"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy 5 Months of Freedom!!...

And by freedom, I really mean, freedom from unhappiness! 5 months! Time flies when you work 2 jobs. If you don't force yourself to take time now and then, you might miss it! It's been 5 months today since me and TWDSO broke up. You know, at the time I never tought I'd get through it. But then again, I can say that I have been through way worse, and survived! And really, it wasn't that bad. I had honestly had leaving him in the back of my mind for a while, thats why I started to work another job, to save money. It just happened earlier than expected. I was suppose to do it around xmas time, and chickened out!

I am really, truely happy now! Things I have done/learned/accomplished in my 5 months of freedom to remind me why I do not NEED a man:

1)Got my own apt, w/o borrowing money, or going to cash advance, within 2 wks of breaking up with that loser. (had friends help me actually move my stuff, but they do not count as men, even if some are men)

2)Got approved for a mortgage, so now I know I can get a house some day!

3)Pay my own bills

4)I am not in cash advance! (big feat for me!)

5)I have food

6)I can sit around naked all the live long day (to the neighbors: tayray and ahnolde, this should be a warning to not pop over, cus I really do that)

7)I have a garage, that I park my car in! (TWDSO never let me park in HIS garage!)

8)lost a pet, and survived

9)Bought Tivo. It's mine. Forever.

10)Lost 28lbs (yay me!)

11)Still working 2 jobs 8 months now.

12)Got a bonus at the second job!

13)Fixed my own sweeper a couple times(menswork!)

14)Replaced the belt on my sweeper (menswork!)

15)Moved my treadmill downstairs (granted I put some holes in the ceiling and walls but I didnt need a man to do it. menswork!)

16)Bought a washer and a dryer brand spanking new! They're mine, all mine!

17)cleaned my hot water tank out (menswork!)

18)turned the temp down on my hot water tank(menswork!)

19)carried 2 a/c upstairs, and installed them (menswork!)

20)living alone, I have a trash bag that lasts me in the kitchen 2 weeks. TWDSO blamed me
for filling it all the time, cus he had to cart it out.

21)I kill my own bugs (with the exception of the arachnophobia time, when WG killed the giant spider and its billion babies, that was a special circumstance!)

22)I have made several successful trips to cleveland w/o a man. I even drove
3 of those times!

And two things I don't miss....

1)THERE IS LIFE W/O SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2)You really don't need to decorate your house with toys

And lesson learned?

1)Last but certainly not least: I deserve to be happy. And, I am!

Work really sucks at night now. WG isn't there much, and he is quitting. And when he IS there, its only 2 hrs til I go home. Bubba isn't working with me anymore. I think we might work together 2 days a week but she has really odd hours at both jobs now. Last night, I was forced to make new friends. I had no one to talk to, and the computers kept going down on a new job (which sucked) we all had to do. Last night...I made a whopping 29 bucks! That's for 4 hours, you do the math! A good day for me is over $50. An average day is $40. Boringgggg! So i talked to this new guy who sat by me.

I had a computer that hummed all night, and a chair that was flipped forward so I had to hold myself on the chair with my legs all night, or I would slide off of it. This is the honest to God's truth! And I couldn't lean back, or I would fall. The upside? I got a killer 4 hour workout on my quads, and inner thighs! I might just seek that chair out every night, and I could kill someone with my scissor leg hold!!

I finally get my hair done this wknd. Hallelujah! I got some tacky roots going on!!! It's friggin' expensive to get your hair colored. For years, I just did it myself. For 10 bucks in a box. Oh well, I deserve it. I aspire to not mess with my hair weekly, and be a kitchen beautician like my momma is.

Today's Question:

What was the worst experience you've ever had involving alchohol?

This is a though one, cus I like the drink. I have had several bad experiences. I think
But, I spose the worst would be Bubba's 22nd Bday. We got a limo and went to the flats in Cleveland. I recently watched the video. Not pretty.

We drank a bottle of fire water on the way up, and 151. Plus Beer. Then, drinks at the bars. We danced ON the bar. What did me in I believe, and makes me cringe to this day, was the Happy Bowl. Have a Nice Day Cafe. I don't know that its even up there anymore. But they give you a big plastic fish bowl w/a bunch of straws in it. You gotta carry it around like a football cus its big!
I dunno wtf is in it, but supposdly its like kool aid. I remember carrying it around and everyone drinking out of it. I sat with a stranger and was too drunk to move. I ate a man on the street's chili cheese fry, just one. I puked in the alley way. I puked the entire way home. On the video, its me puking. And people taking pics of me puking. And holding their noses. And laughing. HA HA shes dying! how hilarious! My ex husband was the worst one. I kept making myself puke, I couldn't stop.

Those dumbfucks threw out my stuff cus i puked in it. Ex fought w/the limo driver. Kat had to call my brother to come get me at the limo place. (come get me, i dont feeeeeel good!) My ex husband, left me! Stayed with Bubba, and this bitch who use to be my friend and I later found out kissed my husband! He left me to fend for myself! Kat was the only one who cared if I lived! I just wanted to be taken care of!!!
My momma had to take care of me, when I was 23, and married!!!!! I slept w/her, and she says she smelled my puke breath all night! I was sick for days. My entire body was sore, from puking so much! I also don't remember a lot of the night. That was bad!!

Happily, I know my limits. I havnt been sick since my last Bday. And, This bday, will be much, much worse!!!!


Ahnolde said...

Well, I won't pop over!! I might ring your doorbell and run home a lot more now though!!
My worst experience with alcohol was definately my bachelor party. I was out drinking for TWO hours and home puking and in bed. Went to a strip club, had about 5 beers and 10 shots in 1 hour, went to a house party, had a fifth of vodka, a fifth of firewater, and 5 shots of tequila in the next hour. Got home around 8PM!! And puked for the next 3 hours. Went to bed, didn't wake up until 6PM the next night!! Don't worry TayRay, I won't get to wasted next time!! haha

Tayray said...

My worst experience with alcohol, I found out the other day that I am a binge drinker!!!! #1 experience was Milk and Cookies wedding, it was my first date with Ahnolde, and I puked on myself and all over his friends car. He still kissed me good night that night, what a keeper!!!! Also back in the blog for the month of June, it talks about my birthday night with the limo, NOW THAT WAS A GREAT NIGHT!!!!

Mon said...

Ahnolde, it is a good thing you are mending your ways and pumping up now! There still could be time to correct this mess!
Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? What if you need help one day, you or tayray fall, and ring my bell, and I dont answer cus your always f*ing around!? Hmmm?

Ahnolde said...

Oh come on know Mon, I don't ring your doorbell, TayRay does!! OK, I did once, but that was a very drunken night! And who said I was mending my ways, I can pump up and still get trashed, as witnessed at the last bonfire, and will be witnessed at the next one!! haha