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Friday, August 26, 2005

Lost in the World of Warcraft...

My friend Kat, has been lost for a while. She has been to another world.
Now, I enjoy video games, but I have not played since the Sims on PS2, I don't own a game system. That plays anything but the original Sonic (which I got from Kat matter of fact!)

Sing: "Segaaaaaaa!"

I try to be hip and in the know about various things, but this was the funniest email ever. It reminds me of myself, and my Tivo. Like, these characters are real people! I can relate Kat I aint haten' on ya!

Me: Clueless about online gaming
Kat: Technical wizard to me

She writes:

Check out burnsfamilycats -- I added a screenshot of some
of my guild friends on World of warcraft. The guy in the middle
is Gordrune. He's pretty rad and he has two bad ass swords.
One glows red. They are rare and expensive. I think he paid
like 2 golds to purchase them and get them enchanted.
I'm offically addicted to the game. That screenshot was taken
last night at 2 am!!! I could NOT stop playing. I only leveled
up once though. I'm a 16 now.

My guess is a guild is a group of people on the run killing folk, with light saber like swords?

Bear in mind I have no idea what 2 gold peices equals, in the World of Warcraft, but I am guessing they must be a lot, if they are enchanted!!

I assume leveling up was a good thing, but I can't be sure how good since she said she 'only leveled up once though'

And, she is a 16!! Let's give props to Kat, the next international World of Warcraft champion, if there is such a thing. Word on the street is her husband is addicted to it too. It started with his addiction, about 2 weeks ago, and slowly, now, she is addicted also.

When I told her I thought she was a geek, and asked if I could blog about her World of the Warcraft addiction she said I could, and added:

One thing about my screenshot thats cool -- if you look
at the purple bar you can see that I'm about to lvl!
How exciting. When you lvl all this bright magic
light surrounds you and you get access to more spells,
better armor, and some really cool talents. I don't have
many talents yet because I"m only a 16.

So, don't touch the stuff man, apparently, if you catch World of Warcraft, your done for.
And give your condolences, after all, she is only a 16!!!!

Good thing you aren't a boy Kat! Cus --
"Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills...."

I on the other hand went to the Bier Haus last night. Not only was it kareoke, but it was also ladies night so I got my beers for a buck. Can't beat it! There was a lot of people there, me and WG went alone. He sang really good. He was also good w/the crowd. There were some interesting folks as always at the Beir Haus, gotta love it!

I made new friends too! Some girls who were from Akron and hated it, and said they just moved to our little town. Stacy, and Nicole. Stacy said she also use to live in Doylestown, where I lived w/TWDSO. She said she dated a guy who lived there.......I said his name wasn't TWDSO was it? Cus he had an ex named Stacy. Too bad cus that woulda been some funny shit!

We stayed up a bit when we got home after 12. Mind you, Tayray always says how old we are, but yet, she wasn't out kickin it w/us now was she? And Ahnolde is OLDER than me, so maybe when I turn the big 3-0 (which is only 79 days away be gentle!) I will be unable to stay up past 10. (thats ok ahnolde I did this for years, but I'm better now)

And, in closing, a lady at job #2 last night said she was going to be 51, I said you don't look it, she really didn't! I told her I was going to be 30 and she was equally shocked. She said she thought I was 22. I really hope when I am 40 I look 29!!!! I drink a lot of water. That is the only thing I can credit, cus I do smoke. Must be my polish blood. I dunno why, but it sounds good!

Today's Question:

Who is the person with whom you've been the most infatuated?

I guess my ex husband. Cus I certainly acted a fool with that boy for years! And, I as blind to all the crap he did! Oh, young love.........to be innocent again! lol!


Ahnolde said...

Just because I don't go out late on weeknights doesn't make me old!! I have to get up at 5:30 to get ready for work!! haha Plus, I knew you and WG were going Wed. night, but not last night, I would have gone.

Mon said...

We're there every thursday now. I wanna hear you sing MMM MMMM MMMMMM lol!

Tayray said...

Hey man!! I cant go out right now, I'm broke! I said I'd go next week, since its after a payday!!
Hopefully Ahnolde remembers I need some cash for tomorrow night!!

Anonymous said...

Not that you all care about this, but I'm gonna post it anyway! World of Warcraft or WoW is a very addicting game - It's like crack. Not that I've ever tried crack mind you!

Level 16 isn't that high considering the game currently goes up to level 60. It is rumored Blizzard is going to expand the leveling ability with the next service pack. People that reach level 60 have spent a good portion of their lives playing. There is no end in site for this game - you can't "beat the game" like in most games. The object of the game is to level which increases the stats on your character. You get more mana, more hit points, better spells and better armor. The only way to level is by completing quests with which you are paid in money and experience points. The more stuff you kill and the more quests you complete the faster you level.

I can't even descibe the scope of WoW - the world of Azeroth is so big I think it would take at least a year of constant playing to explore it all.

A similar game came out first called EverQuest - or known to some as EverCrack because of it's addictive qualities. I work with a guy (fellow geek) who literally spent 1 year of his life on the game. He refuses to play WoW because of his game addiction and had to quit cold turkey. I'm told he would sit in his room and not eat, shower or sleep for days at a time. If he wanted to make some quick cash he could sell his character on ebay for around $1000 but he can't part with it.

There are over 2 million people playing WoW in the US alone. It is a 500 million dollar industry. People are selling the game money on ebay -- there are sweatshops of chinese people devoted to aquiring gold and silver and selling it.

So unless you want an addicion similar to meth, crack, crank ect do not touch WoW!


Mon said...

Kat! The nerds shall inherit the earth!! But then again, they'll be too busy playing WoW to care! ha ha!