"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Bass Felt Gooooood.....

50 Cent was a real experience. My first "Rap" concert! I don't remember everyone who was there, Ciara, Lil John, Young Buck, Mobb Deep, Ludacris, (who didn't seem to be having a lot of fun) 50 Cent....G Unit.. Suprisingly, the only booty shaking on stage was when Ciara was singing. I expected a bunch of big booty hoes shakin' their asses but it was a nice suprise! I went with Tayray, and Bubba.

Bubba said it felt like we were at the MTV awards....It did kinda feel that way! Only I've never been to the MTV awards. First thing I noticed, was, the bass felt pretty damn good. We had seats. Use your imagination. I asked Bubba if she thought so and she shook her head at me. Well, whatever, I thought so!!!

You can tell that we are in the millenium, because when you looked at the crowd, mostly you saw lit up cell phones. Then, when they asked for lighters, they said lighters OR cell phones. It was really funny to see the place lit up with cell phones!! Young Buck and his crew, smoked the ganga on stage. It was a lot like being in the club. Everyone was dancing, having a good time.

Someone asked where all the white folks were at. LOL there was a lot of us there! They also threw a ton of water on everyone, and each other. I'm actually glad that We weren't on the floor. Our seats were good.

Lil' John was the best, he had a really cool mechanical lil john on the stage! And he did a lot of good cuts! When 50 came out, we were so psyched! But, sadly, 50 didn't really do much of anything. He sang all the good cuts, for about 30 seconds. Only a sampling. Then, he would quit, and introduce someone you have never heard of, and they'd sing their whole song. Then, 50 would sing another 30 seconds of another good song! How disappointing!!!! He did a lot of G Units, and so did the crowd. But no clothes off, face down, ass up.....no, I'm off the chain! He just didn't sing the good parts of any songs! He did however, take off his clothes. That man has a body that doesn't quit!!! He threw all his stuff in the audience! Then he took his pants down, but not his boxers, and we were ALL screaming! Got us excited for nothing! I wanted to see the magic stick! The love dr.! All a girl really needs is a lil bit! Comeon!!

We saw a LOT of hoochies up in there! The things people wore could've made its own freaking TV series! I don't know why people wear some of the stuff they wear, when they have no business doing so!!

I said that I felt conspicuous smoking in the arena, later, Tayray asked what conspicuous meant. Gotta love her!

When we got home we stopped at the Circle K (formerly the Dairy Mart for anyone who remembers our drunken walks in the middle of the night to the Dairy Mart) It was about 1am.
There was some boys in the store. I bought myself a Napoleon Dynamite sticker that said girls only like boyfriends with skills. One of the boys asked how old I was. Keep in mind me and Tayray live in a little town, I think the Circle K is the happening place to be!

Boy: "How old are you?"
ME: "Older than You"
(boy looked like a boy!)
Boy's Friend: "Man, you don't ask a girl how old she is"
ME: "That's right, you don't"
Boy's Friend: "I learned that the hard way"
Boy: "What, are you like 22?" (see why I fear getting old?)
ME: "Girls only want boyfriend's who have good skills(holding up my
Napoleon sticker) I'm 29!"

I paid for my purchase, and we went outside to the car. The boys were out there at that point, and we got in the car. Bubba asked the Boy if he wanted a donut. He came and got one.

Boy: "Do you guys live around here?"
Bubba: "I live in {another town}"
Boy: "I work in {same other town}"
Bubba: "Oh yea, what do you do?"
Boy: "I work for my dads landscaping company"
Boy: "Where do you guys live?"
ME: (referring to myself and Tayray) "We live here
we just got back from the 50 cent concert" (probably thinking this makes me sound hip)
Boy: "Oh yea? how was it?"
Tayray: "It was off the chain"
Boy's Friend: "Fuck 50 Cent"
Boy: "Well your only 7 years older than me"
ME: "only?"
we start to drive home cus we are old folks who need our rest!
Boys Friend: (to boy) "7 years? How old are you, 17????"

Busted! LOL! A 17 yr old was spitting his game at us grown women!!!!! It made me feel dirty!
If you think about it, when you are that young, you don't know much of anything. Especially where sex is concerned. And when you are older, you want someone who knows wtf they are doing!! I am not inferring that I had any interest in the younlings. They were jailbait! lol! It was just fun! I guess it is nice to be thought of as being so young. Just makes me miss my youth. HO HUM!

All in all it was a fun night. My next concert will probably be Edwin McCain cus he comes again usually in the winter. Much different crowd there!

I learned how to make movies on my camera. I still cant upload anything cus I have no computer. I stayed up til about 3a.m. (its 3am, I'm awake and my heart is stilld dreaming.....)
I missed WG a lot. I thought about him a lot when I was at the concert, and I thought, why am I sitting here, thinking about him when I am at fiddy cent? Then, I decided, why does it matter why? It has to be a good thing, that I think about him and miss him. I couldnt' stand being around TWDSO and hated going home to him. I just wanted time to my damn self! So, this is an improvement!

It wasn't just me, cus Bubba made a 1/2 trek to see her man when we got home! They got mind control over us...lol. (that, is from Friday)

Today's Question:

Where would you most hate to be peirced?

Ummmm, anywhere below the neck!!!

What is the poorest you've ever been?

Well, it was when I moved out of "Z's" house and out on my own. It wasn't planned but It had to be done, because we would've killed each other one day. I was into 2 cash advances for more than my total paycheck. So I had to get $ from one to pay the other, and then get another for money for bills. I ate ramon noodles for about a year. I vowed I would never be that poor again, and I have yet to let it happen!


Tayray said...

I was disappointed with Fiddy cent too. For the money we paid, he should of done the whole song!!!
You also forgot about the turtles, cutting in line for the pisser!!!
And as for piercing's, If I had enough to drink I would get pierced anywhere!!!

Mon said...

For the money we paid, we should've seen the magic stick!! He is just a tease!

Justin said...

Interesting story, I like how you told it thru dialog, lol! I'll have to bookmark you, see if you have some other crazy stories!


Ahnolde said...

I was disappointed that you guys were home so early!! haha I was trying to get my sleep on, and the dog woke me up barking because mommy was home!!
As for piercings, I think I have proven I would get pierced anywhere!! No fear!!

Mon said...

Justin-stop back, its always happenin. My fave story w/dialog is in the June Archive 'My run in with the fine men in blue of canal fulton' I got pulled over and took the DUI test.

Ahnolde, if you WERE sleeping, I'd have just banged on the wall and woke you up! muh ah ah!
You and your peircing!

Anonymous said...

I will pass on to my man in music "Big Chev" that fiddy didn't show the magic stick and see if I can get that corrected for the next show.


Mon said...

Yea I heard it was pretty big! lol! He should be proud of it! Get on it!! I have been doing my fiddy dance today at work. I think I am taking my shit on the road!!