"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Vegan...Challenge...?

The interaction most people have with vegans, is bad. People telling you "what you are eating, and how you are the demise of the animal population".

And then I decided I want to try to be vegan. Gasp!!

I love animals more than people, yet I still eat some of them. But I don't like to be judge-y!

I was raised by a vegetarian,  my Momma grew up on a farm. Her stories were sad, but it never occurred to me, until me and my cousin were playing with two giant turkeys in our playhouse, and then...they were gone, and there were two huge turkey's on the dinner table for Thanksgiving. I was about 8, and that was the first time I refused to eat anything that I can remember.  I didn't eat meat for many years, but around adolescence, I started to eat it again.

The past 15 years or so, I've only eaten dairy, chicken, and turkey. With a once in a blue moon craving of a hamburger, or a Momma's meatloaf tossed in.

I've seen a billion sad documentaries about factory farming and I fast forwarded thru the horrible parts, even though, I knew deep down what really happens

This past weekend, I watched a lovely little documentary called "Vegucated". Which, by the name I thought would only be about the healthy side of being vegan.

Well, it still had the sad side of factory farming, and while I skipped most of the horrible parts,  I never in my 37 years thought about cows being forced to be pregnant constantly to produce milk, and having their babies taken away after birth, and the horrible lives they must live. I thought they just produced milk. Seeing their babies taken away from them was heartbreaking!

 I am so against puppy mills, having adopted a puppy mill stud, and seeing how traumatized he is..I can't imagine the fate of the Mother's. For me... factory farming is the same thing with farm animals. And if I don't support it with domestic pets I shouldn't support it any way.

It broke my heart to see those babies torn from their mothers, and I wanted to make a small change, if only with myself!

I don't expect to change anyone's point of view. That's not me.  I am one person, making one decision, and if statistics serve right, I alone can save 95 animals a year by being vegan. So why not try?

For 6 weeks, I am going to try to be strictly vegan. I am hoping that I can keep it up, or at least replace 50% of my chicken/turkey/dairy intake with vegan options , even if I decide being strict 100% of the time, isn't for me. I want to make at least a small change.

My biggest fear, is that most "vegan protein" options are processed. And I do not want to fall back into eating processed foods, so my challenge is even harder. Oh, and the fact that I am 100% in love with cheese. I am really going to miss....cheese more than I miss pizza. And sour cream. And cream cheese. And eggs. But I know, there are great alternatives, that I am going to try.

On a lighter note, my Mr. Magoo is loving my "vegan purge" as he is getting to partake in all the meats I still have in my house.

I smell chicken!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Results are In...

They finally announced the winner of the 24 day fat loss challenge at my gym.

It wasn't me.

But oh, was I CLOSE!!! I was a half of a percent shy of winning a years free membership.

One half of a percent.

ONE HALF!!!!!!!

The winner:
Pounds lost: 9
Fat lost: 4%
BMI lost: 1.6%


Pounds lost: 5
Fat lost: 3.5%
BMI lost: 1%

I pushed myself the hardest I ever did, and ate 100% clean the entire challenge, and I couldn't have done even one more work out, or made my diet any better than it was.

I gained a lot of muscle, strength, and endurance that I am continuing to improve upon.

I don't feel defeated, but I'd have loved to save $600 bucks.

One Half??? Really?!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Giving Back By Volunteering!

Since I'm blissfully child-free, and single, with no dating prospects, and there is a summer of beautiful weather ahead of me, and I have a desire to do more and be more... I asked myself what more can I do

Something that wouldn't feel like an obligation...

Well, I am a big supporter of my local animal rescue, because they saved my Mr. Magoo from puppy mill hell, and gave him a safe place, until he found his forever home, with me! And I often visit the rescue to pet the cats, and dogs, and I love the work that they do. It's a no-kill shelter, and that is a total win with me!

Mr. Magoo's happiest after a trip to the dog park! 

So, this girl is officially the newest volunteer at said rescue! 

It was a totally serious undertaking. I had to fill out an application, and have an interview, just like a real job. And I was so totally nervous until, my interview included two tiny senior chihuahua's climbing my legs for attention, which I could not resist, and I lavished attention on those little dogs while answering questions. It was so up my alley

I offered my poop scooping, cat petting, animal bathing, administrative, and even event organization skills...but what what really caught my eye, and was most in need, was DOG WALKING


There are so many dogs that need walked, and RUN, and most volunteers only get 15-20 minutes with a dog. And the dogs are left still with all sorts of energy and nothing to do with it, so they sadly circle their enclosures out of boredom. Poor little things

Run you say? I'm all over it!! My dog can't run, so I am going to run those dogs' little buns off, and get extra cardio in the meantime! What could be more perfect for me?

I have to take two classes before I start, an orientation, and a dog training class. 

But I sure can't wait until I am helping those doggies find their forever homes! 

For the first time in a long time, I am excited about something. I will have a part in helping these dogs be placed in homes, by tiring them out, and socializing them

This summer is really going to be rewarding. I can't wait until my first dog gets adopted! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Technology is For the Birds...if Birds Only Knew What Awesome was....

So I am one of those people who still uses their laptop at a desk. Cus I don't have a wireless router.

I also watched my Netflix on the laptop, at the desk. Because I didn't a router, or a way to get it on my TV.

Everyone said, "get a blu-ray player with wifi, and buy a router".

Psssh...an unnecessary expense! My stupid $20 pink DVD player worked just fine. ..if it aint broke don't fix it.

But then my DVD player had been sucking for a while, but really took a shit when I watched the entire series of Lost and season one of American Horror Story this past December, in maybe like, a week and a half. So what!?! It was cold and snowy!

We got our bonuses at work. And aside from getting mine, and the dogs hair done this weekend, I made one  other frivolous purchase for myself. (Sidenote, my dog went to the groomer in the afternoon vs. early morning as per usual, and there was too much "going on" for him to handle...they sent him home early because he wouldn't stop having diarreah on two of the groomers, and in 3 kennels...my poor dog! He has a happy furever home, but he still hasn't shaken all his years of abuse. He still came home looking handsome)

Me and Mr. Magoo, fly from the beauty salon

I broke down and got a blu-ray with wifi, and a wireless router.

I am not good with directions, and putting things together, and it wasn't as easy as people say, but I did it with the aid of a glass (or two/three) of wine, and an extra trip to Radio Shack for an HDMI adapter. But I got it all working......All by myself!

What the heck was I waiting for? Watching Netflix on the big screen is pretty high class.

It is also the reason I am finally done with seasons 1-4 of Breaking Bad. The plan was to spread it out until it returns to end it's final season this summer.

Now, I'm like everyone else. Stuck, waiting to see what happens!

I may like to fight against technology...but this time, I'm kinda glad I caved!

I also bought this rack, but since I got it at the thrift store, and I needed the perfect sized rack for my kitchen, it doesn't count as frivolous! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Bra is as Good as Sex!!

*Disclaimer...I have been single for a long time, so maybe I forget how awesome sex is..and maybe I have to find other things to be happy about instead of slutting myself out for casual sex...(I'm not above it though...never say never) but I haven't forgotten the warm fuzzies that cradling "the girls" in a good bra brings on!

Bras cost alot. Or, they should. If they don't, you aren't wearing the right kind. I guess, if you are not blessed with a larger rack, you can maybe get away with a Target bra for $15 bucks, but I still wouldn't recommend it. You could buy one good bra, that will outlast 10 cheap bras.

Bras are an investment!

I'm such a fan of a good bra. Ever since Oprah had that entire episode dedicated to how we were all wearing the wrong size, it changed my life forever!

I'll never forget the feeling of buying my first "real bra" that was sized just for me. No one knew why, but I had an extra pep in my step that day!

I don't care if I think I know my size.

If I have or have not gained/lost weight.

Whenever I make a bra investment, I still get measured. I mean, what do you think those girls at Victoria's Secret walk around with measuring tapes around their necks for? A fashion statement? No. They want to encourage you to get measured! Don't buy a bra that doesn't fit!

I mean really, are no words for how you feel after buying a brand-new, properly-sized, well-made bra!

Every second of the day feels like Christmas!

My ladies thanked me all day today for spending $100 on two bras. Which, are really like 10 bras, since I bought two 5 way bras for the summer!

I can wear these bitches with every style top this season! 

So, have you thanked your rack for being awesome, buy buying it a great new bra lately?

Monday, April 01, 2013

The Challenge is Over...But My Journey is Lifelong...

My 24 day challenge is over. My trainer was just as bummed as me today, she said she swears she will find a way for me to keep taking personal classes with her. She told me I did great, and I look great, and I am so going to miss her!

What I gained out of this short span of really kicking my own ass, is the reassurance that my limits really are all MENTAL. Your body will do whatever you tell it to do, as long as you tell it that it can.

Did I win? I won't know for another 24 days. The participants were staggered, and when I was at the gym yesterday (yes, I was at the gym on EASTER) someone new was just signing up.

Whether or not I win, my personal victory is priceless!

My results:

Pounds lost: 5
Fat lost: 3.5% (my goal was 2% to get back into the "average" fat range, so I beat my goal!!)
BMI lost: 1%
% of Body Weight Down: .3%
Inches: mainly in the arms the only ones worth mentioning, is half an inch per arm.
Pants: down a size, back to my fighting weight!

My most cherished accomplishments, are with the strength and endurance that I gained in just 24 days!

I can do 20 "girl push ups" all the way down, and up when I could barely do 10 half-assed ones 24 days ago.

I can hold a low plank for 2 minutes when at the start, I crapped out at 30 seconds.

I can run consistently for 30 minutes at a 6.5 pace, giving me an over 3 mile run in that time, when before that  a 6.5 speed was a "minute only" sprint.

I can lift 15 lb weights for my arm sets, when 8 lbs. use to be torture.

Yea, this was me....

There was a time when I was well on my way to 300 lbs. All I did was sleep. And eat. And wake up from sleep to eat and then go back to sleep.

And then I walked. Then I walked longer. Then I walked faster. Then I walked even faster still.  Then I jogged short distances, and then I joined a boot camp and finally stopped "working out to eat" so I lost more weight, and then I did 5k races, and then I ran 3 half marathons. The first medal made me want more. The sense of accomplishment, was intoxicating.

The more I challenged myself, the more I surprised myself. And then I got complacent, and stopped stepping up my game.

While I await the final results, I will do my best to keep up the intensity of what I learned from my trainer. I found a website It's called bodyrock.tv, and if you want results, you should check it out!

And I also downloaded a HIIT app to my phone and programmed all the classes I could remember so I could continue pushing myself to my limits.

I lost my mojo for a few months, but now I'm back! And I had forgotten how amazing it feels to achieve things you didn't think you could, because I thought I had reached a plateau, and instead of pushing thru, I stayed there and let it try to beat me.

Now, excuse me while I have two glasses of wine, and enjoy the Easter apple crisp my Momma made, that I waited until post weigh in to enjoy!