"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Freaks Come Out at Night...

As always, the wknd went too fast! Friday at work I had a run in with the cleaning lady. These assholes, come in every night, at 7. You are in a big room of computers trying to make money by how fast you type. They interrupt us for an hour, sweeping, and sweeping, and cleaning the shitters out. It annoys everyone, not just me!

The lady empties trash and cleans the pots. We have 2 restrooms.
I opened the door and hit this lady cus shes standing right there mopping. I sincerely apologized to the dumb bitch, twice, who sighed loudly, left, and SLAMMED the door!!! As if I had nothing better to do than smack her with the door and enjoy it?

Sorry lady, I gotta piss! We can't get up whenever to do whatever, cus when you dont work you dont get paid! I'm trying to make money! So then, she emptied the trash by me and kept hitting my chair with her trash can! Sorry your life sucks and you are a cleaning lady, but I had to piss! Fuckoff!!!

So, Friday got even weirder. Bubba and her man, met Tayray down at the Beir Haus. I am broke and cannot afford such luxuries. I had to get my hair done Saturday.
We worked til 9, I got home about 11 from WG's house, and at 12, my phone rings.

It's Bubba...

Bubba: "What kind of mood are you in?"
Me: "What?"
Bubba: "What kind of mood are you in?"
Me: "OK.....why?"
Bubba: "Ok, I'll call you back in a minute"

I'm sitting there, w/WG minding my damn business. I said something is wrong with her, she kept asking me the same question.

My doorbell rings.

Me: "Those assholes are outside"
WG: "Is someone here? I don't have any pants on

I went down to the door, and suprise suprise, no one is there! I see Bubba's mans car, parked next to Tayray's. I see those 3 sitting in the car down there. Seeing me, see them. Doing nothing. So, I shut the door, and went back upstairs. My phone rings.

Me: "I'm not answering it, their fucking sitting out there in the car. Hello?"
Bubba: "What kind of mood are you in now?"
Me: "What is going on? Is something wrong?"
Bubba: "I just called to see what kind of mood you were in"
Me: "you are acting really weird I'm gonna let you go"

I turned my phone off...Mind you, she isn't laughing. She is being serious. It was like a freaking teenage horror film! I am starting to really get freaked out now.

I turn it back on, and it rings.

Bubba: "Why did you turn your phone off?"
Me: "Because you guys are acting really weird, what is going on?"
Bubba: "nothing, I just wondered what kind of mood you were in"

I sit down, and continue to watch TV. I told WG:

Me: "It's only midnight, they havn't been at the bar that long, so their not drunk. I think their on drugs, something wacked out! Will you go see what they are doing out there, their scaring me"
WG: "Their your friends I don't know what's going on"

(sidenote, like most things, men only want the good, their his friends too usually, when their fucking crackheads, their MINE!)


Bubba was throwing rocks at my window upstairs! I stick my head out the window, and try to have a conversation from up there.

Me: "what the fuck are you doing?"
Bubba: "throwing rocks at your window"
Me: "what is going on you guys are freaking me out"
Tayray: "Come down here we want to talk to you"
Me: "hell no, you guys are scaring me"

they talk amongst themselves and I can't hear it cus my fan is on.

Me: "Are you guys on drugs? You are harassing me, if you don't stop, I'm going to call the cops"

Bubba and Tayray: laughing "what??"

Finally, I shut my window and ignored them. I really couldn't understand WTF was going on, but they scared the crap out of me. Finally Bubba called and told me that they wanted to ring my bell and run but Tayray wanted to know what kind of mood I was in first, so she called me. I said you guys seriously scared the shit out of me. It was like a scarey movie!

"are you alone in the house?"
"what's your favorite scarey movie?"

My friends are freaks. What can I say?

Saturday Tayray said she really thought I was calling the cops so she didn't turn any lights on at her house!

I got my hair done and then I got caught in a torrential downpour. Had it all styled up and everything. A tornado was near by, but not here. I was at the grocery store. It was really loud. When I was done I joined about 50 people standing in the doorways of the store. Waiting it out. I had shit to do man, time is money. I waited maybe 5 minutes, and decided, I was braving it. Now, the winds and rain were so bad big trees were bending down, flooding, branches blowing, and here I go. I said out loud:

"I'm going for it"

I got a couple, "good for you's"and "good luck's" It took about 1 second until my entire body was drenched. I ran in ankle deep rain. Loaded up the car, got in, and drove to get gas near by. Used the paper towels to dry my hair. I think it was 5 min total until the rain stopped. I am so flipping impatient!!!!

Saturday night WG and me hung w/Tayray and Ahnolde. We had a fire til it rained, then we played pop trivia Trivial Pursuit.

I'm pretty sure I said I wasn't playing games with WG, cus we are both competitive, and had established that we would get into a fight doing so. We didn't get into a fight, but he said that I was 'yammering'. I do not yammer. I did have fun, but I don't like playing games with people like me, because it pissed me off! Games are suppose to be fun, not stressful, it's a game!
I dunno when it'll be that I venture down that road again! We were drinking and playing, so that made it even more fun!

We went back out to the fire, and the men pooped out, as men often do cus they can't hang like we can. Tayray drove us to the Circle K. I needed smokes. And Reese Big Cup. Remember when I don't lose weight this week, I had that. We stayed up and drank and did shots. I talked to my brother, and Tayray threw up in my flower beds. We were off to bed after that. I gave WG a special treat. Cus I was still wide awake!

This is Smart Tayray. With my glasses on. She will give everyone helpful advice. Today's advice is: Don't Mix beer, and alchohol.

One lesson you learn in your early drinking days, is what you can tolerate. Personally, I can't handle liquer, and beer. I get a hangover. Vodka especially.

More Fun with alchohol:

This is me, not letting any wine go to waste! I know how to be frugal! That has to be the grossest thing I ever tasted. Sucking up wine and chemicals off the table! MMM!

Today's Question:

What is the single most bizarre place you've ever had sex?

It will have to be a tie, between the stairs, because that took some freaking skill, and the bathroom stall at work, because of it being work, and anyone couldve caught us having sex when we should've been working. (not current jobs!)


Tayray said...

You were freaking us out Friday night, I was just messing around with you and actually really wanted you to come outside and talk!!!!
Sorry about the flower bed, maybe the flowers will bloom now!!
The answer to today's question would be, in the back seat of a moving car on the highway in South Carolina. ha ha ha

Ahnolde said...

I think everytime I have sex it's a weird place, simply because it's someone having sex with me!! haha I would have to say the weirdest, though, was in a hotel in Penn. when I was going to military school. Not that the hotel was weird, but that one of my buddies was there passed out, and we were trying to be quiet!! Of course, after I was done, he woke up, and the girl wanted to have sex with him too! Needless to say I wasn't that into her anyway, and rolled over and went to sleep while she changed beds.

Mon said...

Ahnolde! You said you werent that into her. I totally have that book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

hot for jr. said...

Looking back, this was pretty strange. For privacy, my boyfriend and I would go spend some time in the little camper parked behind his house. It was cold at the time of the year he had that camper, so he would go out before me and turn the stove on to warm the place up. We were 18 or 19 at the time and it seemed cool. We didn't do it out there that much because we had the house to ourselves quite a bit. It was so long ago I can't remember the exact reasons we went out there. Maybe it was just so we'd have something to talk about later in life! LOL!
As an adult, the most bizarre place would be the indoor pool in my old apartment building. What makes it bizarre, is, it's surrounded by windows on 3 sides, half way up the wall to the ceiling, and the 4th wall is windows into the building clubhouse. Anyone walking down Atlantic Ave or up the street in front of the building could have seen a show, or if someone came into the clubhouse to play pool or get some coffee we would have been busted.

Mon said...

ohhhh you put on a show! lol!