"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fifty Three...

On Thursday I went tool shopping with the manfriend. At first it was kinda fun (as fun as tools can be....at least the hardware store kind. wink) but like a few hours into it, it wasn't so fun. I ran out of things to play with. We ran into his Dad who asked him if they were still going to dinner It was all news to me, so I played along. The boy asked me if I wanted to go to dinner, and apologized for forgetting. (I suspect cus last time that happened was his family reunion) I thought it was pretty cute of him. But then, everything he does is cute.

Before we ate, I did good girlfriend-ly things like hold a door for him while he sawed it, and sanded it. And handed him things he needed. He also made me put tissues in my ears cus it was loud. It did help, and seriously? He's so freaking sweet. But, really, I took it as an opportunity to watch him sweat. And use his muscles, so it was a sort of treat. Manly work is pretty hot! A man that knows how to do manly work is hot. A man that looks hot doing manly work is my manfriend!! And, I'm done talking about the hot-ness because theres only so much a girl can take.

We had a date on Saturday to go out "for our anniversary" which he cutely called our "53 weeks" since it was technically a week ago. A-dorable. We went to the winery where we had our first date, and it was pretty sweet. They had a good band playing out back in the pavilion and we had some yummy wine, (Redneck Red and Hanky Panky) and chatted about stuff like, being in love, and how we wound up together, and how sometimes you can't explain things like that. *swoon*

Suprisingly, they closed at 10....say wha? So we headed to another bar for a drink, and then another bar by my house, which kicked us out at 1 a.m. Which was fine by me because by that point I was ready to have my way with that boy. Or, he had his way with me. Either way, a way was had.

There might have been a bed mishap again. Like, we broke it. Which you notice when it happens, but not enough to interrupt the break-causing event, even if you are say, hanging upside down after said breakage. Lucky for me, I saved the bed risers that didn't break from the last incident. So I had spares. Pretty good thinking on my part, because we didn't have to sleep on an angle. Today I noticed they make wooden ones, and while it is fun to be able to say we broke the bed...I think I might invest in the wooden ones. For our own safety!

Did you know that I'm in love? I didn't think you could tell.

Monday, September 29, 2008

No Place Like Home..

One day, I'm inventing teleporting. I just havn't had the time to commit to it! That's all. We made it home from PA. Of course, I made it there with no problems by myself. If you call no problems, the fact that my own brother was suppose to check the fluids in my Mom's car for me, and put gas in it. And said that Thursday he had to do that so I could leave on Friday, and used it as a reason he didn't want to go pick her up with me on Thursday. Then, when I went to pick up the car on Friday, he hadn't even put gas in it, and SAID he checked the fluids. My brother? Isn't that suppose to be like a default man who will always look out for you like your Dad? Wtf.

I even found my Aunt and Mom on the side of the road, since I had no cell service down in the holler. (but what they DO have is Days of Our Lives on the RADIO station!!) The way home was another story. To get there you take 224 to 422. Easy. Mostly country road, some highway here and there, but its no moving routes. Bam. Straight shot. Tried the same thing coming home? Ended up somewhere around Youngstown/Warren aka, the ghetttt-ttto. (best if sang like Cartman) Houses were boarded up, hoodlems running the streets. Getting dark. We were afraid to even stop. None of the routes we crossed were even on the google map. (Google can suck it) We were headed for New York (North) instead of home.

Luckily we found an interstate after turning around back to PA, which was I80, it went to New York or Cleveland. I decided I can find my way home from Cleveland if all else fails, and we went that way. All in all it was a 3 hour detour, and we survived. My Mom said "just enjoy the time with your Mother". Even though I was driving, and I was the one tired. It's good to be home. It doesn't even feel like I was gone for 4 days from work.

P.S. Who watched the presidential debate? I'll say this much cus I don't do politics. It made my mind up for who I'm voting for. Don't listen to the hype. You have to take the responsibility to be informed on your own. Not listen to what people "say" about the candidates. That's my peice. I was going to NOT vote. But now I'm gonna. And I'll end it with I can't stand people who are stuck in the past and can't tell me what they are going to do in the future. If you have been following the race, you know who that is.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Phantom Blogging....

When you read this, I'll be in the car on my way to podunk town PA to get my Mother. I took off Thursday and Friday to do this. She left when my Aunts and Uncle came to visit, and just assumed I'd come pick her up. Funny thing about parents, I think they feel you owe them something. I dunno. Regardless, I'll drive four hours there, and four hours back. I'm taking her car too because mine has almost 100,000 miles on it (it's a 2004, I have no idea how this happened) and I'm going alone. Hope no one steals me in the rest area!

So I have mentioned how I've been taking diversity training at work. I already got a certificate, and now I have to take the management series. It's four classes, blah blah. This last class we watched an interesting movie called Eye of the Storm. It was after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, and a teacher did an experiment on her third grade class. She told them that kids with blue eyes were smarter than brown eyed kids. Made the brown eyed kids wear a special collar to show they had brown eyes. Said they didn't have manners, couldn't have seconds at lunch, had to sit in the back of the class. They were dirty. The blue eyed kids also couldn't talk to them.

After lunch time, there was a fight at recess. One of the brown eyed kids punched a blue eyed kid, because he called him "brown eyes". As if having brown eyes were a bad thing? It was because they were taught that it was. The blue eyed kids were made to feel superior. They even did better/worse on flash cards they had done good at the previous day depending on if they were in the brown or blue eyed group. They felt stupid because they were told they were. In the end it taught the kids a lesson about not disliking someone for the color of their eyes (or skin). You can tell it was made in the 1960's 1) because that teacher would be in jail in this day for "experimenting on my children!!!!! and actually teaching them gaaaaaaasp" and 2) one of the kids said "maybe you shouldn't call a black person a (N-word)". Whooops!

A lot of that class was eye opening, seeing first hand how men were given advantages over women in all these documentaries where they went for the same job, but the man was given an aptitude test, and the woman a typing test. Assuming she wanted to be a secretary over a manager without asking her. How an older woman in her 50's and a woman in her 20s went for the same waitressing job, and the older woman was told she was "too qualified" for the position. How an apartment was just shown to a white man, and within minutes, a black man was told it was rented. It's nice to live in a bubble and not think that these things are happening every day, but they are. And it kinda makes me sick.

They sure didn't hesitate taking back the money they gave me without asking in my checks at work this pay day. Also known as...I got a free 8 hours for the last 3 holidays. OUCH! I'm missing 149 out of my check. And, I've got two more pays to suffer.

P.S. Ever since training a coworker on Wed, and telling her knowledge is power. I have not been able to stop singing this freaking song!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting Me...

I sure missed the boy! I went to stay at his place last night, since I'm off today. Say wha? Why I love the manfriend reason 1,245,345. He understands why the site of this dog would make a girls heart break because she wants it so bad. I went to the Pet's Pajamas last week. You know, one of those super expensive stores, that has the designer dog clothes, and mixed breed purebreds (shih-poos, Yorki-poos etc..) that you should never buy, let alone from a pet store. (After my poor dog's years of health problems, I vowed never to buy from a pet store again, because I'm convinced she came from a puppy mill, she has the worst genes, but I still love her)

And, you can't tell me there is a cuter puppy than a shih tzu. How can you not love a man who loves animals? He gets me, and I love that! I've always been treated like my love for pets was a flaw vs. something worthy of admiring. Did you know that I love that boy? I was just asking.

Speaking of the pets. For petes sake, I ordered flea meds, and worm pills for the cats last week online at Dr. Foster and Smith. Mind you, I am living in a war zone with worms and fleas. I have to wash EVERYTHING lock them out of EVERYWHERE in the meantime cus I am afraid I will get them. Even if that's stupid. I think the only thing stopping an infestation is my constant bathing of the pussies, (perv) and that I steam vac my carpets weekly, and sweep daily. I could do without bathing the cats. You know, I have persians. Not easy.

Today I track my order and they are in PA. Why the hell do they charge 10 bucks, to ship a box of advantage, and three worm pills, and it takes 10 days? Shipping costs is the biggest rackett known to man. I get my dogs eye ointment thru here, and it takes three days to ship. Why? Maybe I should always toss in a tube of puralube for faster shipping?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes They Don't Go Away...

Firstly...Heros. Anyone? Anyone? I guess you really could have started watching it Monday, without the past 2 seasons, but wheres the fun in that? So much happened! If Peter is in the past to fix things, why not go back and fix things again since he screwed up and now Sylar has Claires powers? Great! It'll obviously work out, havn't we all seen the butterfly effect? And what's up with Nikki does she have a third personality now? With a new ability? And, let's join in together to say that Dr. Saresh is a dumbass. Good thing he got laid cus I doubt he gets any more with the way he's turning into a monster.

This past weekend, I spent Friday with my manfriend. We went out to the bar with his neighbors. Too bad the waitress was all up on his nutsack and I thought I might have to knock her out by the end of the night when she told him she liked him, because he's funny. What eva. I don't care if she was doing her job, I wanted to push her down and cut off her hair and shove it down her throat. I'm really not crazy. And, I can't blame her, he is magically delicious. Long as it's from a distance. Betch.

Saturday morning the manfriend got up early and left me. He went with the fam to Michigan for the Notre Dame game. (which is only interesting if you like sports, which I don't). The interesting part is where I say how much I missed him, and how much I love his cute butt. And how he left me an adorably cute note for when I got up. And sent me a picture of the band when they were on the field. Cus...I was in the band. And it's awesome.

What else interesting happened that night? Oh yes, someone from the past texted me. You know, the one I keep telling I'm in love now? The one who I stopped responding to, only apparently that hasn't worked? The one I havn't seen since before I met the boy? I was out with the manfriend, and he texted me "we should kickit." I said "I'm in cleveland kicking it with my boyfriend you know, the one I'm in love with". You'd think he'd drop it, but his response? "You should be kickin it at (insert clueless's name here) house". Clearly I didn't respond.

And I havn't told my guy any of this, because theres nothing to worry about. I've never been more happy with a guy, so why would I screw that up? I know what's out there! But the more he does it the more I feel like I'm keeping it from him, and that's like the third time he's texted me while I have been with him. I think perhaps I'm not being clear and I should respond with "fuck off" or something? Suggestions? I don't want to start unnecessary drama. Men are all the same, they only want what they can't have.

Then on SaturdayI went out with the girls for Bethie's birthday which was a killer time. We met some guy who was wasted named Amos, who apparently offered to buy us drinks but we ignored. I didn't forget to call him "Famous Amos" which I found highly amusing in my inebriated state. And this Brazilian guy named Giovani, who just helped himself to our table. He was by the way, extremely wasted, and totally entertaining. He took pictures for us, so he came in handy. Then we jetted to the valley and kicked it at the Nut House. We went to eat at Luigi's afterwards, and what's good about Luigi's is a) it's delicious, and 2) it's open late and we beat the bar rush.

P.S. This season on the biggest loser, they have these body buggs. I have to have one.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Story Of Us...

Well, better late than never (for me). A year has come and gone for me and the boy, and it seems like just yesterday I was puking my guts out, and crapping at the thought of meeting him face to face....

I met that boy on the internets. It wasn't on a dating site. I wasn't looking to date anyone. CP had recently been locked up in rehab, my brother went back home, and I was enjoying some peace and quiet. But, still, I got a little msg from this boy who was totally cute, and had the sweetest profile. But it wasn't cheeseball sweet, it was, omg, I think I get this guy sweet.

We talked on the phone for the first time while I was on vacay at my sisters.

I had a feeling about him. We texted for a few days and then nothing. So I speculated that it was a "vacation" romance, until he texted me the night I mentioned that he hadn't - I was at the Skynard Concert. We kept talking about meeting, and I worked all the time so it was difficult for me. A date was set. And I was never so nervous in my life. Ever. I mean, like not one other time. People....I liked this guy. What if he didn't like me in real life? I had no idea what to wear, and tried to worry about every minute detail that may happen. I got the trots as well. I was sick! I couldn't eat! Before my date, I also got my monthly visitor. Which made my experience even more awesome! Cramps, bloating, nausea, and diarreah (cha cha cha) I was a mix of total hot-ness!

But then I called him so we could talk again before the date, and ease my nerves with some phone contact. Just the thought of calling him alone warrented a half hour phone call with Kat to "psyche me up". Then, still not believing I'd survive the phone call, I had to call Heather just to make sure. Then on their advice I compiled a list of topics to discuss on paper. I'm tellin you, I was out of control. But when we talked, everything clicked. And I was smitten with the boy even more. We had so much in common, the conversation came so naturally, I never even referred to that list.

Everyone told me he'd chop me up and put me in his trunk cus he's a stranger. Gasp!! It went really, really well. We laughed, and joked, and talked about life. We looked at the stars and saw some fireworks wink wink. I wanted to kiss him so bad, he made me so nervous. I thought my heart would explode. And he still has that grape.

It was kind of obvious from the beginning something was there. We both knew it. And then we were talking about being in love without actually saying the words. And, I got the advice from everyone to "be careful". I always hate when people say that.

We defined our expectations from the relationship. Our communication has been pretty fantastic from the get-go. This happened a few times over the year. We checked in to see that we were headed in the direction we wanted to be. I pondered the "you just know" statement people always use. And decided, it's completely true, and you just have to believe that, because I said so.

He invited me to his birthday celebration to meet his friends and family. He worried he was rushing things, but told me "you just know when you know, you know?" Yea....I know! I had another bout of the trots worrying about meeting the family. Which also included driving to Cleveland ("the big city") all by myself. But in the end, it turned out pretty good. And then, he was the first to speak those words out loud. Though, we both knew we were in love. It's an amazing thing to be able to feel the energy of love from someone, and know they love you. I still feel that every time I'm with him, and I hope it never ends.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Annoying coworkers....

I know everyone has an annoying coworker. What would life be like without them? What would the family talk about at the dinner table? Ok, so there is the annoying customer, if you happen to deal with people all day.
This picture, is often emailed between three of my coworkers, whenever the third coworker is annoying. Or one of us is stuck listening to her drudge on and on about nothing, we'll send this picture around. It's called the "I wish she'd shut the fuck up" face.
She's nice enough, but everything is always about her. And, I dunno if you knew it but the world revolves around me, not her. Even so, I can partake in a two sided (or more, hell I'm flexible) conversation.
I mean, last week she caught me outside and started telling me loudly, how the SAUDI'S own Time Warner, and a "buncha other" companies and they don't care about "us" and "they're driving prices up". I'm thinking, as I back away from her... Screw this....I don't want to be associated with a bigot. Right? She's grouping people together based on their cultural beliefs. Assuming they are guilty by their diversity trait. (Did I learn a lot in my diversity training or what?)
And, I had two people get a hit on my blog from searching "how to know if a man really wants to marry you". I'm flattered, but how the hell do I know? I'm divorced, and had several shitty relationships. I may be happy now, but obviously, this isn't your place for answers.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Otter Be In Love

I had a really long post all ready about my anniversary with the boy, linked to all the big moments (for me) when we first met...but all the links broke, and now I have to work on it. Anyway, if he were to see this he'd know it means I love him to peices. Who can't love an otter? I mean, look at them, their puke-cute. Kinda like me and the boy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The truth about underwire....

I don't know what it is with my bra's and their scheme to drive me insane latley, but it's a conspiracy. Every last one of my bra's seem to be in on it too. Like, a timed event.

Underwire. It's necessary to have a great looking well adjusted rack, to have underwire. (I also argue it's also important to have padding even when you don't need it..) Those of you who wear these torture devices, know what I'm on to. That one little spot where the wire works its way through, and stabs you relentlessly in the armpit.

Mine is always the same. The left side. And, the trouble is, all of my bras have started this at the exact same time. I retire one for poking me, and the next day it happens with another bra. Is this unheard of? I have 15 bras, and they ALL go south at once?

I've tried salvaging them, with sewing the spot closed where the metal pokes thru, but it pokes right back out. I'm sure if metal underwire could laugh, it would be laughing too. Is there a bra that doesn't do this? Is this the next million dollar idea? (btw my first one is inventing a paperclip that doesn't tangle with other paperclips....) I do not buy cheap bras, they cost $40-$50 bucks!

All joking aside people, this is a dangerous subject. Look what I found on the internet. Underwire is bad for you!

Is there prevention? Any Martha Stewart's out there? I use a lingere bag to wash them with. I suppose I shouldn't put them in the wash, and do them by hand? I'm not that domestic. Nor do I have the patience to add another chore to my long list. Or, has anyone tried the bra saver? I think my fellow women know that bras are an investment worth protecting.

Seriously, if you factor in all the things we women have to deal with, clothing, and hormonal, and not go insane...we really should rule the world. And....what do men have? Balls? Big whoop.

After 3 years, I finally figured out how to get my archives to drop down on this blog.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tidbits from Work..

I hated leaving the manfriend this morning. What else is new. It's worse since it's chilly and he is so warm and cuddly and I want to steal him.

Anyhooo....this was yesterday at the office:

Me: "I'm proud of you guys, even with being backed up, and behind, you still finished some of your newsletters on the due date!!!"

Coworker: "Yea but we dont get anything for it!"

Me: "you get a 'job well done' from me "

And I had to sit down. Before I said, YOU AREN'T REWARDED FOR THINGS YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO DO. Or, "YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR JOB!" Sometimes I want to strangle people. Does this make me a bad supervisor?

Obviously, it doesn't because in my review, I got middle to high marks, for my first six months of being a supervisor. I've exceeded her expectations. Exceeded! I have goals and things I need to complete before my next review, which is scarey. Like, coming up with a process to streamlining some processes in the department.

But the only thing I have to work on is my people skills. Meaning...I'm not very empathetic. She didn't say that, but I'm big enough to know my own weaknesses. She said I need to nurture my relationships with my "people", and I am pretty sure that's what she meant. Also, I have to make myself the "go-to" girl in the department, throughout the company. The person who knows everything. I have to sell myself. I love a challenge. I've already started on this.

I know I havn't mentioned latley...that I am farted out with working out. I'm still doing it. Five.... Days..... A..... Week. But I'm to a point where I'm bored, you know, every few months I think I go through this. When I was super busy at work and working "overtime" I didn't stay after, I started doing lunch time workouts. Which is what I'm doing now. It's nice because I can go home after work. The only downfall is not getting over an hour workout in, because I have to shower at lunch, so they have been cut into 45 minutes.

Plus I'm working out all the time and not losing weight. (let me interject here and give myself some due props in that I HAVE lost 50lbs and kept it off for a year, and not GAINED it back..*pats back*..) So why am I not losing more weight? Well, I have a serious carb problem. Like, I eat potatos on bread. Or, rice on bread. Or noodles with bread. Make sandwhiches with everything. I can eat 4-5 peices of bread in a day. I could eat more, but part of me has a bit of sense. (if you can call that sensical) I love them. I try to be good and eat whole grain bread. Brown rice. Sugar free everything, salt free everything, unsalted butter (the real stuff). Whole wheat pasta. But, it really doesn't matter when you eat them in large quantities.

And, when even your favorite vegetables are carbs. What's a girl to do?

Is there a carb rehab? Because I should go thru detox. It's that bad. I can also predict that giving them up would make me a horrible person to be around. Send help?

P.S. I was late watching Big Brother. Anyone excited about the win? I'm super happy Keesha got the jury prize! And, Dan was my third choice for winning. After Renney and Keesha.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bargain Shopper...

What does it say about me, that I get excited when I go to Giant Eagle shopping, and notice the bag of discount bananas? Excited like, a flutter of energy goes through me. "ohhhhhh discount bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Does it say that I'm frugal? Sad? Old?
I happen to love nothing more than a big bag of bananas for a buck! Normally you can get 4 for at that price if you're lucky.
And I happen to love bananas when they get spotty and brown. Yum-in-my-tum! Perfect for eatin! I picked up a bag this weekend while shopping with the manfriend. If I felt like baking, I could've gotten two bags but It's still to freaking hot for that mess.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


On Sunday, the manfriend bought the paper, and in it, was a DVD called "Obsession". It's about radical Islam's war against the West. Naturally we watched it. Mmm, go ahead and watch the trailer. It scared the crap out of me. I mean, obviously, I know that many radicals hate us, but to see the hatred for myself? Makes me sick. And, scares the shit out of me. Also, they make a pretty strong connection to Nazi Germany. Even the propaganda passed out then and now is almost identical. And, we all know how that turned out.

And, it's not just the Christians they hate. They hate Buddhists and Jews too. I can't imagine hating people so much that I didn't know. Or, being so filled with hate that I would want to kill myself. Or to believe in a God that "told me" I should die killing others to make "it" happy. The movie also showed there are people who live there who want to make it better, they recognize that they don't make life happy for their children, so they turn to this way of life. Everyone wants something to believe in, right?

I suggest watching it. It's good to be informed. Someone went thru a lot of trouble to put these in the newspaper. And I don't think it was for nothing. Although, sometimes I prefer ignorance.

Speaking of differences. I have yet another diversity class today. Last time we watched this movie all about a popcorn kernel. The point was we didnt know it was a kernel til it popped, cus we only saw it close up. Not the "big picture". My next endeavor after these classes is managing interpersonal relationships, which I'm actually interested in.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Things That Make Ya Go, Grrrr....

I have power. Nah nah... A storm ripped thru NE Ohio yesterday, 60-70mph winds. Yea, this isn't much to folks use to hangin in hurricanes, but to us this is nuts. Everyone I know is without power. Not me. Mine went out about 20 minutes, and was off/on for about an hour, but other than that I enjoyed a nice evening with fans, TV, and my guy. Emphasis on my guy. A tree fell in our back yard in the woods but no danger for us. Many had it way worse!

Besides that..I'm not always chipper and rosey. I know that's hard to imagine with my sunny disposition. *gleaming smile*. But I am human and things get to me after a while, much like everyone else on this earth.

Such as, grunting/dropping your weights from 4 feet in the gym. Shut the fuck up. This does not make you a man. (yes, I only have witnessed men do this) I like to watch my TV shows, and do my hill intervals in peace. Learn the art of the inner grunt, I'm a woman and I can do it. Weak.

Leaving your TP/or toilet seat cover on the toilet. You took the time to put it there, flush the freaking thing down the tube. I don't appreciate you junking up the toilet anymore than you appreciate others junking up the toilet. And while were on the topic of shitters, stop pissing on the seat. We all know when you use the toilet, you turn around and look in it. Everyone does. So how can you not see the piss you left on the toilet? I rarely hover. Unless it's like a port-o-let, and I don't enjoy sitting in your piss.

Oh, and add to that, people who feel the need to hang around in the bathroom when clearly I'm trying to handle some bizness. Get the hell out! Stop brushing your teeth, and curling your hair, or staring at yourself aimlessly in the mirror forever. Get over yourself and give a girl some privacy!

And, then there's the little thing of getting paid for 80 hours, when there's a holiday, and then receiving an additional 8 "holiday" hours on top of this, making it 8 hours of overtime.

Ok so that last one isn't a complaint for some people but I thought I'd sneak it in there. I wondered forever if I should bring it up. (EDIT) But thanks to a coworker, it turns out they caught on to this fact on Friday's pay day....and I'm going to have to pay all that money back. And...It's a lot of money! Oh don't worry about me, I get 3 checks to pay it back with. As if that makes it any less difficult!

Uh, yea. We might have to cancel Christmas or something.

Friday, September 12, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

Ok, so its not ALL I want, because A) I am a girl and 2) I like lots of things, and C) It sounds way nicer if you claim to only want one thing, or world peace or something. So maybe I want two things.

First being this nifty canteen. I have a 64 oz container that I fill at work and drink each day because I am an avid follower of the 8 glasses a day rule. The bummer is, that even though I fill my plastic container with ice and THEN water it still becomes warm at the end of my work day and I have to force myself to drink warm water. Euw. So, this would look swell under the tree for me. If you know, you were maybe wondering what you could get a girl like me who seemingly has everything. (ha!)
(then you can give me world peace...after the gift)

I'd also like the Biggest Loser workout DVD. Because winter is coming, and I'm once again getting bored with my workout routine. I know there are people out there who claim to not know what to get me, but I'm only the easiest person in the world to buy for. And..you know who you are. Someone could pass this along to my brother too, that'd be great. Tis the season!
P.S. You don't really need to forward me your wish lists, because you're pretty much getting jewelry from now until I no longer work where I work. It lasts forever. Unlike plants, which you use to get from my previous employer.

P.P. S. In case you forgot, I have an extensive wish list right here.

P.P. P. S. On a sidenote, we had a bday celebration for new girl at work. It was before pay day. We all had to scrounge together to make a nice little food day. Guess who swooped in and hogged up our food? The VP's, who drive to work in their beemers and lexus's and fancy suits and shoes. Then, I get a clock for christmas. (new girl got a coach wristlet from one of her VP's for her bday. Yes, I said a clock)

P.P.S.S. They caught on to the fact that I have been overpaid holidays the last three holidays in a row. Thanks to a manager in my dept asking if I had holiday on my check cus she didn't. So, I have to pay back 3 days worth of work, at over $500. I get to split it up into several checks, but seriously? I'm pretty peeved. I'd like to get that bitch back. Any ideas?
In closing....today is MY review at work.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do You Like to Watch?...

For your enjoyment...This is my season pass list in my Tivo...in order of importance, so Tivo knows what's up when there are scheduling conflicts. Yes, my list has 75 shows, but they aren't all running at the same time, so it's really not as pathetic as it looks.....is it?

1. Lost

2. Heros

3. Grey's Anatomy

4. Desperate Housewives

5. The Biggest Loser (families, starts sept 16!!! and Jillian is back!)

6. The 4400 (which I first thought Heros totally ripped off...similar concept, but Heros definately wins even if it came after..)

7. Big Brother

8. Fringe - this show was realllly good!!

9. Til Death

10. Kitchen Nightmares

11. Million Dollar Listing

12. Flipping Out

13. Blow Out

14. Dr. 90210

15. Ugly Betty

16. Private Practice

17. Oprah

18. Ellen

19. The View

20. E-Vet Interns

21. Meerkat Manor

22. Animal Cops Houston

23. Animal Cops Detroit

24. Animal Precinct

25. The Mole

26. Pushing Daisies (three weeks, ERIN!)

27. October Road (I think its been canceled. wa wa waaaaa...)

28. Wife Swap

29. Extreme Makeover (I think this is not comin back...couldn't find a link. Siiiiiigh)

30. Extreme Makeover Home Edition

31. The Baby Borrowers

32. Kath and Kim (hasn't started yet but I'm psyched)

33. Medium

34. My Name is Earl

35. Flip This House

36. Intervention

37. Criss Angel Mindfreak

38. Paranormal State

39. Ghost Hunters

40. The Two Coreys

41. Gene Simmons Family Jewels

42. Pam: Girl on The Loose

43. Psychic Kids

44. Denise Richards: It's Complicated (season over)

45. The Girls Next Door (season over)

46. America's Next Top Model

47. Greatest American Dog

48. Shear Genius (season over)

50. Top Design

51. Date My Ex: Jo and Slade (season over, she picked the right guy!!!)

52. The Real Housewives of Atlanta (not started yet...eeek)

53. Tabitha's Salon Takeover

54. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List

55. Millionaire Matchmaker

56. 90210 (shut up)

57. How I Met Your Mother (LOL funny...hard to find)

58. The Amazing Race (I think the manfriend should try out for this with me. We could totally win! And it's casting time!)

59. The Ex List (new showw)

60. The Grizzly Man Diaries (this show is awesome. If I died being attacked by cats...while it would hurt, I would be ok with it in the next life.

61. 30 Days

62. Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency

63. Workout

64. House

65. I love Money

66. Trading Spouses - (is this comin back?)

67. A Haunting (havnt been new ones in foreverr)

68. Men in Trees (is this coming back...anyone? anyone?)

69. Ace of Cakes

70. The ghost Whisperer

71. Hell's Kitchen.

72. Fear Itself

73. Priviledged (new addition)

74. Psych

75. Days of Our Lives (which I have deleted the recordings for months and think I am going to cut from the list. Salem is too young a crowd for me these days)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love new things!!..

Show of hands...who watched the Fringe? I happened to love it. One of the creators of my uber favorite show...Lost did it. What makes this fun? I believe it to be just like Lost. I think there were clues in the show to help you find what the "pattern" is. Obviously those images they showed at commercial breaks were important, and they had a commercial for Massive Dynamics, the company in the show. Like Lost has commercials for the Hanso Foundation.

Love that. I love when TV trickles into the real world like that. I love having to think and look for clues, that's why I love Lost!

What else was exciting is that scarey guy Matthew Abbadon from Lost that visited Locke in the hospital is in it. That guy is super creepy. And I happen to believe he is the devil. Muh ah ah ah ah.

I'm giving my reviews today. Dun dun dunnnnnn.....I'm not worried about doing the new girls but I am worried about doing the old girls. Cus she got a lower score than last time. It's not my fault her performance dropped. So why do I care?

I might have mentioned that I'm in love with this super cute boy? Well, I still am. Just didn't want you to forget about it! He made plans with me to go out for our anniversary. Awww...It'll be a week late cus on the day, he's going out of town for his Dad's bday. I thought it was pretty sweet that he even remembered to bring it up. Yea, that one is gonna wind up locked in my closet before he knows it. I heart him. Kinda like when you really love a little puppy and you wanna squeeze it so hard that it might die? I realize this sounds insane, and I'd never ever hurt a puppy. Or my manfriend. But, it's the concept. Sigh...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Office Space....

At work yesterday, I was at the tail end of the project I'd been working on for days. Which was stupid post cards for the billions of employees stating how much money they had to sell to win the free trip this year. Printed on these freaking perforated cards. The process was long, and ridiculous. You know, torn apart, and stuffed into the corresponding labeled envelopes. I spent 5 hours on Friday, above the 8 I get paid for, doing this freaking shit. Not to mention the time over I've been working prior to, and after that.

Monday, the project is due. My boss leaves around noon, family business. We're almost done stuffing these stupid cards into a billion envelopes, and here comes the girl who sent me the file with the numbers I merged into my stupid post cards.

"How are you?"

"Just fantastic" (yes, I say this)

"Not for long. It seems A/P (note the blame being placed on accounts payable, when the girl who gave me the info is an analyst, mkay?) gave us the wrong (specific stupidly named sales report) numbers, and this may have to be re-run. Are you almost done with them?"

"Ohhhhh.....kayyyy....yes, they were due today, so they are almost done. And..I don't have any more post cards to re-run the new numbers on"

So I think to myself, I have the graphic, I can use card stock and re-create the stupid post cards, minus the perforations, I can use the cutter. I did spend a lot of years in marketing, you improvise. The downside? Our color printer is completely busted, and an outside vendor has to come fix it. In like, two weeks. Balls!

My peeps are already discouraged over the project, but I'm optimistic! About an hour later, here comes the analyst. She hands me a package of postcards (she was obviously hoarding to watch me sweat) and that made me happy. What made me happier is that she said we only had to re-do 36 cards.

The moral of the story is to always give someone totally shitty news, then back it up with some less shitty news. It's a great way to get someone excited about how you took a crap on them. And that's office politics.

I have to take another diversity class today from 1-5. I already took one as a team member. I have to take FIVE more as a supervisor. Five. That is 25 total hours I have to take. How freaking diverse do I need to be? Last week we had diversity day. Where I ate a lot of diversified food. The Saffron Patch was there, and I actually liked the food!! Of course, so was Alladins, mmm.

Monday, September 08, 2008


I'm so super busy at work, that for once I feel guilty for blogging. I have been working over every day. Friday, I stayed until 7, and then took work home, where I worked until 11:30. I hate working at home it pisses me off. It's nothing of great importance. It's all this crap for a meeting. Well, I suppose it is important, but whatever. Not to me.

One of my cats has worms. Isn't that special? I picked something out of his butt/leg fur and it was moving. After a phone call to my sister to look it up online, concluded it is tapeworms. Which is from fleas. Which isn't suprising since my dog came home from my Moms with fleas and I've found at least one on her twice weekly baths. I can't treat the dog due to her miriad of skin conditions, so my best bet is to advantage the cats..treat them for tapeworms, and bomb the house. A flea infestation wouldn't take too long with 4 cats, a dog and a rabbit.

I've got some shitty PMS. So, I'm on a pretty thin fuse today. Everything is pissing me off. Sometimes it doesn't phase me that it's my time of the month. Othertimes it seems to overwhelm me.

Something fell off my car on my way to the boys house this weekend. It was scraping on the ground and embaressing me. I thought something horrid was wrong and I'd have to spend a billion dollars I don't have to fix it. He looked at it for me, and concluded it's the heat shield to my exhaust. And, it'll fall off eventually, until then I have to just turn up the radio. It's the American way.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time...Of The Year....

Better than Christmas. It's the magical time in television, when new shows start. When seasons begin. Although, it isn't full blown Fall TV yet, I opened up my Tivo wish list and found my tailor-made category "season premier's".
To my delight, 95 programs matched my query. Ninety-five! Some of which were the new season's of Ellen, and Oprah! More importantly? Dr. 90210!
The only TV event that makes me more happy, is when the Entertainment Weekly Fall Preview guide arrives. I shut out the world, and read cover to cover about all the shows I might like. Pop in the complimentary DVD that comes with the issue. Then, I make a date with Tivo while we set them all to record. The whole time laughing to myself and wondering when I'll find the time to watch the 65 shows I already have tivo'd.
I might have a sickness. I've been super busy at work. I think I have re-done my reviews like 5 times. The last time my boss said I was too direct. So I had to pussify them if you ask me. Whateva! I've been working out at lunch, which is my new favorite thing, because then I can go home at 5. Well, except for the fact that I've been working til 6 latley.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Communication is a Concept..

Of course the girls said in response to yesterday's post to communicate my feelings. Can't fault the one guy for being honest. But, as it turns out, we did talk about it. And the manfriend is the one who brought it up.

It was like the third "talk" we've had about where we're headed in the relationship. Which is always nice to talk about, and get out in the open. The same thing was concluded. We're crazy about each other, are happy to have found one another, and see ourselves with a bright future together. We both think we are good catches (it's important to know your own worth) and think the same of the other. The manfriend wants to see more of me. Says it's hard to say goodbye. Of course, I'm nodding my head because, it's the same way for me. I mean, who cries on the way home from his house? Me. Who tells her cats that she misses him out of the blue? Me. (People..the cat's get it, ok?)

The only difference I pointed out, is that I am optimisitc about our future. I have faith that this is all happening for a reason. And he is struggling with that. To me, the crying when I'm happy, proves my feelings are real. I've never cried from being happy before. Ever. I've cried from being mistreated, and made to feel like dog shit. Never because my heart is so full if I don't let it out, I might explode. What a concept. It all gives me faith.

Most importantly I told him while it is hard to be 50 miles apart, try to see the good in it. The good being that we are both from similar pasts, where we went from relationship to relationship, and never spent time on our own. Moved in with someone right away. The distance has forced us to live apart, and even though it sucks balls, it has a purpose . He simply wants for us to see each other more. Who can blame a guy for that? I want that too. And, I'm working on it when I finally move closer to work, it'll be closer for us as well. He said that he also sees us living together, but is not ready for it right now. While I can say I want that, I'm not ready either. I don't want to jeopardize what we have cus he isn't ready. I can see that. He said he just wants to see how it goes with us seeing more of each other. Have us living together be a more natural progression.

He told me I'm more patient than him. Which I laughed at. I call it having faith. Patience, is not something I'm good at. I pointed out that he took hours to hang a picture on the wall. And can put electronic things together. And fix a computer. And he takes forever to do the dishes. That stuff, I have no patience for.

The anniversary thing, he apologized for. He said that it was important to him, and the comment he made was a result of his own baggage that has nothing to do with me. I gathered that from my saying "our anniversary" it stirred up thoughts that we should be married and have 2.5 kids and the white picket fence or something. Which, is not what I meant by it at all. I told him it is what it is, an anniversary.

I've been divorced almost 10 years. (long ass time) He's been divorced like, two. He says in some ways I'm way ahead of him because of that, and I can agree. It's a lot of work to get over a failed marriage. Work that is well worth the time and effort it takes. He says he wasn't looking to find a relationship when we met. (me either) So I asked him why he was dating if he wasn' t hoping to find a relationship. Which is a whole other topic, and his own personal business. But it's funny how things work.

All in all, I have a pretty good catch. He can communicate without my feeling threatened, I find him irresistable, funny, smart, and an all around great guy. I told him when I saw his profile the thing that caught my attention the most was "I am sure of who I am, and of what I want". I am too, and that is very hard to find. Someone who knows who they are, will enhance your already fantastic life without screwing around with yours.

And, we ended the night happily snuggling. With me staring at him and giggling. And being mad because he makes me so nuts. (in a good way) I woke up the same way too. Not wanting to get up, and leave his side...and him not wanting me to. Some day this will all make sense..

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who Didn't Labor on Labor day? ....

Show of hands...who watched the new 90210? Guilty. Who liked it? Me....I'm suprised I enjoyed it but I did. I liked all the little throwbacks to the original which were obviously put there for all of us die hards! Like "Silver" being Erin Silver, Kelly Taylor and David Silver's sister that was born on the old show...Nat still at the pit. Bringing Brenda back, and of course Kelly. Oh, and the girl at the beginning on the news being Andrea Zucherman's daughter, also born on the old show? Good times! Loved it. Tivod it! Hope they keep up with the guest visits!

Speaking of TV....how bout Jerry being HOH on Big Brother? Could it have sucked anymore? I'm so bummed about Renny and Keesha. My faves. Sigh. And do you think they will tell Renny about the hurricane? Like they told that one chick a few seasons back about 9/11 cus of her family.

I spent the weekend with my manfriend! (given) We went to a party at Kat's on Saturday, a guitar Queero party. Where people played guitar hero. In true nerdy fashion. I think we were the only ones really drinking. Honestly, what's the world come to when even the 30 something's are engrossed in video games at parties?

Will the next step really be "virtual" sex like in those futuristic movies? Kill me now.

Sunday we went to another cookout. It was a really nice day too! We had many coronas...and some blueberry vodka shots (yum?!)...and enjoyed a nice fire. And food. Yes, the food was good! I didn't even cook anything for labor-less day. I bought spinich dip and the bread bowl. I didn't even scoop the dip into the bowl, I cut a chunk out and stuck the container inside.

Monday, we tried our hardest not to labor on labor day. We did however, move my couches from down/upstairs. Luckily the neighbor was outside and helped the manfriend so I only had to take the couch downstairs. Men are handy like that. But mostly we lounged around in the a/c at my crib. And watched movies. Awake and Meet the Spartans. I spent three whole nights with my manfriend. It's blissful for me. Sigh....

In completely unromantic news. . .our anniversary is coming up, in, three weeks. He mentioned in passing how it had almost been a year, and I squealed with excitement "ohhhhhhh Iknowcanyoubelieveit our anniversary?!! Wouldn't it be fun to go where we went for our first date, for our anniversary?"

To which the manfriend just replied all non-chalant.. "I've thought about going back to go back, but you know I'm not big into titles". Meaning.....an anniversary is a title. I can't be exctied for our anniversary. I can't get cute cards. Or gifts. The day will come and go without even being any different than the next. And that is going to totally hurt my feelings. Which in the grand scheme of things is no big deal because we have a trillion other good things to focus on.

Just being a man? I mean, we ARE boyfriend/girlfriend. Isn't that a title? He calls me his girlfriend. Should I just let it go and not say a word? Well?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

you have been deleted...

I'm having the kind of day where you had a fantastic weekend, and spent 3 glorious nights with your lovebug (that's the manfriend) and come back into work and delete some very important files.

My company uses outlook to post public files we can all access. Our department maintaines one. In particular, I maintain the list of all of our stores, and their important info which is the bible to many. I also maintain the schedules for all of our district managers. All of this and many other files are in said outlook folder.

This morning while posting the new store list, instead of deleting the one old file and posting the new one. I deleted the entire folder, and its hundreds of postings. No, it doesn't just go into the recycle bin either. IT had a good laugh at my expense. Luckily they saved the day. Seriously what would we do without an IT department? Cry. I think I'd do a lot of crying.

How bout that hurricane?

P.S. Thanks for the info on records. I could not for the life of me remember. And Mom sold all my records at a yard sale. Even Winnie the Pooh. Even Puff the magic Dragon. Even my sisters high school marching band! (yea, they made a record, how totally 80's is that?)