"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, November 25, 2013

Out With The Old...

Two years ago I took the big step out of "hand me down" furniture, into buying brand new beautiful things that I picked out on my very own because I loved them! No discussions. No compromise. No working out a budget with someone else.

I've always had things other people owned first. It's nice for a while, but like most people, I wanted new furniture....things that "went together". Things I picked out, not that I had to settle for.

And, let's face it, I until last year, I was still sleeping in the bed I got as a wedding gift in 1996. It was time!

And now? My mattress and box springs are suited perfectly for ME!

I didn't have to ask anyone's opinion on anything, and the pets never got mad when I'd shoo them away from things because "we don't even own these yet".

I also got a beautiful accent chair for my living room, and a perfect entertainment center that didn't come in a box! A beautiful new TV that I finally decided to buy (even though there was nothing wrong with my current TV other than it was old..it was a huge step for me!)

I even bought a blue ray player so I could stream the internet on my TV as well! My couch is just what I always wanted, and I don't get mad at myself for being anal about sitting in different places to not form a "dip" in the cushions. I don't mind at all.

I mean I've been pretty blessed the last two years. Being responsible can actually pay off!

I've been faithfully paying on my furniture, to meet my 2 year interest free period, and it's finally paid off!

So naturally, for Christmas, I got myself a new bedroom set!

I'll have a real bed, not just a frame!! with sides, and head/foot boards! And it's made with real wood! My dresser is actually lined in cedar on the bottom, and velvet up top, and my mirror is gorgeous! 

The best part is, I have three years of no interest to pay it off. Or, is it the fact that I got it at 62% off? I think the latter. 

Now...the week-long wait for delivery. But it gives me enough time to decide what to do with all the crap I have hidden under my bed!

Being single is even more awesome than I thought!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Reason 456,890,214 I'm Not a Mom to Human Children..

I get a lot of flack from people (mainly my Mom) about not wanting kids. I mean, there are times when it freaks me out that not only am I child free, but I am also without a partner. Who's gonna take care of me? 

But I can't imagine living my life doing something I have no passion for. And I really have no passion for children.

Yes, there are friends and family of mine who have kids, that I can say are cute, and adorable, and I can handle them in small doses. But when the day is done..and the meltdowns happen...I'm thankful that I get to go home to peace and quiet, and having my own space. 

Honestly, I'm more cut out for being a hip Auntie!  One you'd feel bad about living in a state-run old folks home, due to her life-long friendship with your Mom..so you would probably take her under your wing.. should she ever need it. 

I understand people's love of children. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here today! I'm lucky that my Mom wanted to grow up to be "a Mom" and that she brought me into this world and raised me right. I also feel a calling to other things, like volunteering at the animal rescue, and people like me are just as important!

And here you have it...reason 456,890,214 I'm not a Mom to human children. I'd probably go to jail if my human kid found a lighter, because human kids have thumbs, and can set stuff on fire!

Luckily, I just took this lighter away from Mr. Magoo, and life went on!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Enjoying Fall Before it Snows...With Mr. Magoo..

One of the best things about living in Northeast Ohio, is the arrival of Fall.

Not when it gets to be cold, and rainy fall...but that magical in-between time, when it's in the 50's, and sunny, and there is still beautiful color on the trees.

I got out to enjoy a long walk at the park, and take some photos.

 I drive this route every day on my way home from the gym, and the trees are spectacular!

 Mr. Magoo was on beaver watch at beaver marsh...they say otters play here in the summer, but I've never seen either...ever..(sad face)

 A few berries holding on

 The Cuyahoga River

 Ducks! You have to look pretty close...

 Just a couple flowers left on this bush

 Mr. Magoo is so happy when he's walking!


 This farm grows the best sweet corn around!

 The wind blowing through these "things" sounds amazing. 

 My purse is a great pillow for a tuckered out pooch

And, Mr. Magoo was finally given the "all clear" from the vet after his oral surgery, and his bleeding debacle. He can eat whatever he wants. And what he wants is to try to chew a rawhide with remaining 7 teeth.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I'm OK, You're Ok...

A post by a fellow blogger, got my wheels turning. I love to read inspirational posts, especially when I can so closely relate! Check out Urban Cynic! 

I've been single forever. Like, years forever. I've dated here and there, but nothing special. If I put too much thought into being single, it can be terrifying.

I take each day as it comes, and I am happy. Sincerely...happy on my own!

I spent the majority of my adult and teen life in relationships. My longest "single" stretch before now was 7 months. And that seemed like a lifetime at 25!

I was a relationship hopper, for sure! Being alone? Gasp!!!

Relationships are comfortable when you are use to being in one, and unless you pass through the uncomfortable part, you will never get to the good parts!

Relationships also require sacrifice. The longer you are on your own, and learn to embrace a single life, the easier it is to realize the things you are willing to sacrifice.

Being single, forces you to really understand who you are. Not just because you have all sorts of time to reflect on what was right, or wrong in said relationships..but more importantly, because you realize the things that truly make you "you".

The longer you are single, the more you are forced to face the idea that yes...maybe you will be alone forever. And so what? As long as you embrace the idea, you might as well start finding things to fill up your life. Plan for your future. Decide what makes you tick!

Once you give in to the idea, and start to appreciate your single life, it seems less like a "curse" and more like a "blessing".

Knowing how I prefer to live my life on my own, makes it easier to decide how another person will compliment my life, rather than "make my life".

I've never given myself the time to learn these things. In the past I thought I had it all figured out, but now I know who I am "on my own".

And even though, years back, I'd have rather been in a relationship than be single, as always, the universe gives us what we need, and not what we want.

I wouldn't trade these past few years of being single for anything. Something that seemed so scarey, turned out to be a blessing!

I have accomplished so much, because I was forced to. I had nothing else to focus on besides me, and that has been the best blessing in disguise I've ever had!

Monday, November 04, 2013

More Pinterest Crafting...and Pictures of the Furkids..

My latest Pinterest project is a pet bed made out of an old sweater!! Easy, peasy!

It is a first draft, and will only be improved upon...but this is a half off thrift store sweater $1.50 turned into a snuggley pet bed!

Mr. Magoo approves

Fizzgig approves

Pickachu approves

And it's perfect for two (Fizzgig and Pickachu)

Bonus shot.. Mr. Magoo has made a full recovery. Here he is tuckered out from play and cat chasing!

Honorary mention..Fozzie, she  hasn't gotten on the bed bandwagon, but she deserves to be pictured with the rest of the furkids...

Mom helped me with this, and tried to show me how to work her sewing machine, which turned out to not be the best way to make this bed. I got the job done with a darning needle and crochet thread in no time! I do however, need to continue the sewing machine lessons. I don't remember a damned thing from Home ec classes....it was only 20 years ago.