"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, May 31, 2007

It Was a Mission Statement...

So, all morning, I've been repeating that part of Jerry Maguire in my head. "It was a mission statement". Jerry was fired for his mission statement. I'd be fired if I didn't learn ours. I guess it's kind of cool, that I work for a company that believes that much in their mission. I guess. They actually had a song written and recorded about the mission statement. We had to listen to it a billion times. The trainer said when they wrote the mission statement in 2005 the company shut down for two days to train people on it. All they played was that song over the speakers. Ugh. I also learned that the building I work in is 333,000 square feet. And we bought another building that is 100 some square feet next door. We also employ about 16,000 people. 2,000 are in my office. 800 of those, work in collections. People. Pay. Your. Bills. That is insane!

I want to take a product knowledge class, to learn about jewelry. That would be fun. And, some refresher's on Excel. I use it every day but my boss wants me to be her back-up so I need to re-learn the hard stuff. Like pivot tables. I've learned that about 10 times and never used them. Then, I'm going to be a certified diamontologist. I think I have to pay for that one because you get this snazzy plaque.

So, the new girl at work that started in April? "She's no longer with the company." I think she was let go. I am not sure, but she liked to stir the pot. One thing you learn in corporate America, is you let the pot simmer. Don't boil it, don't stir it. She was sick one day, then she had a one on one with the boss. That day she went home "sick" yet left all her stuff out on her desk. Then she was "out" for 7 days. Now she's gone. They told us yesterday. So there is a job opening as my neighbor. Any takers? Only..there is also a temp working for the girl on maternity leave who applied for it, so I'm 99% sure she'll get it. She already knows the job.

I went with Kat to see my brother last night. Still in the hopsital. He has to have surgery again. He is having the plate in his leg removed. And, a plastic surgeon is going to then work on his leg. Yea, it's that bad. He is getting a skin graft. I dunno about that boy. We are all worried, and sick over how he doesn't care for himself. So, he's going to be in there for a long time.

My new favorite snack, is light frozen cool whip, and sliced strawberries. Omg. It's 60 calories, and it's the freaking bomb. Almost as good as ice cream.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cat Blogging...

I see other people do this, and I figure, why the hell not, I have 4 cats. This is my purdy girl Tai Ming. She's mostly elusive, as she dislikes the other cats 99% of the time. I thought it was a pretty picture of her in the blinds. She sits there and stares at the birds that live in that tree outside the window. Ahh, the life of a cat.

Funny, yesterday I said I had to take care of myself, then on my way out to my car today, I fell off my sandal and hurt my foot. It only hurt for about 10 minutes now its just stiff. I swear this wil not hinder my weight loss success. I'll be pissed! Last night CP and I did 18 miles on the bike. It took an hour and a half this time. But we also stopped for ice cream. Its a nice reward. I got something called "heifer trail" nice huh? Can I have the ice cream named after a fat cow? Thanks. It was peanut butter with reese cups. And peanut butter ribbons. Oh...how I love peanut butter ribbons.

Biking is starting to hurt the va-jay-jay. I guess it's not so much the actual goodies, as it is the groin muscle or something. And, my hands, it hurts my hands. I suspect my bike doesn't fit me. I have a special seat and everything for my rump.

My brother is still in the hospital. I can't believe he let himself get that bad, that he is hospitalized for 3 days now. He doesn't go to the Dr. cus he doesn't want to be hospitalized. Where is the sense in that? I'm sure it wouldn't have come to this if he'd just gone. We're all at our wits end about what to do with him. He's basically killing himself.

Speaking of killing ones-self..CP biffed it on his bike yesterday. (pause for laughter) This is funny because he talks a lot of shit to me about how I'd never wreck him, and he's like the best biker in the universe. Picturing it brings back a good chuckle.

I hate tomatos. But know what I love? Sun dried tomatos. Go figure. I think it's cus they have flavoring. Tomatos taste like ass. Well, probably worse than ass, but then I wouldnt' know. It's just a good guess.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm not sure What day it is....

What a holiday weekend. I bareley remember having a weekend. Did we? Is it Monday? And not because I drank too much either. I worked too much. Then I couldn't sleep. It's hard to sleep when it's nice and sunny outside and you are missing out on the beautiful weather. After getting off work Sunday at 7 am, I was up until 11 am. Cleaning. Completely awake. I got up around 4, even though I was still tired, because my brother had to go to the doctor. Kat took him to stat care in the afternoon, and when I got up we took him to emergency. Because apparently it was too bad to be handled at stat care.

He has cellulitis in his leg. He had that surgery years ago... then blood clots..then cellulitis, now this, for the second time. We got to the emergency room at 8 pm. After he had been at the Dr. since 3 already. We waited. I had a choco taco. Two mocha frappacinnos. That was the hilight of my evening. Everyone in the world was in the emergency room too. Lots of sick folk. Like, deathly sick. After two hours, I wanted to go to another hospital. FOUR hours later, they finally took my brother back. It's midnight. Kat had left about an hour before that. But, luckily she left behind her PSP, and I watched Office Space while waiting on my brother. Then, I watched part of The Island, and then they called me back to the room.

By then, I had been in the emergency room for 6 freaking hours. My ass hurt! How ridiculous is that? You shouldn't feel bad for me though, it's probably the most selfless thing I've done in a year. I am not that caring a person.

They ended up admitting him, and I saw his leg, which he wouldn't let anyone see before. It was pretty gross. And to be admitted into the hospital for an infection, would tell you that it's pretty damn bad. It's like a chunk is gone out of his leg. Knee to ankle. DIS-GUS-TING! He's still in there. Who knows for how long. I better take care of myself because it would seem now, I'm the only uninjured member of my family. Mom and sis are still ailing from their car accident!!

Yesterday I slept in. The roomate made me breakfast in bed. Don't get any ideas about offering him a lower rate to get him to do those things for you. It's a nice perk. I cleaned the carpets, did laundry, swept, dusted, mopped and cleaned the bathroom. He went to the store with me to do the heavy lifting too. Then we went on a bike ride, 12 miles. I totally kicked his ass on the hills, but he will say that is because he had 3 measley beers before we went. We went to Tayray's and hung out with her and the man, and Bethie for a while. Good eats at the neighbors.

Guess what I got at work? No, not more jewelry! A credit card! Well, I guess it's more of a debit card. You use it in the grill, which is our convenient store/restaurant/deli. I put 20 bucks on it, then you just swipe it at the register. I figure I'm going to spend less money this way, not carrying cash means money I intended for lunch, wont be spent anywhere but at work for my lunches. Brilliant.

P.S. I have only $356 left on one of my credit cards!! Next week it will be $256. Then, it will be GONE! Gone, gone, goooooone! I so rock!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Greetings From The Graveyard Shift....

Remember in February when I was called off of work due to the fact that the entire area was snowed in by two feet of snow? I never did upload any pictures, and seeing how it's 90 degrees, who doesn't love a good snow picture? This is the treacherous hill that is my driveway. I bitch about it quite often in the winter. You know, like when I get stuck, get out of my car, and my car goes sliding backwards without me in it. Or when the neighbors slid into the ditch. Or when I had to park down the
road, and hike it in snow up to my knees and dig my car out for an hour before I could leave. It doesn't look that steep or snowy in this picture, but you just have to take my word for it.

Speaking of my neighborhood. There are these hippies that live on my street. Wait, I'll back up a second, I don't actually know if they are in fact hippies, but their house is painted a fleurescent yellow with a bright orange garage door. And their address is made out of flowery-bubbly numbers on their garage in psychadellic colors. They tried to sell their old fence panels for a buttload of money. You can buy them brand-spanking new at Lowes for $20 per panel. Likely to support their drug habit. Like I know, I'm kidding!

Anyways, now they have a boat parked out front in the yard, and it's name is "Wet Dream". If I had a boat, I'd totally steal their name. I bet they are fun to party with. I'm gonna work on that this summer in my spare time. Likely, during one of my drunken walks to/or from the Circle K after running out of beer while having a fire.

I'm working. I spent 4 hours of work last night online. Is that bad or what? I really don't care. I shouldn't have to work the graveyard shift for fucks sake. After getting off at 7 am, I worked out, cleaned the kitchen, and stayed up til noon. It's hard to sleep during the time I am normally on a lunch break from the full time job. Well working midnights, means I had time to look for the Traveler's insurance commercial on You Tube. Have you all seen this commercial about the bunnies? I freaking love it! I always wondered what those bunnies did with only 3 legs.
You gotta see it!

In other news. I just finished my second Mocha frappuccino. After eating about 30 pretzel sticks. I think I may vomit.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm In Mourning. My Show is Over....

Skip to the *** if you don't watch lost. Meaning, you're pretty stupid. And it contains spoilers. ***
Ok, so - show of hands, who knew from the first minute, that Jack was in the future? Me. I did. I called it. CP kept saying no he wasn't but it was obvious, he looked all disheveled. When did Jack ever lose it like that? Oxycotin? Alchohol? Poor Jack. Locke wasn't lying, that he wasn't suppose to contact that boat, was he? I was 95% sure the whole island thing had to do with time travel. I'm glad that is what it is, this is pretty cool! The people who screencap the show, also showed the paper he tore the obituary from was dated 4/5/07. So, it is in the present, not the past. I love being right. The funeral home name, Hoffs Drawlar is also an anagram for flash forward. You can see some of the article at Dark UFO. It said a man was found dead, and was from New York.

So much to talk about! Charlie? Charlie's dead? What the flipping hell is that shit all about? It was really cute how he gave up his life in that heroic fashion though. I'm thinking, Desmond is going to figure out a way to change the past with his future telling abilities somehow, and save Charlie, and stop them from helping Naomi, and killing all the "others". I have faith in Desmond. But how will he believe that it wasn't Penny's boat? I also loved how Desmond saved the day in the Looking Glass. Shot those bitches right to hell. Too bad eye patch didn't die. He creeps me out.

How awesome was it that Hurley saved them all? Dude! Pretty awesome. I felt so bad for him because all he wanted to do was help everyone, and they were all being big freaking jerks! Russeau finally met her daughter. That was pretty cool, "wanna help me tie him up?" And how about when she just elbowed Ben in the face to shut him up, without flinching. I'm starting to
like Russeau more every episode. I'm still waiting for Juliette to show her true colors. I hated her kissing Jack. She's such a freaking bitch.

And Walt's alive. Where, is a different story, but he at least is still able to project himself. Didn't he grow up? Dang! Was it Jacob that saved Locke? Or is "the island" getting credit for it? Everyone hates Locke now. Maybe Locke was the man who died in the coffin? He also has no family and they'd be pretty pissed at him. So next season we have the whole mystery left as to who wants on the island? Why do people want to destroy it? Do you think Kate is with Sawyer? What the flip is gonna happen next season? Only two more seasons. I think I'll cry. Sniff Sniff.

So I finally got some pictures from the big concert experience. This is Kat and Tayray with the tour bus. After chasing each other around with some black stuff, which is visible on Kat's head. Full house, our hotel room. Me in the bathroom of the hotel drinking out of my brown bag. Pic of Hinder performing. Me with my date. Buckcherry performing. I kept forgetting we saw them too. I love this pic of Kat in line to get in. Cerveza? Evanesence. This is my half assed picture of Tayray crowd surfing at Puddle of Mud. My date was still in the closet. Drunk Kat and her nasty hot dog. Tayray on some dudes shoulders. She was trashed. This dude was awesome. If you look down on the floor the guy with the fro next to the security dude in yellow. You see him. The hippie. Papa Roach. I rode in the taxi with Tayray and Todd. She found those glasses in the car.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Time Has Come...

Tonight people. The two-hour television event. Lost. The season finale. You know you can't wait either. There is going to be a face off of good and evil. And poor Charlie stuck down there in the looking glass. I think those people have no idea about anyone, like Desmond. Awesome. Hurry up with the DVD Lost people, because you are sucking up about 25 hours of my Tivo space.

I've got that song "forever" by Papa Roach stuck in my head since the concert. I bought the CD and now it's even worse. "Because days come and go, but my feelings for you are forever, one last kiss....before I go. It is time to let you go." I even put it on my myspace. Too bad I'm private or you could listen. Well if you're my friend you can. So scoot. It's infecting my entire life. Doncha love that? It could be worse, it could be some stupid shit I hear on the muzak at work.

I work Memorial Day weekend and know why I'm not sad about it? Well, for one, I'm poor. I drank away all my money this weekend. In my own defense, remember, beer cost $7.50. And two, gas is up to $3.49. I have a sneaking suspicion that the president has stock in hybrid cars now, because we are all going to have to buy them to afford to get around these days. I
think he jumped off the oil bandwagon and onto the hybrids. I think we need to learn how to harness human gas and drive around on our own energy. It would also benefit the farmers, who would have to produce the gas-producing foods like beans, and broccoli. Can you imagine the bazillions I would make on that? Damned math and science. I should have applied myself
more in school.

Yesterday the roomate and I biked it for 12 miles. Know why biking is way better than walking? You get the nice breeze. It's not as hot. And, you go faster. It's fun to have a little change-up on the workouts. I want to go again tonight. We'll see.

We made a pretty good team after the workout. He bought the food, and I cooked us grilled peppers, chicken, and brown rice burritos. It's only my favorite thing to eat. Mmmmm. He got me a brownie that I said I loved too. I think that's more a friend thing than a roomie thing. But whatever works for him. I slaved away in the kitchen and he steam cleaned the carpets.
I got a shower with my dog. (shut up) and relaxed for about an hour and I was zonked! I crashed on the couch around 10 something. I normally force myself to stay awake to midnight.

I know the roomate doesn't think he is going to feed me every day and make me gain weight. I've been doing fine on my fruit and vegetable meals for a while now. We're gonna have to do something about that. I don't keep food in the house.

P.S. Some people around me are moving, I'm getting a new neighbor. This means they have contractors in again. Not construction guy, it's some guy running computer lines and stuff. He's way hot too. Just keeping you apprised.

Monday, May 21, 2007

How We Do...

I had an awesome freaking weekend. My, how I miss having time off of work to kickit with my homies! Friday night I was all settled in with my roomate watching House on DVD, and I told him how I am a hip and happenin gal now, and sometimes I get late night calls to go out, and I go, and it could be midnight and Kat may call to go out. Loe and behold, she called me at 11 to meet her and her bosses at the bar. I would have stayed in, considering I had to get up early on Saturday to get to Columbus for the concert. But...they offered to buy all my drinks. All of them. Even shots. So, I went out. I ended up having a killer time of course.

Kat brought this toilet paper I told her to steal from these rich peoples house she went to a party at. Why steal toilet paper? Because it was monogramed. They wipe their ass with monogramed toilet paper. Know how I know that they're gay? Of course, we closed the bar down, and I hadn't packed a thing for the road trip. As a result, I left without my toothpaste, or a toothbrush.

I got up early Sunday morning to get ready for the concert, after waiting on Kat to get her ass over to my crib, I drove her, and Bethie to the hotel. We met the boys, and Tayray there. The room wasn't that bad. Although the beds were mighty bouncy, and there was some mysterious stains on the corners. Plus, five smokers in a room with no ventalation and one non-smoker was a recipe for fun. We hurried up and pounded some beers. I had about 5 in a half hour. Parking was $15 for the concert, and we could get a cab for the same price, so we decided to get a cab and not worry about a DUI. Which is nice. Kat was my date and that was our running joke all evening.

Have I ever said that I've never been in a cab? It was so much fun! I told all the passers-by that it was my first cab ride. Because they cared. We didn't have to find parking, or wait in traffic. We didn't have assigned seats so we found a place to sit. Oh, after getting our beers, of course. For um, $7.50 per bottle. Our neighbors were awesome. Some guys that shared the love, and some chicks in front of us too. We got to make fun of some chick who was so drunk she couldn't stand up. She is in some of the videos I took of the band. We saw Hinder, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Three Day's Grace, Evanesence, Chevelle, and I think that's it worth mentioning. ZZ Top was there but we didn't stick around to watch them. We missed Breaking Benjamin. Dammit.

Just the girls went to the second stage to see Puddle of Mudd and Papa Roach, which was way more fun because you got to get into the crowd, where there was surfing, and moshing, and plain fun concert goodness! We befriended some guy to get us down to the front because it was so packed and we formed a train of people. I took video of it, which was really funny to watch the camera jumping around, and ducking every few minutes to push someones ass overhead while they were surfing. We got Tayray into the crowd, but then....I was alone. I lost my friends. Miracously we all met up again. I had no cell phone. All my friends made fun of me and my camera, but I told them they would be happy when we are all 50 and I have the hilights of our concert fun. Then, I decided when I'm 50 I'm still going to fucking concerts.

I was pretty drunk. It's hard to keep track of six people, your purse, your money, your camera, and hoodie all while having fun. But I did it. There was a lot of fun between bands with people trying to jump the fence and get "on the floor" of the stadium. It was like watching football, only I hate football, so this wasn't the same. The security would chase them while the crowd cheered them on. When they were tackled we all boo'd. There was a fight in the stands that was awesome. And people threw their beer bottles into a dumpster parked on the floor. We made our own fun. I paid $4 for a soft pretzel, and $7.50 for a 6" Subway Sub.

Of course, I'll post some pictures and video when I get around to it. It's funny to watch drunk people. After the bands were done we all hopped in a cab together. This time we took a van back to the hotel. Kat, Bethie and me went to the waffel house for some bomb ass food, while the others were still waiting on their generic Donoto's booty ass pizza over an hour after we left. The boys watched some stupid boxing thing which prompted me to go to sleep. I could have kicked it much longer but sports have that effect on me.

When I got home my roomate had taken out the trash. And he also had me a 2 liter of Sunkist, which is my favorite post-drinking beverage. The house was also clean. So far, having a roomate is alright. I still can't walk around naked, but I'll get over it. I'm sure I could, but that wouldn't be right, now would it? Who could resist me? I crack myself up.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Road Trip...

I had no time to update yesterday, because I was running around on my lunch break. I had to mail my Momma's package. Jewel's better ship well. I had it insured. Just in case. I also had to buy a pair of shorts for the concert this weekend. I have no jean shorts. I also never try clothes on, because I hate it. It's too depressing, but this time I did because I can't afford
to have yet another peice of clothing I can't wear. Good thing I did, because I went DOWN A SIZE. Two if you count a skirt, one for the shorts.

I dunno how long I've worked out in the past and gotten nowhere. I actually shrunk. Me. It was only the best feeling ever. I only want to go down 2 more sizes, so that will be nothing. I do not aspire to be Paris Hilton thin. I really don't think people that thin are happy. Once in a while, you need a freaking Oreo! Or five. Deprivation is no way to live.

So, you know how I'm going to the festival/concert this weeekend, right? It's a road trip, a two hour drive to Columbus. We planned to camp right across the way in Bethie's camper. Turns out, they changed their minds at the camping place, and aren't allowing people to camp there. I guess us youngin's are probably gonna cause too much trouble with our loud heavy metal muzak, and our tattoos, and peircings. Damn fool kids!

Basically, this left us homeless for the night. All the hotels close by were booked, but Bethie was able to find us a room at a hotel that's $69 a night. All 6 of us are staying in the room. I think this is going to be quite an adventure, and I'm always down for that. I just wonder what we're gonna be getting into, for $69 a night. I'm taking my own blankets, and pillow, and it'll be all good.

So far it's not too bad having a roomate. I miss walking around naked though. I'll get over it. I like my space, and he went downstairs to do his own thing last night, so that put me a little at ease. I got my workout done, my cleaning done, and watched some LOST answers! I also got my $20. He wants to pay me $20 a day to stay with me, so whatever. I'll save it up and then put it in the bank each week. Whatever works for him, where I get paid, works for me. M'kay?

I'm almost out of work for the day. It's been hectic, but you know what? Two of my VP's are on vacation next week, and the other will be traveling, so guess what? I get a vacation too, OK?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Come and Knock On My Door....

Maybe we'll be like Laverne and Shirley? Or better yet, Felix and Oscar. I think that is better suited for us. Well, the universe has a funny way of giving you what you ask for. This, I'm learning in the secret. I've been saying for a while to my Momma if I just had a roomate I wouldn't be strapped for money, I could enjoy life. I could pay off my credit cards. I could quit the second job, (eventually) which I am not loving at all. In light of recent events, (read the post about saving the drama for your ex wife) CP has subsequently had to find housing elsewhere. He was going to move in with co-workers at the end of the month.

We talked last night about it, and we are going to give it a go as "roomies". I actually had to talk him into it, because he said he didn't want me to feel sorry for him. It would be helping me out tremendously. We already know each others habits. We get along. We have similar lifestyles. We like a lot of the same TV shows. (now, this is important to a girl like me!) There are some potential problems of course, but I'm really hoping this will work out. Having someone split the bills with me, will really allow me to not be so stressed out. I can get HEALTH INSURANCE through work. I won't have to charge my vet care and pay 29% interest. (BTW, my 29% credit card that I have paid on time every month for over a year, and transfered a total of
$900 off that card onto another....they raised my rate to 30% as a thank you. Don't do business with Washington Mutual) And most importantly, I'll be able to buy myself more jewelry.

I guess only time will tell how it will work out. I'm also not the easiest person to live with. I'm anal about certain things, like leaving soap on the tub walls, or folding your towel into three's when you hang it up. I don't know why I am that way, but therapy tells me I have control issues. Me? Control? Whatever! And besides, I don't want to let people down, they live for my sordid life stories at work. I do aim to please. I also told him that I had sex with my ex. Relax, it was on the phone. What? You never did it? It's the safest way to do things these days! He didn't get mad about it like I thought he would. So...maybe this will work. Time will tell.

Today at work, I had to call all my district managers at 8am for a conference call at 10am. And call them all again...to tell them it's Friday. What is my aversion to conference calls? First I hand out a porn line number, now I get the wrong day? This was my VP's fault, and he admitted it. He never told me Friday. Men.

I didn't sleep very well. My dog was whimpering. The poor thing. She is on pain medication, but I think it wore off around midnight when she started. I felt so bad for her. She also got diarreah (from the anesthesia) and looked high all night. I hope she is doing better today when I get home. The vet said her tooth was really infected. She's also on antibiotics. Kids.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Verdict Is In...

So, I went down to the health fair. There was also a UV testing for your face, but it cost $4. I didn't do that. I love my sunshine. They had a nurse from the hospital to do the BMI testing, it was just that machine that you hold. And...they weigh you. I am not friends with the scale. But I do know what I weighed the last time I got on a scale a few months ago. So, I have lost about 17 lbs since then. Go me! I lift 16 lbs when I do my arms, so I know that's heavy! My BMI? Well, it was off the charts! Literally!

The nurse said that our gym at work, is going to start having a "staff". Personal trainers. Nutritionists. Is that the most awesome thing? For free? She said to save the paper for a base line, and then I'll have something to work from when that starts. She said it's not accurate, and the only true way to know muscle vs. fat is to do the water tank thing. She said you shouldn't weigh yourself but take measurements to see how you are doing. I do this with things like, I want to get my hands around my calves. I have an inch to go. Before, it was about three inches. Yea. And the fact that my clothes feel way different. Even my brazier! So, even though taking the test told me I'm obese, I don't put much stock in it. My coworker who isn't even overweight was in the overweight range. So - what, ev, errrrr! You won't get me down! I also ate yogurt, strawberries, green peppers, a banana, and 1 liter of water before being weighed, so I might even be down another pound or two. Not to mention, I bought myself diamonds yesterday, and seriously people, it makes a girl feel fabulous! I never bought myself stuff like that before!

The health fair was way bigger than I thought it would be. It was like going to a mini-convention for real! Tons of people. Lots of free pens. All downstairs.

I dropped off my little pupper butt this morning for her tooth extraction. You know, their cleaning her teeth again? Um, just had that done in November thanks. Her teeth aren't dirty their rotten. It's "included" whatever. I'm sure it'd be like $50 to get a tooth pulled vs. $227 they are charging me. It's highway robbery! Now, I'm awaiting the call to tell me she is OK. I don't know when they'll do it, any time before 5. Yesterday when I got home, she brought me her squeaky toy to play! I love when my girl isn't sick, she's the cutest ever! The atibiotics were working on her infection, finally!

I'm going to ride bikes tonight with CP. It'll be fun, I love doing something different once in a while. Even though I love xwalking and watching TV, it's nice to enjoy the sunshine before its 90 degrees and 100% humidity.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I did it again...

I went to the employee store with good intentions, to help a coworker decide on which earrings to get herself. She talked me into getting some for myself. I told her she's like shopping with my friend Kat. Bad influence. But, you can't pass up the deals, you just can't! Anyhoo, I got these, aren't they purdy? I have never before bought myself nice things. And, it's only $20 out of my pay for a while. I'll hardly miss it. See my new shiney diamonds here!

I'll hopefully send Momma's gift tomorrow. I only took 1/2 a lunch today, since I'll be late to work in the morning. I'm dropping the doggie off to get her toofur pulled. Poor girl. She's feeling better already with the antibiotics, she did her cute little excited hop this morning when I got up. She's only the cutest dog in the world you know.

There is a health and wellness fair going on at work this week. Lots of things you can do for free, like meet with an exercise instructor, get your body fat measured (which I am going to do), massages, cholesterol screening, a bunch of crap. It should be a killer time. I'm excited to see how much my body fat is. Or, maybe I'm not so excited. Either way, I'll have something else to gauge my weight loss besides the scale. Which I'm opposed to!

I moved one of my VP's into a new office last week. By move I mean, I packed and unpacked, they have people to do the heavy lifting, ok? He isn't so happy about his new office. The ones construction guy was here remodeling. They are way smaller than their old ones. I had a lot of fun figuring out what to do with his big office full of stuff, in his little office with half the furniture, and 1/4 the room. I'm a horrible packer. And an even worse un-packer. I did my best. Whattyagonnado? His birthday is this week, and I have to get him something, and I have no idea what to get him. That's cheap. Being a good kiss ass, is sure to land me a superb Christmas gift this year. I'm in good already with the wifey. Since you know, she will be the one picking it out.

This weekend is Rock on the Range! I can't wait! We are going to camp, and it's going to be a good time!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

What a Way to Spend a Saturday....

Another day, another $8.25 an hour. I swear, this job is for the birds. As much as I hate working midnight hours, no one really bothers me, and it's tolerable. The phone rings about 5 times in 8 hours, and the only people that come in are to pick up their drunk friends. Today, I switched shifts with another girl, who wanted to spend time with her kids tomorrow on Mother's Day. And since you all know how kind-hearted I am (as my nose grows) I switched with her. I don't think I'll be doing that again. Not to mention, it's a beautiful afternoon, a breezy, sunny day and I'm stuck inside.

I've realized that people of the world whine and complain about the stupidest shit. I'm use to dealing with fights, loud neighbors, and drunks on the night shift. During the day? Well, people bitch about the same things, but c'mon - your neighbors are going to be loud, it's the afternoon. Some 60 year old man was arrested today for stealing mail. So, I have stacks of peoples mail they keep coming in to get. Therefore, annoying me. I have plenty of paperwork to do. But being that I only work weekends, I only know how to do half of it. Not to mention - I don't feel like it. Sue me.

It was really funny that this old man came in to tell me an old woman hit his car in the parking lot, but there was no damage, and he just wanted us to know she was around town. He didn't want to file a report against her, because she was really old. This was a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Old folks just want to talk to someone. I told him my name a few times and he still called me Martha.

I thought there would be some excitement, we got a call about two men waving a gun around at a house wearing a ski mask, and a hoodie. The calls came fast over the scanner, between dispatch and the officers. The sirens blaring. Turned out...it was just kids playing in the yard. That's what happens when you have nosey neighbors.

We have a dog in the sally port (don't ask me why they call it that) in a cage. I feel bad for it, looks like a big poodle, in a little cage. The dog warden was suppose to come get it today but he called and said he wont be out until tomorrow. It breaks my heart to think it's going to go to the pound, and probably be put to sleep. It's sad out there in the cage. I want to go take it a biscuit when everyone is out on the road. That will make me feel even worse about it. Poor thing. I keep watching it on the monitor out there, pacing in that little cage.

Before I left, my de-humidifier had overflowed in my laundry room. I had no time to clean it up, so that will be something fun to tend to when I get off work at 11. After I trek it to the store to get cat food. 3-11 is a shit shift. No time in the morning, no time at night. It just plain sucks. All I got done today, was I worked out. And I had a smoothie. Big whoop.

P.S. For mother's day I bought myself some tanzenite stud earrings. I deserved them, and the price I got them for (at work) I couldn't pass up. I have my eye on these little ditties next!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Save the drama for your ex-wife...

You know, I like to live my life without drama. I think I've had enough to last a lifetime for 50 people if you wrap up the 31 years I've been on this earth. I'm pretty much over it. I use to live for it. Now, I'll just cut you out of my life.

It seems that now, I am involved in some sort of bullshit, and I don't even know how.
You know, CP came to work and brought me flowers, then he made me dinner. And the next day he took my dog to the vet for me. He stayed at my house Tuesday, and Wednesday. Therefore he wasn't at "home" with his ex wife. It's not the first time he has stayed with me, he usually will stay once a week. So what, we're both adults, and we do what we want to do.

Yesterday, starting at 8 a.m. I got phone calls from his ex wife. Have I heard from him, they are worried. If I know where he is can I call? Mind you, I'm working 8-5 like most people do, and not going to risk getting in trouble to answer her freaking phone calls. She called about 4 times. I listened to the messages around 2:00 because I couldn't understand why she keeps calling
me when I am at work.

The last message she left, she said there are some "things" I should know about CP. Like that no one has heard from him, he "disappears for days" and that she isn't suppose to tell me this, but she is tired of keeping his secrets, he has a girlfriend (insert girlfriend's name here) and she insert girlfriends name here) is worried about him too. She went on to say other things, but their irrelevant to me as well. For some reason she doesn't like me, and blames me for all the wrong in CP's life. Funny, how I'm the one who tried to help him and I get the blame. She can stick that right up her ass! I wish I had that sort of power over the world, to make them do evil things.

At this point, I'm thinking, who the fuck does she think she is calling me like she is in high school, trying to start drama. While I didn't know he had a "girlfriend", I did know that he was talking to someone, and the point is, that if I cared, I wouldn't have gone out with other people too. Obviously, she was just trying to hurt me in some way, and for what, I have no clue. I never did anything to her. Or to CP. And I didn't plan on calling her for anything. She's just trying to hurt me for some reason, and she can be a bitch to whomever she wants, except me!

I talked to CP about it, and apparently, the girl he is talking to is friends with the ex wife. Now, isn't this crystal clear? I'm obviously the whore for seeing him. He's not the dog for seeing us both. Nevermind the fact that if she knew anything, she'd know that we are 'friends' and not dating.

First of all, you see the trouble with trying to get people to move on before they are ready to. This is why I'm still single. I don't want to get a phone call some day telling someone has a girlfriend. It's not worth it. I told CP he needed to get his life together, and move out of there. Not just for me, but whomever he tried to be with, it wouldn't work out. She'd be meddling in his life. And I don't know who she thinks she is to point fingers, she's living in sin with his own
brother. Which is so much more classy than my being friends with CP. Skank.

I thought it was resolved. I told him to just leave me out of it. I don't want to be a part of the bullshit, because I have my own life to worry about. Then, I get a phone call from her work number at 10:30 today. Let me state one thing. You don't want to mess with this bitch, because I think I invented the word. I may have hung up my gloves long ago, but they still fit. mm...yea, I work at the police station.

There is a thing called, telephone harassment. I enter these reports into the computer all the time. I know they range from 1 call a day, to 100 calls an hour, and any time you are feeling harassed you are entitled to file a report, and have an officer contact the person. Then, there is a record should the situation escalate, and your ass is covered. I saved the phone numbers. I saved the voicemails. And, I'll keep doing it too.

If she wants to play games, I'll play games. The only thing is I'm on the right side of the law. I happen to work this weekend (midnights - BLEH!) and I'm going to talk to an officer about her harassing me. I think she has messed with the wrong girl. You don't have to like me, for whatever lame ass reason you have, but you do have to abide by the law. I'll simply make sure that happens.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Suprises are Nice...

Yesterday I went to have lunch with my friend Katie at Panera. Lunch dates are fun. They make the day go faster. Plus, Panera was pretty damn good. When I got back, I saw CP pulling out of my parking lot at work. I thought, hmmm, guess he was here to meet me and I wasn't there. I parked in a VP parking spot, and went out the main entrance so I wouldn't have seen him.

Turns out, when I got back to my desk, he had dropped off flowers for me. One of my coworkers picked them up for me. Then of course, there was a buzz about who they were from, and then I had to explain the whole dynamic of the ex. One girl said she thought my ex just got married. I said, this is my ex fiance. I've been divorced almost 8 years. She was shocked I had been engaged since then. I said, I've dated plenty of people between then and now. She told me she thought I was innocent, and sang me "Oops I did it again". I asked how that makes me not innocent. Don't people date anymore? If not, I feel bad for them. I suppose we aren't allowed to receive deliveries. But, I got mine, so it's all good.

When I got home, CP had come over, and made me dinner. My favorite...meatloaf. Don't ask me why that's my favorite when I don't like meat that much, but it is. It's my craving when I get a craving. We had mac and cheese, meatloaf, green beans, and strawberry shortcake. He also made Kahlua mudslides. Mmmmm. It was my lucky day. I also got my workout in, which was a plus. I told him he wasn't so bad after all. He thinks I'm being mean, but that is because he expects so much from me as a reaction. We talked about that. Who knows what will happen.

He also took my doggie to the vet for me. Which was super nice. I guess she has to have her tooth pulled. So I was right. Old dogs are like old cars, they have a lot of the same problems over and over, and after a while you can decide what needs to be done before going to the vet. She goes next Tuesday. My poor little punkin head. Her second tooth in a year.


Ummmmm, ok, so holey shit.....LOCKE IS DEAD???? What the flip is that all about? I will say, I had a sneaking suspicion that Jacob wasn't real. I think it's Ben's alter-ego or something like that. Remember how one of the things they studied in the Dharma initiative was telekenesis? I think he did all that stuff at "Jacob's house" on his own. But then, there are several postings on fansites, of an "eye" that looks nothing like Ben, or Locke's. I'm going to have to go back and watch that scene again. How awesome. Lost fans rock.

What is up with that guy, young Ben ran into in the woods? How is he exactly the same age after all these years? Is he dead? Is Ben dead? How twisted is it that Ben killed the entire Dharma initiative? I really don't get the reasoning behind it all yet, but it is certainly getting exciting. People complain a lot about not knowing the answers, but if you did, what would be the point of watching it? Where is the fun in that?

When Ben saw his dead Mom in the woods, the guy seemed suprised. The guy said Ben had to be patient to join him. He had to kill his dad.....like they made Locke do. Hostiles? Danielle talked about the hostiles too. Remember the black smoke in the first season? How she said that signaled they were coming? I know that I have to go back and watch the first two seasons again after this one is over. Because I want to remember who all had those "work man" jumpsuits on in flashbacks. Who else was with the Dharma?

When the others gassed everyone but Kate, Sayid, and Locke and left the camp, did they really do what Ben did to the Dharma? Are they now dead? I dunno, but this was an exciting episode. I watched Locke get shot twice. I just couldn't believe it. Of course, they didn't show him die. And we know how he heals fast. And, as usual, is the best for Lost hidden items!! this site has the best screen caps. It shows the powder Locke picked up outside Jacob's house. It is like the way some put salt around their house to ward off spirits. Maybe it keeps Jacob trapped?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Tooth Of the Matter....

I thought I was pretty bad ass yesterday, and walked 3 miles again. So, with Sunday, I walked 1 mile short of what I walk usually in a week...in two days. I'm pretty proud of myself, but my body freaking hurts today. Mainly the corns on my toes. I'm not sure if their corns, but they aren't blisters, and they fucking hurt.

Well, I've got a sick dog. Again. She threw up twice on Saturday, and upon inspection, I've discovered a disgusting hole in her cheek on the inside of her mouth above a tooth. It oozes smelly bloody crap. Similar to the one under her eye, the last time she had to have a tooth pulled. My poor dog. If she gets this tooth pulled, she will have her tiny front teeth, and her canines on the top. That's it. It's certainly a bitch getting old for a dog. As if she didn't have enough chronic issues, now she has to start losing all her teeth! She turned 11 last month. Let the good times roll. Cha ching! One more thing to charge!

CP is taking her to the vet for me on Thursday, since I get no time off of work, and I'll have to go in late when they schedule her extraction. It's awful nice of him, but he's all about what I'm going to do to repay him. I think one could go to jail for doing those sorts of things for money. Or well, in this case, favors. I dunno what type of girl he takes me for. Men are so stupid.

I really want to quit my second job. I only have $400 left on a credit card to pay off. Oh, I still have 2 other cards with balances, but I wanted to pay one off, and close the account before quitting a second job. I'm not even sure that the $117 I'm bringing home from this job a weekend is even worth it. It's not a lot of money. I mean it helps with gas, and food....but not really with paying off bills. I need to work somewhere with more hours I think. And weekends off. It's not like I am destitute, but I like to have fun once in a while, and working one job only allows me to pay my bills and kickit once in a while. I like to kickit more often. I sure miss the days of being a salaried employee. Looking for ways to spend money.

And while losing weight is certainly a good thing, I can't afford to buy myself new clothes, so I'm walking around with saggy butt pants, that are way too long now, and I have to pull up to my boobs to keep from falling down and making me look even fatter. Speaking of boobs, now those and my stomach feel weird without as much fat in them. I think I'm going to be one of those women who has to have surgery cus her skin wont shrink with her. I could go on complaining but I wont.

I have PMS so my positive attitude can kiss my friggin ass!

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Monday's....

It's Monday already. Monday's wouldn't be so bad, I've concluded, if I had every weekend off to enjoy a break from work. I think I'll have to do something about that. I use to hate working two jobs thru the week, but you know what? I had 2 days free from work to enjoy, and make plans to do things. I'm pretty much sick of work. Especially now that it's nice weather. We had the most perfect weekend. It wasn't hot, it was sunny, and warm. I spent half of Friday night cleaning my carpets, and closets out. Kat called around 10 to meet her down at the bar, so I did. We learned sign language, which we thought was totally fun. We only learned things like "I want milk and cookies". Well, that's about all we learned. So I guess it wasn't worth mentioning. If we get good we could start our own happy hands club.

I walked on Saturday 3 miles. I normally only walk 2 miles a day. So that was a little bonus. I went outside to plant some pots up and weed my front flower bed, and what did I see? Tayray was outside, GARDENING. Maybe you don't know this, but she isn't domestic, or girly, so I was really proud of her. Her BF said it was his idea, but still, it was cute. I got most of my gardening done. I still need to mulch. And buy a few plants. Buy a few plants? I havn't had to buy any plants for seven years. That's one perk I miss from the old job. But, the one I get at the new job is way better I suppose. They last forever. Plants don't. Eat that old job!

I went to Bubba's to see her new puppy. She got a yellow lab. He's adorable, and he bit me pretty good with his razor-sharp baby teeth. I forgot how annoying puppies are. They never stop moving, and they bite constantly, and pee and poo in the house. I think that the next time I get a dog, it's going to be an older dog. They rock.

Sunday was an eventful day too. I got up and lounged in the sun in my lawnchair reading, and watching the birds. I always feel so much better about myself, and life, when I'm outside listening to the birds, and watching the butterflies. I know it sounds like a hokey song or something, but it's true. I enjoyed it, until the damn kids on their dirt bikes disturbed me. Every time they went by the birds left. There was about 5 of them, it was LOUD. They ride the trails behind my house in the woods. Imagine my delight when I heard the dog barking, and thought it was Kat arriving for our walk, and it was the police. Someone called the coppers. You know they parked right behind my car, and when Kat arrived, she thought something happened with CP and me. Then, Tayray came out and asked the same thing "what's going on?"

But, you know what? The dirtbikes stopped! Peace! Me and Kat went to walk the towpath. We did a 6 mile walk, because we freaking rock. We walked to the next town, and walked through the covered bridge drive-thru. It's the only thing there. We were pretty awesome in our faux cars. We thought we'd be sore today but I'm really not. I was a little stiff before bed but I stretched twice, and I feel pretty good! It's our goal to walk 2 towns over. That is 10 miles. One way. The good thing is, Bubba lives over there, and we can always beg her to drive us home!

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Long Lost Me...

Wednesday morning, I put on pants I havn't worn in 6 months. Can I get an amen? Thank you, thank you, hold your applause. Wednesday I went out with two girls from work, and construction guy. Yea. Remember Wednesday, how I said he made that comment about us always talking, well after that the boss came over and asked coworkers what they were working on. Later, coworker told construction guy he got us in trouble. So, to make up for it he's took us out for a drink. You know, the two girls I'm going with have kids, and they left around 7. I was mad at them, kinda. I was way nervous for no reason. I stayed out pretty late on a school night. What time? 1 am.

Uh, yea. I was dead tired Thursday. But we had fun. It's a new friend. He's still hung up on his ex, so we talked about that, and joked around a lot, and had some laughs. He went to school close to where I did, rival schools. Mmmm hmm. But I don't know him. He isn't going to be at work for a few weeks, so who know when we'll talk again. He did say he had fun hanging out with me, but then, was there any question about that? I'm a fun girl.

Today is said coworkers last day. It's really sad. I've only been working with her 5 months, but it seems like we've known each other for a lot longer than that. We have a lot in common, very similar marriages, lives, and presents. When she was on vacation once, it just wasn't the same without her. She makes work fun. Not to mention, I asked her how to do things when I wouldn't know how. Now, I'm on my own. She said she has taught me well, and I must spread my wings and fly. Yea, she's corny like me, that's why we get along so well. I'm the "veteran" now. How sad is that? My company bought a big building next door to expand into. The place is huge already. It's a good sign. So different from my last job. Where they were shutting plants down left and right.

And the police station? They are fucking with me. I worked that midnight shift as a favor. Then last weekend I worked 2 midnight shifts. I was scheduled a morning this wknd, afternoon the wknd after that, and a midnight the last wknd of the month. When I worked last wknd another girl asked if I wanted her to work this weekend for me. I need the money so I declined. She asked if the Leutenant called me about my schedule. I said no. She calls my cell yesterday to say "they switched" mine and her schedules around. I'm sure they did. I'm sure she asked them to. I'm not stupid.

So, now I work two midnight shifts again this month. One being Memorial day weekend, when they have me working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 11-7!! I'm telling them I work Monday, and I'm not working a midnight that day. And hopefully I can quit that place soon. That's bullshit.

Lost to follow!!*****************************************
So I tried to watch Lost Wednesday night after the bar, but that wasn't happening. I passed out on the couch. I did however, watch it yesterday. Holey shit. What in the world do you think is going on? I'll say for next weeks previews, I paused, slow motion, reverse, paused. You can see images for what appears to be John going into a bright white light. Like, in the afterlife, go towards the light? Lots of weird things, they aren't all on this website but so me of them are. I really don't want to think that they are all dead. Or, in comas, waiting to be woken up. But, it does seem to make sense. Like when they brought Juliette to the island, they made her drink that "sedative" which could have been that death punch people drink in mass suicides. And the "files" the others have? They are like the judgement you would have to face in Heaven, or hell...?

Is Henry the devil? Is Locke the "good guy"? I really can't wait until Sawyer exposes Juliette for the lying beyatch she is. I hate her. It sure would be something though, if they learned how to make a baby on the "other side". Who would the others be. Angels? Guides? I dunno...but I'm pissed there are only 3 episodes left. I've still got all 18 hours of Lost saved on Tivo. They better hurry up with the DVD release so I can let that space go to something else.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Contents Under Pressure...

Ok, so the good thing about having outspoken friends is, you get to meet people. The bad thing about having outspoken friends is...you get to meet people. I dunno why I ever told my Coworker (CW) that I thought the construction guy was hot, because her, and new girl, have made it their personal mission to hook me up. It's embaressing.

Yesterday, I found out that at the end of the day, she told him she had someone she wanted him to meet. New girl, got his CELL PHONE number. I was dying of embaressment. Is it obvious that it's me that they are talking about? I could die. Today...she decided she was going to go track him down in one of the rooms he was working. She did. She came back and told us all about him. I guess he opened up and told her his life story. Found out he lives right around my job, which is a ritzy area. He said his girlfriend left him last week, in a 1,000 a month apartment. (thats a lot around here) That was why he's been down in the dumps. He has a half sister that has twins. I mean, the story goes on and on.

He is my age. He said he isn't into looking for a relationship but isn't opposed to going out and having a good time. Hey hey hey. Lookie here, I'm not looking for one either, but I'm all for having a good time. Wonder why they broke up? So, as I'm typing this, he came by. He said "you guys are always talking, I don't ever see you doing any work." Then he pointed at me and said "well, her I do" I said thats right, I'm a model employee, my boss sits next door, tell her that.

So then the girls got up and said he was flirting with me. I swear, I'm dense if that was flirting. I dunno anything about this stuff. As always, I will keep you informed on the ever-changing story that is me.