"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 29, 2012

Magic Mike "Raining Men" Trailer Official 2012 [1080 HD] - Channing Tatum

Added to my long list of things I want in the "future Mr. Me..." is the ability to shake his shit like the boys in Magic Mike, I mean really ladies, what more do you need? I would watch this all day every day, and live happily ever after. What. The. Hell??

I got my tickets for me and my best girlfriends early via fandango, for opening night.All the news stories said it was selling out for the weekend in my area, and I had a girls night planned to kick off my 5 day weekend!

And it was way better than a male revue because no one got their nasty sweat and baby oil all over your cute outfit, and pushed themselves on you even though you were only trying to enjoy the show from the shadows.

Magic Mike night started with happy hour at our local fancy haunt, including dirty martinis with blue cheese olives, steak for some, and a salad for me. (it's well worth the sacrifice for the martini's!)

During the previews, the house lights came on...and the local police department escorted a theater worker into the auditorium.....for a split second my heart skipped a beat....I wondered if it was a glorious Magic Mike marketing ploy, and the cops would start to take it all off like in the previews....but no, they just announced it was a sold out show, and everyone had to move together to make room for more people.

All in all, who cares if it is a good story? It was a cast of hot men, shaking their shit half naked.

Long story short, we are all hyped to see a second viewing of this movie. These men have got some moooooooooves, ladies!!! Oh yes!!

Magic Mike was simply....Magic!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting in Bonus Mileage...

I have been super busy with workouts latley. Because I am officially doing another half marathon!! Back to my vigorous training schedule, and hopefully increasing my speed and endurance!

I've also started to wear a pedometer to fuel my competitive nature. An average woman takes 5,000 steps a day, I didn't want to be average...my first few days have a little over 11k. (I wear it during both my workout, and my run) 

Speaking of competitive...I thought the Cleveland would be my first and only half this year so I signed up for lots of smaller races for the summer to feed the craving.

But since my first half was so hot, and utterly miserable, I wanted another shot at a 13.1 to get my time down, so I can have a great finish to the season!

I will be taking on the towpath half this October!! It's a great course, mostly flat, at a beautiful time of year for Ohio, and as my friends have told me, a very scenic run, much like this..

I have been spending so much time doing treadmill runs due to the heat, I took an easy walk/jog just for fun, and not for my weekly miles!

I do not wear contacts or glasses when I run. I took this picture of two heron and squinted for about a minute until I realized they were smartly placed statues. 

There was this giant bridge held up by wires. I did cross it. I didn't run... it sort of feels like you are walking on air. 

I find nothing more enjoyable, than being alone with my thoughts in the great outdoors, surrounded with things to see and hear, that remind you how lucky you are to be alive on this earth.

I also enjoyed the fact that just  for fun, I decided to be active. This is so the new me!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dreams Keep Us Alive...

I have long been a fan of the dream board. It has my favorite sayings, places, images, bodies, activities,  whatever it is that strikes my fancy, or that I dream to accomplish.

It is in the place where I get ready for work every day, and I look at it each morning as I get dressed. Sometimes I focus on one thing more than the other. (I have several images of wedding rings, and I seem to keep skipping over these, even though it is my ultimate goal...)

Despite that, I am happy to say my dream board is ever changing. Once I accomplish a dream., I replace it with another.

I have accomplished so much on my dream board, but most recently, the two "13.1" images have been removed, because I have finally accomplished the half marathon that I only thought I could do because it was on my board.

If you don't have a dream board, what are you waiting for?  I was skeptical about it several years ago too, but that's before I decided it was at first, just a fun project, and since then it has turned into so much more!
This weekend, I finally hung up my race medals, and bibs above my dream board.

No, it does not represent ALL of the races I have done, because they don't all  give out medals or bibs.

It is, however,  a reminder that among all my other dreams I have, my body has done more for me than I ever imagined it could do. From barely walking for 20 minutes on a 0 incline on the treadmill...to a half marathon!!

I run a bare minimum of 20 miles a week, and I never in a billlion years thought I would be "that girl".

But here I am..smiling all the way!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids...And by Kids, I mean the Four Legged Kind..

Mr. Magoo gives me his "bad eye" as I'm trying to read about Christian and Anastasia once again.
I kinda think that one day...there will be children in therapy, sighting neglect due to 50 shades of Grey.

Lucky for me, animals don't talk. (just one of a billion other reasons I prefer animals to human children, but to each their own!!!)

However, Mr. Magoo learned the fine art of being intrusive when I am otherwise engaged....from his cat siblings. When such a cute face comes between you and your book, you have to scratch the belly...right?

Since we are talking about animals....

Magoo sometimes likes to be held like a baby. Honestly..I make him let me hold him this way, but he doesn't object

Yet another adorable interspecies interaction...Mr. Magoo was licking his cat sister's head for a few minutes...

Fizzgig ate all the catnip, and it seems that Mr. Magoo somehow understood her frustration. I have the sweetest animals!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Natures Bounties....

On a quest to be more creative with with being active, in extreme heat (90 degree's is not commonplace for Ohio residents) I decided to finally check out a park that I pass by every day on my way to the gym, on my lunch hour. The Nature Realm. So close to work and home....what was I waiting for??

I couldn't think of a more enjoyable way to spend a lunch hour.  I spent several minutes trying to find the frogs in this pond, that were croaking, and jumping into the water.

After a quick, leisurely 1.4 mile walk on a trail (so I can still say I was active on my lunch hour..), I found this spot on a big, covered deck.. overlooking this beautiful pond where I sat and listened to the birds, and frogs singing....and got re-acquainted with my 50 shades of grey trilogy. Sheer bliss in the middle of the work day!!!

It also has an indoor area (built into the ground!) with naturalists on duty. Plus, several of these tanks full of frogs, and snakes, and turtles -oh my!

My tax dollars at work! I have really begun to realize how lucky I am to live in the city with all its conveniences, yet be so closely surrounded by these amazingly beautiful, and state protected places where I can not only get some miles in, but relax in the presence of nature.

I saw such colorful birds here,  that I didn't know even existed!!

I am lucky to live and work so close to such amazingly beautiful places. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The "C" Word...

Most of my Moms side of the family has fallen victim to Cancer.

All that I feel I can do in their memories, is raise money for research, with relay for life events, and even my doggie, Mr. Magoo has done a walk for cancer.  I am still so surprised that after all of these years, that there is no cure.

My aunt, that I never met, my Mom's sister, died of cancer when she just had my cousin, before I was even born. My grandparents raised him as their child.

Both of my maternal grandparents, lost their battles with cancer.

Two of my maternal uncles, died of cancer.

My paternal grandfather, cancer.

And this brings us to my maternal Aunt, still living!! My most favorite Aunt Nora...Breast cancer. She was diagnosed several years ago, and has been fighting a good fight for a long time!!

After several years in remission... she just found out, she has lymphoma. That isn't good. 

I am now planning not only my summer vacation to see my sister, but another early fall trip to South Carolina to see my favorite Aunt, and Cousins, in hopes to spend some quality fun time before she leaves this earth. It hardly seems fair. Someone so full of life, and laughter, is riddled with a horrible disease, that we have no control over.

I can't imagine all the pain my Mom has gone thru losing her siblings, and parents....I want to be able to take her to spend time with her sister before she is too sick to enjoy our company.

If you do nothing else tonight, think some positive thoughts for our family. Cancer is a horrible thing, that should not be able to take such amazing people out of our lives. We just hope for one more visit full of laughs, games, and enjoying the company with our amazing family.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gone, But Not Forgotten...

I don't talk much about my Dad.

He left this earth on April Fool's Day, 2000 at the age of 52. I was on my way to a comedy show with a group of friends when my brother called to tell me the news. I accused him of playing an April Fool's Day prank on me.

I can't imagine how hard it was for him to have to be the one to deliver that message, only to have me not believe him.

Aneurism. He was in great health, he had just had a bunch of tests done to be on the fire brigade at his work, where he was a plumber for Loral. (Formerly, Goodyear Aerospace) He mowed the lawn, and collapsed in the bathroom while getting a shower.

Just like that, someone can leave this earth. No warning.

Mom and Dad were divorced for 16 years when he died, and we only saw him on weekends until we were old enough to drive. Most of this is thanks to his hasty re-marriage to a woman whom I unaffectionalty refer to as "the step-monster".**

Thankfully a year before he passed, I started making an akward effort to go and spend time with him, even if it was just watching an Ohio State game (ugh, football!!), mostly in silence,  or talking about our dogs.(I got a Shih-Tzu because he had one)

Just days before he passed, I had borrowed a plumber's snake for my toilet, and I had visited him to return it. It wasn't much, but I was pretty grateful later on, that my toilet had clogged so badly.

Even though we weren't close, he was my Dad, and losing him at 23 was one of the hardest things I had to go through this far in life.

When my husband left me, he paid off  my car, my utilities, and even gave me a few mortgage payments to help me out. My Dad wasn't good with words, or showing love, but he always took care of us.

I miss him every day, and am secretly jealous of people who still have both of their parents alive on this earth. You don't know until it's too late, that it can all be gone in a flash.

Hug your Dad's today, and say whatever you are not saying to him. You will be glad that you did.

**Stepmonster footnote**. When my dad died, he had the veterans at his funeral since he was in the Navy. They did the whole rifle shooting, and flag folding ceremony. My Mom called stepmonster before the funeral to ask if my brother (his only SON!) could have the flag that was on my Dad's casket and she replied "No! I'm the wife!!"

She only wanted the attention to be on her. They didn't have kids together. My brother deserved that part of my father's memory, which since we have never seen or heard from her again, is now gone forever.

The day after the funeral? Stepmonster called us (his KIDS) to come go thru all his things, which she had all piled into the spare bedroom. Whatever we didn't take she was getting rid of.

Monster, indeed!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Scenic Running...

I am very lucky to not only live close to an amazing metropark, where I like to run..but  I also live close to the Buckeye Trail. People travel for miles to experience what is in my own backyard. Sometimes when you just "don't wanna run", this is exactly what you need!

I've been running on trails before, but this was my first one that was so daunting. It was more of a hike given the extreme hills, and water crossings, but we did run the flats. (probably only 2.5-3 miles of actual running) and I got some amazing pictures along the way.

I did 6 miles here with my girlfriend, who is training for an ultra this fall. She is doing 30 miles. I think she is insane, as she has not even done a full marathon yet, but I admire her tenacity!

Sometimes you have to stop and drink in the beauty! I tripped over about 5 tree roots, one time so badly I came inches from face-planting into my girlfriends ass....

We saw several deer scaling the huge hills with such ease. I decided then, that running up and down those hills is surely easy when you have four legs!

We talked about me pacing her on her 30 miles for maybe 5 miles. They allow someone to run with you for portions of it. I think it will be great fun to go in all energetic, and do a measely 5 miles and tell her to kick it into gear!!

Yet another water crossing. Luckily it hadn't rained in a while so we were able to get across these all on rocks, and not get wet. I had on my new Adidas running shoes, I'd have protested!

I just thought this was beautiful...

Our destination, and treat after 5.5 miles, was stopping after a short detour to enjoy Blue Hen Falls before the end. I scaled my way to the top of the waterfall for this picture and my girlfriend said "don't fall, I'd feel really bad if you did"...uhhh....thanks...for that!

Another waterfall shot from the top!

More up close Blue Hen Falls..

The view from a "set up" vantage point behind a fence....fence, schmence...

Last, but not least, 87 steps that were so easy to go down, but after 5.5 miles, going up these was quite the undertaking on our way to 6 miles! They go well into the top of the hill...on and on...And the hills we scaled were even steeper than this.

It was nice to get out of the gym for a run, and off the towpath running trail, and see some nature! Plus there was a group of hot male bikers doing the same trail (how they scaled the hills is beyond me!!!) We passed them on our way out, and again on our way back. One guy said "you girls on your way back already? you are strong!!"

Yea. A stranger said we were strong. It was a pretty awesome moment for us!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Inspiring Words...

I got this image via text from one of my oldest  friends, and only running partner, titled "this reminds me of you".

It filled me with such pride. Sometimes you need that reminder of how others view you.

When you are so immersed in your own routine, you forget that maybe you are kinda bad-ass for running 4 miles at lunch, then another 4 miles at the gym before taking a cardio or weight class right after. You forget that most people can't even walk a mile, let alone work out for close to 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. There was a time that I couldn't even run for a minute's time on the treadmill....and I have accomplished an honest-to God half marathon. In record setting heat!

So, since I have gotten so much inspiration, I wanted to give some as well..

If you are trying to change your body, pat yourself on the back!! Celebrate your milestones! Don't ever give up, and believe in yourself, even if no one else will! We are our own best cheerleaders, take advantage of that! Fill your home with quotes that inspire you, pictures of bodies you admire, things you wish to accomplish, and every day, look at them and allow yourself to believe that it can all be yours!! Because it can!!

Take pictures of yourself whenever you feel great about your body, and look at them all the time! You did that. No one did it for you. It was all your hard work, and determination that got you to that point! No one else is doing the work to change your body. YOU ARE! And let it inspire you to keep moving forward!!

It's taken me years, collectively, to lose over 100lbs...I hope for everyone that struggles with weight loss, that it finally "clicks" with you, and you know it is all up to you. And once you get honest with yourself, and do the work, you will see how empowering it is, and there will be no stopping you!!

No one wants to eat a salad vs. pizza but we do it because that's what you have to do to reach your goals. 

And, for as long as I have been working out, and/or running, I still don't WANT to do it. I have the same thoughts every day. "I could just do it later, or tomorrow.  I'm tired. One day off won't matter. I don't feel like it."

I really don't know many people that "feel like it" you just do it!

Be strong of mind, and determined to achieve whatever it is you set out for yourself, and YOU WILL! Once you get your mind right, your body will fall in line too, that's just the way it works!

See it, and achieve it!!

If you want it, go get it! Nothing is standing in your way, but you!!

So, what are you waiting for??

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OH! Losing Weight? Yea...I Still Do That...

I have been so wrapped up in my reading, and imaginary whirlwind single life, that I havn't had much time to talk about weight loss. Sure, I'm still trekking along on this trail! It's a lifestyle change, always and forever!

Still trying to drop that 15lbs I gained back, and have 10lbs to go. It's a lot slower not being on the extreme restrictions I was on to drop the weight, but this whole "maintenance" thing is sure hard! I'm learning to eat healthy in a way I can sustain forever, vs. eating from a list of "approved" foods. I still try to keep it clean, but I do enjoy my progressive light soup now and then, and rotisserie chickens!! (and turkey sandwhiches...mmm...) Oh, and let's not forget I've added back the wine and martini's which I'm sure is the biggest culprit of my slower weight loss. But, that's me. I have to find a way to make it work.

I can give up the ice cream, and pizza, and 95% of bad carbs...but I cannot forgoe a life with no wine or martini's. It is just not in the cards for me people!

If I'd gone back full swing, I could've dropped 15 lbs in 2 weeks. But, that isn't the real me, and I'm determined to find the balance I need to last me a lifetime. Trial and error.

Down only 5lbs.. but I have still seen so many changes in my body due to adding strength and core work. I'm not just an empty shell anymore, I am getting toned, and I love to see my arm muscles visible at rest. I touch my own guns a lot.

"These are mine?", I ask myself. And  myself answers, "oh yes, watch out Kelly Rippa!"

Hi Kelly Rippa's arms! You will be mine, oh yes....

What I am in mourning about, is saying goodbye to my favorite jeans. I am past the point where I can wash them in hot water, and dry them forever to wear them a few hours before they stretch back out again, and hang lifeless at my waist. (don't we all use this trick, ladies??)

They are so old, that I have been unsuccessful in locating them in smaller size.

I'm determined though, to find my levi, low, flare, 542's, with the button pockets, that make my ass look "just right", in my new size. 

There have been zero times before these jeans, that I thought my ass looked good in anything. And...we all know how important it is to think your ass looks good in your jeans...right, ladies??? I mean, it changes your entire outlook!

I bet if I had a Christian Grey, he would find me these jeans with all his worldly connections...

Oh, I'm sorry, did I just go "50 Shades of Grey" for a second? I am still kinda hung up on that. So much so, that after finishing the trilogy so quickly, I am now reading it again...at a normal human person with a life's pace...I'm determined to soak in every word now that I know the ending.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rejoining the Real World after My "50 Shades of Grey Getaway"....

 I spent my weekend on zero sleep. 50 shades of addicted, I was. I don't remember the last time I was so tired, and sleep deprived, that  I could not sleep.  I kept waking up to thoughts of Christian Grey. So I read more....I finished the series this afternoon, (3 books in 4 days/nights) so I can now resume life in the real world! (and get some rest!)

I'm all about commitment...so when I set out on this fifty shades journey, I knew I would finish it. 

I never thought I would relate to so many aspects of this relationship, given the reputation of this series. (of course, not ALL aspects...ahem...)

But, what can I say? I. Just. Love. Love!! Unattainable, unrelenting, and unrealistic? Maybe, but that's why we have books and movies, isn't it??!! As the tale unfolded, it caused me to revisit old feelings that I have kept bottled up. Not just  the spicy sex stuff...more so, the being "so in love you would do anything for a person" stuff.

I shed more tears while reading these books, than I have in a very long time. We are all damaged in some way. Sometimes when you are in love, you understand that more about the other person than they do. I so related to Ana's frustration with her fifty shades.

Anastasia, to me, is a heroine. I just loved her unconditional love of fifty, and her gentle understanding, and patience with him, despite his posessiveness, and need for, well....um....control.  I loved to watch this relationship change, as they both gave way to compromise, to be together.(true fiction!)

A woman after my own heart, indeed!

These books allowed me to mourn for what I miss so much...my love..I needed that, after all this time without him.. Who knew that a practically pornographic love story would bring up all my junk that I've tried to stifle??? And for most people who "get" this trilogy, it is just that...a love story.

I did, however, leave the house for  2 hours, for a much needed smoothie (my gaping tooth wound is still sensetive, so I can't really eat much) and I went to visit the local pet adoption expo.

I got caught up at the greyhound rescue, petting these sweet creatures..when...

 Mr. Magoo helped himself to their inviting pool.

And then he decided he was staying. 

I'm off to sleep after a mid-afternoon martini. I have been without sleep for so long, that I stopped being tired! I am hoping the vodka may take over, and guide me to sleep..

This song is a beautiful remake. It was on the playlist for 50 Shades series, compiled by the author. And it just tugs at my heartstrings...over, and over...

**You can find the complete youtube playlists for all three books at the Author's website under Music.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

50 Shades of Oh. Mah. Gawd..

I was kind of against jumping on the 50 shades of grey bandwagon, despite all of my friends' urgings...because I know its a sincerely sexually charged series and I am but a poor single girl in the city, with no one to take out sexual frustrations on. Plus, I usually don't like popular things.

 Then I decided, what else does a single girl in the city really have to live for, if not for smutty books and unattainable romances?

Since being laid up with my tooth extraction, I've nothing better to do, because the life of a sickly spinster with no one to care for her is pretty boring.  I decided to pick up the series to keep my mind off of what else I couldn't do for one to two days (besides the usual "not getting any") I couldn't drink, smoke, or work out. I mean, really, that's the extent of my life.

So, I lost myself in the seedy yet oddly adorable world of Anastasia, and Cristian for a day and a half, and have moved on to book number two already!

I felt like I was buying pornography when I bought the books, and I felt the need to pair it with stuff I didn't really need but would run out of one day so it wasn't a total waste of money, like bathroom necessities. 

But I am really a fan, and I feel like these two are a staple in my day. I talk about them like they are my friends. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


A couple weekends ago when it was 90 degrees, I tried to run outside and made it 1 mile and had to turn back due to almost dying of heat exhaustion. So I decided to take the dog out to the water.

My Mr. Magoo has a short nose, and he overheats very easily. But he also gives me the stink-eye from the front door when he doesn't go out on a walk, or trip to the dog park.

So, I took him to the beautiful park metro park I am lucky enough to live near by, where I do my running, to see if he liked water...here was our destination.

Magoo decided that he did like the water after our mile hike to the water, and made himself at home. He loved it!

And he wanted to venture out further. It felt good for me to wade in the water also, but I kept losing my sandals in the sand, and having to chase them down the "river" while screaming "my saaaandals!"

Mr. Magoo has a majestic curly Q tail that he mostly drags on the ground when we are in public. It's like a broom. After swimming, and dragging that tail along the sandy trail back to the car, you can imagine I had the biggest mess to clean out of my tub after his bath. He gathered every stick, leaf, and sandy bit along the way!

I have not yet decided if it's 100% lame that the majority of my free time is spent at the gym (which I do have a gym buddy...), running, or going places with my dog.

I'm hoping that at least leaving my house on a regular basis will keep me from spinsterhood.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Running "Cross Country" and "Barking for Life"...

So, I ran a 5k this weekend for the animals. When I arrived 45m early to register, I was kind of unimpressed that I didn't get a bib, and was informed that the race would not be timed. Ok. At least I'm still running a 5k, and the animals get my money.

Then, at the start line, it was explained that the course was "cross country" and then when the "director" told us the route, I went completely blank. Was I suppose to remember what he just said? Yes, I was, because the course wasn't marked! "It was self explanatory". Uhh. what?

It was just around some grassy terrain, (running in the grass??) , and then run up the "giiiinormoussssss sled riding hill" and down. (run, I did not, I barely walked this massive hill!!)

It was literally a wide open field of tall grass, with some paths mowed out, and you were suppose to remember where to go along the course, which included some looping, and doubling back.

There was a point when I thought I have to be done because while I couldn't find my way to the finish I heard the times being called out to the finishers, and it was around the 30 minute mark so I decided I would quit, and used the port-o-let.

When I emerged from the toilet I saw people I had passed a while back still running past the toilets.I thought, maybe I'm not done, so I fell in line and started running again. Then after a few minutes I realized I had already gone on this leg of the course.

All in all I probably ran 4 miles vs a 5k and I have no idea what my real 5k time was. But at the end of the day I got a workout, and I helped homeless animals, so I'm OK with it.

After my run I went home to gather up Mr. Magoo, so we could do the "Bark for Life" walk for cancer. It was two long miles for stumpy shih-poo legs, but he looked so cute doing it with his adorable purple bandana like the other doggies. As usual he was a hit, and everyone loved him. Especially the rescue that I got him from, that was one of the vendors at the event. They just love seeing their dogs happy!!!

He would not pose with his cute purple relay bandana on, so I tricked him into this picture by asking him if he wanted to go "buh-bye". I might go to hell for that. 

Our favorite part of the day (by our, I mean me and my dog, I'm totally lame) was watching the police dog demonstration at the park. Police dogs are pretty bad-ass, and so smart!

Then, after his walk and day with the doggies, he was more than happy to let me take a million pictures of him crashed out on the rug. Two miles, and hours of butt sniffing, is a lot for a shih-poo.