"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Glowing Review....

I had my review at job #2. It was one year January 16. One year. The lady who gave me the reveiw didn't know me and asked my friend K if she knew who I was, she was standing right next to me, and she said "she's right here, isn't she adorable?" I think that made her think I was 'special' because the entire review she would say "do you understand?" "am I going too fast?" "do you need me to slow down?" "Do you have any questions?" "do you understand?" "do you need me to repeat that?" "Do you want to ask me anything?" "Are you sure this isn't too fast?" "just tell me to slow down" "now if you need me to repeat anything you let me know"

The review itself only took maybe 10 minutes, there isn't much to it, it's data entry. It consisted of 4 categories, and 1 sheet of paper. I skipped 2 saturday meetings so I had to pick a CD to listen to about sales. You have to have like 6 hours dedicated to the cause for this place or something. I was informed by the others that I didn't need to listen to it, so I am not. I'll pretend like I learned a whole lot!

We don't get raises, basically I am eligible for the year-end bonus again. So, if I stick around til June, I can get 4-600 bucks for absolutely nothing. It's tempting. Because I also get an extra 200 for medical again. But, on days like today, I can't picture myself making it through the week!

K left her husband. It is kinda sad, but at this point she isn't upset about it. She had done it before and tried to work it out. They have a son. Her birthday was saturday and she spent it moving in with her mom. It sounds like a good thing, so I put on a happy face and told her she made the right choice. It's just sad when stuff like that happens. But, she's still young, and can start a whole new life.

Bubba lost her job. It's really sad!! She doesn't even know why, which makes it worse. Their a bunch of assholes is why. I feel so bad for her, I've been there. And it seemed that I had to lose everything, before I made it on the way back up.

I finished that book 'The Wedding'. Know who read it? Luke Duke!!!! I was in loooove with Luke Duke when I was a youngin! It made me cry! It really didn't change my thoughts in any way other than to reinforce the fact that I am a lucky girl. The things the man in this book did for his wife, to show her he still loved her, are things that CP does for me now. The best thing I heard was that a successful marriage is based on the 4 A's. Appreciation, Affection, Attention, and Acceptance. It seems so simple doesn't it?

What he does to start to show his wife that he loves her is helping her do things. Men are so dumb that this tends to escape their grasp. We feel so overwhelmed as women, working,.... and coming home and working on the house,....taking care of the man, the pets, kids if you got em! A woman's work is really never done! It's the sweetest gesture for a guy to simply take on some of those tasks. We dont see it as housework, we see it as one less thing we have to do, that you value our time. That you would like to spend time with us, so you lighten our 'load'.

I heard the best phrase ever on wife swap. "A happy wife is a happy life". I told CP I couldn't wait to get married and adopt this new philosophy. He has said something to that effect to me before, so he gets it. lol. I think it is the best phrase ever.

I started 'For Laci' last night, written by her mom, read by her mom. (Laci Peterson) It is pretty sad, I keep crying. I have PMS big time!!!! But to hear the sleaze ball things Scott did and said to the family make ya sick! Like how much he did NOT want a baby, and how much Laci DID. It's a little more personal view of everything that happened.

Today's Question:

What's your favorite motto or phrase?

I love 'we do not become what we want, we become what we believe'

Doncha Love Being Informed?...

Happy 30th to my good friend Katie.
Welcome to the club.
It just keeps getting better!!!!!!

So, I caught up on all my Oprah episodes. First off. Who the fuck cares about James Frey's book controversy..A Million Little Peices. I bet most girls my age read that book 'Go Ask Alice'. I know that it scared the shit out of me from ever doing drugs. I felt her pain when she locked herself in the closet to get rid of the bugs crawlign on her, only to wake up and have scratched off her own skin! I read it thinking it was this girls actual diary. Was it? I really don't fucking care. I think it was the same deal, it wasn't really true...It was a good 'book'.

The smoking gun thought different.

Leave the guy a alone! So, he embellished some stories? They tried to make him admit to being a liar, no matter how many times he said he added to stories to make them more interesting, they'd say 'you lied?' drop it! It is a good story, who really cares? The worst part of that show was Oprah asking him about the girl in the story committing suicide. He wrote that she hung herself. "Was that true?" she asked. "She did commit suicide" he answered. "She hung herself?" Oprah said. "She slit her wrists" he replied.

I thought that was just fucking rude. The whole problem people are having is he classified it as a 'memoir' and not a biography. So what? Did he hurt anyone? I think not! I take great interest in this, because I myself have an interest in one day writing my own story. Whether or not it's ever published, or anyone reads it, I don't care. But, for people to tell you that you remembered things wrong, is stupid. I'm sure any one of my friends could read my journals, and have been a part of whatever I wrote about, but they won't remember the same way. People remember different details, and of course, I'm dramatic, so I make things seem worse than they are sometimes. That is all for good story telling. To the world, I say piss off and let this guy alone. Millions of people read the book, it helped some get off drugs, so why knock it down and make those druggies feel duped? They already changed the description to read 'fictionalized' memoir.

I felt personally, the worst part was, that he was on Larry King, and Oprah called to support him, then, had an entire show about how she regretted supporting him.
Get a fucking life. So, she'll take her endorsement off the cover. So what, she already did a show about how great the book is, that can't change. Still the same book!

The other thing I didn't appreciate learning about was terrorists, and how they are going to strike again. There were 2 terrorism specialists on there, and being informed is much more troubling than walking around being ignorant! It made me dream that a bomb was dropped on us. What's up with that crap Bin Laden said he'll strike in the heart of our land. Ummmm, hello........OHIO IS THE HEART OF IT ALL!!!! They said he is making threats because if they leave Iraq to defend us here he will have 'won'. Ok, whatever!

I also learned, that should the bird flu get bad, we'd all die. They don't have the means to make enough vaccines for it, and it would be like the 1800's again. Isn't that nice to know? Get yourself a mask. They said when you need them, there wont be any around. Go, get them today!!!!

Today's Question:

What do you think about any of these topics?

Monday, January 30, 2006

Another Week Begins!....

I swear I really am allergic to work. I sat down and not 2 minutes later I sneezed twice and my nose is stuffed up one second, running the next. I should get some sort of compensation for this. I'm exhausted. What a great way to start the week! In order to cut down on my weekly tired-ness I opted to sleep til 11 yesterday, and have a 2 hour nap, and bed at midnight. (my normal time)

We took a walk Saturday, and I cleaned the garage and laundry room. I got all the Xmas stuff neatly put away, and cleaned all the car crap off my garage floor. Sunday I cleaned the rabbits house, washed all their carpets. Spent a ton of time with them. Chelsea loves when I clean their space, she gives a billion kisses. She's my snugglebunny!

Extreme Makeover was awesome yesterday! People who share my dream! I was so jealous of all the space they got to save more animals. I wish! I laughed at the guy who tried to pick up the bunny and got charged! Some bunnies don't like to be harassed the way he was harassing him! That's what he got! People don't expect that from a bunny! I loved seeing another woman on TV call herself "momma" and say "momma's hoooooooooooooooome" to all the animals! I'm not the only person with sense in the world!

Watched some movies, I was unimpressed with Wedding Crashers, and I like Vince Vaughn. I think it was more of a guy movie, cus of all the 'fear of commitment' and player shit in it. I thought it was OK and that's it. The Devil's Rejects was actually decent. I actually had to look away a couple times, thats rare for me.

Window shopped at the bridal shop. They had the prettiest bridesmaids dresses. They were I'd say, light brown, or chocolate brown and gold, or champagne and I loved the styles. So, being a woman I thought about what flowers would look nice with those, and I decided that my favorite flower, sunflowers, would be perfect, and everything would be perfect for a fall wedding. It's the first time I even consindered not having a 'color'. It's too hard to match colors as it is, but with those, it would be much easier. And, I'd love to have the colors of fall. But then again everyone gets married in the fall. I just want it to be what I want. I'm a woman!

But, I'll never afford it, not when I owe the fucking government, and the fucking CITY I live in, which isn't a CITY but charges taxes like a CITY does!!!!!!!!! I have to pay the city where I work, AND the city where I live. This is the first time EVER I've had to do BOTH! ASSHOLES! This entire year of taxes sucks!

I got a rootbeer candle from Yankee. It made us crave rootbeer. We had rootbeer floats. Is there a more delicious invention? I think not!

Another month is down the tubes. I feel like this entire last year has passed me by!

Today's Question:

What is the most annoying habit your mate has?

I'll pick flooding the bathroom

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday Tidbits...

Well I said I am locking myself indoors for the wknd. I'm not leaving! I rented us 5 movies, and I'm cleaning, organizing, and holeing up with my fiance! But we left. We went to Yankee Candle, they had buy one get one half off!! And a few other places. CP took me to IHop. MMM.

We went to The Exchange and a bunch of cops and an ambulance was there. We walked down cus it was by the Sprint store...TWDSO's store. Too bad it wasn't his store, but Starbucks got smashed into by a mini van. How the fuck that happens don't ask me. It's in a small plaza with no room to pick up speed, so the asshole who did it was a moron. Or old. It was pretty funny to see, we actually walked up there to look at it.

My ghost hunting group is planning a trip to Mansfield in June. Since I didn't get to go last year, I signed us up. I don't think I told CP that yet, but he'll be ok with it.

I'm still craving chocolate cake. It has not gone away. But, if I eat cake, I won't stop til the entire cake is gone, so it's best I have a fudgecicle instead. *sigh*

I think I might have OCD. I count how many times I rub deoderant under my armpits. I always do it 13 times. I count both times. Is that excessive? I don't wanna sweat you know.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm The Best Mom EVER!...

So, I rarely check my yahoo email account, that I sign up for things at, cus, it's mostly crap.
I joined Catster in December. Man, my cats are so popular! I have a slew of friend requests for each cat! Messages saying how pretty they are, which, duh....I KNOW!

You can see all my cats by looking up my Fizzigg. She has a diary there, and she was selected in December for diary of the day. She is an aspiring writer, and spokescat for the family.
Tai Ming has a new friend, who also likes to eat her food high up and away from the other cats. This kitty is also a siamese blend!

Fozzie, was called 'Foxy Fozzie' (I think she has a gentleman friend)

Popularity is a direct reflection of how a cat is raised. If I weren't such an outstanding role model, they wouldn't be well liked. What can I say? So, you can go visit my babies if you love furry cuteness (cus my cats are undeniably the cutest on earth) and see all their cute friends!!!! Be sure to leave them some treats!!!

Enough about my perfect children!

Work was a hoot last night. For some reason the 'special folks' were acting up. They all seemed to have bad nights with the copier. Cussing, turning red, crying, talking to it. It was classic. Then cane guy who plays the same song all the time (some golden oldie that repeats 'im telling you now....') was in the atrium blasting it more than usual cus we all heard it inside the office. A supervisor had to go tell him to quiet down. He's the one that just freaked out, and the one who wears strings on his pants. All you can do is laugh. The new strange 'special' guy, that stares at my friend K, asked her if she needed help to her car last night when we left. He is a little creepy, she said no. He also tried to get into another girls car the day before.

There is a new girl there that I went to school with. I don't think she knows me, we were in different grades, and I am well disguised under loads of fat. She is on probation, after release from prison for being involved with a meth lab. Last week, she was at another house that got busted. She tells us this on break. She has 3 kids that her mom has custody of. She said it's a matter of time before she goes back to jail. I hope they come get her at work, I love drama!

I paid for K's gas on break. She only had $2.20 in change and was embaressed to pay for it, like I care, I did it for her. I said it'll be my good deed for the day.

I got my $200 bonus for my medical insurance. They included it in my taxable wages so I really only got an extra $90 on my check. Fucking asshole government. I wonder what would happen if I just forgot to file my taxes this year? Usually I get my money back in February, I file asap. I am now wondering how close to April I can make my tax appointment. BASTARDS!

Today's Question:

Do you have a favorite pet?

It's no suprise that Fizzgig is my favorite cat, a.k.a 'my precious'. But then, Chelsea is my favorite bunny, and Little Hill is my Favorite doggie. I love them all but seriously its gigabyte! I swear she understands me when I speak to her. I don't want to think about what will happen when she leaves this world. I'll be devestated!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Apples and Oranges.....

I know, it isn't nice to compare, but me and Kat were talking about what a dillhole my ex TWDSO was and some of the dumb things he did. You know, you realize these things in hindsight. The main thing that I hated was he refused to do menswork. I was more of a man, in that I didn't let trivial things piss me off, and I had to do all the men's work around the place.

Once, the garbage disposal quit working. It sat that way for a week, with dirty food water in the sink, which attracted gnats. He didn't try to unclog it, or even look at the garbage disposal. He was raised to not have to do a damn thing in his life, his parents did everything for him. Anyhow, after a week of living like that, I decided to open the cabinet, and see what I could see with the disposal. Right in plain view, is a big red button that said 'reset'. What the hell, I pushed it, and holey shit, the disposal started working! A fucking monkey could have done it, but not TWDSO - that was too hard.

Another thing he was famous for was throwing money away. Now, we made about the same amount of money, he made more cus of commission but we had the same salary. I certainly didn't enjoy throwing money away cus I don't consider myself rich. He would always say "I'll hire someone for that". ...

The bathroom door knob needed replaced. He wouldn't replace it because "one day I'm having the bathroom re-done". It was almost a year later that this happened, meanwhile, the doorknob didn't work properly and you could get stuck in the shitter. I moved 2 screws on that thing, to fix it. Me. The woman.

He had his house painted. He bought the paint then hired people to paint it. He tried to do it with his dad, and as far as they got was pressure washing the house. The over 100 year old, wood sided house. Needless to say they ruined a good portion of the wood and made swirly marks in it. We couldn't possibly paint the house, he took a week off work to try to paint it, with a friend. That lasted I think 2 days when he decided it's too hard. Why? Cus he is not a man and he can't do men's work. I offered to help, but I'd be doing it myself.

We remember how he wouldn't even change my tire for me. He wouldn't even check my oil. "I pay people for that"

Every season, I, the woman, had to carry the A/C in and out of the house....to the DETACHED garage nonetheless. He wouldn't help me. He had a 'bad back' yet, when the Dr. told him to fix it he needed to do exercises to strenghthen the muscles, that was too hard for him and he didn't. Instead, he had to act like an 80 year old man, when he was only 30. His excuse was, that he didn't like air conditioning and if I wanted it, I had to carry it. Dick.

I single handedly landscaped his fucking yard. He never helped me. I did it all by hand, no rototilling. I lugged all the dirt, grass, rocks, and plants by myself. Now, you see why I took everything, or killed what was left when I moved out! I also had to do 100% of the house work, and the outside work. He mowed the grass, and did his laundry. I was a maid, only, I paid HIM to live there!

This is a big plus for my CP. He is a real man, who does men's work. And, I don't have to worry about asking him to do anything, cus I know at least he will attempt it before saying he can't do it. I have a screw in my sweeper that keeps falling out when I sweep, and the handle pops off. I put it back in but it keeps coming out. I asked him if he could screw it in cus for some reason I'm not getting it. I got home and he told me it's missing a nut and he is going to go get a nut to fit the screw and fix it. Someone else I knew would have bought a brand new sweeper, even though my sweeper is only a year old!

He put a new faucet in my bathroom too. And, fixed lots of things on my car. If I can't figure something out, he can. And he's good at math too! I really lucked out with this one. He also cooks, and has been doing the housework while he is laid off. He's smart and can fix computers too! Like I've said before, I wonder when he'll turn into that pumpkin? Or...maybe a frog? I'm not accustomed to having everything that I want in 1 person. I could go on forever but I won't bore you. At least not today!

I'm pretty tired of making 5 meals a day at night. As if I don't have enough shit to do in my 2 hours at home? Ugh! I did however, lose 5lbs in 3 days. I even got it down pat as to what I can eat and don't have to follow a list so it's getting easier. I believe it's something I can continue forever, which is what I need. I'll still have some bad things here and there. I am adding a sugar free fudgecicle a day to my food. Why? Cus its only 40 calories, and it makes me happy, and not run to the vending machine to eat loads of chocolate! Also, I've passed the hump of the 'good for you food' tasting tasteless, and now I enjoy it. You just have to get past those first few days of 'suffering'.
(Lost to follow -don't read if you don't wanna know nothin!)
Lost was freaking awesome, except I dont know much about religion, I bet there is all kinds of meaning in that episode. I did put it on slow when Charlie's dad was chopping the head off that doll cus for a split second they show the meat case behind him, close up, and it has a chopped to peices doll inside of it. Weird. What if the people who've died went to hell? What if they are in purgatory, and only people who've been baptized get to be saved? I felt bad for Charlie, cus no one believed him but that is the pain of being a drug addict.....people will always assume you are cracked out when you have visions, and sleepwalking and don't know why.

Interesting story Eko told about John the baptist, how it rained after he baptized Jesus. Remember the weird painting in the hatch, with the sun and the rain? The reference to the bible Eko found about Noah, and it raining 40 days and 40 nights...the ship that was found up so high it had to have gotten there from a flood. All this means something. What? who fuckin knows! But the previews next week show the rain coming, after baptising Aaron and Claire. Interesting! And why could only Charlie save the baby? I will be so pissed when this show is over for the season!

Today's Question:

What is the lowest thing you have ever done?

Had an affair. It's the only thing I've done bad that really bothers me this many years later. It's that whole 'do unto others' thing...getsya every time!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

There Isn't Really Structure to This One....

It's hump day which means I'm 1/2 way to my full capacity of tiredness, and in 2 days I'll be useless. What's good about today, is that I'm having strawberries instead of grapefruit, and their 100% more delicious. I feel fantastic other than the fact that I'm woozy from lack of sleep. Working is making me a crabby bitch. I barely know myself anymore. I'm just not me! Although I think I may have always been...my own mother got me a magnet stating 'being a crabby bitch is part of my charm'. Nice.

I had a pretty good laugh at American Idol last night. People are so stupid. I just wanna sleep. Tired. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So I'm minding my business at work last night and they page me to the phone. I know it's big when someone calls my work vs. my cell phone. It's CP. He's at Tayray's. He told me she chopped her cats tail off. What I'm thinking is, she chopped her cats tail off! When I talked to Tayray she was still upset and hard to understand but she said she shut his tail in the door and 1/4 of it fell off. So, I'm imagining this poor cat has a bloody stump for a tail, 1/4 a tail is a lot! I said to call Bubba who works at the animal hospital!!! Turns out it was 1/4 an inch, not 1/4 his tail. Regardless the poor little guy is hurt.

I just took my outdoor light up snowman in on Saturday, because Tayray faced him backwards. I thought it was a sign that he'd overstayed his welcome.

CP took down the other tree yesterday. Yea, I still had one up. I have no time! This wknd I'm spending my time organizing the laundry room, doing laundry and putting all the Xmas stuff away. It's packed up at least - hey, I got no time! He's my hero. He saved my life a few weeks ago, he pulled me from being hit by a car backing up. He really does love me! We ran into some people from work this wknd, at 2 stores. Monday one of the girls said she liked my fiance already, cus the last time she saw me at the grocery store, with my ex, we had everything separated, and me and CP had all our stuff together. I said yea, TWDSO and me didn't share anything. He got pissed at me if I drank 'his' 5 Alive. Like, you can't get the shit at any store in the world? Everything was his or mine. There was no future there, I dunno why I didn't see it sooner.

Know what a great guy I have? He dug in the trash to find my receipts from Sunday. Both my bank accounts are overdrawn. Nevermind the fact that I had several hundred in there. All the debits went through, and not the credits from all the tool rentals. They were done the same day so now I have to spend my day running to both banks telling them to fuck off and take my overdrafts away cus that is fucking ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are scandalous!

Omg, I started listening to "The Wedding" that Nicholas Sparks book....the sequel to 'The Notebook'. I think every man should read it! When I told K at work I got it she said it would change my life. I said well The Notebook really did change my views on love. Funny when stuff like that happens. I never finished my other book yet, the other woman. I was too excited to start this other one.

What do I get to do today? Oh, yes. I spent a week working on a file. Every day. I worked on this at home too, on the wknds, cus I have no life outside work. I put it up on our website, cus I spent just as much time proofreading it. As soon as I get it online, it's wrong. It matches what I had to work from, which was apparently wrong. Not my fault, yet, I am the one who looks bad, and has to spend another few days fixing it. ilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjob.

They are giving away Edwin Tix on the radio. I won last year, cus I'm awesome. I think I'm the only person who should ever win anything. I was a fun winner, who screamed and acted a fool, and everyone got a good laugh at me on the radio. I hate when people win and say 'great, I won, alright, yea' that only means you won't enjoy whatever you won and you shouldn't hog up prizes you don't give a shit about! The stupid bitch that won yesterday DIDNT EVEN KNOW EDWIN!
Back off haters, and listen to Q104, you might hear a REAL winner on there, that's me!

Today's Question:

What would you most like more sympathy for?

Shiiiiiiit. This is easy. Working 2 jobs. It's fucking hard to have no free time, no real vacation cus you have to work at 1 job or the other, be tired all the time, can't make plans, miss fun events, drinks after work. 1 year (and 1 week) is a long fucking time to work 2 jobs. Especially when my first job isn't a cake walk either. It sucks having to say 'no' to people who invite you out. Missing concerts cus they are during the week. Dividing limited free time up between different sets of friends, a fiance, 7 pets, MYSELF, and family. All while keeping up a respectable household, that contains 7 pets and a fiance. Who make a hellofalotta messes around the joint. I don't get to see much daylight in the winter. I have to use my 45 minute lunch break to do 99% of my errand running, cus the weekends are spent doing 'fun' things, and cleaning and doing laundry, and oh yea, did I mention I have to take the time to sleep too??? I love to bitch about things!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Follow My Nose..It Always Knows...

So as usual my weekend flew by. Saturday me and CP went shopping. I bought some new plants at Target cus they were on clearance. All my houseplants died when I moved. It's pretty depressing how you put all that time and effort into something only for it to go belly up. Hopefully these guys live.

We made the long trip to Tayray's house Saturday night to play cards with her and her gentlemen friend. Me and CP didn't win, but we kicked freakin' ass at one game! We got our drinkon. It's been forever! There were good tunes on the radio, and the funniest thing was the boys singing some silly love song while we laughed at them. Since we were drinking, I don't even remember wtf it was. Shit, even Rocky Road was drinking. He nursed his beer like a baby bottle, it was pretty cute.

We had a conversation, about the difference between fucking, and making love. It was interesting. Clearly there is a difference, and it's all about feelings. CP was tipsy, which is a rarity, and pretty entertaining. Except all at once he was out of comission, and passed out after we walked all the way home.

Sunday CP worked on my car. Nothing like watching a man do menswork to get me going lol. I dunno what it is but it's hot to me. I love that he spent time figuring out how to do the job, he's smart! I think I'll keep him! He spent the day in the garage, and I re-arranged our bedroom. I wanted to copy of Tayray's setup. That's the good thing about neighbors, I didn't have to figure it out, she did it already, and I copied. Although, I do have more bedroom furniture, so I ended up putting my dresser in the closet. I couldn't sleep last night cus of the new set up, I dunno if I'll like it. Less clutter though.

So, CP had to end up getting all kinds of parts and tools to do my car. Lots of trips to the auto store. It was expensive, we got the tool rental money back though. The shitty thing is, he replaced my wheel bearing, and my car is still making that fucking noise! He said, it could just be my freaking tires being worn unevenly, that they should be rotated every oil change. Uhhh....huh huh. Too bad I've never heard such a thing, and I have never rotated them in 2 1/2 years. So, since it's cheap, I'm doing that today. We'll see. Of course, as with most things when you fix something something else goes wrong. Now, it's knocking when I turn corners, so I suspect my tie rods are going. But, obviously I've been wrong before.

We finished and started to relax about 7. It was a long day. I'm whooped today! I started my 6 day thing again. It's been a while! I love my George Foreman though, the chicken I made is pretty damn good! Last time I did it I can't say the same! You can't use anything good like, seasoning or salt so Mrs. Dash is it. (no salt) It's good on the foreman! mmmmm! I am about to fall asleep, and I'm super busy at work I have a ton of shit to catch up on, and in other words in my dept that means I'm primed for more work so I'm swamped again. Yea.

I got some new books for work tonight. I got 2 by the guy who wrote the notebook. I'm hoping they are good. One's about Noah and Ally's kids, or grandkids......ahhhhhhh.

On Robot Chicken, they did a skit on with all the old school cereal icons. It made me want cereal. Really. Bad. And, brought back memories! They made the coolest commercials back then! Tucan Sam...Cap'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, The Trix rabbit, Cocoa Puffs, the honey nut cheerios bee, I mean, who can name me a cereal phrase from a current cereal? I miss old school stuff.

Speaking of old school, I watched OLD SCHOOL Degrassi High this wknd. You know, the real Canadian version from back in the day!!!!!!!!! There was a marathon on.

Today's Question:

What was your favorite cereal icon?

I hated the trix rabbit cus he was always getting busted! But I liked toucan sam!

Friday, January 20, 2006

I Am Iron (wo)Man....?

It's finally Friday! And, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to my future husband (shhh...) Edwin McCain! He is 36. Same age as CP...hmmmmmm.... it's a sign!!!!! Have a good one cutie pie, I'm comin' to getcha May 6!!!!!

The wknd is here! La-de-da! I had a couple girls at work ask me about starting up body sculpting again when I quit my second job. I'm all for it. So, I decided last night, would be a good time to start with it again to get myself ready to 'lead' others. Holey shit! I'm sore! I can't remember the last time I worked out til my legs gave, and I wanted to puke. When we stopped doing the classes so I could take on another job, it was cake, it didn't even phase me. I did the class, then went for an hour aerobics class!!!!!! This was only a year ago! God, I use to love that! Now, it's killin me! It's weights, and toning a little cardio. I'm working on some new, interesting things for the classes. It gives me purpose when everything else seems to be going nowhere.

It's been 6 days since I had the good lovin, and it's starting to make me a lil' bitchy. I was sick for days, but last night, obviously I was good to go, I was pumpin' iron, squatting, lunging, and sweating. The man pooped out! I worked 2 jobs and killed myself working out, and HE pooped out! I'll say it again..... men are clearly the weaker sex. (no shit?)

Last night I keyed at 16,600 kph. (keystrokes per hour) the minimum to keep your job is 9,000. Basically I was kickin' ass and taking names. I only took 1 break, and I only made 44 bucks! I don't remember the last time I banked a $50 night but it seems like too damn long!

I think we might go see Hostel this wknd. Depends on how my car does. CP is suppose to fix my car. The wheel bearing. Pray that he can, cus otherwise, it'll cost me $350 to fix. Add that to the $400 I owe the government for no good fucking reason, and you got yourself a disgusted girl! I keep thinking only a little more at the second job, then something else comes up! I just need to cut my losses! I'd be golden, if CP would get his job back, and get paid regularly for 2 months. That's how I'll really be ok! I need 2 months of me working 2 jobs, and him back to work to get myself where I need to be.

My car is worth $4000. I owe $8000 something. How is it that we get fucked no matter what we do? God!

CP was fiddling with my taxes last night giving me deductions for things I never use on my taxes. He thinks he can get the amount I owe down with travel time, books I bought for work and a few other things. Well I certainly hope so! I told him if they audit me, that I'm going to run for the border, and he better come with or I'll turn him in for doing it. I'm half tempted to write a letter to the president. You know how much he cares about us, I'm sure he'd see to it that I got off paying that $400.

I watched Invasion finally. Man, that show is getting really good, even though I fucking hate aliens!!!! Their not ....really aliens though, I suppose their more like a government project. So I can like them!

Today's Question:

What is the best, and worst thing about your present job?

The best thing is that 99% of the time, I am left to work on my own. My boss comes to check on me once in a while, gives me more work, or redistributes the work load. But day-to-day I am trusted enough to work on my own. I love that. I work best when I am not hounded, and babysat. I also have a great team that I work with, and we help each other whenever we need it, and I have a lot of diverse responsibilities. And, the best boss because she works just as hard as we do. LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

The worst thing, is that I work for many people. I have 1 boss, but I support many others. Sometimes, I have several projects for different people, it's frustrating, because each person views theirs as most important, and they will hound me until I finish their project. My boss however, always supports me when I am unable to finish one task because I am busy with another.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Funny Farm....

Firstly, it's Thursday so I must go on about Lost. If you didn't watch go to the ******

Holey Mackeral! The others are Creeeee-py individuals! I still don't think the others they met, are the 'real' others. The ones that came and took the kids were more savage like. Of course, we didn't see all of them. But I think those that they talked to, from the boat, are part of the experiment in the beginning. How he said that you shouldn't open doors that shouldn't be open. And Walt said don't open the hatch, don't push the button....now they have Walt and think he is a real smart boy! They also called to "Alex". Remember, Alex is the french ladies daughter, that 'the others' came and took.

I almost stopped loving Jack when it looked like he cheated on his wife. But turns out, his wife was the skank muffin this time, and had an affair! Poor Jack! Now, Kate that skank likes Sawyer? Sawyer? If Jack hooks up w/Ana, I won't be able to stand it! But I love that he wants to wage a war against the others! Lord of the flies muh ah ah ah!!!!

How cute is Hurley? Trying to hook up! I love it! True, if you ever had a chance, it would be on a deserted island!

I think Lost is only the best show ever, and I havn't had this much fun with a show, since they killed half the cast on Days of our Lives!!!!!!

Time to play catch-up. This past wknd. I didn't do much. Friday, Bubba came over to hang out. CP went to his brothers to give us some 'girl time'. We caught up with each other's lives over beer's. Ahhhhhhhh. Beer was good! We miss the good Ol' days of yesteryear. Woke up Saturday feeling like crapola! I'm still expelling bloody chunks from my nose, but, I do feel better.

We didn't go to the party Sat. night. We went to Giant Eagle for a few things, but other than that I hadn't left the house. I slept, woke up, and slept some more!

CP is off work you know, laid off. We had far too much togetherness. All he wanted to do was play his video game, and it annoyed me. We have a big TV downstairs, a couch, coffee table, VCR. I encourage him to play down there, but he wont. It pisses me off, so I keep going down there to watch videos. It's wasted space, and it's nice to have another room to get away to.

Anyhoo, I watched Clay Pigeons. I hadn't watched that in years. I can only watch VHS down there, til I get another DVD player, which is on my list of things to do btw. That's good movie making! They don't have original ideas like that anymore, and I change my favorite Vince Vaugh performance from Swingers, to Clay Pigeons. He does an excellent psychopath! (and it doesn't hurt one bit that he is easy on the eyes)

American Idol started. I'd be more happy if my fiance hadn't mentioned the past 4 years he watched it with his ex, and it would bring back memories. It's a good thing I realize no one is as cool as me, or I might be offended. And, I spose I had it coming, considering the comment I made about a sex act on Grey's Anatomy once. What goes around comes around, they DO say!

Now, the shit I deal with at my second job...I dunno if I mentioned that crazy cane guy had a seizure last week at work, and was screaming a woman's name over and over. A woman who doesn't work there, but it is rumored she was his girlfriend.

A little back story....he was really into prison a while back, talked all the time about people who are in jail, including Martha Stewart, and talked about writing letters to prisoners. Whether it was a dream, or he really did it, is another story. He would ask our supervisor questions about jail too.

This guy is a lunatic, so either he turned crazy after his relationship, or this chick he still loves is crazy too. Anyways - he wears hundreds of colored strings on his pants. Just scraggly colored strings attached to a belt loop, kind of like a tassel, only really generic. It really looks like torn pants, or a torn belt, but, it's on every pair of pants. So - tourettes guy said that if you look closely, underneath that tassel on his pants is a womans name on a little sign, the same one he was screaming, and that there are strings and rubberbands in the urinals all the time from his little get-up. That he is re-doing the strings all the time in the shitter. It's true. It's there. I think it is some kind of voo-doo ritual!

There is a bunch of new people at work. New 'special' people. I talked to my friend about them and she said she felt bad, I said it isn't them, it's the situation. For instance there is a new hump backed guy there, he makes copies. We sit on the way to the copier. He stares at her on the way up, and the way back, and sometimes when he passes her, he will stop and turn around to look at her again. It righfully scares her. The people that work there, are like criminals, only they aren't convicted, cus their 'mental'. So they go into these special programs. Which, makes for a pleasant working environment! Not all of them are crazy, some are just legitimately slow, and harmless. Never a dull moment.

It really makes me stop and wonder...why exactly I got hired? It's enough to drive you crazy if you aren't already!

CP is gonna look at my taxes today, cus, did I mention I got fucked on my taxes? Oh, cus, I'll mention that until I get tired of bitching, which will be about NEVER!

Remember this song? (on right now) it totally reminds me of my school days. And, makes me feel old. I think it might have been a song for one of our dances.
Try to listen to it at this link. You'll thank me. Unless it brings back sad memories.

When I'm with You/Sheriff. =
I never needed love
like I need you
And I never lived for nobody,
but I live for you
Oooh, babe, lost in love is what I feel
when I'm with you

Maybe it's the way you touch me with the warmth of a sun
Maybe it's the way you smile, I come all undone
Oooh, babe, lost in love is that I feel when I'm with you
Baby, oh I get chills when I'm with you
Baby, my world stands still when I'm with you
When I'm with you

I never cared for nobody like I care for you
And I never wanted to share the things I want to share with you
Oooh, babe, lost in love is what I feel when I'm with you
Baby, oh I get chills when I'm with you

Today's Question:

What makes work fun for you?

Don't Squeeze The Charmin...

Toilet paper is an important part of our culture, if you don't think so, try camping with no TP.

I made an observation this trip to my Moms this year. No toilet paper squares on the bathroom counter. See, normally, she uses only 3 squares, and if she accidentally tears off too many squares, she tears the extra squares off, and 'saves them for later'. Cus, you might need it to wipe your mouth, or blot your fingers when you put in your contacts. (so she says)

We used the toilet in a store together, and she was outraged at the amount of toilet paper that I use.

"You only NEED three squares" she said.

"I don't like peeing on my hands" I said.

I have a method.

I wrap the toilet paper around my left hand about 8 times. When I am finished peeing, I unwrap the toilet paper with my right hand, in the opposite direction, sort of like a spool of thread. I use some, unwrap more, use it. I've illustrated this perfectly right here. (my bathroom is pink, cus in real life, its hello kitty, and she loves pink)

This method varies. For instance, if someone has generic toilet paper (like they use in public, and like CP bought for us) you have to double the rotations around the hand. This constitutes about 16 rotations. I'm guessing, this is somewhere around 25 squares. There is less absortion with the thin toilet paper, therefore, more usage is needed.

Furthermore. I use more in public restrooms, or peoples houses. Cus frankly, I didn't pay for it.

My preferred toilet paper of choice, is Cottonelle. It has absorbant ridges. Second, is Charmin. CP doesn't see the difference. But, men don't need to worry about the absorbtion factor, just that it cleans their asses, and lets be honest, they don't always clean their asses. No scented, or colored paper, because I'm sensetive!

I know someone, who takes half used rolls of toilet paper home from work, because "their just going to throw them away". I may have used this tactic before when I was poor. But when you are poor you still have to have some sort of priorities.

Things you should never scrimp on, or buy generic are, toilet paper, cheese, and alchohol.

Today's Question:

How many squares do YOU use?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Alive..Sorta...

I've been sick. Some disgusting germs have infected me. I havn't left the house since Friday, and it is now Tuesday. I've been in my PJ's sleeping. Watching TV, and well mostly sleeping. I think if I slept for days I'd still be tired.

So, this morning I'm feeling a little better, and I decide to try to do my taxes. Which I think set me back a few days. According to the IRS I didn't pay enough taxes, even though, I claim myself at one job, and claim 0 at the other. Apparently, 4 grand wasn't enough for those assholes, and I owe them $400! Now, seeing how math is not my forte, and I never do my own taxes, we're going to have a glimmer of hope that I fucked something up, and a liscensed tax professional can figure out a way to fuck the government how they fucked me! But, the tax table was what said I owed money.

BULLLLLLSHIT! Which brings me to my favorite thing to bitch about. How single, childless people get fucked all the time in every aspect of the world. If I had kids, that put a burdon on society, used the tax dollars to feed and clothe them, I'd get more money back on my taxes. But, since I am a responsible citizen of the world, and choose to take care of me and my pets, I have to pay taxes. I say, great for married people who get money back. But, why is it that those who have two full time incomes, deserve money more than someone such as myself, who has no one to depend on for their bills? Someone, who has to work like a fucking dog, to support herself? I mean, isn't that the American way? Work for what you have? I dunno, cus I'm thinking I should get knocked up and pop out a few kids so I can have a fucking vacation from work!

I hate the government. I hate that I am now going to be arrested one day for not filing my taxes cus there is no way I'm filing taxes I have to pay for, when I have no money to pay them, or anyone else!

So...I have to keep the second job, save up enough to pay my taxes, pay off a credit card, and save for a wedding, so pretty much I'll be working another year. At the end of which, I will then again owe money, cus my reward for working 2 jobs, is, paying the government more moneyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

I only made a whopping 9 grand at my second job. Like, I'm that freaking rich? What happened to the rich getting the breaks then? I'm still considered poverty if you want to be technical. I'm not even middle class! Ah, they can fuck off!!!!!!!!!

Today's Question:

How much do you love the way you get screwed on your taxes?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Go Ahead...Make My Day!...

Freaky Friday!

Good luck making my day TODAY because my day was made YESTERDAY at 12:45 when a co-worker came in to ask "You know Edwin tix go on sale the 14th right?"

*GASP!!!!!!!!!!* We all know I'm a little fanatic when it comes to my honeypoo Edwin. At last, we will reunite!

No! I DIDN'T KNOW! I've been patiently checking the site weekly cus he usually comes in December, or February. He is coming May 6th. A moment of silence while my heart skips another beat please!

My sister is of course, jealous, cus she lives in a booty town that he doesn't ever visit! I said hey, move back to the heart of rock 'n roll, and maybe you can see some concerts! Totally worth it!
I'm gonna try and talk her into coming up! We'd have a blast together. Never got to go with an actual FAN before. I normally drag someone along kicking and screaming! Some folks, just aint got no taste thats all!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com(hello sexmuffin!)

I weighed myself for the first time since before December. Not good. I am never eating again. Fucking depressing stupid fucking friday the fucking 13th! I blame you!

It is going to be 58 today. No, I'm not kidding. It was in the 50's yesterday and sunny. Ummm, where's the snow? I like the seasons to change! Point...I go home and it is SWELTERING inside. CP had the heat on 65!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER EVER EVER EVER TURN IT PAST 60!!!! I keep it at 55! Oh, I was pissed! COVER UP! It was warm yesterday for fuck's sake, people were wearing shorts, and he had the heat up to 65???? Then he tried to tell me he didn't do it. As if I would turn the heat up, or some stranger broke in to heat my apt. Men are so stupid, it's funny.

Then he fessed up "I forgot I turned it up" well he won't forget now! I put a big paper over the thermostate that says NEVER TURN PAST 55!!!

So, not only am I always telling CP to cover up and quit complaining about being cold, I also have to follow him around to turn lights off. He is getting better. It occured to me this week, that our electric will go up EVEN FURTHER because he is off work running up electric during the day. I went home and he had on 2 lamps ...when I sit in the dark! Can you believe it?

If I had the money, I'd put everything on the clapper but the phone, and call and leave answering machine messages to clap everything off at least every hour. I'm that freaking serious about the electric bill! That shit aint cheap! I know people have it way worse than me, but I seriously can't afford a $100 electric bill, especially with CP off work!

Today I want to crawl into a hole and disappear. I don't feel like facing the world at all.

Remember fun with tax money? Yea, those were the days. Once I stopped having fun with my tax money, and used it to pay on a stupid bill that never moves and I've been paying on for like, 20 years, I decided to stop giving them my fucking money. I claim myself now cus I didn't get shit back anyways!. Oh, fucking, well. I still get a smidge back. Not much though. This year, I would love to bet, that I have to pay, because working 2 jobs put me in a higher bracket.

I didn't get my bonus at my second job, it's NEXT check! grrr. But, I did get my W2's from both jobs now, so I'm off to file my taxes this wknd and see what I'm not going to get! I'm utterly depressed today. I want to cry and never stop. I feel hopeless, and run down, my body hurts, my mind hurts, I feel like I really can't go on anymore. It's one of THOSE days! I'm really down in the dumps!

Today's Question;

How's that energy bill treating YOU?

Black Mist and Drug Runners...

This first part is about Lost if you didnt watch, don't read til after the *********

Well, what do you say about Lost other than, it just keeps getting better? I read a while back that Mr. Eko was on that drug plane, well that person was almost right! What in theeeee hell?

I think they enjoy toying with us over there at Lost. I can't stand the suspenes! What the fuck did Walt say to his dad? You have to come.......??????? Come? It has to be something pretty big for Michael to go AWOL next week!

Why is Charlie storing all the freaking heroine? This can only mean trouble! Drugs are bad, especially on an island with no birth control mkay?

And, the black mist? That is what I call a freaking COP OUT! Black mist can 'be' anything. One day it'll have a name, or a form. If you are talking metaphysics, it can be the spirit of anything, or many things. I saved it so I could watch it over and over. You know how they fuck with your mind! So, I found pics of what is in the black mist online. Right here. So, obviously it shows you things from your past. Eko wasn't afraid, meaning, he must be ok w/his past. The people who freak out must not be at peace with their past. It can probably take on any form too, like the horse, and Jack's dad.

Let's not forget, Locke wasn't afraid of this monster either. They have more in common than is let on. And, I really think it is some sort of social experiment. They put these people there, tell them not to leave, push that button, and dont use the computer for anything but entering the numbers in. And, they have done that....for, how long? Years?! Maybe a test to see how long people will listen? I havn't had time to get on the msg boards. Our internet isn't up at home. But I bet there are lots of good theories out there!

Keep watching, it rocks!!!
Guess what I found? A warranty. Apparently I bought a warranty for my car. I have no idea what it is for, but it says 5 years....I have to call and see what the dilly is on that. I remember saying I didn't want a warranty though. We'll see. It might be on a theft system. But the only theft system I have is theft lock....which isn't much of a system if you ask me.

CP priced the part (wheel bearing) at $109 and the torque wrench was a $100 deposit, but a guy I work with just brought one in for me!!!! awesome!!! So, either way it'll be pretty affordable. My fiance is a smart cookie. He is going to try to fix it, he got the maintenance book from the library. He's just what I always wanted wrapped up into a little bundle of cuteness for me! He made us yummy hamburger helper for dinner too. I left him a long list of things to do today cus yesterday he didn't do anything. Structure.

I'm not too jazzed about my hair. I am letting it grow and I don't like it, so I think I'm getting it cut short again next time. Ugh! Angie is excited to do my hair for my wedding. I told her I was letting it grow so we could do more with it, and she said it's a good idea. Well, her and CP aint sporting the 'do ohh k?

Tomorrow is pay day(s) rejoice, and be happy, for I will have money to pay bills!

Today's Question:

Did you watch Lost? And tell me what you think, cus I can't get on the msg boards and I hate it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Planes, Trains and Automobiles....

That stupid adultress bitch Angelina Jolie is pregnant w/Brad Pitts baby. I can't stand either one of those stupid fuckheads!!!!! They should watch out cus cheaters get it in the end! Their baby will have 2 heads or something!

Stop the presses, they are fixing the pot holes on the road I work on. The entire side of the street is all holes, you couldn't even drive on it. It's a miracle they are fixing it!

We watched Red Eye last night. It was good flick! Not your typical Wes Craven flick, but it was still good.

This wknd we get to go to a private party at the Bier Haus for finishing the shooter crew thingy. Who the hell doesn't love a private party? I'm excited. I'd be more excited if I could afford to get drunk. But rumor has it, you get to sample all the new shots for this year's list, and sample to me means free. I'm all over it!

It kinda sucks cus Bethie's cousin's band Suspect is playing at Peabody's the same night, and I'd love to go! I havn't seen them in forever, and they are pretty good, they can jam! I told Tayray (it's her first time seeing them) to rock out with her cock out. If I had a cock, I'd be the biggest pimp ever. I'd also probably be dead cus some girl would've been fed up with me by now and bust a cap in my ass! At least I'd die with the satisfaction of knowing I did all her friends. And their friends. And their friends, you get the picture. Men can be sluts. It's ok.

Speaking of cocks! We got a new boss at work! Not an immediate supervisor, I still luckily have my boss, but they created a position above her for a guy who has been here 1 year less than me, and came from sales. He's been in the office now for like 2 years. Anyone who knows sales people, know, the office is no place for them! He comes to us from customer service. Ask me if any of those people got raises in the last couple of years, cus the answer is no. I'm not happy. My boss has been with the company like, 30 years. This guy who is just about my age, is now the director of marketing. A sales man. Marketing. Sales. While often associated together, they are way different!

So on Friday a girl I work with got a new car. We both had Alero's. Mine is 1 yr newer. She had nothing but trouble with hers. I've been really lucky no problems. I had the brakes done but CP did that and it cost me under 50 bucks. I told her that, then I knocked on wood, and I'll be damned if the very next day isn't when it started making that weird noise!!! She said it sounds like the wheel bearing she had hers done like 3 times. I looked it up online and yea, that is what it sounds like. Beautiful!

And pretty much everyone has had problems with their cars, all the same things too. This is why you don't let a salesman talk you out of your choices. I looooooove my car, it's so adorable, but I went there, 3 yrs ago, to get a Grand Am. I had a one before, and I loved it and I knew it was reliable. The Alero was slightly cheaper, and looks just like the new Grand Am's. Plus it had a sunroof, and a kickin stereo, power everything, and new tires. And, ok, the sunroof is what did it! Stupid!

The guy I work with who's cousin's husband died in the mine in WV, went to the funeral yesterday. He said you know you are in WV when the person being buried is wearing a Jeff Gordon Nascar jacket. And that's the truth.

Today's Question:

What's been your most reliable or favorite car?

I had a 92 Cavalier, and a 93 Cavalier. Both lasted me years and years. Tose were most reliable. I paid off the 92 actually, I owned my very own car! The biggest peice I ever had was a 93 ford taurus. Followed closely by my Ford Grenada, but that shouldn't count cus it was my first car, and it was 10 yrs old lol.
My fave until now was always my 93 Grand am. I loved my Alero best, but not if she is going to blow up. I can't love a car that blows up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid bitch! (don't tell her I said that!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I feel a woman has a right to choose what happens to her own body, it is not up to the law makers.

You don't have to agree with abortion. I can't say for sure if I would ever utilize this right, but the point is, it should be a right to do what you please with your body. It's a personal choice, but it's just another way the wonderfuck Bush is trying to screw us over. Don't let them take the right away.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

On the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are asking pro-choice bloggers to join us in a day of activism for choice. This is our chance to raise the profile of reproductive rights issues in the blogosphere and the media, and to let everyone know that a woman's right to choose is not negotiable. Click here to learn more.

Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox....

Ever hear that song?

Prop me up beside the jukebox, if I die...I wanna go to heaven but I don't wanna go tonight..fill my boots up with sand, put a stiff drink in my hand....

I just heard about a lady who didn't want to be buried, so she wanted to be left at home in front of the TV with the AC on. She was there for 2 years before anyone found her. Firstly, who doesn't hear from someone in 2 years? Secondly, they didn't mention if the TV was on. I'd want the TV to be on! hint.....hint....

(I can hear Bethie now....is that counnnntry??? yes, but it's from back when country was cool, you know, cus it use to be, not long ago, cool......ugh, it was a phase bout 7 yrs ago!)

What's new with me? Well, CP fractured a rib. This sucks for several reasons. He is in pain for one, and now he got layed off. The Dr. only restricted him for 2 wks not lifting over 20lbs. Now, he is off work making a fraction of his pay for at LEAST 4 weeks. Which if you read last week you know, we're already in financial turmoil! Oh, yes, this also means I won't be quitting my job in March, cus you know that thing they call hope? I have none right now!

Why else does this suck???...mmm Oh yea, wait, I work two jobs! So, while I am working all day he gets to be home. Even bigger fucking rip off! So, he's going to be a househusband. Day 1 he did pretty good. He took down the tree, and moved the ornament boxes back to the garage! Dusted, and made dinner. Cleaned the dishes he used, big score for him, and took the trash down. I'm pretty proud of him, I hope it keeps up, cus it was really nice to come home and have shit done! I had a rough night, my entire body hurts I think I'm getting sick. Why would that be? Oh...probably because it's been in the high 40's low 50's and its January......in OHIO for God's sake! No one likes the cold, but this shit is just delaying the inevitable. If it doesn't snow now, it'll still be snowing in May!

I slept like a baby! CP put my ass to sleep the right way!!!! I only woke up once during the night (which is good for me) and I slept til 7:50. What time does work start you ask? Oh, 7:45. Needless to say I was late.

And the girl I sit with at work now at job 2 started her womanly cycle a week early, and mines 3 wks late. We blame each other, you know, that whole syncing up thing. So, I should be starting very soon! We got a new job too! Sterling, pretty much if you moved, I am helping the jewelry companies find you muh ah ah ah ah. I made pretty good money for the first night on it! It's fun to learn something new!

We have 189 movies!!! I love it!!!! This does not include VHS which I have triple that in VHS. Some day CP said he'll copy them to DVD for me. Oh oh, now is the prime time for such a project if you ask me!

And, Kat already HAS that thing that she burns DVD from TiVo! I am always the last to have anything innovative! What's up with that?

The price of stamps went up. I wonder if I get a break in not paying my bills since, I have no time to get to the post office to buy new stamps, and my stupid ass car payment can't be paid online? Does the post office think raising the price of stamps is really going to help them out? I think it will make more people pay bills online! They can kiss my fucking ass with that 2 cent stamp shit! I just bought stamps, and I did not even use one yet!
Today's Question (might be morbid)

Any final wishes when you die?

I'd love to be turned into diamonds. 7 small ones, so each of my animals can have a diamond earring. Kidding....I want to be buried with all my parts. I appreciate that whole organ donor thing, and I'm thankful some people do it, in case I need a kidney or something, but I'm taking it all with me when I die. I'm selfish like that. MINE!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Might I suggest...

There is this guy on the radio this morning, talking about men. He wrote this book called voicemale. I think this book is a must have if you ask me. I'm adding it to my wish list! What men want in their marriages, their wives, what they think about sex, housework, and commitment.

Here are some points in the book: (I do this for all my girls!)

*Men propose marriage primarily because they want the physical, emotional, and intellectual companionship of a woman. Men like company.

*Beauty attracts. But what works to keep men interested in a woman as a potential life-mate are two personality traits: a positive outlook and self-confidence.

*You can change a man. Most husbands are open to changing in healthy, positive ways. And some actually look to their wives as agents of change.

*The more satisfied a wife is with the division of household chores, the more satisfied a husband is with his sex life at home.

*Forget the old wife’s tale about heeding how a man treats his mother. More often, a man’s relationship with his father shapes him into the husband he will become.

Sounds like an insightful book to me!!

Speaking of marriage. There was a huge bridal show this wknd. The girls at job 2 asked if I was going, they were all going....the engaged ones. This poor girl has to come up with some dough before she can think of that stuff. sniff sniff. I was left out!

We watched and burned a bagillion movies this wknd! Cursed, about the werewolves w/Christina Ricci. It was actually a decent movie as far as horror goes, and its my favorite genre so I am a little open to all types of horror. The Machinist was a freaky movie. Batman (Christian Bale) is in it. He really looks disgustingly sick and thin. But kept our interest. A p sychological type movie. Must Love Dogs was a really cute story about dating these days, the online personals, w/Diane Lane (who is super hot!) and John Cusack. Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. The guy is super obsessed with his sports team, and they hook up. It was really good!! Hitch, which made me laugh hysterically at points. I havn't laughed at a movie like that since the 40 yr old Virgin. Also a good one!

I'm compiling our new movie list. Our merged, moved in together, we're engaged movie list. I can't wait to see the new number! Adding someone to my movie database is a big step. It's not so easy to just delete all their movies when they leave, so, its big, just trust me! We got those cases like the DVD's you buy come in, and the labels so they fit right in with the general population of the rest of our DVD's and you'd never know we copied them for our own personal home use. We have like 4 more to watch still. This week Red Eye comes out. I can't wait to see it! I also can't wait to go see Hostile!

It's Monday. It's a full week, no more time off til May. I woke up this morning thinking of an excuse to work 1/2 a day today but I need to save my vacation, and besides, I FUCKING LOVE WORK!!!!! yea, okkkk! That is why I havn't stopped sneezing since I got here and blowing my nose. I say it all the time, but it's true, I'm allergic to work!

It is in the 40's again today. WTF is this shit? Um, winter? Can we get it over with already? Is this global warming or what? Is the planet going to explode?

Today's Question:

Seen any good movies lately?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Why Do Today...

This is just a post of pics that I have been procrastinating getting on the computer. I went to target w/CP and Kat today. I bought myself Hello Kitty knobs for the bathroom w/my gift card from Bubba. I also got a big rubbermaid thingy for the new tree. I got all the ornaments wrapped and packed. CP came in at the tail end to help....at least he helped me. I made some bitchin' quesidilla's on the george foreman. CP is working and I miss him a ton. I saw him an hour ago. I'm pathetic, and I know this. So what.

This is my new fogger that I love.

This is my new fogger in the dark.

This is CP's shot card finished up. The ones not hilighted are the ones we did on my birthday

This is a close up of the card to read some of the names. Yummyyyy!

This is me and Kat. CP is picking my nose, and she is picking my eye. Can ya feel the love?

Kat, Me, Bethie, Tayray. The girls at my big 3-0 Celebration. We're all 30 minus Tayray, and we are all awesome!

When you are old like us sometimes you have to take a break, and play the lotto.

This is Tayray on New Year's being disgusted that CP was eating nuts. The kind that come in a shell btw.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Chasing The Ambulance...

When did I get old? Oh, I don't know. I can remember about 2 years ago at 28, just realizinig, that my breasts have fallen. And, it isn't like I don't ever look at them, I do all the time. God, I use to love them! When it happened, is a mystery. It seemed like it was over night.

I can say for certain, that I never had a hair here or there until LAST year at 29. I guess my knees and ankles have cracked for quite some time, but now, they HURT. When I walk up and down the stairs at home, it sounds like they are crunching. It hurts to get up and down cus I sit on my ass for 14 hours a day! If I don't quit my job soon, I'll develop office ass, and cellulite! Then, it's all over, and I'll be beyond help!

My neck hurts all the time. My shoulders hurt all the time. I got rear ended like 5 years ago and it did something to my neck, but I went to the chiropractor for a while to get it fixed. Fuck, who am I kidding, I only went to the chiropractor, cus one of those ambulance chasers called me and said I could sue the asshole that plowed into me. I had to go to the chiropractor, and document the times I missed work, and say how I couldn't complete certain household duties. They put a price on it. The price was around $5,000. Of course, the lawyer got most of that, but I got $2,000 out of it. It was a sweet deal! My car was totaled out, but driveable, so I got another grand for that. You couldn't even tell I had been in an accident.


What did I do with all that money you ask? I put a down payment on another car, and made a couple payments for a year and owned it. Then, the month after I paid it off, the head gasket blew, and I had to get another car. I got $500 for the car I spent 4 grand on. And inherited a bigger peice of shit than I had to begin with!

Can we say fucked over? I had bad credit so I went to a buy here, pay here. Lesson learned!

I'm totally getting a massage with my tax money. And, I might even get two, and I won't feel guilty about it either!
I miss feeling good. Ugh!

Today's Question:

What is the circumstance, when you most resist change in your life?

Most? When? What? Ummm, always! I fear change! It's just like me to despise something I have no control over!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Happiness Is...#2

Happiness is...

A warm butt.

CP always warms my cold butt up for me in bed, now THAT my friends, is what love is all about!

He told me, that is a 'husbandly duty'

I told him, I am holding him to it!

Stake Out...

Sooooo..... I'm coming home from work last night at 9:30 and pass a policeman doing the speed limit of 35 mph a block from my street. Of course, he pulls out and follows me, I turn left, he follows me, I turn left into my parking lot, he sits there at the bottom of the hill while I drive up to my garage, get out, he's still there, open the door, get in my car, he's still there, pull in the garage, and then he's gone. What the fuck did I ever do the God Damn Canal Fulton police department? Have you nothing better to do gentlemen, than harass me? I am a law abiding citizen if ever I knew one! This is the second time they have done that alone, following and waiting on me.

This doesn't include the time back in June that they pulled me over for no good reason and put me through the sobriety testing! Then apologized profusely when they realized that duh, I wasn't drunk. Sorry I work late and come home later than most folks in town. Sorry I came home over the river and through the woods, and I had my brights on. If this doesn't stop, I think I am going to have to call and ask them why they are staking me out.

I really miss having fun. Remember back when I had fun every day? Life was a party. I hate that things have to change. Just us girls, seemed we had more time to kickit when we all worked two jobs, vs. now that I'm the only one doing it. What's up with that? Working two jobs use to be a blast, now it's a necessity. Maybe if I hadn't had so much fun back then I could've quit by now? I'd have made more money. Ah well. You do know, that having a man in your life is a job too, so I have three jobs. Everyone wants a peice of me, what can I say?

I feel uninteresting. Uninspired, and bored. I thought it was the winter blah's but fuck, we havn't even really had winter yet.

CP made soup beans and cornbread last night, Yum-diddily! That's poor man's food! We's poor men's right now! We planned to go to bed early, cus we were both exhausted from staying up, then stayed up til 11, and I stayed up until ohhhh bout 12:30. I simply can't just go home and go to bed. I'm a fucking mother! Mom's have responsibilities. Kid's want attention! My dog is so depressed, I feel awful. She lays around. Thats it. She use to get a walk every day. I'm sure shes bored out her freaking mind! I'm a terrible mother!

At work last night, it was slow. But, do you think they'd offer us to go home? No! Instead, they decided that we can open mail. That is the tards job! Sorry, but, the 'mentally challenged' get to open the mail, and do certain jobs that require hitting 1 or 2 computer keys. We aren't allowed to do their jobs any other time. They are 'reserved'. I didn't sign up to work at opening mail. You get paid what they call 'down time' to do it. Which is your average hourly rate from the previous week. So, if you have a bad day or two, you can end up averaging really low. Or, you can average really high. Normally, I'm around $11/hr which is awesome for mindlessly keying!

Open the mail...fuck that, last week my average was only $8.52. We were off a day for the holiday which fucked it all up! I am not going to sit and open mail for 8.52/hr when I can do what I was hired for and make $16 in an hour! That place is a joke, and in 61 days I won't miss much about it at all! Anyways, I outsmarted the system. I worked really slow on a big batch I had, and I didn't have to open their fucking mail!! Open the mail! Eat me!!

I'm getting my hair done finally. I should get an award for ridding the world of my skankiness! CP thinks I should let it grow, but you know how men are, they don't have to fix and take care of the hair, so of course they like it long!! It's to my shoulders now, and that's as far as I go! At least for now. It was long last year, and I'm not last year's me anymore, I'm this year's me, and I like the me that I am this year, and I'll be me forever, and always me.

Sure, I need more caffine pills. Yet another addiction I'll have.

Tuesday, It'll be 7 years since I got divorced. 7 years.

This song has grown on me:
Good is Good, Sheryl Crow

Good is good and bad is bad
You don't know which one you had
She put your books out on the sidewalk
Now they're blowing 'round
They won't help you when you're down

Love's on your list of things to do
To bring your good luck back to you
And if you think that everything's unfair
Would you care if you're the last one standing there
And everytime you hear the rolling thunder
You turn around before the lightening strikes
And does it ever make you stop and wonder
If all your good times pass you by

Today's Question:

What is the shortest time you spent between meeting someone, and having sex?

Hmmm. Like, 4 or 5 hours? Does that make me a slut? aaaaaaaaaaah, to be young again! It turned into a 3 yr relationship, I was that good.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Potty Mouth....

Ever find yourself in this situation?

You're at work, and you have to take a shit. Everyone does it, don't pretend to be grossed out, cus it's freaking nature.....You sneak in, because no one likes to get 'caught' during their dump. And your mid-crap, and someone walks in......

What do you do? I stop instantly. Then, personally, I look to see if I recognize the persons feet. If so, and they are a friend, I sigh and let it go while saying "thank GOD it's you I really have to shit".

Don't you all wish you could be my friend?

It never occurred to me that it was odd until today, when a friend didn't come into the shitter, and I had to go. I thought, God I wish it were someone I know....and then I thought....why?

Why do my friends get the honor of hearing me shit vs. strangers? Sorry bout all yer luck! I've been torturing you all for years!

Today I am not proud to announce that after being so tired I've fallen asleep at work 2 nights in a row, that I was up until 3:30, and up at 7:30 today, to put in another 14 hour day. The only hope I have in this situation is that we can leave early tonight. It was slow last night and the people coming in at 8 got to leave if they wanted. Say a prayer for me. My head will thank you. I feel hung over, without the fun memories of the drinking first. I got some mini thins. Caffine pills. I'm hoping they kick into full gear here, any minute now.

I have not gotten 1 thing done at home this week. My house is a wreck. I'm tired of it. I can't wait to get my freaking hair done this wknd. My roots are over an inch long, I look so ghetto! My hair won't fix at all it is just there.

So far so good being back on the wagon. I'm even going back to the gym on Sat. I have paid for the freaking place out of every check, and havn't gone in months, well cus of work, but I can at least go on Saturdays!

Tayray pointed out next Friday is the 13th. Nothing bad can happen, cuz I get paid from both jobs. Plus, I'm suppose to get my medical $ from not getting the insurance. If this happens, I will be 'ok' in the money dept. I wont be 'good' til CP is 'good'. But I'm getting there.

I started the final countdown. 86 days until I quit Job #2. This breaks down into 62 WORKING days which I like much better. I can see an end in sight! Don't let me change my date when the 62 days are up. I'm scared shitless to quit as it is, but I cannot function like this much longer.

Newsflash, Lindsey Lohan admitted to battling bulemia. Huh, you don't say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never would have guessed it! Maybe the rest of hollywood will admit to it now!

I cried this morning for those miner families. Not cus I think its fucked up word leaked they survived and they found out they were dead, the media is blowing that one out of proportion, but just cus they said they left letters for their families. How depressing. It reminded me of the PA miner movie. What would you say? Ugh, depressing!

I have to go to the dentist this year. It's been *euw* 12 years. Being terrified will do that to you. But there comes a time when you can put things off no more. I'm on the lookout for one who will knock my ass out, so I'm not choking on my tears of fright. Even then, it'll be a while before I actually call, and then actually get there. Then, good luck getting me to go back once they decide what they will do to me. But, baby steps!

Today's Question:

Who had the most enviable parents among your friends?

I am gonna say that everyone was jealous of my mom cus she's a 'cool' mom w/o being the millenium 'cool mom'. You know, like, she didn't buy us beer, and throw us sex parties like Moms today do, but shes fun to hang out with. I felt comfortable enough to tell her anything. And...I dont know anyone else's mom who got peeped in the middle of the night! ha ha ha!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Art of Sleeping At Work...

Hump Day! Getchyer hump on today! Last night CP went to the library for me and brought me some books on CD to work cus the library's been closed when I have been off. He's the sweetest ever! I'm listening to 'The Dating Game' by Danielle Steel. Men are pigs! Cheating ass sonsobitches! I'm reading Forever Odd at home in my spare time.

I fell asleep probably 5 times at work last night. I got that scared feeling you get when you nod off. Only, I don't remember my head falling, or my hand stopping typing. Just that feeling like....SHIT! did anyone see me? How long was I out? Was I snoring? We sit at long tables so if I looked dumb people would see me! I had to get up every hour and go outside to try to wake up. But wait, its HOT outside! Hot meaning in the 40's, but it's January in Ohio. Bring on the freaking cold already. This only means it'll be freezing in June now. Oh, I wanna not work anymore. I drank 2 mountain dew's, that didnt work, but basically rotted my stomach and gave me gas and indigestion. Ugh!

Back when I worked 2 jobs in 1999, I had to sleep in my car here at work. That was when I closed at the bell, and had to be in here at 7:45. I was hopped up on mini thins most of my days. But I took every chance I could to sleep at work. Breaks, lunches. Hey, come get me in about 45 minutes!

When I worked at the bank, we would sleep in the bathroom on breaks. There was this big dirty couch in there, and roaches. But we slept in there.

Ever see that episode of Seinfeld, when George makes a nice set up under the desk at work with an alarm clock and hides? I could totally get away with that at my desk. Now that I got the wheels turning.......hmmmmmm....When you are tired, you have to sleep! Now that I'm older, I have no time for such napping nonsense! But I miss it!

I have another meeting today at 1:30. With the boss so I can't fall asleep. Yesterday I had meetings from 1-4. You know, that basically what we go over in each meeting, is how we have no time to complete jobs, and we are behind. So, logically, you have meetings to take you away from your job even more. One was all about some pretty big changes our marketing department (thats me) is going through. Our boss seems pretty excited. I fear change, so I am not. Supposedly we'll be more in demand, and it's a positive thing. More on this subject another time. I know you are dying to know....but you have to wait.

Fozzle. Fog and drizzle. Does it fozzle at your house? That has to be the gayest thing I've ever heard!

Kissing. This was the topic on the radio this morning. Everyone likes something different, and what it comes down to is chemistry. I prefer not to be slobered on with fish lips, personally. I like soft but firm kissing, touching anywhere is good, especially on the back of the head. CP has it all down pat for me. It's lovely! I could kiss him forever and never be tired of it. I just melt. I've avoided kissing most of my exes because it was not that great. And usually, it's been my experience, that if a guy sucks at kissing your lips he's gonna suck at kissing other things *ahem* thankyouverymuch!

I pick 'Since You Been Gone' by Kelly Clarkson.... as my song for the year 2005. As, it brings back memories of singing in the car on the way to work nights w/Tayray and Bubba, and screaming it in the club, and...the version Bubba sings is classic. Good times, good times.

Today's Question:

What makes a good kiss?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Green Grass...

Back to work. I had no sleep. I was up til about 2 with CP, he worked a night job and I waited for him. We're on a roll, don't like to mess with fate you know. He was having some weird dreams last night if you can call it that. He was talking to me about being in a villa with me, only we were oriental, and I was pregnant. Not funny. Especially considering I am 3 days late. (which is somewhat normal for me, so don't freak out!) I asked him all sorts of questions. Then, I was up all night. I got up at 6:40 and got a shower. I never, ever shower in the morning. So, even though all I remember is tossing and turning, and sweating, I got like 4 hrs in bed. I doubt I slept. Tonight is gonna be a rough one!!!

I dunno what I'm going to do with myself when I quit my second job cus I'm lost without work. It consumes me. I was bored out my friggin' mind yesterday at home all alone. I didn't even take down my tree's. Fuckit! Yay work.

I did however, finally see how Forever Eden ended. Don't ask me why they canceled that show because the drama was high, there was backstabbing, cheating and scheming! LOVED IT!

I never mentioned Saturday I went to visit Bubba at work and she took me to show me all the animals in the back at the hospital. Pretty nifty! This, after traveling 1/2 hr to get my rabbit food and hay, and the damn place was closed for INVENTORY! This morning the bun buns had 1/2 their normal pellet amount so they better be opened today!! They are closed Sunday and were closed yesterday!

It's the new year! I can call off job #2 now! I have 3 wks vacation again at job 1! All things are right again in the world of ME! I'm not happy about being back in the saddle of watching my food intake. I wish I never fell off the saddle for 3 wks, its like starting allll over again! If I don't see another sweet thing in my life, it'll be too soon! I wish it weren't such a JOB! But, it'll be worth it. It's my year. I'm 30 now.

The past 2 days I miss being single. Not that I don't love my CP.... but life is just so much easier only worrying about yourself. Mostly, it's the picking up after someone that makes me miss being single. Go to work, the house is clean, come home, the house is clean. Do the dishes, they stay done. Take out the trash, it isn't filled right up. Empty an ash tray, it stays empty. Clean a toilet, it stays clean. Mop the floor, it stays mopped. Close a cupboard, it stays closed. Clean up a swamp in the bathroom, it doesn't happen again. I called CP Pigpen, because you know, like Pigpen, trash and filfth follows him wherever he goes. He leaves a trail of trash wherever he goes. Pop cans, cigarette ashes, dishes, food containers, you name it. I changed that to tornado, because, Pigpen's filfth at least left when Pigpen wasn't around, and a tornado leaves a path of destruction. I Just miss the days of coming home to a clean house, when everything is put away and the way I left it. Those days are long gone!

*sigh* The grass is always greener. Now, just why is that?

Now, I'd rather be happy and in love than have a clean house I suppose, if I were like, forced at gunpoint to choose or something. But you can actually have both. My life is working and cleaning. I have little time for play. Seems men get all the time to play in the world. I wish I didn't care, but I do. I'm old and set in my ways! I do, after all, have an afghan, and old lady slippers.

How much does this song rock?

Shakira - Don't Bother

Today's Question:

What is your take on the grass is greener?

Monday, January 02, 2006

A Past That Still Haunts Me...

So, happy day after new years. I can't believe it's back to work tomorrow. UGH!

New Year's Eve was a good time. We didn't really decide where to go til we were at Bethie's. We went to the valley, cus there are bars in close proximity. I stuck to my Bud Select, and a few shots. I had wine before we left.

It wasn't until around 11 that we went into a bar and I saw TWDSO's big ugly head at the bar cus he looms over everyone. I hid. I didn't get that sick feeling you usually get when you see an ex, especially when you are with your new fiance. I didn't feel anything at all. Just for CP. I knew it was uncomfortable for him, so we left to go to another bar with Bethie. She left with her drink and everyone at the next bar saw her do it. Classic.

We rang in the new year at Shots. I kissed my CP, which was nice. Not as good as what we wanted to do at midnight, but we can do that when we're 80! TWDSO's friends came over and talked to me, sat at our table, said they missed me. I am a lot of fun to hang out with you know, so I'm sure my presence is missed. I introduced CP as my fiance, which was a pretty priceless moment, I should have photographed. "your what?!!" Then, contratulations followed. All the while, around 2 hours, TWDSO was out on the dance floor, with his woman, I suspect. He walked her to the bathroom cus our table was right there, she was probably afraid of me, shit, I'd fear me! But, no way I would've fought for that one. Leaving was so easy.

Meanwhile, Tayray was feeling it before we got to the bars. She got pretty hammered pretty early so a lot of the time was spent picking her up off the floor, picking up chairs she knocked over, cleaning up the drinks that spilled because she kept karate kicking the table over, and keeping an eye on her boobs. (Tayray's shirt was a party goer all on it's own)I know at one point my fiance fixed her boob, because I asked someone to fix it. The look on his face was priceless!

We excused her behavior by saying "remember when you were 24?" and "she's really drunk, don't mind her".. Damn, we really are getting old, because we can handle our alchohol now! I think now, "i dont want to drink too much, I dont want to get sick"
I use to live for the barf at the end of the night, it's good to have goals!

TWDSO friend Mike said Tayray took a header off the stage on the dance floor. She came back upset and said that TWDSO kicked her in the head. Mike said he thought he did it but he didn't mean to. Mind you that until about 2 months ago you couldn't drag Tayray out on the dance floor. She is a dancin fool now. CP thought that TWDSO friend was trying to pick me up. We always got along good, but I probably would've said that to CP too lol.

We left the bar at 2 and went to a party. We got there at 3 and by this point, CP wasn't talking to me for whatever reason. I was about done for the night and I went out to the car to pass out with Tayray and Todd. Who, at this point, were involved in a conversation about chili cheese burritos, and how Tayray was going to drive us to get some. Yea, Ok. We passed out and I woke up at Bethie's at 4 and CP drove us home.

Then, I remember begging my fiance to give it up to me at 4:30 but he was done for the night, and wouldn't give it up. So, I had some sunkist and stayed up for a while.

All in all a good night. Running into TWDSO did nothing but:

-repulse me because what was I thinking?
-make me appreciate that I'm with CP
-laugh because I know his chick got her face sucked off at midnight!

My first New Year in my 30's started off with a bang. And a blink, and a jingle.

Anyone see the Robot Chicken with 'you can't do that on robot chicken' and Napoleon Bonamyte?! The dance he did was so totally just like the movie! Awesome. That is the best show.


How was your new years?