"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nightmare on My Street....

Well, Katrina is coming. It's gloomy, and miserable outside. On top of about 90% humidity. Couldn't fix my hair today. So I could've slept an extra 15 min and ended up in a pony tail, what's the difference?

Last night I was a good girl. I went home, and got on the treadmill. I also normally do intervals of walking/jogging. Which seemed to kill me. So, I jogged for 1 mile straight, which was a first for me. I did a 15 minute mile. I remember Oprah set that as a goal for herself, and she has a trainer, okkkkkk? I rule!
Normally I poop out. Yay me! Then I walked for the other mile. I took about 2 weeks off, thats enough horsing around, I'm back in the saddle!

The nightmare....

So, I'm laying in bed last night with WG. After not getting any, which is the next topic. Cuddling up. Content. And right as I'm drifting off to sleep, he strangled me. To me, he strangled me! I don't really think he did, but I was half asleep and I think I jumped a mile off the bed, and shook him awake. He had his arms around my neck! He wasn't trying to strangle me w/his hands at least. He said he had a twitch which he does do often. I dunno, it scared the shit out of me, and I really wanted to not lay next to him after that, for real! I really was afraid. Sleep is some crazy shit!

Let us think back to a time when TWDSO woke me up, holding my nose shut. I am determined that he tried to kill me. He probably tried to get me to stop snoring, but I woke up when he was doing it, and he denied it and denied it. I know what I felt, and saw in my face when I woke up! He denied that too, like I don't know what happened. Of course, I thought he was posessed.

Fun Fact: My mom and sister are my beneficiary's. If anyone should kill me it will be one of them. No one else gets my money! And, it is only 50 grand. Good luck furthering yourself with 50 grand after my funeral, and pet care. I only have about 15 thousand in debt.
This, does not mean anyone should kill me! I'm not worth the risk!

WTF do men want to kill me for?

I think it is because I like sex. WG told me today that he is oversexed from his birthday wknd, so he needed the night off to recoup. Of course, first thing I think of is that he doesn't want me. And it festered and brewed in my brain, in true woman fashion! So, I look up the word. And the definition does not fit the usage.

Main Entry: over·sexed
Pronunciation: "O-v&r-'sekst
Function: adjective
: exhibiting an excessive sexual drive or interest

I think perhaps he meant to say, that I am oversexed. Which, I wouldn't exactly argue with. I think that is called, human nature. But, I have also never heard of a man saying that. So I think today I am utterly depressed in the rain because WG is tired of me. I think, perhaps, most men tire of me.

When last wknd I was spending Friday alone, I told my friend Beth that means I am not getting any. She said you will live for a night without it. Well, yea, but why do you want to? Is it me? Am I really oversexed? And if so, why is this a problem again????

sing with me:

I don't see nothin wrong..
with a little bump and grind..

Of course, he adamently denies this, but he said it. He did his best to take back any bad meaning in it, but whats done is done. I am probably over reacting. I do that.

WG: I'm oversexed from my bday wknd
ME: We just had sex every day!
WG: Yea....
ME: I won't bother you for the sex anymore.
WG: I want you to
ME: You are tired of me and it's only been two months.
WG: I'm not use to it, but I love it. Do you believe I love you?
ME: Yes
WG: Would someone who loves you be tired of you?
ME: No

Whatever! I am not use to it either! I am use to finding ways to go to bed before someone, or pretend to be sleeping, anything to avoid being touched! Bleh! I am not use to thinking about it 24-7. Normally about now, I'd stop having feelings because I can't handle them. This is a good excuse in my mind.

WG told me he hadn't gotten it for a period of time, which, neither had I. We were about exact on the time we went w/o it!! I dunno. I know there are people in the world who have no homes, and I am complaining about this, but that's my life. What's wrong with wanting sex?

I am a woman. You don't tell us you we are fat. You don't tell us we don't cook good. You don't tell us you don't like our mothers. You don't tell us we are undesireable. You don't tell us we have bad taste. You don't tell us you don't want to have the poo tang. Ever.

Cus, we are women, we dwell on things. We devote our blogs to the fact that you don't want to have sex with us even though you clearly said that you do, we will still remember that you didn't. I never pretened that I don't dwell on things. I am entitled to get fired up now and then!

I also, in no way mean that all WG is good for is the sex! Cus, I love him but if you are a woman, you know what I'm sayin!!!! It is in our secret code books, page 53!

And it brings me to a revealing fact. If you are in fact with a woman, who does NOT enjoy the sex, you are not doing it right. Ask any woman, who you are not dating, and they will be honest about it. Who the hell doesn't like an orgasm? Anyone?? Thought so!

Maybe I just have PMS? But I don't think so!

I'm off to have my review, and be even more down in the dumps cus I have had a rough start to a year, but I'm not going there today!

Today's Question:

What is the longest period of time you could spend on a desert island with your significant other, before you need the company of others?

Well, yesterday I might have said forever. But now I ammend this, and say, as long as he is giving up the sex, I could be with him forever and need no one else. Otherwise, we'd have to get some other people on there, for an orgy. Which, he wouldn't be allowed to be involved in, cus I wasn't enough for him then neither is a group of people!



Tayray said...

All females love to have sex, its in our nature! Its just one of those things we gotta have.
And you dont tell us that when we are trying to help you out with dinner that we did it all wrong!!!
I could spend forever on a island with Ahnolde, and probally never need company. Could I have my doggie too??

Ahnolde said...

OK now, let me set some things straight from the male point of view.
1) We love sex too!! It's just that as we get older (no comments TayRay!!) we need sleep too!! Before 25, it's all sex all the time, after 25, it's mostly sex, some sleep, around 30, it's yea sex is good, on the weekends!! I have to get up for work you know!!
2) I love the fact that you help with dinner, but I'm trying to watch what I eat. I'm almost 30 you know!!
I could spend forever on an island with Tayray and no one else. I would just have a few imaginary friends to talk to also!!

Mon said...

thanks for the male perspective ahnolde. But, it hardly seems fair that men and women's sex drives are mismatched in ages. Either God wants us to be w/18 yr olds, or be lesbians......? which do you think? lol (like i dont know the answer to THAT!

Ahnolde said...

I know that when I was in military school, it was that they should be 34 with 17 year olds, but now I think it's lesbians.

Anonymous said...

ouch....this whole blog made me seem bad today. First of all, I do get RMM's (random muscle movements) early in my sleep patternes. Usually there little twitches but sometimes they can be full jerks. Which is probably what I did with my arm since Im always snuggling Mon when I go to sleep. Second of all, I love sex. I really do. But as arnhold said, I am getting older and my drive is not what it used to be. I hope Mon forgives me because I dont always choose my words wisely. If I could keep up with her we would probably never leave the bedroom. Id even have a porta potty and food delivered. And lastly, Im not ever remotely disinterested in her. I dont ever see that happening. I love her with all my heart and Im always excited to see her. I signed in anomys because I forgot my dang password, but this is WG.

Ahnolde said...
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Ahnolde said...

I know what you mean WG, Tayray is the same way!! It's fine on the weekends, but too much on work nights!! haha

Mon said...

WG: it is my duty as a woman, and your GF to harass you! I think everyone knows your not hateful! I know it! It was great material I had to use it! lol! smoochies!

AHNOLDE:!!!! YOU FOUND YOUR PHOTOGRAPH! ahhh im dying im dying!