"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Aging Gracefully...

Alot of things may make you feel like you are getting older. Aches and pains, crows feet, sagging body parts...all your friends have kids that are graduating high school, or driving, or even talking back to them.

Not me, I still feel like a spring chicken for the most part...but one thing has really set me back.

My tooth. 

I have had a tooth problem with one tooth in particular (last molar on top) for about 6+ years. My fear of the dentist kept me away, for years, and when I finally went because it was so painful, they had to take half of it off to clean it out (she actually said "dig it out") and reconstruct it due to a fracture beneath the gumline that let a lot of crap creep in there.


Then I had two root canals on it, (they couldn't find the third root, and I had to go back for another one after seeing a specialist, who did find my third root, because of course I was a "special case") and it still gets infected every other week, and causes me pain, and a disgusting taste in my mouth.

I'm sure this is why I'm still single. I probably have wicked halitosis......

The tooth itself doesn't hurt since the root canals, it's the jaw. She packed it, and sealed it as best she could, but told me after my umpteenth visit, that if I continue to have pain, I will have to have it pulled.

The time has come when I am having it pulled.

Nothing makes me feel older, than having a tooth pulled.

I have horrible visions of me at 70 with all my top teeth spaced out and horribly jacked up due to the missing tooth.

I have put up with the pain long enough. Finally today, I called for my last antibiotic script, and made the appointment to have it yanked. This brought on all sorts of old person fears.

Who has a tooth pulled at 36? When did 36 become the age you have a tooth pulled???

While it really does bother me to have a tooth taken out at such a young age (young!), mostly, I'm just irritated that I can't enjoy my wine or martini's this weekend because I'm on 2,000mg (yes!)  of antibiotics a day until I see the dentist. That seems excessive!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Race Bug...

I am officially signed up for the Akron Marathon again this year. Of course, I know the terrain, as it is in my home town, so I am not up to doing a half on my own just yet. It is very, hilly.

Instead, I enlisted 4 coworkers, 3 of which are not runners at all, but want to be, to do the relay with me. We get a significant discount thru work, so it was sort of easy to get them to sign up! I am the team captain and I am organizing our practice runs on each of our legs of the race!

I got stuck with the longest leg, 7.5 miles, but it will be easy by September. I have a few 5k's in between there, and I plan to start more "street" running so I will hopefully do my 7.5 in about 70 minutes. 

It is so exciting to get caught up in the excitement of someone else's first race,  I know how awesome it feels, no matter how small the distance, to run in such a big race!

I can't wait until we have all finished, and are sharing our stories at Canal Park, while enjoying our post-race beers!! And, I'm certain that after this,  I will have more people to run races with!

If you are in the area, and you love animals, this coming weekend is the run for the paws to benefit the Stark County Humane Society. Hopefully I don't leave with a new dog! Actually, someone should probably come and be my chaperone, so this does not happen.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Magic Mike - The Official Trailer HD 2012

So, I went to see Chernobyl Diaries this weekend with the ladies. It was a good flick if you are into horror movies. It was not scarey to me, because I am immune.

The best thing to come out of that movie was seeing the trailer for this movie.

Actually, this is probably the best thing to happen to ladies this year! A major girls night is now planned for the viewing of this flick! I can't wait to see if any poor schmoes get drug to see this movie by their girlfriends!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cutest Dog Ever...

We take a break in our half marathon high, to make you smile with pictures of the cutest rescue dog in the world! I may have mentioned a few billion times how Mr. Magoo lived his first 4-5 years in a cage as a puppy mill "stud" and when he quit "performing" he was set to be destroyed.

I lucked out on this little gem at my local rescue. Rescued, and then twice adopted and returned for his shyness, and inability to "click" with his owners after only a few days, to a week. He is my "diamond in the "ruff"' because he is so adorably sweet and happy now, all he needed was patience, and love to be the dog he always wanted to be! You would never know he is as old as he is because he acts like a puppy!

Mr. Magoo, giving his "good eye", while sucking up the a/c in the car!

We are leaving the dog park, Mr. Magoo is exhausted.

From life in a cage to taking over our new couch...can you tell how hard his life is?

Mr. Magoo, certified Ford Fusion co-pilot. Slacking on the job, as usual. 


Magoo learned how to ruin our new couch by laying on the back, from the cats. 

Mr. Magoo is an honorary cat. Here he is participating in a snuggle with Persian siblings Fizzgig, and Pickachu. 

Little do the cats know...Magoo destroys the paper towel rolls, and blames it on them..busted!

I call this "Let sleeping dogs lie"

Probably the cutest most peaceful thing is to catch your dog belly up, enjoying a good ray of sunshine, while snoring. (incidentally, he was in the path of the a/c fan, and the air purifier fan, so he was brilliant)

My short PSA. Adopt a dog in need. Mr. Magoo was abused and neglected for years, to bring the world "designer shih-poo's" to the pet store. You will never be sorry you took a chance on a "throwaway" dog.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Cleveland 2012 Marathon Finish Photo...

A lot of people probably accomplish their first 13.1 miles, but I got to do mine with my BFF since my pre-teens. I can't express what an amazing feeling this was. We've been through everything together, and this is just another stepping stone!! It meant so much to me!

We got a ton of decent pictures crossing the finish, but this most depicts how happy I was that it was over!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Obligatory Half Marathon Recap...

I did it! I ran a half marathon! Not very fast, but I did it!! It was super hot, the heat index hit 100, and there was very little shade. I'm suprised I didn't die.

Allllll these names on the wall also did it with me. It was a record number of participants, over 20,000 people.

I didn't sleep the night before. Unless you count the hours from 11-2am. I layed in bed until about 4 am and decided to get up, and eat my whole wheat skinny bread, and too-ripe-for-me banana, and get in some extra hydration. It was going to be a scorcher. 85 degrees and sunny. I don't run outdoors in the heat. I was scared.

Who knew there were pretty views in cleveland? This was on a steep hill when we were going s-l-o-w!

Upon arrival at the race site...the toilet situation left much to be desired.  The wait was so long, we finally had to squat behind a not-so-private pine tree at the start line! It's a good thing we have no shame! When you gotta go, you gotta go!

I did not run this alone, I ran with one of my oldest friends, and only running partner, who has run plenty of halfs, but agreed to stick with me thru the race so I could get my first one under my belt. She was a good coach along the way! Telling me when to drink, and making me take inventory of how I felt, and asking if I needed to slow down.

Mile 1-3, I kept telling my girlfriend..."we're doing this!!!!!!" I was so excited!!

The first 8 miles was pretty easy. FLEW by! It was hot and miserable, but my body felt good. The sun was blazing, and it was kind of miserable.

After passing the 8 mile marker, my bff told me we only had 1 hand's worth of miles to go. (5) and that made me smile. "I run that every day" I said.
Some time along the course, we had about a half mile of street that was slanted, and that threw off my gaite, and started to make my foot hurt. But I soldiered on!

Mile 9 I was so excited to see the APL there with the doggies! It was downhill, but what goes down, must come up. By this point, my ass muscles hurt so bad we walked up the hill and stopped mid way to stretch. This is about when everyone started to walk the hill.
I started to feel pretty awful about this time.

At first, I was not a fan of getting wet to stay cool. But there were so many supportive people along the way with hoses, buckets and pitchers of water to throw on you if you wanted, and kids with squirt guns who probably had the time of their lives dousing us with water. The water stations hooked up to the hydrants and had those going for you to run through too. I did partake in the water after a while. It gave you that childlike spurt of energy, "weeeeeeeeee"!!!

Mile 10, everything hurt. My feet, my ankles, my shoulders, my butt, my calves. This is about the time some of the spectators were blaring "eye of the tiger" so we tried out our best "boxer moves" and laughed thru the pain for a bit.

Ohio City bridge was hard. All I kept hearing was after this bridge we are home free. But the bridge was long, and hot, and mostly uphill, with no crowd support. It was brutal! I had to walk the whole thing. This threw off our time, but my ultimate goal was to finish, uninjured, so I had to. The good thing about walking is meeting people on the course!

Only 3 more miles. I think I was dilerious. But being goofy was all I had. I kept repeating....only three more miles!! Even after the 11 mile marker, and my bff told me "NO! ONLY TWO MORE!!" Yessss!!! "Anyone can run 2 miles!!"

Being so close, yet so far was the hardest thing to deal with. It hurt so bad to run, but hurt even more to walk, and by that point I was singing Dories song "just keep swimming". Every step hurt. I think I said "fuck" with every strike of my foot, or "sweet jesus" I don't remember. Honestly, if it weren't for my girlfriend, I'd have walked the entire last 3 miles. I had never been in that much pain. She's a good friend, and she kept my eye on the prize!

Some time past mile 12, almost to the finish, I had a wave of emotion when I heard the finish line crowd cheering from a distance. I held back tears. Then we saw my girlfriends running team on the sideline, cheering us the loudest we had heard the whole time. It was awesome!

"We're almost there, just around the corner, we only have a little bit to go, you got this, you can do it, look at that guy he's running the full marathon barefoot, if he can do that we can finish this!!". All words from my friend that kept my feet moving. 

We decided when we started that we would cross the finish holding hands.

We rounded the last curve, my girlfriend said "there it is, the finish line, let's do this!" So I mustered up the last tenth of an ounce of energy I had and pushed forward. We grabbed hands, and crossed that finish the same way we started....together!

I immediately started to dry heave from my last bit of over-exertion but not until after collecting my prized medal!

Yea, the guitar spins, it's pretty awesome!! 


We finished at 2:55, at a 13:25 minute mile pace. I wanted to just finish, but secretly, I wanted to finish under 3 hours. Walking some parts threw off our normal 10m pace, but I'll take it. I still met a goal!  Plus, I've never even run 13 miles!
I had to sit in the shade and not move right after. My feet were pissed at me. There was no way I could walk another step. My friend left to find her husband, and I hydrated, and ate pretzels. And played with my spinny guitar medal. And smiled, because I was able to finish the half!
 Isn't Brown's Stadium pretty? I don't love foosball, and I'll never be here again but we got to use their toilets so I took a picture. 

I don't get out much, so I took this "rainman" picture from the ride home of our brand new, and first Cleveland casino!  

And..there she is. My beautiful pink 13.1 magnet proudly displayed on the fusion! I love it!



Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rest, and Relaxation....

I'm typing this days before my attempt at the Cleveland Half Marathon.

Just know that I bought the right gear to wear.

I'm wearing the right socks.

I have semi-new running shoes. 

I downloaded the perfect songs.

I have really good anti-persperant but, we know that doesn't matter. 

I finally found the energy kick that is needed since I hate energy drinks, and gels, and blocks and anything else most people use. ( I took Jelly Bellies Sports Beans, for racing, who knew??!!)

Yes...By the time this posts, I will be well on my way to my 13.1 miles.

I can't wait to sport my 13.1 magnet on my car. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Half is Better Than None...

It's finally here. All that I have been working towards.
Could I sleep these past few nights? No.
Am I excited/nervous/giddy/anxious/happy/sad/scared shitless? Yes.

Good luck to everyone running in the Cleveland Marathon tomorrow!! I am pretty sure I might cry at the finish, but I'm trying to keep my mind on my race finish photo...no one wants to remember their first half marathon by a photo of herself ugly crying.

Aside from the obvious...the sheer sense of pride for finishing a half, and receiving my medal, (which I will wear all day) and getting back in "shape" after this taper (which has somehow turned into a "free for all pack on the pounds, eat, eat, eat, while cutting waaaay back on my running and strength training instead of a healthy way of consuming carbs and extra calories because I am working out way less")...ahem.......there are three other things I am SO looking forward to:

1. Putting my 13.1 magnet on my car!!!!! (this will be displayed over my "will run for wine" magnet)

2.  Enjoying mine, and my bff's beer at the finish party (see why she is my bff?) plus a bottle of wine at home. I've been neglecting the wine these past few weeks in preparation of the race. Hydration blows when you like your drink.

3. Mile 9!!!! Where the Animal Protective League will have their dogs there to "woof" us on"!! Seeing their cute furry faces will make me smile. 

Here's to kicking ass!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mary Katherine..

This is a pretty awesome topic, but I know I cannot be the only girl in the world with this problem. I have learned so much from fellow bloggers over the years, and I'm sure this may turn up a tip or two.

You know the girl, from SNL, that always smelled her pits? I've become that girl. 

I don't even remember when it started, but what I do know, is that when I was over 100lbs overweight, I didn't have a sweating problem at all. Sure, I was out of breath, and got sweaty, but not to the point that it overpowered my anti-persperant. At least my pits remained dry.

Since embarking on my weight-loss journey, I've noticed an increase in sweating. Not just when I work out, but any time I exert myself. I've read that fit people sweat more sometimes when their body temps are lower, at the beginning of a workout. Ok, I'll take "more" but not to this point.

Some time ago, my anti-persperant quit working. Not to the point where I smelled, because I glob on the deoderant. I mean, I count to 30 on each underarm, 30 passes up and down. But the ANTI quit working in the persperant.

I don't sweat at rest from head to toe. Just my pits. Which is pretty awesome at the office, when you walk around with rings of sweat under your arms in your nice clothes.

I've tried everything. Every type, every brand, and every form of anti-persperant. The worst of which is mens' brands. Theirs doesn't even stop you from sweating at all, and you smell awful! I wonder what people thought about me when I had on my Old Spice deoderant? Why don't men need anti-persperant? They have hairy pits! How come they just need deoderant?

Winter, spring, summer and fall, I suffer from excessive sweaty pits. Sometimes, I stuff tissues in there to stop it. I go to someones desk to answer a question, and leave a trail of wadded up tissues in my wake. Awesome!

I put it on in the morning. I put it on before I workout. I put it on after I shower. I put it on again before bed.  I put it on randomly at my desk. (I haven't been caught yet) it doesn't matter. I still have sweaty pits.

My last stop before confessing to my Dr. that I have a sweaty pit problem was shelling out $12 for clinical strength anti-persperant, which was somewhat a crapshoot, because it only contained 1% more of the active ingredient than the last kind I bought and costs $5 more.

Did this work? No. It didn't, and at least this time, I get to send in my receipt, and UPC code for a full refund, which I am totally doing because I am older now, and value a dollar. 

I have looked up medical conditions that cause this, which were ruled out by my recent biometric screening.

Short of botoxing my pits (Arrrrgh!!) I am at a loss.

So, anyone else in my sweaty pit boat? I don't mind floating alone. Sometimes it is pretty sweet to be the pioneer!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Know For Sure...

 "Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

I've had good relationships, and plenty of bad ones. Most of the good ones were only good, because the guy was nice to me, and not because I had the feelings I should have for them. The bad ones were abusive, either emotionally, physically, or both. And while any abuse is bad, I was not by any means, an innocent party in it.

What it taught me about myself as a 36 year old woman, is that this girl, is never again going to settle for less than she deserves.

It took me a lot of tears, heart to hearts, self help books, broken hearts, glasses of wine, highs and lows, friends, therapy, (legal) drugs, and miles and miles of running meditation to get here, but here I am, and I'm not going anywhere.

I've made a ton of changes in my lifetime. At one time I felt defeated, and helpless, and then I felt empowered, and unwilling to lean on anyone else. It took a very special relationship to break down the walls I built up, and let me know that it is OK to be me, because I am loveable, just the way I am.

Of course, we now refer to this as "the great heart break" because for the first time I allowed myself to feel my feelings, and be vulnerable, and trust, and I was still hurt in the end. But what I learned and felt was worth it all.

I'm thankful for everything that happened to me. From getting divorced, and losing everything I had, and needing to be coached by my therapist on how to take a bath. "one day, run the water, the next day, sit in the tub, the next day, wash your hair"....and how to eat "one day, cook the food, the next day take a bite..." to making it on my own better than I ever thought I could.

From hating myself so much that I packed on over 100lbs, to finding my inner strength and happiness, and finally, changing the outside to match how I felt on the inside.

All of it made me who I am today. And I like this girl!

Once I took the time to be on my own for more than a few months, I stopped looking outside for love, and looked at myself. That is when I learned to be strong, vulnerable, forgiving, and kind.

Your life shapes who you are, but you don't ever get the luxury of knowing that, until you go through all the rough patches, better equipped to face the inevitable turbulance that still awaits you. There is always a lesson to be learned, as long as you see them as lessons.

And, after all that I have been thru in my life, I know when something feels right to me, and when it doesn't.

That being said I did have a really fun date recently, that didn't suck.. With someone that I think about alot. Some day, I will share more about this night, and perhaps future nights, should they arise.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day...

For Mother's Day this year, we did a mother/daughter first. I treated my Momma to a spa pedicure!! We were both virgins! I hear your judgement, everyone asks why we hadn't done it before. The only answer is, we didn't know what we were missing!

And, truthfully, yes, I may paint my toenails, but with my workout schedule, the amount of time my feet are shoved into sweaty socks far outweighs the time they can be cute. I'm trying though.

The hilight of our visit was when they put the hot towel on moms legs and she told the manicurist that it felt so good she might pee. And she did it with a straight face.

After our pedicures, we went shopping at our favorite place, the salvation army. Where I got Nike running pants for 2.99. And, you know those are $40-$50 retail!! (I so sound like my Mom!) I can't spend high dollar on clothes I will only sweat in.

We had a fabulous lunch at our new favorite hot spot for Greek food. Then, I rushed home so I could enjoy a ladies night at the winery, with my fabulous lady friends!!

Then on actual Mother's Day, me and my Momma went to see Dark Shadows, with Johnny Depp. She loved the old soap, and wanted to see the movie. It was great, and she even pointed out that in the "ball" scene, the original cast members were in attendance. Age=knowledge!

I topped off the celebratory weekend with taking one of my four legged kids to run at the park. Now, I am set to watch the farewell of one of my favorite shows, Desperate Housewives....chardonnay in hand.

Seeing that I was busy with my Mom my friends, or running all weekend, I have about 20 hours of TiVo to catch up on now.

How did you spend your Mother's Day?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Being a Pillar of Good Health...

This week I had my second ever biometric screening. I was so super excited, as I was only 2 months into my transformation when I had it done last year, so I could not WAIT to see what improvements were made!

I walked away with the nurse telling me that I have made such a vast improvement over last year that I should shout it down the hallway (at work) that diet and exercise DO work, and that I am a shining example of how you can turn your health around, and I should encourage others to do the same!

My dad died from hardening of the arteries, and my mom has horrid cholesterol. I want to prove as much as I can that genetics don't have to make you feel "doomed". Sometimes you really are in control of your own health, all you have to do is try!

I still have some improvement in the body composition, and BMI, but that will be my improvement for next year!!

But, what made me squeal on the inside, is I went from being in an obese class II last year (very close to class III which is the highest) to simply being "overweight" a mere 4 points away from being in the NORMAL BMI range! I'll take that, I moved two whole categories in a year!

My body composition, which measures your fat, to muscle, to bone density ratio?  I was in the RECOMMENDED range. Just barely made it but I'm there!

I still want to lose 25-30 lbs, but I am so proud of my progress, and I can't wait to see where my numbers are when I am re-tested next year!!

My blood pressure was higher than it was last year, but still "ok" they said. This is something I am going to be changing by quitting smoking!  The only thing I have changed for the worst over the last year, was an increase in smoking.

I know when and why it started, and I am past that point in my life and I need to let it go. If I can fight an addiction to food, I can fight the nicotine! I have to eat to live, and struggle constantly not overeat. I don't have to smoke to live, and struggle not to over-smoke, as much as my brain says I do.....

Mind over matter.

So, if you think you can't do something, try! I never gave myself a chance, I always gave up. I started my journey by joining a bootcamp that forced me to be accountable (paying if you don't lose weight). I told myself for once in my life, I am giving it 30 days, no exceptions, to eat clean. After the 30 days of course I cheated.

The difference that time was, I could tell the difference in my mental, and physical abilities by eating bad foods.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting Back Together With an Ex...

No, not THAT kind of ex, silly.

This kind:
After much anticipation for Arctic Zero to hit the shelves at my local store, I finally got to try it!

Me and ice cream broke up so long ago, I can't even remember how delicious it was. Sure, I could still have real ice cream in moderation, but moderation isn't part of my vocabulary.

My review of Arctic Zero, is don't try it if you still remember how ice cream tastes, because you probably wont like it. It is really good, but it's an alternative, not a substitute.

It is sweet, but it's a healthy sweet, it isn't artificial sugar sweet. It's enough to still taste like a treat. Even though you could eat the whole pint at 150 calories, it is also suprisingly filling, and I couldn't finish it. Also, it has a creamy texture without the dairy.

I tried the chocolate peanut butter, and mint chocolate cookie. (there are no cookies or peanut butter in either), vanilla maple, and chocolate. All were good, but I liked the peanut butter better because I have a thing for peanut butter.

It is also all natural, and I felt pretty good about eating it:


And since it is cool treat season, I'll share a dee-lish recipe for "ice cream pie" that is also somewhat healthy.

2 Yoplait whipp's yogurts (any flavor, but I like key lime, chocolate mousse, or orange creamsicle for this)
1 regular container of sugar free cool whip
1 reduced calorie graham pie crust

Fold the (thawed) cool whip and the two containers of yogurt together, and spread into the pie crust. You can top with more cool whip if you want. Freeze. And enjoy the best thing you ever had!

And if you are like me, and you can't be trusted with an entire pie in the house if it is just for you, instead of a graham crust, use 1 reduced fat nilla wafer in the bottom of a freezer type container, and top with some of the filling and make little individual "pies".

Now, go enjoy some sweet treats and don't feel bad about it!!

Monday, May 07, 2012


I run my first half marathon in 12 days. I havn't gotten more than 8 miles consecutive, even though this week I was to hit a 12, according to my training schedule.

Yesterday I was going to do my 12, and ran with a group my friend belongs to for their 6 mile goal, and at the end of the scheduled 6 miles I had to quit. As usual, when I run up a hill, I get nauseus. We did the entire 6 miles at an almost 12 minute mile (slow for me) in anticipation of doing a full 12, but I still had to stop.

I have tried to get the food and drink down for the last 8 weeks, but it doesn't matter when I eat, what I eat, how much I do or don't drink, if I hit a hill, I'm down for the count.My bff (that has done like 4 halfs, and is set to do a 50k this fall....)assures me, that she stick with me for the half, since my goal is just to finish without injury!

I don't like sports drinks, or anything gummy, or gel-y and this seems a hinderance to my stamina according to fellow runners. The coach on the run said that I need salt, and carbs to sustain my body for long runs.

Well, hello, salt and carbs are a girl that is on a weight loss diet's enemy.

For the next 12 days I am opening myself up to salt and carbs, for my own benefit. I'll get back on to weight loss after I kick that 13.1 miles' ass!

I got really down on myself after the 6 miles, because on a regular day, I run 4 miles at a 10mm pace, then before my hour of strength training, or kickboxing I jog slow (about 12mm for 30 minutes, and then I take a class. 5-6 days a week. I feel pretty bad-ass doing all of this stuff, until I can't run distances.

So, in honor of progress, I had to revisit how far I have come fitness-wise. Not knock myself for not being a top performer, and try to remember that this old girl, could not have even WALKED a mile, let alone, run for 13.1.

 Before, before...welllllll over 200lbs!!! (oh yes!)

After losing 45, and then after another 65, in the comfortable 100's.

So, yes, these pictures hang on my refrigerator, and inspire me in terms of how far I have come on my journey to being healthy, and to keep working out, and eating right, but I need inspiration to go the distance for this half!! I have almost hit my weight loss goal, now I want to hit a personal fitness goal!

So I have been googling tips, and tricks, and things to do for your first half, like crazy!

What are your best suggestions? 

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Stuff You Only Admit on your Blog....

While I am a very open person, there are some things I only admit to under the "guise" of anonimity.

I have mentioned once or twice (ha!) how I have dropped a considerable amount of weight. And how I also, have wanted to get a tummy tuck due to the floppy stomach I have inherited by "becoming more healthy". But having researched this surgery extensively, it scares the shit out of me. I have visions of my guts falling out if the staples don't hold.

It isn't as bad since I gained 15lbs (and lost 5 of that, yesss) but it's still floppy. It's nothing doing crunches could ever fix. And I already work out three times a day, cardio, and strength. And I eat "clean" 85% of the time. (nothing processed, well besides wine!)

In clothes, I feel amazing. But when I put my pants on, it scrunches up my belly into an accordian-like fold, because, it's just "there". In the way. Probably impeding me from going down another size!

Honestly, I was way more confident overweight and naked, than being "thin" and naked. Because at least when I was overweight, my body didn't "flap" around when I jump, or do....anything else physical. wink, wink...ahem.. I also didn't have cellulite. Or an akward wrinkle where my butt meets my hamstrings that use to be filled with fat, and now just looks weird, and  the thought of a bathing suit with a wrinkled ass at 36 horrifies me! (that I am trying desperately to squat and lunge away!)

 I've always been a cocoa butter slatherer, baby oil luber, and oatmeal bath soaker, and at least a half gallon of water if not more a day-er. I work hard to have soft skin, so what is left?

And I'm here to tell the blogosphere, that I actually went to my local Walgreens, and purchased a tube of preparation H (I can't wait until the next time I go there, like, tomorrow) because I read that weight lifters use this to tighten their skin to show more muscle.(thanks, internets!)

You slather it on, and wrap the area in saran wrap overnight. I have not yet tried this because I am mostly afraid to ruin my new bed with the stench of butt lube. Plus, it occurred to me that even if it does work, it has got to be a temporary fix. Maybe for use before hitting the beach?

I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, but this sounds the silliest!

What kind of "tricks" have you tried?

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Putting the "Ass" in "Assisting"...A.K.A...Being A Good Boss...

I have had a long and sordid career in the business of assisting. I didn't go to college, so, I have depended on my high school vocational training (Office Systems Specialist!) to get my foot in the door, and then relied on my amazing work ethic, and willingness to learn, to take it from there.

After lots of mediocre jobs...I finally landed a really low-paying job as a secretary (not even an Administrative Assistant) at a ginormous company, assisting 4 Vice Presidents, at about half the pay of being a marketing assistant to ONE person, at my previous job. (while also working a night job doing data entry to make ends meet)

Luckily, I had an awesome boss and mentor at the time, and my ability to learn, and grow, work two jobs and still be "present", and train new employees got me a promotion in a little over a year, which doubled my salary, (this took me from "hourly" to "salary") and allowed me to quit the second job (when she told me my new salary, I cried, and said I was turning in my 2 week notice that the night at the second job) and now I supervise all the assistants to the Vice Presidents at my company.

I also take on the added role of assisting one of the executives when his assistant is out. Now, I am doing this for FOUR weeks. And I love it! I love being busy, doing my regular work, and still developing my employees. 

What I am most proud of, in all of this, is that I haven't forgotten where I started, and I love to learn and understand everything myself, before I pass it off on one of the Secretaries to do. I fill in for them in their absence, so when they come back they are not overwhelmed, and their VP's have no lapse in "service" while they are out.

This has gained me the respect, and appreciation of those that I supervise, and those that they support.

I believe that a good boss knows the job that they are supervising, and everything that goes into it! Not just how to delegate, and manage.

There is nothing like receiving countless thank you cards, and appreciative emails from the people that work for you. I love those moments when one of the girls tells me they are so thankful to have me as a boss, and that they love working for me.

I wish more "bosses" took such an active interest in what their employee's do on a day to day basis. In my opinion, this is the way you manage.

It keeps you connected, and appreciative of all the hard work your employees do.