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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Things I miss about my old car....

I wish right here I could simply type "nothing" but I'd be lying, and I'm not a lying girl. I do however, only miss two things.

1) easy-to-use cruise control. I took a 2 hour solo trip to WV last night, and only got it to work twice. By accident. I mean, since when did using the cruise control require so much effort? On my old car, you pushed two buttons to set it. Don't ask me how to do it on this one. Obviously I need to read the book.

2) The headlights. I never once in three years had to touch my lights. They came on by themselves, they went off by themselves. I didn't have to think about it. I think in the past two days I've left my lights on a total of 20 times.

Other than that things are awesome with the car. I got lost as fuck in West by god Virginia when I got off the expressway. Stopped at an Exxon and all the rumors you hear about people there are totally true. Judging from the creepy pervs giving me the eye at the pumps, to the toothless man behind the counter, in his jumpsuit and name badge sewn on "Earl". I only wish I was kidding. I really expected one to jump me from the hills, like in that movie "Wrong Turn". (I totally get to be Eliza Dushku tho cus shes hot!)

For a city with a casino, they sure don't want you to find it. I spent over a half hour driving around trying to find the damn place. I found my way to "The Wheeling Inn" and told my mom to come find me. I was done driving around. I mean, even on the city website, it's the very last attraction. You would think they would want to advertise it. But then again, like the movie maybe the cannabalistic mountain men eat too many tourists so they don't like to advertise.

Missed a call from someone due to the freaking mountains. But other than that I didn't mind the trip alone.

P.S. Did you see the pics of my car below? Sweet!


Ken Albin said...

Your new ride looks great! Congratulations on the purchase.

Janet said...

I have a confession to make. I've never, ever used my cruise control.

Love the new car though. I'm jealous of your new car smell!

Mon said...

Thank youuu! I just love it!

Never used cruise control? It lets you free up your mind for other things like, smoking, or talking on the phone while driving. Or jamming to music. I hate trying to do the speed limit.

Rachel said...

West Virginia. That's funny. I had the misfortune of living in southwest Virginia for 2 years. I couldn't believe it when all the rumors and stereotypes were true! And they would make fun of West Virginia--the real rednecks!

THW said...

You have to admit though, as backward as WV's citizens are, it sure is a beautiful part of the country.