"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 28, 2008

Drunk on Turkey...

Wednesday I got to leave work early. Lucky me. A perk for being salaried, and the boss. Boo ya! I couldn't go home cus I had bootcamp so I did the next best thing which is kill time at PetSmart. I like to torture myself by perusing the cats, but they had only one kitty who was asleep in her litter box. Wtf? So instead of feeling sorry for the homeless cats, I traveled to the caged animals. By that I mean like, hamsters and birds. I watched these little finches long enough, that I had to leave when I started pricing cages. I might have a serious animal addiction.

At bootcamp, we did 1500 jumping jacks. I think shes freaking insane. We normally do 850. Then she said 900. Then it was "100 more" until we hit 1500. Of course, its 300 jacks, then lunges, and running, and side legs, then 300 jacks. Not 1500 in a row, but you don't rest. Not for a second.

I hit the bar with my guy later that night. We played some video bowling, and pool. I actually made some shots with instruction. I still lost. Despite my incessent butt grabbing and pointless attempts at distracting him. He's like a machine when it comes to pool. I did hit a few balls in! Bonus! I miss beer. Have I mentioned that? I havn't developed a taste for straight vodka on the rocks. But I drink it. I know, my arm was being twisted, right?

I did suprisingly well on Thanksgiving. I had a nice wake up...(with the manfriend...wink wink) and then I worked out pretty hard. Showered, and stuffed my face at my Momma's, and we went for a walk. I feel good about my potential weight loss tonight. Despite the fact that I had apple pie. And mashed potatos. And stuffing. I loved every single second of it! Not having something makes it 100 times more worth it when you do have it.

While walking with my Momma we came across the cutest calico cat, that started to follow us. So I swooped her up and carried her. She loved it, and purred in my arms. My Mom said she was certainly someone's cat, but you shouldn't leave your cat outside if you don't want a caring stranger to try to gank it. Plus, she was extra weight on my walk. (cop out) Eventually she wanted down, and she led the way back to her house, taking three steps and looking back at us to follow...where she stayed behind, despite my pets and snuggles. Sigh. My plan was to steal her for my manfriend. Who desperately needs a pet if you ask me. Plus, who doesn't like cats?

I had mushy manfriend Thanksgiving thoughts. About how thankful I am to have met him. And then I got a sweet text from him, proving he was having the same sort of night. He is the sweetest man I've ever met. I feel so loved by him, and he never ceases to amaze me with how caring he is. Sigh.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Cat's Cuter than Your Cat....

Of course my camera quality sucks ass, but the fact is I have an adorable cat who loves to sit in the tub until I give her a toy to bat around. I'm willing to bet she's cuter than your cat. Regardless you'd never convince me otherwise.

I'm all excited to share my video with the world and my Mom says "it's cute, but that tub and wash rag are forever immortalized". I'm like...wtf is she even talking about? Mom's can be so judgemental. So I guess I have to say for her sake, that my bathtub is stained. It's plastic. I've tried every chemical, and powder, including CLR, and Limeaway to get the crap off the tub. Nothing's worked. If you have some miracle cure, please share it with me before my Mother dies of embaressment. I honestly don't care if it was dirty.

And she was just hasseling me yesterday to bear her grandchildren. I'd be an unfit mother, with my filthy bathtub. (regardless...this is not happening...my vagina does not want to make room for baby) "It'll change your life" she says. Yea, I know, that's why I don't want them, I'm happy with my life how it is. Call me selfish, but if I want to workout after work and not have to make 15 phone calls, or I want to nap on a Sunday afternoon because I was out late Saturday getting drunk and not having to call a babysitter. That's what I wanna do. At least I know what I want before having a kid and then screwing its life up. Ya hurr?

It's my last week of bootcamp. I'm terrified. I can't afford to go in December, with Christmas, my birthday, and having to get my liscense plates (yes, the evil vanity plates cost a buttload) and a new liscense. I'm turning the big 3-3. I'm also going away for the weekend, and getting my hair done. All costly things for a month. Sigh. I'm going to pay for once a week classes thru December, and rejoin in January. She told us Monday, no pentalty for weight gain this week with Thanksgiving. Some people (my coworkers) are really taking this to heart and eating crap.

I'm going to enjoy a normal dinner and hope for the best. I'm still not going to cheat other days. I work too freaking hard for that. Monday, I did regular jumping jacks because my legs don't hurt anymore. Hollaaaaaa. I'm going to have to just double up my workouts at the gym the normal bootcamp days and keep on keepin on.

In January...I'm back in the swing of things. And....I'm anxiously awaiting my stimulus package. You know, to pay my taxes, as usual. (which is bullshit)

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Enjoy some pie, and mashed potatos and stuffing, and corn, and CHEESE, and rolls, and um, mashed potatos, and pie, did I say that? All for me. Cus, I'm losing 4lbs this week!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life...

I got this from Okay Seriously. Like, 9 months ago or something, and it's been sitting in my drafts waiting for me to finish. And I think it's freaking awesome, and a lot of fun. I think you should all participate on your blogs.

You just List a song for each part of life. Good luck!

Opening credits: What It Feels Like For a Girl. Madonna
One of her all time bests in my opinion!

Waking up: Beautiful Life Edwin McCain
sorry its a bad youtube video but the world hasn't discovered his greatness.

Average day: All the Small Things. Blink 182
cus I'm generally happy and you can't be unhappy when you listen to it.

First date: This Kiss. Faith Hill. (this reminds me of the manfriend)

Falling in Love: Falling in Love. Michael Stanley
(hello, Cleveland..hollaaaa!)
He was the shiznit here back in the day, so my sister says. But the song is absolutely beautiful!

Love Scene: Wicked Game. Chris Isaak.
Cus it's freaking hot!

Fight Scene: Girl Fight Brook Valentine
(bout to be a what? girl fight!)

Breaking up: Take Me. Edwin McCain.

Getting Back Together: I Drove all Night. Cyndi Lauper

Secret Love: Say My Name. Destiny's Child.

Life’s Okay: Get Your Money. Will.I.Am
Cus it's a pretty sweet jam.

Desperate: I Wanna Come Over. Melissa Ethridge
Kinda reminds me of my crazy stalker days......huh?

Driving: Ayer Will.I.Am and Flo Rida
Cus, it's my jam

Deep Thought: Faithless. Buddha Bar Vol. 1

Flashback: Don't Stop Believing. Journey.
I freaking Love this song. It takes me back!

Partying: Back to The Hotel. N 2 Deep
Hells yea! (this video makes me laugh now...I totally didn't know they
were white boyz)

Happy Dance: Skat Man. (By, I dunno)
eeee om bo bo do bo....

Regretting: Epiphany. Staind

Long Night Alone: The song that doesn't end. (Lambchop)
Cus if I'm alone all night I never want to stop singing. And, it brings back memories

Death Scene: Forsaken. David Draiman
Cus if I'm gonna die, I wanna be a vampire.

Closing Credits: I've Had the Time of My Life. Bill Medly and Jennifer Warnes

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gobble Gobble....

Monday's really don't excite me. Did they ever? No. So why bother bringing it up? Why not. I feel much better, except I still have a nagging nasty phlemy chest cough. Yummeeee! It's turkey pickup day. Which means I get to go outside in the cold and pick up a frozen turkey for free. Free is awesome! This is the first Thanksgiving for like 5 years I didn't have to cook for me and my brother. (I think it was longer....) Cus my Momma is back in town now. *smile*

This week I lost only 1 pound. A loss is a loss right? I'm proud that I even went to workout on Friday seeing that I was knocking on deaths door, and risked passing out. I am not sore anymore either. Bonus! The one pound makes my three week total 6 pounds. I'm on a mission to finish the month out with a 4 pound loss so I can lose 10 lbs for the month. We'll see how this goes, with Thanksgiving and all. I'll have to get out on Thursday and have a 45 minute walk. Good luck me!

I spent my Friday night sleeping. I know that is thrilling and all, but try to contain your jealousy. I went grocery shopping with my Momma on Saturday which wore me out in my sick state. I went to hang out with my manfriend and he got us dinner and movies and we snuggled up together and enjoyed an evening to ourselves. Which was fabulous. I woke up with him on Sunday, which is even more fabulous. I'm sickeningly in love. *sigh* We spent yesterday compiling the ultimate 80's mix for my MP3. It's totally tubular!!

I started watching that new show Whale Wars. Ever seen it? Those people are crazy. They boarded a japanese whaling boat like pirates, and the japanese held them hostage! For whales! Save the whales is very much still alive. I think I would be that nuts to save the cats. I saw in China once, on an HBO special, how they boil cats alive, toss them in cold water to finish them off by drowning, and then rip their fur off while they are still half alive. Brutal huh? It's true. (heres a video but I don't suggest you watch it if you have a beating heart. It will make you cry) They use their fur for those stupid toys you see in stores of sleeping cats and whatnot. Same with dogs. It disgusts me. Who really needs a cat fur fake animal? Yea..I'd like to think I'd risk my life to save them from that...But then I'm kind of a chicken shit.

I should start my own show! All I need is a clever name, and some people crazy enough to risk life and limb for furry felines. Any takers? I'd knock some bitches out for the kittehs.

Friday, November 21, 2008

All Over...

This happens to be the Best song/video ever. Beyonce keeps gettin better and better! (Just a boy) love how at the end it's the boy and not the girl. Ugh, it speaks to me!

Three weeks until my birthday. That means two weeks until I'm goin away with the manfriend (and another couple for one night) and I get four days off work. Hollaaaaa!

My friend Kat is in Japan. She gets to go all sorts of places cus she sucks. (Ok, so I love her) She visited the great Buddha, and pet the deer. I am pretty jealous of all that. When she emailed me in the morning at work, it was 10:00pm there. And the time came thru as such. I asked her to send me the winning lottery numbers from the future and I'd split it with her. I amuse me. When I'm rich, I shall visit the great buddha. She got me a rock from this buddha last time she went to Japan. Yea I said "last time".

I like rocks. I have a jar of rocks from all over. So what?

Rich. I want it.

Zicam rapid melts may not be worth the nastiness. It doesn't seem to be working, and tastes awful. I can't stand having head congestion, and bloody snot. It's so nasty!

When you're sick, why do people like to announce how shitty you look? "You look sick!" As if you forgot that you didn't wash and style your hair when you barely drug yourself out of bed in the morning. And you have bags under your eyes? Lucky I'm here to supervise ya'll's asses.

I saw this on my catster profile. It's a litter robot!

Over the weekend the manfriend and I spent a long time again at the hardware store. We picked out colors to paint his two bedrooms. And, I'm pretty jealous, cus I love them both. One's a chocolatey brown, and the other is a pretty gray green. I wish I could paint my apartment.

You didn't know I had a famous friend. She was interviewed for the washington post for her work on the Obama campaign. Her blog link is in the article. She's a smart cookie.

I worked out sick yesterday. And I have to today cus it's weigh-in for boot camp. Cross your fingers I wanna lose 3lbs again. After that, I want to lose 30 lbs to goal. Maybe not. I want to go down one more size, so however much I lose to get there is fine by me.

I can tell a difference in 3 wks in my clothes. I can pull one pair of pants off w/o unzipping or clasping them. Three weeks. And not even 10lbs lost yet. Boot camp's no joke!

Womp! There it is! I have this song stuck in my head today.

I got my Momma a reallllllly nice gift yesterday. Then I remembered something else I was suppose to get her.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something That Requires no Thinking...

Ok, so Erin tagged me. Here's the instructions for you to participate. Let me know if you do!

* Go to your sixth picture folder then pick your sixth picture.

* Pray that you remember the details.

* Post it on your blog.

* Tag 5 others, leave a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged. (unless you are legitimately sick like me, then you don't have to)

So here's my picture.

Funny story with this one.

I would have personally picked the real version of this photo, which was probably like #10 in the folder. But, whatever. I blingee'd it cus it was fun to do, and blingee is addicting! This particular night was an ever-popular with the ladies, sex toy party at one of my girlfriends houses. We were drinking vodka. (shocker) and feeling pretty good from sniffing this pheremone roll on stuff that the sex lady brought, it was spose to drive the men crazy.

Sidenote: (one of our friends was actually injured playing pass the penis. She biffed it hard, and had to sit there with frozen peas on her knee...tears and all...playing pass...the...penis....she can never live that one down. Ever. "how'd you get hurt?" Oh, I was trying to catch a double-sided penis between my knees that another girl passed me from her knees)

Turns out the pheremones drive girls crazy too. I took the face out to protect the innocent. But it's obviously one friend sniffing the others ass. I think she might have rubbed pheremones there? We rubbed it all over. And Sniffed each other too. No, not THERE, you pervs!

We decided to go out after the party, dancing on the lakes (that's portage lakes to you big city readers) to test out the pheremones, turns out the men didn't fall at our feet, despite my one girlfriend's urging to do so. One guy did ask the girl in blue to dance or something and when she said she had a bf he said something like...."so?" Boys are pretty rude sometimes.

Oh yea, that was a good band that night, what the hell were they called? Anyone? They played 80's music!

I think everyone should do this tag..., because I can imagine the stories I'd read. I'm sick, and don't feel like adding all the links. I'm sorry. I suck. That cute manfriend of mine got me sick with his sickness. Bleh. He's lucky he's so irresistable.

More snow today. Like, a storm.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


You know I work for corporate at some mondo un-named company that specializes in jewelry right? Well, it's not the place that carries these. I love Hello Kitty. I have a tattoo on my foot. I'm dedicated. I have some fake jewelry, from like, Avon, but I want some real bling. Like this. We carry some Russell Simmons peices, but not Kimora. It's only a matter of time I think. If they weren't the enemy....I may go and buy some Hello Kitty jewelry from them. But, I am afraid.

In the meantime, not carrying these items will help keep me out of the employee store, (conveniently located inside the corporate office) and owing my entire check to them. Right? I mean, there is a silver lining there. I'm so sad over it. I mean if the company wants to ring in the new year with some major money, they should listen to me when I say...buy Hello Kitty. Girls love it.

And, I had a request for snow pictures. Only people who don't live in snow are fascinated with it. These were on my way to work this morning. I'm a real safe driver. Don't worry.

You can see some of work in the distance.

some daycare

The sky was actually very pretty this morning.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy....

I think that having a penis, must add some sort of super duper weight maintenance gene to your body. Like, that cool turbo pet hair brush attachment I have for my vaccume cleaner. The penis is to the body, what a turbo pet hair brush is to a vaccume.... Sound about right ladies? Can I get a what what? Ugh.

There's a guy in boot camp, he lost 10lbs his second week. First week? 13. Third week? 8. Here's what he said "but I'm swimming 2 days a week too". Huh? I walk 3 miles 5 days a week on top of boot camp. I workout twice a day on boot camp days. How am I going to be biggest loser and get a free month's workout, with some stinking man hogging it up each week? They should have their own category! It's completely unfair!

Plus, they get to eat a billion more calories than we do, and still lose weight. It makes me almost believe in god, because the whole adam and eve thing sounds about right. We're definately paying for something horrible we must have done as a sex.

Boys are also way quicker to get over heartbreak. They can forget about you in like, 2 seconds flat. While we all secretly know this is an act...they have the ability to put on a front like they don't give a shit, and get it on with random chicks. They sleep perfectly fine, while we are up crying for days, weeks, months.

When I write my best selling novel...there will be an entire chapter dedicated to how life is 100% easier for men. And of course, since it's my book, I won't consult a man when writing it. (I may also have an end page that then lists the reasons I'm happy I am not a man. Such as testicles, putting the moves on women, and picking up chicks)

This past weekend, the cute as can be manfriend took me to Bob Evans (yummm). I had 2 egg beaters, 2 turkey sausage links, home fries (shhh, they were PLAIN) and a biscuit. That was my big splurge, that I had a biscuit and home fries. (with no ketchup mind you, I am a ketchup whore when it comes to breakfast foods) The manfriend? He got those cream filled cinnamon pancakes with whipped cream topping. Real eggs with CHEESE on top. Sausage gravy and biscuits. And bacon.


I'm talking to the other girls in boot camp about how I "cheated" cus I had homefries and biscuit, and they tell me they had burgers, pizza, DONUTS!!! How much you want to bet neither of those bitches gains anything this week? And neither of them workout other than 3 times a week at bootcamp. It's so unfair. I'll have way healthier arteries though. They can suck it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

International signs...

If I were a man on TV, I'd have said this same exact thing about gay marriage. Mind your mutha heffin biznass! I dunno who this guy is but Ellen said to watch it, and since I pretty much think my TV life is real, and me and Ellen are like peas and carrots, I do what she says.

It snowed. Just like a dusting. But, snow. I don't even have room for my car in the garage, it's too full of crap. I have no idea how this happened. I've cleaned it like 5 times this year. I think by cleaning, I mean moving junk around to a different spot. A garage is mens territory. I have no idea what to do with one besides throw crap in it, and park my car there. At least I'm doing one thing right. I managed to squeeze my car in there last night, so it was nice and warm for me today.

My legs still hurt. I did modified jacks again in boot camp. Which, if you ask me, looks like the international sign for "somebody fucking save me". (is there a sign for that?) I had to laugh at myself in the mirror. I ask myself if I really want to do this another month. I can't really afford it, but it is the only thing thats worked for over a year. And...I lost 3lbs last week, bringing my 2 week total to 5lbs. It doesn't sound like much because I watch the biggest loser. But you know to lose a pound you have to create a net reduction of calories of 3500. So, I would say, 3 lbs in a week is pretty awesome! All the hard work pays off!

My new most favorite thing in the uuuuuniverse is protein bars. Specifically, Special K Chocolatey Chip. Why? Because I get to have one before I workout, and I don't want to vomit from being starved, or being full. (the manfriend talked me into these, because I couldn't find a happy medium with eating before workout) Why else? It's flippin' chocolate dumbass! It's like cheating on a diet only not cheating. It's like a small little peice of heaven! I like to cut it into thin slices and enjoy a little bit at a time. I find myself fantasizing about my protein bar.

I stayed up til 1 am last night, after driving home from the manfriend's even though I was completely exhausted, making spaghetti squash, and a baked sweet potato. All so I wouldn't eat crap today. Dedication. I have it. I also have grown to love spaghetti squash. I put this thing called seasoning on it. You gotta live a little.

P.S. I saw my first preview for LOST this weekend, I saw Jack's scruffy beard on tivo, and had to rewind to watch it! It wasn't revealing, but January 21st? Do we really have to wait a year? Damn! And if they fuck up my show like they fucked up Heros, I'll go Annie Wilkes on their asses. And, I'm not kidding. As I love no show as I love Lost! And I love shows!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smiles for Sunday again...

If cats could blog, they'd also post pictures of themselves. This is Pickachu, (here's his catster page) and he IS smiling.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trim the Birthday Tree!...

Have you seen this old lady video about switching to digital TV? It's why old people scare me.

It's Friday. What I love about Friday, is two days off from bootcamp. Good lawd! I am anticipating another 2lb weight loss...as I calibrated my scale to match the bootcamp scale. (By calibrate, I mean, subtract 2lbs from my weight to match the boot camp scale. I'm a borderline engineer, minus the math skillz) It seeeez I lost 3 lbs, but we'll see! If nothing else I maintained... but I'm pretty confident I lost. My pants are roomy! Two weeks! You'll have to hold your breath until Monday. I know the anticipation must be eating at you!

I spent last night with my legs propped up, and iced. Soaked in epsom salts. Popping ibuprofin. I am not getting much done other than working out latley.

My birthday is fast approaching. It is precicely 1 month from today. You can send gifts whenever you want though, it's always a good time for presents! As with last year, the manfriend and I are going away for the weekend to southern Ohio and stay in a cabin. This year we are going to stay in a former coworkers cabin, and I'm pretty excited. I invited some people to come down the first night, and kickit, and the second night I'll get to spend with the manfriend. I dunno what more you could want, than to be with someone you love, in isolation. It's romaaaaaannnnntic! Could be scarey too. I have been joking with the manfriend that I'm making a "manfriend" doll, and that is why I'm randomly stealing his articles of clothing. Maybe I am? Or maybe, I need supplies for when I finally kidnap him.

I made the effort to plan this trip two months ahead in hopes more people could pencil me into their busy schedules, but that never works for some reason. You know how people always say "we should go away for the weekend" but then they never do? Those people kinda suck balls. Friends in the movies do it all the time. I always knew I should be an actress.

I have one couple for sure going with us, and the rest can eat it. When they're 80 they will be sorry they didn't do more fun stuff.

I also planned it for my birthday weekend, and had to change it recently to the week before. The manfriend has to catsit for his Mom. Guess who won that one? It kinda pissed me off because as I said, I planned this well in advance. Yes, you may take note, the boy pissed me off. Well, the situation did. And, it didn't last long One thing I have improved with myself is not being mad about things for which I cannot change. I didn't dwell on it. The old me would've milked it, and thrown it in his face whenever I could. The old me was kinda a bitch. The old me dated assholes too, so there you go.

Don't I sound all smart and well adjusted? I know!

Last night the boy said the cutest thing. He was fixing his windows for the winter, caulking them (you said caulk) and he said he wanted to make sure I was warm when I was up there with him. (he does live in Cleveland, home of "it snows or rains every time I am up there") The best part is that he means it, and he does stuff like that all the time. It feels amazing to have someone actually care about ME and my happiness, and comfort. It's a first for me!

Have a fabulous weekend, send me thin thoughts so I may weigh in tonight at less than last week! I'm going to have dinner with the manfriends friends tomorrow night. Which will be a task since I'm on restrictions.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore...

When I'm president, we'll work 3 weeks, and get 1 week off. Imagine how well rested we would all be! Everyone would love me too. I got like 2 straight hours of sleep last night. 5 am after snoozing on and off on the couch. It was date night wink! The manfriend gave me a much needed leg massage! He's pretty sweet that way! It felt amazing! I dunno if you know this, but I sure do love him. I did modified jumping jacks in class, ran in place and waved my arms. Good thing, cus we did 1,100 last night. Bootcamp nazi thinks I need new shoes. I just got new shoes for walking. Now I need shock absorbing shoes. Being in shape is freaking expensive.

And um, my legs are hurting so bad. It's the strangest spot and feeling too.

Speaking of DVD's (?) I have a pretty sweet collection. (I'm not going blu-ray even though I said I'd never go DVD) I'm pretty pissed off that when I got my box set of Friday the 13th, it only included movies 1-8, because 9 and 10 were put out by New Line Cinema. You would think for what they charge you for that shit, they could have come to some sort of an agreement. Now, there is going to be another movie. Which will also not fit into my box set. It's a remake. I think remakes pretty much blow. Except... the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which is also a favorite), was pretty damn good! Nothing can ever replace the original for me, I remember it scared the shit out of me as a kid. You can't replace that with a remake.

Since I have fabulous taste, I bet you wonder what other movies I love? Well.. Nightmare on Elm Street, the entire series. (Which I also have the box set of) Even the cheesy 3-D one. One common denominator of all these movies, is Freddy. Played by Robert Englund. (remember him as "Willie" from "V"? That show rocked! They ate hampsters!)

You just can't put anyone else into the shoes of Freddy. Period. Rumor has it....Billy Bob Thorton will be the new Freddy. I know you are as outraged as me. We could put our powers together and start a letter writing campaign. Those always worked on the Brady Bunch. Billy Bob? "mmmm hmm, I wanna smashed tater with ketchup" Billy Bob? Yea, get a clue dude! I mean, some people get all up in arms about who plays Jason, but Jason doesn't speak.

One part of getting older I despise? Remakes. Movies, and music. Nothing is sacred.

Remember the movie the 6th day? With Ah-nold? His kids pet dies and he takes it to re-pet, and they get the same pet back? How flippin awesome is that? That's an OK remake. I'd always have my pets cus their the cutest. That cloning crap scares me. Best cloning movie in my opinion? The Island. Cus that shit could happen!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Titles are for Wimps...

I've been pretty disappointed with Hero's latley. I fell asleep watching it on Monday. It started out with a bang. Why do they have to change things? It was way better when the goal was to save the cheerleader. I'll try to finish it later in the week I suppose. I hate when TV disappoints me. It's like the one unspoiled thing left in the world.

I love the Biggest Loser. Know who I hate? Vicky. I screamed and cheered and did a little dance on my couch (cus my legs hurt) when her stupid husband got kicked off last night. The blue team was so mean spirited, they deserved an upset like that. I hated when they started a fight with Phil for no reason. And when Vicky openly admitted she didn't want him to come back on the show. It's called karma betch! You got it! I can't wait til they send her fat ass home. She's an ugly person, and I mean in her heart. She'll always be fat until she fixes that crap! And when the contestents were working out, and crying, and pushing past their limits...now I know how they feel, and it aint pretty. I only workout 1 1/2 hours a day vs. their 6. So, I can't really imagine.

I baked a turkey breast last night. It was freaking delicious! I fed the skin to the dog who also agreed, it was dee dilly icious! I didn't use the flavor packet, and put a little olive oil, and poultry seasoning on it, and viola! Heaven in a roasting pan. I couldn't stop eating it, so I'm hoping it doesn't screw up my weight loss this week. I really messed up my legs fo shizzle. I've never felt this pain before. It's weird. I have to tell bootcamp nazi tonight, because if I do regular jumping jacks, I'm gonna fall down. I couldn't even do them all on Monday, I had to do modified. It hurts to do everything.

I think it's from running, squatting, and doing jumping jacks all in a row, I think the switching of movements fucked up my legs.

Oh, the spaghetti squash w/marinara was good. I put pinto beans in it, cus I love me some beans. It was really good. The texture is different, its like a raw potato. So I dunno if maybe I should've cooked it longer? I cooked it 45 min.

I've been using my brain a lot at work this week. (I wonder if I'll get a skinny head??) I'm automating our awards process. I'm putting together the VP's that do the same awards, and writing macros to do everything, so instead of a half hour to do one set it'll take 3 seconds. I kinda rock. Of course, it's not done yet, and when I run the macro to print the awards, it prints a billion with "0" after the real ones run. It's a work in progress!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peroneus Hurtimus....

I'm in a different kind of pain today after boot camp. I think its the Peroneus Longus according to this muscular skeleton. It's on the outside of the calf, on the sides. Better than the knee I suppose. It hurts to do everything and aches. I'm gonna just walk today and skip a day of boot camp. I can just see myself falling down in front of everyone. Nice. Last night Kat went to class, and she loved it. We wanted to kick her, because she still had energy. Meanwhile, my leg muscles feel like they are pounding out of my skin. I took advil, it wont be long now.

When I weighed myself last night, I was the same weight as on Friday. Which means I maintained despite having drank alchohol, and ate hashbrowns. Yessssssss.

On the radio this morning, the question was, do you have a picture of your significant other at work, and do you gaze at it and think happy thoughts? The dj said he doubted his wife did that. The other DJ was doing it on the computer, staring at her husband and asked if the other guy ever did that with his wife and think how lucky he is.

Guilty. I do that. I like to look at the manfriend's cute smile, and think about his laugh, and how it feels when he holds me. And I have pics of us together that make me happy to look at. I do it every day. And, at night, I include him in my list of things in my life that I am thankful to the universe for. I think if you forget what makes you so happy about the person, you're in trouble. Is it crazy? Do others do this? I had a pair of the manfriend's boxers and I let him take them cus he needed them this weekend. I was kinda bummed about it cus I like havin them. When I went to bed last night, I had another pair under my pillow. It might sound strange to you, but I thought it was totally cute.

I also watched the Sex and the City movie again last night and cried as hard as I did the first time I saw it. I wonder if that movie is as good if you didn't watch the series? I don't think it can be, it's the relationships they all have that make it so intense. When did I turn into such a blubbering fool? Oh yes, along about the time I fell in love with that boy. He has opened up all sorts of things inside of me. Tap, tap, tapping away at my walls. I sorta remember the me I am. Having feelings, and not hiding them behind emergency glass. "Break only if having a meltdown" I always liked this me. I'm pretty awesome.


I made spaghetti squash for lunch today. I tried a little bit last night and my first conclusion, is that it tastes like potatos. I bet it would be yummy with butter, and seasonings, and cheese. But, instead, I put some marinara on it, and we'll see if I can get it down for lunch. I also saved the seeds, I'm going to try to roast them like pumpkin seeds! I'm still eating carbs, cus what else is there without pasta or rice? I'm at least doing brown rice, and whole wheat pasta.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Makes you stronger if you dont die..

Happy Monday. I dread the thought of another boot camp class tonight. Due to the fact that the bitch tried to kill us on Friday. I can't believe I paid money to be tortured. Who does that crap? Friday? Some girl in the class, ate Popeye's chicken. If you wanna cheat, that's fine, but don't have asshole friends that will email pics of you to the instructor, who will then use this against the entire class. After 1,000 lunges (I wish I was kidding) We did this thing where you jump side to side, while twisting, with your arms above your head swinging side to side. "100" she said. By 100, we were all dying, and people put their arms below their shoulders.

Another 100. She gave balance balls to people to hold up because they were slacking. Meanwhile, the rest of us were losing feeling in our shoulders, pushing on. I was in so much pain by the time 400 rolled around, I had to stare at the a/c vent in the ceiling, and try to meditate myself to a happy place. I kept my arms up too. My happy place worked until at 400 she said 20 more. Several times, until we reached 500. I wanted to slap those fucking bitches for putting their arms down. It's my first week and I can do it, but we have to all suffer for it? After a billion other torturous events, we had to run laps. I don't run. I jog at best, at a 4.4. She made me be on the outside lane, because apparently, I can go fast even though I'm dead tired. I started to get nauseus and tried to get on the inside (slow) lane for a few laps, and that's when she said

Crazy bitch: "get on the outside lane and go faster"
Me: "I'm gonna puke"
CB: "no you're not try harder"

Well, I didn't puke but by the time we were done I did dry heave. I have a hard time knowing when to eat before class, this time it was an hour and a half before. I don't want to have food in my stomach, but I have to eat something. Either way I've felt sick.

All in all it's worth it. I officially lost 2lbs (from Tues-Friday) while eating real food, and I can tell a huge difference in my pants. From one week. Torture or not, it's the ass kicking I needed to get over the hump. Skinny coworker who thought she was indestructible? Gained a pound. She ate lasagna, chinese, wings, and beer. Duh.

In other news I was so sore on Friday that I basically laid on the couch popping ibuprofin's after soaking in the hot tub. Saturday I went shopping with my Momma, (who had chocolate at her house) and had a date with my manfriend for 80's night. I had a hard time not undressing him with my eyes. How can one person drive you that insane? We played pool, and video bowling. We also did 80's trivia, and the man won free drinks. Yessss. I drank vodka in an effort to not gain weight. Which is a change from the usual beer, so we'll see how it goes.

We had a movie-thon yesterday, and I made stir fry for us. The boy actually liked it. It's one of the few things I excel at. Easy things. I was so content snuggling with him all day, I would have been happy to freeze time and stay in that moment. He is so sweet to me, and I can't wait til I can come home to him every day. I have to stop thinking about it because it makes me think negatively, as I know that wont be happening any time soon. So I have to live in the moment. It's so hard though. Sigh.

How was your weekend?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kitty Bliss....

A Sunday Smile....Hope I don't turn into a Mommy blogger...

Friday, November 07, 2008

I am my mother...

So yesterday I'm enjoying my salad, with chicken. Since I'm a somewhat picky eater, I have to pick apart the chicken chunks into teeeny peices because there is *shudder* grissle in a few peices, and if I ate it I'd be off chicken for several weeks until I forgot about it. I put all the grissley peices with yummy meat still attached aside. I wrapped it all up in two napkins. And put it in my purse for my dog.

My purse.

This reminds me of going to the buffet and my Mom stashing nilla wafers in her purse and telling me "you'll be happy when you want one later". Or, the time we went to the pizza buffet and she took home pizza. In her purse. Or the many times we are out shopping and she has some other form of food. In her purse.

She's not even a little old lady.

Where's my peeps that watched Grey's Anatomy last night? Any criers? Anyone? OMG, I couldn't stop. That old couple made me so sad. They were so in love, and cute, and the wife underwent brain surgery and she signed a DNR in case she didn't make it. They said their goodbyes and she ended up not making it. Her heart stopped and her husband was doing chest compressions to keep her alive and asking her not to leave him. Uh, enter the waterworks. I want to be a little old lady adored so much by my husband that he would need oxygen to keep pumping my heart because he couldn't bear to let me go. It gave me hope. I want that. A long, happy marriage.

Did you cry? I'm gettin misty thinking about it. Ugh! I tried to you tube it but people suck.

I took a video of my cat Fizzgig (aka my precious). It's really dark and you can barely make her out, but the sound is the funny thing. I caught her at her finest. Snoring.

First, here she was all curled up:

And here she is sawing logs.

Third bootcamp session and weigh-in tonight...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


When I'm bored, I look things up on the internet. My favorite thing to do, is go to petfinder.com and torture myself by looking at the homeless animals that I could have. If I could afford it, I'd adopt one of everything. But as it is, my pets cost me a small fortune! Well, make that a rather large fortune. They are totally worth it though. I think I might have a problem. (I use to have FIVE cats) (Actually at one time I had 6 cats, and 2 litters of kittens!)

This past week, I looked up Jello. My coworkers wanted to make some punch with Jello in it. Um, no. I was all like "I don't eat Jello. For obvious reasons. Like, it's made from horse hooves." Turns out it's more like animal bones and hides. Call me traditional, I don't like to eat things I can't recognize. When we have food day, I don't like hot dogs, or sausages, or meatballs, or Jello. To me, I'm easy. I like chicken and turkey, and 99.9% of all veggies and beans. Anyways, I found this on snopes, they still do make Jello with animal parts. It's good to know when you don't like animal parts. I remember the manfriend's brother told me they stopped making Jello with animal parts, but he lied.

Don't get me wrong, I'll swallow the occasional Jello shot whole if I have to. Cus I'm a trooper. And, alchohol makes you do stupid things. But we won't list those just yet.

I woke up this morning, and I'm still sore. I have been sore from working out, endured many a blister on blister on blister....stiffness. But this, is like nothin I've ever endured. AND I WORKOUT 5 DAYS A WEEK! It blows my mind. I can't imagine a person who doesn't work out starting this class, but they are there too!

My scale says I lost 4lbs. Only, I didn't weigh myself on my scale at home after I weighed in at the gym, to see how different it may be. But, according to my scale since Tuesday, I lost 4lbs. In two days. I'm hoping it's more according to their scale!!! I havn't lost any weight beyond the typical 10 lbs up and down in MONTHS! I may have breaken thru the plateau!

I havn't really done anything different.....except bootcamp. I did have a cocktail yesterday. But I didn't have beer. (I also had a mini almond joy.....but I totally needed it! I'm PMS'ing and it was my only cheat!) So, it's a change. I usually only drink on the weekends anyway so that can't even be counted as a "difference". I weigh in tomorrow after another grueling class. And, today I'll do my usual 45 min lunchtime workout. I can tell a difference in my pants already. Two classes. I'm thinking it may be worth the 85 a month, and I might make some sacrifices and join for a second month.

At least I'll do 1 class pay as you go per week, and that will be $40 a month.

P.S. There is chili at work today. Work makes the yummiest chili in the universe. I mean...freaking delicious! I am having a salad. As much as I want the chili. I'd rather not do 850 jumping jacks for the rest of my life. THAT is worth the sacrifice.

Well Blow Me Down....

Of course, I have to start out with a ...."yayyy"! I'm so happy about the election. It's exciting to see so many people excited about the future of the country, that is what gets me. Let's see how this pans out! I'm pretty sad that in Ohio our casino didn't pass...again. Especially with all the jobs being lost. People are freaking stupid, and terrified of gambling. Here's a thought. Don't do it if you don't like it.

Today, I feel like I got hit by a car. Everything hurts. I mean, everything. We didn't do crunches and my abs hurt. We didn't do weights, but my arms hurt. Last night I went to an earlier class, and if it's possible, it was harder. We did of course, the 850 jumping jacks. (complimentary of every class) I tried to do some modified, because my legs hurt so bad, I thought, if I fall down because my legs give out, I hope they don't trample me. I was on my second set of modified jacks, and the girl in front of me turned around and told me to "come on, you can do it...don't stop" and counted out the jacks out for me, and did hers facing me until we finished. I wanted to kick her, but it really helped. And I thought...I'm stronger than I gave myself credit for. I kinda rock!

I wanted to vomit. I worked out so hard I could've puked. This reminded me of the biggest loser, when Jillian says if you're not puking keep going. I used breath to push it away, sort of a meditation (if you can call it that with horrific pain in your legs). After all those jacks, and lunges and squats, and stupid stability ball work, we did a thing where you run to the left, squat, jumping jacks, run to the right and repeat. We did that 25 times. I seriously had tears in my eyes. I would never survive the military. They were all counting it out happily doing military-type sing songs. I thought, these bitches are crazy! Someone has warped their minds!

When I got home I could barely walk. I had to go up and down my steps sideways. One at a time. Then I had to clean my carpets, and do my dishes, and clean the rabbit cage, and do a load of laundry. Once I laid down, I was out like a light. I took ibuprofin today and I'm feelin a little better! I also had done a 3 mile walk on lunch yesterday. I'll do another one today. The walking seems to help loosen up the soreness.

I get to see my cute manfriend tonight! I'm excited! I don't get to enjoy a cocktail though. It'll be worth it when I drop 20lbs this month. It's good to have dreams! There are several girls who did that in their first month. It will be mine...oh yes......it will be mine!

Monday, November 03, 2008

You should Be voting and not complaining....Bootcamp tried to kill me.

Did you vote? I voted last week. HA! I don't envy anyone who has to go assert their rights today, of all days. What's worse is, their all gonna delay the inevitable fake count of the votes so the republicans can win. Did I just say that? Cuz I didn't mean to, I'm really not political at all and don't like discussing it with people.

So, I started boot camp last night. Honestly, I thought, I workout 5 days a week. What's this gonna do for me, but I am keeping the faith. Like, 10 minutes after class, I started to feel it first in my calves. This might be the part where I tell you that we did 850 jumping jacks. Yes, 850. It was "10 jumping jacks" but that was 10 sets of 10. Ugh. Then do somethin else, and more jacks. I wanted to die. What else hurts? My arms. We did some crazy arm circles and carried around those big balance balls and ran.

Did I mention we did jumping jacks? We did lunges, running, kicking, punching. It sure as heck wasn't no field day. It felt like boot camp. Getting your ever loving ass kicked, while paying for it. Which I needed, because my body fat is at 50%, which is up 6% from the last time I had it checked a year ago, and I workout more. Half of me is fat! What...ever!!!! And I can't drink for a month. Whaaaa? It explained why I kept losing and gaining the same 10 lbs, uhh something like it sticks to the fat, and releases sugar up to 2 wks after drinking. So it's always in your system if you drink weekly.

But I like the drink. *sigh*

My crazy ass, is getting on the treadmill at lunch. And, taking another bootcamp class tonight. If I am the biggest loser, that's a free month!! Cus I'm not paying full price for this shit, it's almost $100 bucks. One thing I know is, I'm not feeling like this and not losing weight. I'm going balls to the wall with it. I have a meal plan and everything to follow.

I'm even drinking half and half in my coffee instead of creamer. That's dedication. I don't like the taste of coffee at all, so this blows.

I paid $1.98 for gas! Twenty-four bucks to fill my tank. Thank the universe!

I thought at first sight this morning, the cause of this injury was working out. I had them on both of my thighs. Upon my lunchtime workout today, I noticed, they are approximately dick in a box sized. Yes. My manfriend has bruised me with his halloween costume. I guess we had some good bumpin and grinding going on at the party on Saturday. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. You can't complain about that. I'm adding it to my sex injury list even though it wasn't a sex injury!

P.S. Further reason to be in bootcamp? My blog got a hit from the search "fattest woman in the world's butt". Well. I don't have a small rump but it aint the fattest in the world, thankyouverymuch!

What Time Change?...

This is the best picture from Saturday...which doesn't fully show the extent of my costume but you get the picture. I had cat mice and bells in my hair.... Oh yea, that's the manfriend...as dick in a box, ala Justin Timberlake. I was kinda mezmerized with the package. More so than usual. I have like 4 pictures just of the box. I like the mans package. It's pretty. Yes.

Saturday was at a partay in my neck of the woods, with Bethie. It was pretty bad-ass. They had a bonfire, and a dj, with some bumpin techno, and we shook what our Momma's gave us. By the end of the night we sorta smashed that bow from dancing. The manfriend made some yummy punch and we had a fabulous time.

And because I am me, I included this picture of the Saturday parties host dog, because it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. He's a lil guy! I forget what he is I think a shebu enu or something like that. He loved my costume. He wanted to eat my cats! Especially the one that cries!

Friday we went to a party in the manfriend's neck of the woods. This was us there. There was two pugs there that had on suits but I didn't get their picture. Cus I pretty much suck. We played some beer pong, and our opponents totally cheated and double sunk the same cup so you know, we had to drink the whole freaking table. I dumped a whole cup of beer out when no one was lookin! My guy encouraged me to, so there. I already had the buzz on.

Yesterday the man did some manly work on his car, guess what else he did? He fixed my stupid car door that shuts whenever I open it, it never stayed open, it was a constant battle with me and the door. Open it up, get my crap to leave, door shuts, kick it open, door shuts. And he fixed it. I dunno, he pretty much rocks if you ask me! I also got to spend three nights with him. I so heart that!

I start boot camp today. Friday we signed up and made it official! Um, I made up for all my future sacrifice with eating crap and drinking this weekend. I'm also working out on my lunch break still. Hoo rah or something like that.

And the whole new girl thing...I can't fire her because we are already down 4 secretaries. When people leave we can't replace them. It's a company-wide hiring freeze. Which doesn't bother me because it keeps our jobs more secure. However if job cuts do come along, she's def the first to go!

Also, the crazy cat lady doll was a gift...but I think you can probably find one on e-bay.