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Monday, August 08, 2005

Your Votes Needed!....

I will just die, if they bring Eric back on Big Brother 6. You can vote for Kaysar to come back on the show here. This will cause optimum drama, and make me happy. Even if you have no idea wtf I am talking about. Vote for Kaysar at this site! If Eric comes back, the wrong side of the house will win. Please help!!! I am hopelessly addicted to TV!

I had an excellent TV wknd. On Days of our Lives.....Sami is finally making a come back! I was screaming and yelling at Friday's show! Kate finally is going down! Sami and Lucas can find happiness together!!!! It was CLASSIC TV!!!!!!!

And for the real world. My wknd went too fast. I have had cramps for days now. I think I am slowly dying or something. Who knows.

Saturday I didn't feel very good but I still got up and we went to Headlands Beach. It took freaking forever to get there. I rode with Tayray and Ahnolde. Bubba and her man and Lawanda went too. We spent about an hour at Sheetz waiting for food.

I collected a ton of rocks. You know when you are at the ocean, you collect shells. At the lake, its rocks. Their smooth and pretty. Everyone made fun of me but by the end of the day, they were helping me find rocks too! Ahnolde gave me his poop bag to put em in! We got burned. I had a pretty good tan so I just got a little red. Tayray got friggin' fried!!! She kept saying she hoped her boobs got some sun....well they did!
Not that I have anything against gay people, but there sure was a lot of gay men at the beach. Just an observation. They were openly gay. A couple by us told us they were cus Bubba was rubbing Lawanda down with oil and she said you know you guys like it and they said 'we're gay' lol! They were funny.

When we got back I ran to get some fire wood, and torch fuel, and to try to rouse my brother. I left him a note. I went to get him around 10. We had a nice fire. It was the perfect night for one, it was cool, and the fire felt good! WG passed out around 2 he was the first casualty. Then Tayray and Ahnolde went home and it was me and my bro. I made us some tots and forced him to watch Napoleon Dynamite. He didn't like it either. What do they know?

Nothing too spectacular happened this wknd. We were all broke. Soon, Bubba will be working wknds and have no more fun with us. Fear not, we are still a fun crowd!

I have 2 stupid people stories:

Friday I took my friend Dusty to lunch for her Bday. We went to this place in town that serves hunky food. Got Peirogis and cabbage noodles. mmmmm! An old lady was in front of us, and a girl, with a 4 or 5 yr old behind us. The kid was being loud, as kids usually are. The old woman yelled and told the kid to shut up! The mom asked her if she was talking to her son.
She said "yes, he is being a distraction"
mom said "You couldve asked nicely"
old lady said "you could keep him quiet"
it was classic! I told her, don't let me be like that when I am old, cus I don't like kids. They sat down right by the old woman, and she got up and moved! LOL!

I saw a van driving with a bumper sticker that had a person on their cell phone, and it read:
"Drive now, Talk later"
that stupid woman, was on her cell phone driving!!!!!!

Mom called to rub it in my face that she got her camera. We both got them. I dunno when I'll get mine, but she was playing with hers. I can't wait! She said they take short videos! I am all over that!

Until something exciting happens...

Today's Question(s):

What is the cruelest thing a person has ever said to you?

"I am afraid I can't stop cheating on you"

What is the best thing you have ever won as a prize?

I don't win very much. But, last year, I won tix to see Edwin McCain from the radio station, by submitting an email. I had to say why Edwin should come have a private concert in my back yard. I didn't win the concert, but I won tickets. I was a screaming idiot at work, and everyone came to see what was going on. And, I sounded like a dork on the radio, but I don't care! I hate when people win on the radio and they're all "wow, I won, great." They don't deserve it!
And, for the record the dorks who won that backyard party, were lame. The pictures they put up online, showed them all drinking sprite, sitting in their lawn chairs. If Edwin came to MY house, it would've been a freaking PARTY!!!! And no one would be allowed to be sitting either!

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hot for jr. said...

Best thing ever won as a prize was my trip to Las Vegas. When I worked at a furniture store shortly after graduating high school, there was a contest for selling the insurance on the finance contracts. Every application that you got the customer to sign up for the insurance got you an entry into the drawing. I won!! This was in 1987 or 1988 so I wasn't even 21 - EVERYONE was ticked that an underage kid won the contest. OH WELL!! I took my boyfriend with me and we gambled and drank like a couple of pros! It was alot of fun. I'd love to go back someday.

My ex husband said alot of cruel things, but I think the worst was said about me, not to me. An ex-boyfriend in high school (my sophmore year)had made a comment about me not having a personality. That stung at the time and has stuck with me all these years later.