"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Animal Woes, and a New Medal!!

My Mr. Magoo, the wonder dog had oral surgery on Monday. When I adopted him, he didn't have a lot of teeth. Then, two years ago, he had 10 teeth pulled. This time? He had 6 pulled.

Now, he has 7 teeth left in his mouth. Three are up front, and he has no molars left.

Magoo says "I don't have many teeth, but this one is my favorite"

I took Monday off expecting to keep an eye on him after surgery, and be back to work without a hitch on Tuesday. When he had 10 teeth pulled, he was his old self the next day. 

But he never stopped bleeding. A little is normal, but little turned into a lot (don't look if you are squeamish)

This is only a portion of the bleeding. 

I was torn whether I should pay the $150 walk in emergency fee, plus services, or chance it til morning for a re-check at his regular vet. I had just shelled out $300 for surgery, not to mention all my cat expenses as of late. I didn't sleep, going back and forth about what to do.

Since it wasn't gushing blood, I waited it out. First thing in the morning he was back at the vet. They took one look in his mouth and said..."yea, that's a lot of bleeding"...and whisked him away to the back room. I heard him crying while they were investigating his mouth...it broke my heart, and made me cry

They had to keep him all day, while I went back to work, and I was thankful for the distraction. 

He lost the stitches in one of his molars. They had to put him back under anesthesia again and stitch it up. 

The happy news is, that he is now peacefully sleeping at my feet on his way back to his silly self. The bleeding has stopped, but now he has a cough. Turns out that being intubated two days in a row can cause that. 

I'm thankful that he is doing better. And I have no idea how human Moms can cope with this stuff, it's hard enough with the fur kids. Reason 867,965,321 not to have kids. 

In other news? 

I did the buckeye half marathon (as a relay so just over 6 miles) in the freezing cold (34 degrees), and my lungs still hurt.

We finished at just under an 11 minute mile, which is sweet

Mr. Magoo kept photo bombing my race swag. He wanted to be included!

The best part? My medal is shaped like Ohio..and what is cooler than that?

My happiest part of the weekend was, I had a piece of pizza at my Halloween party. And...it was everything that I remembered it could be. If I were God, pizza would be healthy. And we could eat it every day!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where Have You Been?....

I've been up to a whole lot of not much as of late.

I guess it doesn't occur to me that I haven't done much of anything, until I realize I haven't blogged. 

I did however, accomplish the unthinkable today. I managed to re-connect my wifi to my blu ray player after a hard reset all on my own. It took me an entire week. Lots of google-ing, and an unproductive call to samsung (I don't recommend going here for help....ever!) but mostly trial and error.  

It also took a lot of cussing at my TV and bad mouthing technology, but I am finally back up and running, all it took was simply pushing a button on my wifi router. Imagine that. 

Thank you, Auntie!!

Other than that, my sister sent a goodie box full of toys for the cats and the dog...plus some awesome muscle massage oil she made for her tattered sister, who has been kicking ass at boot camp and running, and feeling pretty sore. (that's me!) The only thing missing is someone to massage my sore muscles...I do a pretty good job, but it's always more enjoyable when you don't have to do it yourself.

Two of my cats fought over this chirping bunny. Sibling rivalry. 

Mr. Magoo got a fishie toy that he took for snuggles. 

Other than that, I won the most competitions at boot camp again last month, so I am now the only two-time winner for the month (hold the applause), I have a new date scheduled for next weekend. I bought my fall scented candles. I have a half marathon relay race that will result in a medal on Sunday. I have a costume party this Saturday where I'm being a pirate...again, because it's easy. And my poor dog has oral surgery on Monday.

I'm also facing a 4 day weekend due to never being able to take vacation because I'm doing the work of two people, while actively interviewing candidates that just don't seem awesome... so I plan on enjoying my time off!

What are your Halloween plans? 

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Keeping Busy...

I've been trying to keep busy since my kitty died. By that, I mean, mostly spending hours on pinterest looking for stuff to do with the crap I have, not cleaning, hitting the gym, drinking wine, and painting found furniture.

It sounds way better in pictures...

I found a better display for my medals and race bibs, that can be extended as the collection grows.

Much like I have been imbibing in more wine than usual, I've been getting the cats high too, they like to forget their pain as well.

I hung an old ladder on my wall that I've had laying around forever holding afghans.

I'm growing my toy soldier army, and for September I won 5 competitions at boot camp, I'm hoping for a win for the entire month! At least I'm still working out!

I helped a bff hang blinds in her new apartment, without no stinkin man.

I repainted my trash find coffee table from white to black.

This use to be white too...

Fizzgig helped me out, by laying on the cardboard I had to protect the carpet...while the black paint was still wet. Black bellied kitty didn't enjoy a bath at all.