"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, August 15, 2005

Fiddy in the Hizzy!!....

Today is the day! 50 Cent! I cannot wait, this concert is going to be off the chain for sure!

Saturday, I spent way too much money shopping. I went with Bubba, Lawanda, Kat (who i renamed this wknd but since I have no memory I don't remember) We went to have lunch at TGI Friday's. I ordered the Kay-suh-dilla's. Bryan, our waiter, tried to correct me and tell me their Quesidillas. I said no, Napoleaon's Gma calls them Kay-suh-dilla's. LOL! Like I was that big a friggin retard I don't know how to say it? But they were good! They changed Friday's! It has a whole new look, and it's weird. They have new uniforms, and new food. Lawanda asked Bryan where his Flair was. I don't think he understood what she meant. He said something about a competition? MMMMM K!

We all got Ultimate sized June Bugs, which, are the best drink ever. We fueled up for our shopping excursion. Bubba hugged herself and told herself she was worth it, buying lunch for herself. LOL! Our bills were over 20 bucks. It's nice to treat yourself! We went to the mall.
Freaking Victoria's Secret, no longer carries my bra size in the store!!! Catalog only. Now you tell ME, who wants to spend $50 bucks on a bra, you can't try on???? I am pretty mad about that! You would think, with the rise of silicone implants, and outrageously disgusting busted women, they would sell larger sizes!!!! Whate - EVER!

I got myself new bath stuff. I spent far too much money! But, I don't feel bad. I love me. I deserve it. It's nice to splurge once in a while, it makes having to work all the time a little better when you have nice things, and you smell good!
Kat got her make up done at the Nars counter. Where the stars shop. LOL! I couldn't believe the Bath and Body works at that mall, sells all that expensive stuff, its like Sephora!! The lady put this bronzing liquid on my hand, that now I have to have! Its $58 a bottle!!! I am waiting til next pay but I think its worth it, it looked reallllllllly good! I glowed! Kat and Bubba danced at Express. They played good music.

That night I went to meet WG and his brother and his wife and we went to Hilarities. The first comedian was pretty funny, the second one wasn't as funny, but still made us laugh. We had a good night! It was I guess our first official date? We hadn't really gone out besides to the bar a couple of times. It was nice! I am so in love, that it scares the shit out of me!!!! I don't remember the last time that I felt like my heart hurt being away from someone!!!! Love is a crazy thing! I also love 'feeling loved'. It has been so long since I 'felt' like someone loved me.

That night, we didnt stay together, WG was sleepy and I had stuff to do at 1am! I cleaned. I moved my treadmill downstairs. After i got it down the first step, and it got stuck, I remembered, when I moved in, they brought it up the back and through the kitchen, not up the stairs. So, I was stuck. I have a back door upstairs I couldve gotten in but it was locked. I was literally stuck downstairs, I couldnt get thru to go back upstairs. I yelled at my treadmill "fucker you better not kill me" cus it was like the leaning tower of pisa, stuck on the ceiling, and i was pulling it w/all my might, meanwhile, putting a huge hole in my ceiling, and walls! I kept picturing it letting loose, and konking me on the head and killing me. Sometimes I'm kinda morbid! lol! How nice for me! I also, broke my framed picture of Orlando Bloom in the hallway! Ohhhhh the outrage!!

Sunday the date with my bunny went really good! Boo's was a gentleman. He met Chelsea first, and she fell for Boo's right off the bat! She was kissing his ears and face. She thumped a few times, but nothing bad happened at all. They snuggled, and she groomed him. They had about 1/2 hr date. I decided not to even try another bunny. The first one was a keeper! Chelsea is just under 1, and she is a brown and white lop eared bunny, with blue eyes, and a big fat dewlap! She is adorable! She is a people bun for sure! She was dumped in a park. People can be so mean!
Chelsea spent the night in the living room with me and WG going back and forth for pets. She gives kisses, and loves to be petted. Shes really outgoing, and I think her and Boo's are going to make a great couple! I turned Boo's house into 2 cages for a while, so their living as neighbors.

Bubba and her man came over. We had dinner. She made meatloaf, and brought cheesecake too mmmm! I made smashed taters, and rolls, and banana bread, and fried zucchini. (well WG made that and the banana bread) We had a yummy dinner! WG doesn't like cheese in his mashed potatos. WTF? I am so sure, someone doesnt like cheese???? And we are in love??? Tayray and Ahnolde came to ring the door bell and leave, cus they think their slick!!!! Make me walk all the way downstairs! Jerks!
I had the bunny out in the living room. She was relaxed around everyone!

Today's Question:

What do you have the worst reputation for? And the best?

I have the worst reputation for, being on time. I am perpetually late.
I think I am best known for my dependability, and honesty equally.


Ahnolde said...

Oh Come on Moni, that was classic and funny. Plus, me and Tayray were drunk anyway, so what do you want!! haha Although yelling back and forth through the walls was the hiliarious part!!

Mon said...

Not as funny as when I heard you sneeze in the shitter ahnolde! LOL!