"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 28, 2014

Reunited, and it Feels so Good!....Twenty..Years..

One thing is for sure, I didn't feel nearly old enough to have been attending my 20 year high school reunion this past weekend! Living the childfree lifestyle really keeps you young...(or so I like to say)

The thing about 20 years is, everyone's divorced now! When you show up to your five year divorced, you kinda feel like a failure. (who? me?) But 20? Everybody's doing it!

An old friend tried to teach me to two step before saying that I sucked at it. I was all... "why is there a three count in the two step?!" I think it's actually the dance that sucks!

While in the middle of a photo op, he pulled me in and laid a real-life-open mouth-kiss on me. After I realized what was happening (I guess that does happen like people say..it takes a few seconds) I pushed him away! (even though, that's the most action I've seen in over 18 months) It was in front of everyone, and ON MY CAMERA, and inappropriate. I wasn't mad, just shocked. He's a real ladies man, and I told him I am not the kind of girl that falls for his game! I meanI'm one of the few good ones left!

Since I'd had some vodka-club soda's, I told another one of my guy friend's that my Mom thinks we should get married, and we had a good laugh. I tell her all the time, i don't think he is not my type...I've always thought he was a total player!

So the next day we messaged a few hours on facebook, and after all of this time I finally decided, what's the harm? He's not a stranger, and if nothing else, we will have a good time, right? In the spirit of being more spontaneous in 2014, he "I can maybe do that" and I replied "when that maybe becomes a definite, you let me know and I'll clear my calendar". Or something equally as witty.

Go me, right?

So we planned a dinner/drinks date for the following Saturday. Then today he texted he forgot he has a wedding and I probably didn't want to go, so could we move our date to Friday...I said sure. He replied "I figured you didn't want to go to a wedding". So, spontaneous me said I'll go to the wedding, they are fun.

Here's to new beginnings, or continuing old friendships. Either way, going out with a guy is kind of what a girl should be doing after being single 3 years, and celibate almost as long.  Right?

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Downside of Pets...

I can only think of one downside to having pets and that is...having to say goodbye.

This weekend, I said goodbye to the most perfect cat in the universe, my Fizzgig!

Fizzgig had a motor purr that you could hear rooms away, and there was rarely a time that she was not running that motor! Secretly "the favorite" she always came when called, never turned down a snuggle, and loved her whisker lickin' treats more than anything else.

Everyone loved her because she had the most gentle temperment, despite her "grumpy face". 

She had been getting frequent urinary tract infections, and had kidney disease for about a year. She was managing the kidney thing pretty well with her incessant drinking, and diet. Other than that you'd never know there was a thing wrong with her. 

This past week she started hiding...and she never hides. Even when she was sick with a UTI, she was more lethargic, but always around me.

So I made a Saturday appointment suspecting another UTI. But Thursday night, in the span of a couple of hours, she was purring, laying down...and slowly rolled to her side, took a deep breath, and essentially..."died" for a couple seconds. It was very unexpected and I called my Mom hysterical.

We agreed that if she seemed to be in no pain, to just let her go. The first couple times I shook her, and she came out of it dazed, and went about her business eating, drinking, using the litter box..but she'd hide in the kitty tunnel, and did the same thing a dozen or so times. 

I changed her appointment to the next day, and all night I layed with her, battling with the decision to put her down. 

Mr. Magoo wanted to be near her the last day, he has the sweetest soul..

At the vet, she told me that her heart rate was really, really slow, especially given that she was at the vet. She said we should do an xray to see what's going on with it. And really, what did it matter? Her heart was obviously affected enough so that it stopped beating several times the previous night.

As hard for me as it was, and as awful as it sounded coming out of my mouth I said " she's almost sixteen, and I don't want to put her through anything else to prolong her suffering, I can't watch her go through another night like we had, so I think it's time to let her go". 

Deep down I knew I was going there to euthanize her.

She leaves a big hole in my heart, but also in the kitty hearts of these guys...

Her 14 year old son Peekachu

And 14 year old daughter Fozzie

More than my sadness, her babies have never known a life without her, and it's the first time in losing a pet that I have had to deal with real pet grief, which makes it all that more difficult to move on from.

Fizzie lovin the boxed wine!

We lose pets all the time, and it's never easy. However, I am really missing my little "gigabyte"...we had a special bond.

To some, seems I've had a bout of "bad luck" with my pets lately, but they have all lived well into their teens, and I am grateful for that. I've taken very good care of them, and they have lived long, happy, lives as adored little additions to my life.

R.I.P. little Fizzgig. 1998-2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Life Has Gone to the Dogs....

I have been somewhat busy, work, gym, (losing 15lbs!!!), interviewing for an open position, to which I can not find any qualified people for the money we want to pay. (didn't I just do this?)

Having an open position at work is somewhat stressful on the rest of us, and so time has been getting away from me!

For fun, I've been getting my new dog use to his new home, (a month already!) getting him on a routine, and finding the right barricade to keep him locked in the kitchen all day with his brother! He has proved a master escape artist!

First I got the little extension because he jumped the regular gate that kept Magoo in for 4 years. Then, he climbed this. Then, he opened it and let both dogs out! Now, I have two regular size baby gates. So far, so good!

He is way more needy of my attention than my Mr. Magoo is, so I feel like I need to spend more time with the dogs now. But, not like I had anything else going on, and the extra walks are beneficial for me as well!

Lookin fly from the beauty salon! The groomer said he acted like a pro!

He's been vetted, microchipped, and groomed. He's officially mine now. But, I think Mr. Magoo may argue that he is officially his now.


Bo's first trip to the lake

After about three walks, they learned how to walk side-by-side and not get tangled up, and trip me

It really feels good to have not only taught Magoo how to be a dog after years of cage isolation in a puppy mill, but now I have an "unruly dog" turned angel-in-training! Everyone who meets Bo asks "who would want to give this dog away?" It just goes to show that when people say they have bad dogs, they should look at themselves! 

Saturday, July 05, 2014

I'm Ready For My Close-Up...

Mr. Bohannon is fitting in really well in his new home, and he's learned how he is not in charge really quickly. He is now allowed off his leash in the yard under supervision now and then. 

And, watch out Hollywood...Mr. Bohannon picked up this trick in no time!!