORMANCE at the band show! It is September 16! You have to practice on your own. Um, hello, can I even still read music? Do I remember how to FINGER the notes? Can I be turned away cus I suck?

I soooooooo want to be involved! I played the trumpet. I was first chair section leader when I left thankyouverymuch! You know, I can't play the damn thing anymore because 1, I smoke, and 2, it's fucking hard oh k? It was hard to learn in the first place, and now after 10 years? (ok, so it's been 12!) Can't I just march and pretend that I'm playing? Oh please? I am sure I can still march...rolllll your feet, and steady the upper body.

Will we get to do the fight song???? Will we get the pre-performance pep talk??? Will we get to do the chant?? Feet. TOGETHER. chest. OUT. shoulders. UP. BACK. DOWN. chin. UP. eyes. WITH PRIDE! WITH PRIDE! WITH PRIDE!

If you call me a band fag, you're a talentless dickhead with no respect for people with talent. Go kick a ball why doncha?

I, on the other hand, was in the concert band, marching band, jazz band, and pep band. Mind you, the jazz band was by audition only mkay? I rocked!

I'll keep you posted. I expect all my friends to come support me. I feel an Old School moment coming up!!!!!! And if you don't come, you know you will miss the possibility of seeing Eli.

Eli was a special guy who use to come to all the games. The only thing he loved more than the football players, was the band. He was retarded, and he'd always want to go to the pizza joint, Peppi's after the game. Wonder if he is still around? We did walk with him once to get pizza. It was my friend Jen's fabulous idea.

Today's Question:

Who was the noisiest partner you ever made love with?

"Z" was mine

Monday, February 20, 2006

February Curse....

It's hard to believe that it's Monday already. I'm so tired of living for the wknd only to be disappointed when the wknd turns out sucky! The biggest news (besides TWDSO dating a skank) is that I hit 'trendsetter' status on my yahoo music station. Be envied. Be me.

I took CP out to eat at my brothers friends restaurant. My brother was there and didn't even talk to me. He said he was busy. What-everrrrrrrr. I havn't seen/talked to him since Xmas!!!! Me and CP have been at it lately. Not seeing things eye to eye. I dunno what it is. But I'm starting to think I have a Valentine's Day curse. Last year, it was the demise of my relationship!

Part of it is money. I won't bail him out of financial trouble. He said it's good that I don't. But, I feel guilty cus we're engaged. I do think the fact that he has a roof over his head is support enough. I'm paying the bills for us. He hasn't been able to pay me his half steadily since he moved in. I'm not giving him anything. I work 2 jobs to have money. I feel pity for no one where that is concerned. If I wasn't working we'd be fucked. And, it shouldn't be that way. But I keep it zipped. He told me again how money isnt important to him. So, his internet is getting shut off. Eventually he'll realize money is important. I already handle his account for him. I gave him the stuff all back. Why? It causes added stress on me. I have asked him every wknd for months to sit down w/me and devise a plan for him to get caught up on his mounds upon mounds of bills hes never paid. And, it never happens. I'm worried enough about my own money. I don't have time to worry about his. I'd like to enjoy life.

I use to be a fun fucking girl. Not so much anymore.

Part of his deal is work. He lives in a fairy tale land where everyone at work does what they should and you get praise when deserved. And everything is happy and you never have to bite your tongue. I told him to talk to more people. 99% of people hate their jobs. Or, have had to hold back and not scream at someone, right? It comes with being employed. I am challenged every day, and I know it's my job. So I keep my lip zipped and I don't do what I want to do. Because, that's what you do when you have a job. Restraint. I am also one of the few people who loves their job, and I still have my moments!

Um, how awesome was Grey's Anatomy? I keep waiting for it to just end the season, cus you know when things get unbelievably good, they stop for the season. I can't believe Meredith gets it on with George. She is going to break his heart.

Today's Question:

What is your biggest work challenge?

I have a coworker who grates my nerves most of the time and I have to put on a happy face and not let it bother me.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

She's My Best Friends Girlfriend....

A bird came to my house today, and chirped me a story. It's quite humorous and it goes something like this.

TWDSO (the ex) has a girlfriend. My friend Kat saw them out in like May. They've been seen together a few times, I saw them together New Years Eve. TWDSO has a best friend. (I know, hard to believe) This best friend, has also been seen with her, with and w/o TWDSO.

The bird saw them out this wknd, the best friend, and the girlfriend. They proclaimed to be just friends, yet they were spotted kissing and holding hands. I can't say that I blame her, he does kiss like a fish!


Sounds like a classy chick! I'd never do something like that. That spells S-K-A-N-K!

What goes around...comes around!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Career Paths...

Work went pretty fast last night. I did STD's all night. What's an STD? Well, it's what it sounds like, it's a sexually transmitted disease.

Now, it's all confidential and I wouldn't say, see your test results and tell you I'm sorry or anything. But I will reveal some statistical information. There are a lot of 11 year olds having sex to the point of needing STD testing! See why I don't want kids? (one of the bazillion reasons) I thought boys were gross still when I was 11!

Bubba got a new job at a vet clinic in my old 'hood. It sounds like a really nice place!! It's a way closer than the hospital she use to work at, from my house. So in an emergency, I might venture that way. Unless it's a bunny emergency, I gotta go to a THIRD hospital.

Speaking of jobs. We got on the topic of strippers last night. This was about a 45 min discussion. I just think, it's wrong, because it de-sensitizes men to it, and makes it normal. Like, being naked is no big deal. To me, it's private. Not shameful, but something you do with someone you love and trust. Not strangers. My opinion is mine, and it won't change. His is his and it wont change. He got on the topic of "there are several KINDS of strippers, some of them give others a bad name". That made me laugh. They all take their clothes off for money. You won't convince me its respectable to do because you have kids, or are going to school. There is strippers and there is exotic dancers he said. Um, there is taking your clothes off for money, and there is taking your clothes off for money. Call it what you want. I'll call it what I want.

If I can take my ass to 2 jobs every day, anyone else can. My mom raised 3 kids, working retail, about 7/hr and we weren't on welfare. I think I respect my mom more for doing it on a shoestring budget, than I ever would knowing she took her clothes off for men. ...gee, FOR ME? Thanks for teaching me that when all hope is lost, I can still shake my ass and objectify myself. My momma taught me that I had to work hard for what I want, there is no such thing as 'easy money'. (just easy girls. ohhhhh!)

It has nothing to do with the fact that I don't have the body of a stripper. (But i know some places that I'd probably fit right in at....) My body is not public property. I'd still feel the same way. It's my values. I respect myself. I'm so special, only a chosen few get to see my goods! LOL.

I tried to equate it to my being in a room with a bunch of naked men but CP said he had no problem w/me going to a male review. The key word here is review. Not stripper. The men are far different than the women. I've been to both. But, it's my opinion. I feel like once you start flashing your shit all over town, it isn't meaningful to get naked for someone. To me, it's a big deal.

Like violence on TV. Sex on TV. All of it is worse than it has ever been, but it isn't that bad to us, cus we are use to it. We grew up on it. The old timers, think its horrible. Porn is an entirely different topic to be tackled another day. But my take on this in the short, is, it's not live.

I said this before, but in some countries, it's ok to eat monkeys. I never would, but if you are raised that way to you it's perfectly normal. Some people won't eat cows, I do sometimes. To them it's disgusting, cus they were raised differently. To each his own I say, but I won't ever accept it. That is my right.

In the words of the great Chris Rock: "Get a job, I got two you can't get one?"

Now, maybe you will all get that stupid song stuck in your heads like I did......"I'm in love with a stripperrrrrrr"

psss. Have I mentioned how "Lost" is taking over my life? And, I can't function without trying to figure out, what is going on with those people? It's a TV show. I need therapy!

Today's Question:

What's your take on strippers?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This N That....

Hump day. Lately time has been flying by! zip zip! Closer to quitting my second job! We had a meeting last night about our team. They are taking more key strokes out of the job so itll pay less, but they say we can DO more work that way. I hope I don't regret joining up again on my last 2 months, when I need to make the most money. I also don't want to quit, cus I actually made friends there. It was easier to not care when I didn't know anyone and kept to myself.

Lunch today for the coworker who is leaving us. I'm still distraught over the whole thing. It is going to be hell the next 2 months until I quit my second job. We start having shows in the spring, and I'll be loaded down with work. I won't be a happy me. But I'll have a yummy chicken salad today. That'll help ease the pain!

My night was fan-tabulous which is a new word created just for my evening. CP made it all about me if you catch my drift, and it was lovely!!! He got home before midnight so we DID in fact have a first Valentine's Day together. He got me the cutest card w/2 real bunnies snuggling, the way adorable bunnies snuggle, so he did a good job! And wrote me a love note, which was even better. And got me a cute pad of kitty paper, and candles. Everything was waiting for me but my CP when I got home.

I think he is serious about getting some money, as he is working a lot of night jobs, and yesterday he hauled his mounds, and I mean MOUNDS of Maxim magazines over, to sell on ebay.

I did about 1/4 of a leg workout from body sculpting. It was friggin' hard. I use to teach that class, then do weight machines for 1/2 hr, and an aerobics class. Amazing how fast you can lose it when you dont use it! I'm so excited to start back to the Nat. in the spring! I felt about 10 years younger when I worked out a lot too! However, I can now take my pants off w/o unbuttoning them, so I am progressing, slowly, but it's progress! I'm still not into a smaller size. Well I can get into one, but I can't breathe, or move.

My sister has a hot date tomorrow. Everyone think happy thoughts for her. It'll be a cake walk!

Sometimes, I totally rock. I logged on to pay my Direct TV bill, and I love TV so much, I made a double payment last month! How's that being on top of things going for you? Pretty good thanks! Pretty gooooood!

Have I stated how much I love driving my awesome car now? It's a whole new world! I took my morning Mini-Thin 2 hours late. I'm not quite started up yet. Addiction is a terrible thing to waste.

Today's Question:

What is the recurring dream you most enjoy?

I have never enjoyed a recurring dream. The one I have most often, is losing my teeth, which has to do with control. One, then another, than a mouthful of them. I like a good sex dream but those are always with nameless unknown men. It's ok to get around in your dreams!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Be Mine!...

So it's Valentine's Day. Which, sorry fella's, is a real holiday!

I dunno if CP's gift will arrive in time for V-day. It's something not romantic, but something he will love, at least, he better love it since it's taking so long to arrive! 6-8 weeks. It could be a puppy, and the litter isn't born yet....... hmmmmm what could it be??

I got him a really sweet card and left it out for him. He didn't read it when I was there. He sent me an Ecard, that was sweet. Made me smile. I don't get to see my CP tonight. He is working a night job, and I work tonight too. Sad, boooooo!!!! I'll miss him!!! We wont be together for Valentine's day! Boo hoooooo! And our FIRST at that. I made it a point to stress how important it is, as we will NEVER have another FIRST Valentine's day! No pressure or anything! We're both broke right now. Cards are $1.50. Or, free. And, a hand written note is even cheaper, and more meaningful!

I got some Valentines from girls at work that was sweet!!!

My valentines gift to me, is Edwin. I'm buying my tickets today! hooray! happy day happy day! And, I got myself some new bras from Lane Bryant. Remember, a new bra will change your life!

So, my ex Z called me. On V-day. We had a nice chit chat. Bethie thought she saw him this wknd and you know what happens when someone mentions him, he calls. Weird how that happens. He apologized to me again for the shit that happened. He did finally explain what happened that 'one night'. It was a friend of his starting shit. They didn't like me so they told him I was screwing around with this guy. At a bar. In public. In front of his friends. Like I'm that stupid. He told me he got a Felony for that. He said soon it will be off his record. So, I looked it up! Here's the info:


I'm the victim. I failed to cooperate cus I was stupid!

And, on this day for lovers, enjoy it. I ate chocolate I bought for CP cus he didn't get me a card. So, now I'll gain 5lbs but it's the principal, right? And then, when I got to work he sent me an e-card. Oh well, his gift is in the mail.

Today's Question:

What are your Valentine's plans?

Monday, February 13, 2006

He Rode In On His White Horse.....

Well, CP definately gets my knight and shining armor award for the wknd! He spent Saturday night replacing my wheel bearing. The noise was still there. We drove it to the next town to get another wheel bearing because the local store only had one. On the way back, my ABS went out, and he got to witness the fear that is your ABS quitting, which is pretty scarey. He replaced the other wheel bearing, and both front rotors and guess what?????

MY CAR WAS FIXED!!!! We drove it and no noise, no grinding, no popping, no lights dinging on and on and on, and no brakes going out!!!!! I am so happy! It only ended up costing about 350, which was 200 cheaper than if I took it to a shop. My CP is so smart!!!!

Sunday I took all the tool rentals back, washed my car, and got gas. I left the radio on while I cleaned her out on the inside. And that was that. This morning. My car wouldn't start.

My neighbor Tayray was gone cus I leave too late for work. Luckily CP was off work today, but, we had no jumper cables. Thank goodness we got a new Auto Zone in town, cus they open at 7 a.m. and we had to truck it down there in CP's trusty 13 yr old Ford to get some cables.

CP handed them to me and I said

"Honey, I appreciate you trying to show me how to do this, but I'm NOT messing with a battery, they explode"

He said: "You need to learn how to do this, now red goes on red put it on there"

"Like this?" I said...as I closed my eyes and stretched my head back as far away as I could and did it. You know, like a total girl. No explosion. She started right up. So, Now, I am schooled in how to jump start a car! Hopefully she starts at lunch time and I don't need a new battery we priced them at $60 and I don't get paid 'til Wednesday! And, I already called off job #2 Friday.

I had a mental breakdown yesterday. Cried to my Mommy. I'm just so overwhelmed with everything, it's taking a toll on me!

So, I got my car fixed, she's running like a little trooper! I have to work at my second job longer than I wanted, which helped add to my mental breakdown, but I'm good to go!

We watched "The island" with Ewan McGregor, it was good! I didn't think I'd like it, but it is a really neat concept for a movie. Sorta started out just like that 70's movie 'Logans Run' but with a futuristic twist. I really liked it!

Today's Question:

What would you be best at, were you to change careers?

I think I'd be a good counselor. I always thought about working with women who have been abused, and helping them get their lives back together. It just seems like a rewarding job, and something I have knowledge about.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Latest Project...

I made this window this wknd. I am not that impressed with it, I had a totally different vision but it's ok. They didn't have any of my usual paints at the store and I had to use a different brand, and it was a little different. I don't like change. It's ok. It doesn't look as nice in a window as the ones that I use gallery glass with. It'll look ok hanging on a wall though.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nature Is So Adorable...

I rented March of The Penguins. If you have the slightest interest in animals, watch this movie. It is only the cutest thing ever! Penguins are funny, adorable, and dedicated! I never knew I'd enjoy just watching them live. They make really unique noises. They fall in love, they mate, they play. They even fight over men because there aren't enough.
They lose chicks and go crazy and try to steal another woman's chick and the tribe protects them. It's amazing. Some parts are sad, like when the predators come around, but I've honestly never seen such a cute documentary! They mate for a year. They do adorable cuddley things together, and walk around on their heels to protect their eggs. They are very interesting animals to watch. I loved it!!!! It isn't at all boring, it's interesting, informative, cute, sad, and beautiful. I just can't say enough about it! It's like watching little black and white people!

One more chance, go here and watch the trailer! CUTE!

I'm working on a new stained glass window. It was always hard on my hands to do the leading part, but now with typing all night, it's even worse. I'm doing one that is a random pattern, and all blues, dark on the outside, to lightest on the inside, to a few clear spots in the middle. I think it'll look awesome! I'm excited. I'm going to get some more paints today, and that's about it!

Oh, Im gonna make stir fry. Semi healthy. Low sodium soy, fried rice w/egg white only, and chicken and broccoli. No oil. We'll see if CP even notices.

I had to call off my second job Friday, cus I was stuck at job 1 until 5. I had too many things to finish before I left it was one hell of a freaking day!

Speaking of adorable nature, and love....here is my lovebuns Chelsea and Boo's being cuddlebuns! They sleep nose-to-nose a lot in their wooley cat beds!

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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The Happy And The Sad.....

So it doesn't suck so bad today. I talked to my sister about whats bugging me, which was nice to get off my chest. I don't need to carry any more weight there than I do already thankyouverymuch! I'm already becoming a hunch back!

And, I discovered yahoo radio. I took my radio to job 2 so I can listen to cassettes, there is more cassette books available. I just read 'Tell Me Lies' by Jennifer Cruise. Awesome book. Go read it now! Theres adultry, hot sex, embezelment, murder.....what more do you need?

Yahoo radio. Yes, I've listened to online radio before. Yahoo, lets you create your OWN station! MINE? How can you be in a bad mood, when you hear Edwin playing? Yes, I said Edwin, "I Want It All". This is big business to me, they never play this on the real radio. And it was one that CP said was perfect for me. *smile* (lyrics below cus you know you love Edwin too!)

BTW you may view Madonna's performance w/the Gorillaz here. I dunno how long it'll be up there. But I heard people say when you are almost 50 you shouldn't wear a leotard.
I say, when you look like that no matter how old you are, by all means, wear one! The people who sit their fat asses on the radio and judge others, shouldn't wear a leotard. She still has it! Hard to believe she has 2 kids. And yes, she is singing. Imagine that, people still sing during live performances! Oh Madonna, will you marry me?

She's got an inner child
A little tame and a whole lot of wild.
But as crazy as it is, it is who she is.
And she smiles and she frowns.
She's sunshine and she's clouds.
Emotional to say the least, but that's ok with me.
'Cuz when I fell, I fell hard for every part.
From the beauty in her eyes to the love that's in her heart.
The good, the bad, the happy and the sad.
Her perfections, her every little flaw.
I want it all.
Sometimes the lighting lies
And she found some new laugh lines.
But whenever she asks me, it's only beauty that I see.
And when she falls asleep
I know she'll dream a little dream of me.
And in the morning she will see
that it's easy to believe
The good, the bad, the happy and the sad.

It's Finally Over....

The week went fast! I hope to get my car fixed this wknd. CP did the carpets yesterday. It's nice! Lately I havn't been feelin' the love. It really sucks when that BS starts to happen. I'm so exhausted. I went to bed alone, and woke up alone. I vaguely remember CP asking for some blankets some time in the night or morning, but it could have been my imagination. Was he really there? Who knows.

I dreamt about TWDSO. We were friends, joking around with CP. I said it was a dream, as if it would ever happen. Anyone want a great deal on an ebay item?

They are bringing my team back at job 2! I asked to be on it! I'll get to make bank my last few months there! I'm hoping at least, it's my last few months there. We'll see! Don't count your chickens before they hatch and all that great stuffl.

So I get our electric bill. $256. Mind you, I have no gas, so that includes heat, and while I appreciate that I dont have a $400 heat bill, I'm still pissed off. It's been 120, and now its $256? CP was off for over a month, jacking up the heat, thinking it was no big deal, now its 256! They can fuck right off cus we are living in the dark ages as it is!

I have been way intolerant of the cold lately. Maybe that is because every other week, its 60 degrees, then it snows? I'm not sure but that just might be it.

Today sorta sucks so far, so that's all I got.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knockin' On Heavens Door...Or Would It Be Hell?....

Most certainly, when you almost die, first you want to be sure you will be going to heaven. If there is a heaven. Second, you want to be sure you have on clean underwear. Being that I'm on my period, I had two strikes against me.

My brush with death came tonight. On my way home from my fucking second job, how appropriate. It snowed maybe 3 inches. We drove thru the mountains in WV in some treacherous weather, and had no near death experiences. I guess driving your car when your wheel bearings are bad, and your ABS goes out at will, and your traction system is disabled, you have bad rotors, and need a new caliper, isn't such a swell idea!

I went home main roads just to be safe. I don't tailgate. I was going 30 in a 45, the roads weren't bad, I have no idea what happened. I lost control of my car right in front of the fucking Green police department. The place that charges the most fucking taxes around, and they can't salt the God damn roads? It snows twice this winter, and we can't put salt out? Normally they try to tell us that they ran out of salt. Um, hello? What the fuck is up?

I've been lucky in my driving career in that I havn't had any serious accidents. I caused one, unscathed (kat was with me) and I was rear ended. I think I had a sign from God tonight, because honestly, I was thinking today about if there was one. I do that a lot. Cus, I'm confused about what I believe. Then, this happens.

I dunno how many times I fishtailed, but every time, I'd turn into it, because that was all that was in my head, my back end would come up the other way and it was back and forth several times before finally, I went off the road, which was my ultimate goal. Right in front of the police department. A few more feet and I'd have been going down a hill, and in serious trouble. I'm lucky that I was driving slow and the line of traffic behind me was smart enough to back off. I'm lucky no traffic came in the other lane because I was over there a couple of times. I remember I closed my eyes once, and thought I'm hit because I knew people were behind me.

Scared. The. Living. Shit. Out of me. It's over an hour later, and I'm still shaking, and scared. I had to stop at Giant Eagle to cry. I was afraid to go home.

Of course, first thing I said to the furkids was they are lucky Mommy didn't die tonight because no one would ever love them like I do. I'm such a kick ass mom! And, lucky for them I went to the feed store on lunch so they all had their yummies!

Mommy would have died starving. Having only had time for a bag of combos today, I would have haunted earth forever in search of one last Suzy Q. Or Reese Cup. Or, potato (made any way I'm not particular). Or, glass of wine.

I'm drinking wine. Boxed wine from Kat on my bday. I havn't killed that fucker yet. It's still trucking! I think, every fridge should have a box of wine, always. It's fresh til the last drop. Guaraneed. For real! In my brush with death, I have seen the light. I will always have wine. Yessir! And, God likes wine, cus they serve it in church. How can it be bad? I Needless to say I'm drinking. Did I mention the wine is good? Tomorrow is gonna suck! But, I'm glad I have a tomorrow!

I need to have a will for the kids sake. If I do die, they can't be separated. I'll be one of those kooks that leaves everything to them. And, my family will hate me because I didnt give them anything, it's all for the pets!! My sister is my beneficiary, so she'd have to be nice to her neices and nephews to get all that bank I got coming. (I'm a dreamer)

Today's Question:

What's your brush with death story?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

An Intimate Look Into My Tivo....

I was working on my template during the outage last night. I havn't had time to do anything more, so deal with it.

I got off work last night! No work! Left Early! Suprised CP who was asleep when I got home and wasn't happy to see me with his grumpy ass, so I went for a walk to return my library books and get more. It was a longer walk in the bitter cold than I thought. But it felt great! When I got home, I cleaned, for 3 hours. I can't even enjoy time off work. If I sat down to watch TV I'd feel like I had to do something. That, and I had some massive crampage, which keeping moving seemed to help. I kept thinking, I have such and such hours til I have to go to bed, what else can I do? I did 2 loads of laundry and put them away, washed my shower curtain, dried it with a HAIR DRYER cus I wanted it to look nice, swept, dishes, dust, etc....

One of my coworkers is leaving us. I got misty when she told me. She started right after I did, and we've been here almost 6 years. She was the first in our department, she knew everything. It's depressing! People should respect the fact that I hate change, and not fuck shit up!

My friend Katie called me this wknd to see the difference between DVR and TiVo as she is looking to get a new system, and hadn't had TiVo before. I am a freaking dork, and had taken pictures of my stuff last month, so today, I share this with you!

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is TiVo. He is shiny, and silver. He has a cute TiVo guy on the front. TiVo goes well with other silver appliances, such as my DVD player as shown here, and my pretty TV. I love that cat under the TV.

Image hosting by Photobucket
TiVo will make your wishes come true. He aims to please. Simply make some shit up and enter it in, and TiVo keeps an eye out for shows that sound like what you want. As seen here, I have Orlando Bloom, and Edwin McCain to name a few. TiVo will find anything they are in for me. Whether interview, movie, or music. I also have one for each movie category in case I want to look for a good drama. TiVo will auto record anything you tell it to. You can also say, read about things in Entertainment Weekly, and create a wish list for it. Months before it will come on. As seen here, with Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy, which I never deleted.

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is your season pass manager. I have 30 shows recording weekly. Sure, DVR has one. But TiVo lets you set priorities to your recordings. In case someone else (not naming names) wants another show to record that is gay, (see, 'numbers' #25) on a day when you are recording something awesome, TiVo knows YOUR show is more important. You can also record 2 shows at once like DVR. Tivo also has a season premiere feature that will show you when all the season premiere shows begin.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The best feature of TiVo for me, is suggestions. When there isn't jack shit on to watch, TiVo will tell you what he thinks you should watch. He bases this on the shows you watch, have to record, or set in wish lists. As you see here, TiVo thinks I'll like Seinfeld, King of Queens, E! True Hollywood Story, and so on. TiVo is right, I like all of those shows! If you aren't a freaking TV junkie such as me, you can have TiVo just record anything it thinks you'll like, so, when you get home, it'll have found you all sorts of treats to view!!!

Another fun thing, is if you are watching live TV, which no one does much these days....and there is a movie preview on, TiVo will give a thumbs up, and say to press it for more info. If you press it, it takes you to another screeen and gives you inside information on that movie. And when it's done, it takes you back to live TV w/o missing a thing.

It also will do a similar thing during TV show previews, allowing you to record with a simple thumbs up, not having to set anything up on your own. New show...wanna record? Sure!

Today's Question:

What is your favorite TV feature?


Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm Just About To Resume Life As I Knew It......

Another week. Ugh. Know what the good news is? THIS IS OFFICIALLY WEEK ONE OF THE LAST 2 MONTHS OF MY SECOND JOB!!!!!! I will once again resume having a life! And, it'll be 2 months before I see Edwin, so I got time to get into shape for him.

If I had any ounce of energy I'd do another dance. CP started back to work SATURDAY!!!!! So, I can finally start the countdown to quitting work! It'll just fly by! Uh huh, Uh huh!

Besides making my curtains this wknd (see next post below)I didn't do a whole lot. Sat. afternoon I met Kat and we went to a new restaurant called Bravo. It isn't open yet it was a test run so the food was 50% off. My food alone was 9 bucks, but it wouldve been 21! It was fancy schmancy, but not too fancy for jeans! I had the most delicious chicken, with tuscan mashed potatos and real steamed green beans, and we shared the best cheesecake ever. It had a carmelized crust on the outside, OMG. YUM! I rarely go out and when I do I'm usually taken out. So Kat had a good laugh on me when I didn't know which check to take with me after signing for my meal. She said 'Merchant copy, Customer copy' and so, I signed the customer copy and kept the merchant. What? like it matters?

Tayray's ex is in town. One of our friends got an attitude with her and I because we didn't want to go out with him. Ummm, what's the problem here? I don't hang out with my friend's exes. period. I'm sure this friend would've hated us if we went out w/her ex! And to get mad at Tayray? Why the hell does she want to see him? Amazing how some people can make everything about them.

I got to work today and half the parking lot is empty. We got like 2 inches of snow, not the 14 inches predicted. I think everyone is hung over, from drinking themselves into oblivion. You know, a sin has been committed against our state. Pittsburgh won the superbowl. I could give a shit less, but I find it humorous, that people around here act like we're in high school. Instead of a rival school, it's an entire state. People honestly wish those players harm, and their families harm. It's a game people. One which, you have no control over! It makes me hate the teams of this state more than I do. Poor sportsmanship! I only know this, cus they cut into all my shows yesterday and I had to record everything til midnight to catch Grey's Anatomy. Cus, with football see, if they actually played the game, would only last an hour or so. With all the BS it's 4 hours = FUCKING HATE!

I'm happy to report, that in 2 months, I'll have had an ENTIRE YEAR with no sports! It'll be the happiest year of my life!

My show rocked! (greys anatomy) It was a cliffhanger. I fucking hate those. I did get to see the cool previews for Lost too. If I was stupid, and didn't watch Lost, I would watch it now from the preview. Do people really know what they are missing? I think not!!!!

I had to let out Taray's pupper, Rocky Road last night and this morning. I didn't say he'd GO out! He was such a brat! All his hair stuck up on his back and he growled at me viciously, I didn't get scared I told him he was a good pretty boy, lets go potty outside and get treats! He went upstairs and sat his big butt on the couch. I gave him a bunch of treats and tried getting him to go outside, forever. He wasn't having any part of it. He has never NOT gone potty for me! He must've really missed his momma!

I got my first bridal magazine!!!! But the cover was entirely diamond rings. What would you do? My best friend was on the cover of the damn thing!! That's good marketing! Got some cuuuuuuuute ideas! The good thing about having a small, small wedding, is I'll get to do a lot more with decorating!! LOVES IT!

I also found some ideas for a wrap for a wedding band. I might have to have it made. It's harder than I anticipated to find something I like for an emerald cut. I wanted 3 of the same stone, now, I want Baguettes on either side to resemble emerald cut, but have a different look. CP said, when I showed him a couple, "AS LONG AS I DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT" I said, you could just not marry me you know, cus that will be FREE! Men are so insensitive!!!!!! ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Question:

What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a friend?

The one that sticks out in my mind is smashing an egg in the back of her car while egging another friend. Or maybe it was the friend we egged was the worst thing? She wasn't really a friend so that doesn't count.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Next Martha Stewart...

So I did my first real project, in that I made something functional. I made new curtains for my bedroom. JoAnn had a half off sale, so I got the material for $27!! What a bargain! They are far from perfect, I didn't put a topper on top or whatever, but it's my first try. I know better for next time. I used fusable webbing, from Kat, so I didn't sew a thing! They took me 5 hours to make.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The cat's always lend their help on any project. Fozzie and Fizzgig.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The Iron became my best friend. I took up shop in the laundry room where there is less cat hair!

Image hosting by Photobucket
The quilt my Momma made me that inspired my room colors. Isn't it purdy?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Viola! Done! I hung my fung shuei bells on my curtain rod.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The hooks came out the wall and its bowing, their heavy.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The finished product! I need a new curtain rod now, they are way heavier than the shears I had up, and it looks kinda dumb bowing in the middle. (that's lil Billy)

Image hosting by Photobucket
The bed, minus headboard. My new down comforter that I LOVE! (yea, and the dog)

Image hosting by Photobucket
I call this E.T. Is that Hello Kitty or a dog?

All in all a success. I had fun doing the curtains, I'll definately be making more. Then I'll move on to recovering some chairs the cats destroyed. They aren't noticeably crooked, which is a bonus!

Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm Letting Me Off The Hook...

Ring...Ring. Hello, me? Yes? You're off the hook. No shit? Thanks!

So, I'm letting myself off the hook. I'm realizing that everyone has limitations. I have always been a bit of a 'workaholic'. I think the truth is, I've always been overly responsible with work. It's not a bad thing. It's not terrific either, on the personal life.

I think that the time that CP is off work is nearing an end. Few more weeks. It's good, in that when I wake up in the morning, I won't think instantly how I loathe the fact that he is peacefully sleeping in a nice warm bed, with a warm doggie, while I'm pissed off that I even have to get up, and work two jobs. I won't have to resist the urge to kick him awake and act like I don't know what happened.

He's been helping around the house. When I leave a list. He is no ME, but then if there were TWO of ME the world wouldn't know what the fuck to do! His idea and my idea of clean are different, but I do appreciate that he is helping, and like a good fiance, I let him know this.

Guilt. I can't in good conscience, sit while someone is working. At home, or on the job. I feel like I should be up helping work too. Maybe it's the 'spank's' fault, for making us keep up a fair workload percentage? Or, maybe it was my days at Taco Bell, where they pounded the phrase 'TIME TO LEAN TIME TO CLEAN' into my brain.

I get down on myself for everything. I've stopped getting mad that I don't work out as much as I'd like to. At least I'm doing SOMETHING. If I were working 1 job and I came home and laid around, I think I could get mad at myself. But honestly, I don't have the time. I don't. And, I'm done trying to pretend that I do.

If everything is pretty on the outside, no one will suspect that I'm not perfect! But I've always been un-perfect. I'm the same me I have always been, with some new added options. So who am I really trying to impress here? Me?

God, getting old really has given me some insight!

My car problems! It's a bad wheel bearing we got. Have to return the part, and replace both bearings with better parts, and I need new rotors. It'll cost $170 for CP to do it since I already bought one wheel bearing. My control arm, bushings, and CV joints are all smooth sailing.

I got a pension plan at job 2. I can't access it for 5 years, so I really don't care much about it. I didn't worry about where to put the money, so I invested all the money in Exxon. I'd love to see how much that fucking pension turned into in a few years!!!

Job one is changing a lot, we're moving into the 21st century, and it's pretty cool! I'm going to a pre-opening of a restaurant w/Kat tomorrow. It should be fun! That hooch is going to Italy. I told her she has to ride a gondala like Madonna in Like A Virgin. If she gets discovered, I get half the profits!

Today's Question:

What would you most like to change in your house?

Well besides I'd love a house that stayed clean all the time, I'd like to have second bathroom downstairs!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

You Must Be My Lucky Star!...

What does Thursday mean to me? by: Me
Thursday means, I am dead tired from working all week, and people tend to tell me I look like crap which is always something you want to hear. Thursdays suck the most.

I got home last night, CP had the heat upstairs at 60. That was ok, 60 is the limit. But, it was so....HOT in there. So I checked the downstairs living room.......65. THATS SIXTY FIVE! SIX, then a FIVE!!!!!!!!!! I was so pissed! He figured out that it does stay warmer with the downstairs heat on and the upstairs down, but he had them BOTH up! Then, he had the heat in the bathroom on 50! FIFTY! IN THE BATHROOM! I NEVER have the heat on in there!!! He said again he didn't have the heat in the bathroom on. Cus, someone keeps breaking in and turning it up. I wish they'd quit!

I heard a rumor. MADONNA is going to be touring. Now, she came year before last, round the East Coast. Tickets? Oh, a mere 230 bucks a peice. Guess how hard it is to try and find someone to shell out that sort of money to see a concert! No one would go with me! She came to Pittsburgh, and New York, both acceptable distances for me to travel on a mini-vacation.

Will I miss Madonna again? No, I wont.

I'm a 30 year old independant woman. I am capeable of doing lots of things on my own, and I think that this time around, come hell or high water I'm going to see my childhood idol. I dunno if I will be alive next year! I dunno if she'll be alive next year. I can travel alone. And, I'm sure I'd run into fellow FANS at the concert. I really don't care. I'm going. It is my new goal. How the hell do I expect to be buddies with her, if we have yet to meet?

I can use the power of the internet as help. I am going to join some fan groups, and start networking. I might meet someone to go with in another city. I might find a free place to stay. Madonna fans rock! I also, might get abducted, and hacked into a billion peices, but if God loves me, this will be AFTER I get to see the concert. It's just wrong to die before fulfilling a dream.

My car.

CP is taking it today to get an estimate, and full details of the crap thats wrong with it. I think Celina's hubby said CV joints..the mechanic seems to think so too so he quoted $225 to fix that. But he said there is a few more things it could be on my car that are common. That's for the new problem, the clicking, that started after replacing the wheel bearing.

They are also going to try and pin point the original problem, that we thought was the wheel bearing. The guy said it could be as simple as the tires. It sounds like amplified road noise. No grinding. Not that the tires is any better of a problem to have, seeing how new tires cost more than most parts!!

Driving home last night, I braked like I usually do a nice easy step on the brake, and my ABS came on like as if the road were slick, then all the stupid lights came on. Scared the shit out of me that's for sure, but it still stopped, I just didn't expect that going 35mph!

So I had to make a list of what my car is doing. When the stupid lights come on, which is, whenever they feel like it, and noises it makes. I said do I have to write the noises down? Can you do mmmmmmmmm, tk tk tk tk tk, vmmmmmmmm properly?

My car is a 2001. It only has 56 thousand miles on it, I got screwed. Although, I had it for 3 years, and this is the first time ANYTHING has gone wrong with it at all. I spose I'm lucky. But I like to complain!

I had a fantastic night. CP got a lot done at home! It always puts a smile on my face to see he worked! And...he put a pretty big smile on my face in other ways but we won't get into that!

I gave him a quick kiss and took Billy Butt (my dog, Little Hill) for a walk. I decided, I miss walking! I use to walk w/Tayray every night after work. Only for 1/2 hour, but it's better than nothing! So, we'll head out again tonight. Billy got sick, so CP made her beef and rice, and she scarfed it down. I think she was starved. I locked her out of the cat food, so she'd rather starve than dare eat her own food. KIDS!

Lost being a re-run fucking sucked! We got caught up on American Idol, and the biggest loser though.

Today's Question:

Where is the dirtiest place you've ever been?

In terms of poverty-like dirty, Cancun, Mexico. Sure, the resort area is beautiful, but go a distance, and see people living in boxes, with carpets for roofs. We had to go 'downtown' to a Western Union cus we ran out of money, and it was a pretty scarey sight.