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Friday, August 26, 2005

Office Pranks!.....

In the spirit of Friday, I pulled a classic office prank, on my good friend Tayray!
I got said idea, from Kat who successfully pulled the prank off this week herself.

Firstly, Tayrays computer was locked, but it wasnt hard to unlock it, guessing her passwords. I would never use my power for evil Tayray!

I opened her outlook mailbox
printed the screen
pasted it into paintbrush
saved it to her computer
opened the file
set it as her desktop background
then, hid the icons on her desktop.

Now, it looks like Tayray's email is open. But when she tries to get into her email, nothing will work. Beth sits with her so she will keep me posted. I am dying laughing just thinking of it. Tayray will probably get mad and shut it down, but itll still be up there!

Unfortunatly, 3 hours have passed and Tayray did not notice I had done this. I had to go to her computer and say:

"Isn't something wrong with your computer?"

She said No.

When she came out on break she told me I had broken her computer because she couldn't shut it down. LOL! Beth said she got really mad and slammed stuff around.

Uh Oh!

She kept saying:

"My start button wouldn't work"

I said:

"It is just a picture of your start button"

But all is well now, it didn't go off as planned, but let us all learn from this. Maybe shut down all their programs so they have to see only their email?


Ahnolde said...

OK, Now that is funny!!! I'm so gonna do that at work!!! hahahahahaah SORRY TAYRAY!!! hahahahaha

Mon said...

It was classic!!! It's a good office prank! I encourage everyone to try it!

Tayray said...

I would just like to say that my computer really did freeze. See I have the old one that Bubba dropped on the floor that was shipped away to be fixed and every so often it freezes! I was trying to key an order and it froze, so I unplugged it and it was still froze, unplugged it again and went on break, then it was not frozen anymore when i got back and Monica help me fix it.

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