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Friday, August 19, 2005

Consider Me Considerate...

Because, I am so sweet! At least I make up for not being romantic!!!! I took another test on OKCupid (see below)

I can sum it up much better than they did...in laymens terms:

I won't buy you flowers, or write you love notes. I won't read your mind and do things for you before you need them to be done. I won't give you the remote. I won't give up my TV time altogether, but maybe a little since I AM over half sacrificing. I won't share my stuff cus then I won't have any stuff left for me. I will think about you a whole lot while I am not being romantic and sacrificing. Because I can be thoughtful, I might remember that you needed that toilet paper while your on the shitter, or, that you like when I scratch your back. But I could forget, since I am not THAT thoughtful. And, I'll enjoy being touched, since I am sensual. But I'll also enjoy eating too, cus that is a sense. And I guess I could touch you back, since touch is also a sense, but not if you smell. Because, that footnote should be added--sensual unless you smell.

But, I'm sweet!!! I'm considerate!! I like to have sex. Where is that category? I won't use your bath towel to wipe my toothpaste mouth on!

Is that all that bad? I must not be that bad, cus I do have a boyfriend and he seems to be pretty happy with me. And the sex. But mostly with me! (and the sex)

You scored 59% Sacrificing, 28% Romantic, 69% Thoughtful, and 57% Sensual!
Not romantic, not sensual, and not willing to give up much, but you know how to let your partner know that you care about him/her. Awww, how sweet!

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Link: The Are You a Considerate Lover Test written by darkrose33 on Ok Cupid

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