"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Some random pics.....

I am going thru my pics and deleting stupid ones. I came across this little gem.
This is the group Blessed Union of Souls. Surely, he knew his ass crack was hanging out right??
He did the whole show that way. They played before Edwin.....uhhhh Edwin!!! So don't make fun of me for being at a Blessed Union of Souls concert. They weren't too bad!

This is me, at Geuga Lake, which turned into Six Flags, then is now Geuga Lake again, only they shipped off all our marine life from 'Sea World' which became Six Flags, and when they high tailed it out of there, had no room for the poor animals. Anyhow, I was a really cute kid!

This is my old backyard...that I spent hours upon hours and months upon months landscaping. This was my favorite spot when everything was in bloom.

Our house use to be haunted! spoooky! (my brother and sister)

This is a mean reindeer. He actually charged the fence several times at a run, trying to kill me. All I did, was love the stupid thing too! Santa must've pissed this one off for real!!!

I made this!

This is my mom. She likes it supersized. She put this in her dating profile, and didn't meet anyone good. Can you believe it? (sorry sis, your boobs are in the shot too....I think like Tayray's, they deserve their own billing)

And, this is a stupid effing sign at the GD peice of shit beach, called Virginia effing beach!!!! (no swearing...how GAY!)

This is me on my 28th Bday. Yes, I'm wearing a Hello Kitty blanket. Holding a Hello Kitty pillow. Yes, I am at a bar, in public. And no, I didn't give a shit! lol! I love me some loot!


Rachel said...

I love the pics. God, you were such a cute kid!

hot for jr. said...

If anyone would like to book my boobs for parties, please contact me are 555-BR549. LOL. Thanks for giving them their own billing - We appreciate that!!

Mon's Sister :-)

the blonde 1 said...

And now in effing Va. Bch. at GD 1:30 AM they turn on these huge spot lights to keep the "crime" down. Now tell me how gay that is? There is more crime going on else where then drunk people leaving the bar. Hello!

Anonymous said...

Well what is #@%^#*ing wrong with not being allowed to say %$#@^ and *^%^#@ at the beach where families are trying to enjoy their &*#@ing vacations. You have places like concerts to scream out *&$% and $#^+..for God's sake.. Is nothing enough for you &^%$#&**' dumb ^#$'sses?? Give peace a chance you f&^$ heads..!!!!

Anonymous said...

And as for the packmule enjoying a large ice cream?? What the f*^@. is wrong with liking things supersized?? She has been that way all her F^*$#ing life. Ooops,, sorry,, but mules will be mules..
And the picture on the personals may not have gotten the packmule a date, but it sure got Bernice a man..!! Boobs or ice cream, that is question running through the guys in the personals minds these days. hmmmmmm. boobs or ice cream.. boobs or ice cream.. hmmm.. oh what the hell, ice cream melts dammit~~BOOBS WIN AGAIN!!!!!!!

hot for jr. said...

I'm so glad my boobs are giving people things to talk about lately. What would you guys do without me?

Mon said...

you guys crack me up! my family is just as goofy as I am! lol!