"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby...too cold! .....

Yesterday, I ran 4 miles in 50 minutes on my lunch break, on a slight incline (which is a new development this past few weeks).

Then, after work, I brought my bootcamp clothes, and did an 8 mile bike ride.

After that, I trucked it to bootcamp, where we had an hour and ten minute (usually a 45m class) ass kicking on the step, where I used a riser, which is also a recent addition to my workouts.

By the time I left, and stopped at the store for a bag of ice, there were tornado sirens going off. I spent the next couple hours consoling scared pets.

And then, I did it. I took my first ice bath!

I admit, I was afraid, and thought it was stupid, but on the recommendation of one of my running friends last weekend when I pulled an ass muscle, I gave in.

I could barely walk up my stairs to the bathroom I was so stiff and sore. I took two ibuprofin, sat in the ice bath for 8 long, and torturous minutes......

But...today? I feel fabulous! No soreness, no stiffness, and I am ready for another three workouts!

The true test of changing my eating is going to be this weekend. When I go to my family reunion. The polish side. Where I have to resist the most delicious foods known to man.

I'm taking, um, an apple, and some cucumbers, and a chicken breast.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sara Evans - A Little Bit Stronger

“When you can tell the story and it doesn’t bring up any pain, you know it is healed.” - Iyanla Vanzant>

Me? I'm getting there....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

Well, I believe if you put things into the universe, they find their way to you. I said I wanted to buy a house this year. But I kept saying I'm not ready because I havn't saved any money. What if something breaks? Etc...Mostly, I'm afraid to hear that I can't get financed due to my past...(foreclosure, but it was over 10 years ago)

And then I went to my girlfriends to pick up a candle order, and noticed two houses down was for sale.

I kept thinking about it. It's in the same neighborhood I bought my house in when I was married, very decent, affordable, non-crackheady.

I took mom out over the weekend to see what she thought. Two car garage, fenced yard, giant front porch for sipping cocktails in my porch swing. Central a/c, remodeled kitchen, new furnace, new roof. Three bedrooms, one bath. 3 glorious stories for me and the fur herd.

So, whatever happens, happens - I'm taking a "step" toward my future. No more waiting on someone else to decide what they want before I make a move and that feels pretty damn good! Especially since I know that someone else couldn't find such an amazing deal on such a decked out house in that big city he refused to leave.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking on Sunshine...

So tonight was my 8 week weigh in. My goal for May 31st was to lose 30lbs. After I started adding workouts to my boot camp commitments, I decided that 8 weeks was a better goal.

I am only 1lb short of that goal. So to me, I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lost 29 lbs in 8 weeks, which means I averaged 4lbs/week.

That is 15lbs a month. (I even amaze myself!)

Done with hella hard workouts, (two a days 5 days a week) buckets of sweat, a score of dry heaves (which I have not had in the past couple weeks!) lots of hot spa baths, not giving into cravings, dedication, eating right, and eating ENOUGH and being stress free!

Having achieved this goal for me, has given me an indescribable sense of pride, and accomplishment!

Now, for the next 30lbs!

And if the world ends tomorrow, (which I do not believe in one bit) at least I'll go feeling on top of the world. With no regrets in any aspect of my life, and ready to come back to my cushy life as a fat pampered house cat, as reincarnation is my belief as a Buddhist .


P.S. My latest "guilty" pleasure, is mashed cauliflower. Everyone says how it is a great alternative for mashed potatoes, and I concur!

1 head of cauliflower steamed
2 cloves garlic
1 sweet onion
1/4c spray butter (no calories)

Puree in the food processer until creamy and delicious! It's so filling, and you can season it so many ways!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Health Check!

Work had the hospital come in today to conduct a biometrics test.

I am happy to report that I am a shining example of health! I even got smiley faces next to all my test results!

I was slightly worried, that going for a wellness test would produce some sign of un-wellness since I was just doing it for the heck of it.

But, I have lowered my blood pressure, which was good before my recent diet/exercise change. I have excellent blood sugar, cholesterol and my risk factor for cardiovascular disease is 2.7 (the goal is 4.3 or less)

The nutritionist said I am doing everything right as well, and had no advice for me. ME!

The bonus is, that I am only 1.7% short of being out of the obese 1 range and into obese on the BMI scale too. Last year, I was obese 3, despite the fact that I worked out 5 days a week.

I am excited to take the test again in a year and see how much more I improve over the year.

Healthy? Yea, that's me!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Laugh Your Ass off...

Go see Bridesmaids.

Take your girlfriends.

Laugh out loud!

This was one of my favorite parts, when she mixes some pills with scotch on the plane!


Monday, May 09, 2011

Drill Sergeant...

Saturday, I did an outdoor run. I never do these, because, well, lets face it they are way harder than on the treadmill. I did 4 miles, at about a 12 minute mile pace with a girlfriend, she kept going to do 10 and I did two with her, and two back. Four for me inside is cake.

Outside? Ummm...I felt that all weekend!

Tonight at boot camp I was made an example of, for the first time.

After we did 200 "run it over's" (which is four run counts to the right, jump squat, and four jumping jacks, then to the left) (where I threw up in my mouth exactly three times...what IS the secret to not getting nauseus?) I was "too slow" picking out weights, so she made me do football runs for five minutes.

Then while we were doing speed bicep curls, she asked me if I thought I was in the Matrix tonight and stood in front of me while I did them faster.

Have I mentioned this is over the sound system w/a microphone?

I pay a hefty rate to be pushed like that, and it's worth every penny.

And now, some photos for the hell of it.

My Mr. Magoodle the shih-poodle and his purple elephant. Having 10 teeth pulled didn't put a damper on the cute!

Someone has a muscle!!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Obligatory weight update..

Today at work I sported a fitted T-shirt, and a size smaller jeans. I got a lot of comments on my weight loss. The pounds aren't astronomical, but I am definatly shrinking, and my old clothes just don't fit, at all. It was a sort of "coming out" for me. I felt amazing!

I love having a waist, muscles, and a pep in my step!

So far, I'm down 24lbs in 6 weeks after my official weigh in tonight.

A mere 16lbs to goal!!!! I'm over half way there! After that, I'm aiming for a size, not number, so whatever happens, happens.

I will say, that I can't wait until I am on maintenance, and I am not doing double workouts each day. Two showers a day, two make up applications, two blow dries, two flat irons, two workout outfits to wash, it's all a hassle. (the second wouldn't be so necessary if I didn't have a super duper crush on a security guard that patrols my area at the office....swoon.)

Tonight after bootcamp, I didn't want to shower and primp AGAIN before shopping, so I just spritzed some of my dog's powder fresh cologne in my hair and blew it dry. Classy!!! Don't knock it til you've tried it!! (and I have Jonathon Anton's "redo" spray, it has nothing on my dog's spray!)

I started weight training two weeks ago (P90X, and Jillians 30 day shred) a few days a week, so my weigh ins have gone from 6lbs a week to 2, and then 3 the past two weeks.

I was disappointed at first, until I reminded myself, that to lose 3lbs, I had to burn off 10,500 calories in 5 days to achieve it. And then I kinda feel bad-ass instead!

Tonight I was told to eat MORE. How awesome is that? I'm doing 10 workouts in 5 days, so I need to up my calorie intake in the form of another small meal. Never in a billion years did I think what I am eating now, would ever fill me up or sustain me, but it really does.

Just like everything in life, weight loss is a mind game. Happiness, success, you name it. If you get your mind to believe you can achieve it, the rest just falls into place.

I continue to feel the happiest I have ever felt, and believe the universe knows what is in store for me, so I don't stress.

Whenever anything is meant to happen, it will happen. And I my friends, am open, and ready!!

Tomorrow? An eleventh workout for the week, a four mile run with my girlfriend...as I plan on imbibing some delicious, sweet, ever-friendly wine in celebration of being the best me I can be!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Good things and Good People...(namely ME)

I had mentioned before how things at the job were changing. The new boss thing went through. No one really can stand this person, I told this persons boss, who asked me before making the change, that I can get along with anyone. And, I really can. I'm easy going, go with the flow.

Let's hope I don't eat my words. But the reason behind it was selfish...my development as a manager with the company will be more attended to with the new boss.

But this isn't about stuffy old work stuff.

I met with my old boss who first, who told me that my merit increase went through. Which, you know, 3% is always nice to see each year. But on top of that? The company decided to re-evaluated my salary, and that I needed an adjustment. So, ummmmm, someone ended up getting a 7.5% raise!!!!!! (ME!!) (this also means my BONUS next year will be even MORE!!!)

I was completely caught off guard. I mean, when I was promoted from a lowely secretary, I couldn't believe the raise they gave me, which doubled my salary at the time and enabled me to quit working two jobs.

Now? All I have to say is that I am sure glad my job at my last company was eliminated after 7 faithful years, which led me to the current employer. And that I didn't waste tens of thousands on college, and instead went to vocational school to learn my office-ly talents, was taught a good work ethic from my parents, and am just plain awesome.

Oh, and I'm also glad that I get a bad-ass discount on jewelry, because in celebration of my new found wealth, I am trading in my 1/3ct princess cut earrings, for 1/2ct! HALVES! I can hardly stand it! Before you know it I'll be on my way to full carats!

Ok, so I'm also being responsible and putting the entire raise automatically into a savings account, so that I can buy new furniture, and save for my very own house, since I seem to be getting along just fine without it.

I can hardly believe how fantastic things are going, just because I believed they would! It's kinda my reward for being jerked around the past few years. I'll take it!

P.S. Officially only two sizes from REAL goal size. I am into my "I'll live with it" size. But I'm not settling!

I think I'm going to get my run on while listening to this song today. Oh yea.