"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ghost of Husbands Past....Two of a Two Parter

I said you cheated three times while we were married, your cousins roomate, and some chick you worked with, and don't forget the bitch you knocked up.

Then he remembered. Said he got into a physical fight with his ex, and I said some things never change.

We went outside to smoke, and he asked me if filing bankruptcy had affected me. I said yes, I'm still trying to build my credit up. We also had a foreclosure, and a reposession. He said "it didn't affect me at all" I said yea, I hear that.

He had bought a house. Just broke up with some chick (a second babymomma) after 6 years. I said thats almost as long as we were together! He's the same dog he always was. Flirting with everyone. Thinking he is a pimp or something. When we went back in the bar he asked me when I got an ass, cus I never had one of those either! I said I work really hard on it. Dang.

So we left the bar after a couple drinks, and we went to his house. Not just us, kiddies, his friend, and my hair dresser too. On the way there, his sister called. And I talked to her. Blast from the past! Turns out he has a pretty nice house. A 4 bedroom ranch. He took me all around and showed it off. Lots of nice things. I said its not fair you have all this stuff, and I'm working 2 jobs and getting nowhere! He told me to find a man to take care of me. I said I tried that, I'm done waiting to be rescued!

So, I told a bunch of stories, and his friends laughed their asses off at us. We were just like an old married couple, I said see why we are divorced? We can't get along! We drive each other crazy. I told about how I use to go to the bar and move the car to another parking lot so he thought the car was stolen. I'm quite proud of that one. About how I stole my car back while he was at work after he left me.

He said he thinks about my Dad a lot, and that he thinks he was a great guy. He said he was afraid of him after he left me. I said you should have been, he was pretty pissed! He had to take care of me for a while financially cus he abandoned me.

When we left I tried to steal something from his house, but he caught me. I said you owe me! So the driveway was icy and I said do you have homeowners insurance? It's mighty icy out here I might slip and fall, so he practically carried me to the car. He said your not suing me!

We had a lot of laughs, he always was fun to pick on. Just a lousy husband. He had the nerve to tell me, that he could "hit that" if he wanted. I said you think? He did always wanna come back for the goods. I was totally over his nasty ass.

At one point, he leaned over me to get to my hairdresser, and I said "Euw, get your dick off of me" I kept teasing him about how I knew all about how he is in the sack, in front of hairdresser, cus hes trying to hit it. It made him really nervous. I said if you give me say 200 bucks I can lie and tell her your hung like an elephant.

But he wouldn't so, his loss. He's not, btw. He was then concerned on whether or not he was adequate. "Am I ok in bed?" I didn't have much to compare him to. Now I do.

It's weird. We have a lot of history, my high school sweetheart, turned ex husband. I guess it's cool that we can be friendly now. It's just sad that so much bad happened to us. I'm really pissed off that He is doing so well, when he was such an asshole to me.

And, I'm struggling. And harboring all this hate for him, for what? He didn't even remember why we got divorced. He cheated on me three times.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Ghost of Husbands Past....One of a Two Parter

Ever realize what a small world it really is? I went to get my hair done last night. I did
get deeper hilights btw, cus I know it matters to you. Anyhow, we got to talking about this guy I hooked up with and how she knew him, thru this other guy. I said if you know that guy, you probably know my ex husband, D. She called him a nickname, that suprisingly had to do with snorting coke, and I said, yea, that's gotta be the same guy.

So she texted him, and said she was doing my hair, and he called her. He wanted us to go meet him and his friend for a drink. I said I can't do that, we've been divorced 7 years! So he called about 4 more times while I was getting my hair did. When we were done she called him and I got on the phone and he called me my hairdressers name and I said no, do you know who I am? And he said well, you might be (me). I said yep.

He said why don't you come out for a drink. I
said why, so you can make fun of me? He said I just like to have a good time and you don't have to worry about anything, I'll buy you guys a drink, come out. So I said we'll see, and my hairdresser talked me into it.

She said let's just go for a drink, it'll be fun, and some good entertainment for me. I always aim to be entertaining. So on the way there, I called Heather, to tell her what I was doing. She said "you better not call me in the morning and say you slept with him" It wasnt that good anyway, but i just didn't know better back then!

He looks exactly the same. I sat down and he pointed to my chest and said, "what's that?" I said "I think they're my breasts." He said "are they real? You never had those before". I said I didn't have them when I was 16, but I've had them my whole adult life.

So then he said we have no reason to hate each other. I said I don't hate you, I'm over all of that, I know it was a mistake. He said "No, don't say that, it wasn't a mistake, we just weren't happy".

I said "You weren't happy, I was". He said "I was too into the drug lifestyle". Then I went in for the kill. I said "yea, I compared everyone to you for a long time, not that you were the greatest person people need to live up to, but in that I've never loved anyone like I loved you, because you hurt me so bad, it really screwed me up for a lot of years". He hung his head and said "ugh" like, that hurt. I said, it's true.

He didn't remember half the crap he did to me. When I brought up him cheating he actually said he never did. Seriously?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

So Deep You Need Boots.....

Sometimes I have great thoughts, that make you really wonder how I wound up a secretary, when I am so freaking imaginative. This is no exception. For no reason yesterday I just wondered what if mirrors are not really truthful, and we don't know what we look like to ourselves or each other. Like only other people can really see us? I dunno how I come up with these things, I am just that insightful.

Speaking of insightful. I've devoted time every day to imagine myself living in my new condo. I'm doing the positive thought thing with it. So I can make it happen. I've even decorated it in my mind. I have a big cushy couch, and I have a basement, a garage, and lots of windows. And, a fireplace. Not a gas one, because I'd never run it due to the cost. I also have a deck, and a yard for my doggie. And a place where I can plant flowers. I'm pretty happy there, thanks for asking. Check back with me in a year and see what I have accomplished.

I get free lunch again today. I've gotten free lunch every day. Things just taste better when they are free don't they? We have our own secret society. Like, if the world shut down we could all live here at work for a while. Theres a store, and restaurant. They make a delicious broccoli salad. Who doesnt love that? And I ordered a cake today from work, for one of my district managers 18 year celebration. Strawberry filled. Does that sound like a slice of heaven or what? I'm hoping someone gets me a peice for my trouble. Can you believe that we even make our own cakes? Yea. There's nothing we can't do.

Did you watch Lost? Holey crap. If you ever wondered what the hell those people are doing on that island before, you surely do now. I mean, that Isabelle chick is a little nuts. Executing people? They don't live there, they work there? What was the deal with Jack and that asian chick? I really didn't get that at all. What about that flight attendant re-appearing to watch Jack. I didn't really get anything out of Jack's flashback. Which pissed me off. Was she some sort of psychic, or what the fuck? I don't trust Juliette. She's totally going to screw Jack over again. What is his problem?

What if Jack goes off wherever the hell Michael and Walt are, never to be seen again? I have to watch it again before I can make any final decisions about what the heck is going on. Lost has a double view rule.

I'm getting my hair done today. This is exciting, because it's been over 2 months. Yea. I got some serious roots. I keep thinking about going back dark but I dunno. I'm so indecisive.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Night As A Celebrity...

Um, Blogger made me change to new blogger. I've been avoiding it for months now. I hate change. How totally gay is it that I have to have a google account? Ummm, I have a yahoo account, isn't that enough? Bastards.

Well, now, I'd like to give a shout out to my little Edwin McCain for once again having his song sung on American Idol last night. Everyone just loves him. What's wrong with the rest of you people? Phil did a good job singing I Could Not Ask For More. Not as good as Edwin of course, but, good nonetheless!

Last night was our big work party. It was a night at the Oscars. The company bought out the whole bar for the night, which was pretty cool! There was a red carpet, and we were met with yummy champagne at the door, and they took our picture, like celebrities. It was fat tuesday, so we got a bazillion beads. They had a DJ and trivia downstairs with all the pool tables. Free alchohol. Ahem. Lots of food. Downstairs was Italian themed and 100 deggrees. The upstairs was Pirates of the Carribean, where all the boys were dressed up like the hotties from the movie, ok? If you drank enough they might actually pass. But, I couldn't drink enough and become the drunk girl. Not so soon.

They had American Idol Karaoke, which was freaking hilarious because people actually got drunk, and sang. Badly. They had a place where you could do acting scenes for tickets to win prizes. Then there were the things that I did. That all sounded bad when I told people out loud. I got 3 margarita glasses as boobie prizes for sucking at a game of throwing balls, and pinning an eye patch on Orlando Bloom. Does that sound like some kind of Porno title or what?

Nevertheless, I didn't walk away empty handed. I actually only won 2 glasses and one of the VP's sucked on purpose for me to win a third, and she was gonna suck again so I could have a set of 4 but I told her it wasn't necessary to embaress herself further. I was happy with my three. Then everyone was jealous of my glasses all night. I could tell. No one else had any. It's rough to be envious. Step off.

The most fun game was guessing what the wait staff was. You could ask them who they were, and they would give you different clues, until you guessed what actor or actress they were from movies. I am a movie fanatic, so I did quite well with that game. I got a lot of tickets too.
Some of the prizes were Ipods, Satellite radio, golf clubs, 3 coach purses, various gift cards, radios, portable dvd player. Personally, I stuck all my tickets in the Ipod bin. In order to win a prize you had to stay til 11. My ass went home at 9, because I have 7 kids at home who needed fed and pottied, and I live in BFE. I didn't win nothin. Dammit.

The funniest observation of the night was how blinged out everyone was. I was in a big bar with a bunch of jewery salespeople. High rollers if you will. Bling out the ying. The guys all had like rings with diamonds, it cracked me up!

I also had one of those moments where you see someone who knows you and you don't know them. I personally think this bitch was drunk or something. I was outside the bar smoking, and she was next door at Brubakers waving at me and my coworker frantically. I waved back and she started pointing at me. Coworker said Me? And I said Me? Then she started mouthing "I know you". I gave her the shrug, "I dunno who you are" you know....and shook my head. She kept insisting, and did some sign language pointing to her eye, then her head, and then me. I guess, Eye Brain You. I kept saying I dunno you and finally I turned around. I didn't know the girl, and it's not like I know a billion people to confuse her with someone else. She told me to come in the bar, and I was like "sorry" then we left. What a weirdo. I swear I didn't know her. She probably just thought I was hot.

All in all I had a really good time at my work party. It was cool to meet all the people I talk to every day on the phone! You know how that goes. And everyone was a lot of fun. One guy gave me a big hug, cus I help him out a lot, and he said I'm like family. Doesn't that make you wanna cry? Sniff sniff.

P.S. when I logged onto Yahoo today, this was the featured story. Let it be a lesson to you all. Can't do the math? Worrying about math saps the brain’s ability to solve problems, study says.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Convenience of My Solitude....

Well I've been hiding out for a few days now. I'm working all alone at the po-po station tonight. It's snowing, and I predict a lot of accidents. Staying up all night sucks when you are well, but when you're sick, it's horrible. I have been sick for days. Not so much sick as every ounce of being has been sucked from my bones, and I'm just floating around in my skin. I've got sone head and chest congestion, sore throat, cough, but that's not what the worst of it is. It's the being tired. I've slept from 6pm til 7 am for days. Days I tell you! I'm still tired!

Here it is Saturday and I'm thinking the midnight shift at the police station will be cake this time because I am off the wknd from the full time job. Well, today I had to work the full time job. See, God decided to go all Armegedon on the east coast and snow us all in. Granted, my storm was not as bad as it was in New York, but I don't remember the last time I was called off work due to the snow. I didn't call off...I was called off.

Tuesday it snowed so much they let us leave work early, I left at 3:30 and I got home at 5. It's a 20-25 minute drive. It snowed so fast that the trucks couldn't keep the roads plowed. It was a long slow trip, but I made it with only sliding a couple of times. Thank God for second gear. It's only my best friend.

There was no way we could get up our driveway even though we all called and left msgs for the landlord. We had to park at the church down the road and tredge through knee deep snow to the house. I had decided, no way I was going to work, it'd take me forever to dig out let alone drive to work. Then my boss called me and told me to stay home. It was extra awesome, because I was sick as hell and I slept all day.

Around 4 me and CP braved the snow to dig our cars out. The snow was up to the door with drifts. My dog couldn't go to the bathroom it was so deep, Tayray had to shovel Billy a spot to poo and pee in! Tayrays friend ended up coming to plow our driveway, and we got up and safely into our toasty garages.

I've been having strange hallucinations. So strange that I can't even describe them except that their images that flash into my head that seem to make no sense but make me feel at peace about my childhood. Is that weird or what? I told you I'm freaking sick!!

So, since I'm an hourly employee now, I don't get paid for being off on Wednesday, and I had to go make it up today if I wanted to be paid. It ended up being awesome, cus we didn't have to answer the ringing phones all day long. I got so much work done! We're having a huge district manager's meeting next week, and each of our VP's has sub meetings that we have to coordinate, and awards to make. And they did a big re-alignment which is a pain.

Well, remember a while back I was talking about the secret? And how I visualized myself into a job, and some action, and money? Seriously, now that shit was on Oprah. I told you it's real. You should seriously look into it!

There's an awesome party next Tuesday that I can' t wait to describe.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Batton Down The Hatches...

The snow is coming, the snow is coming! I would really prefer, that we get snow throughout the winter season, rather than have it all dumped on us at once. It was nice having spring forever, but um, enough with the snow already!

It's a blizzard I tell ya! I am not sure how much we're getting I heard 8 inches this morning. Whatever it is I wont be getting home in under an hour. And I wont be pulling in my driveway. I will however be sleeping. I'm sick. I went home and slept at 6 and slept all night! All night! I was suppose to go take a survey and make $50 tonight with CP but the roads are bad, and I have really shitty back tires, meaning I fishtail. I'm not driving when I don't have to!

My body hurts. My face is puffy. My nose and throat hurt, I wanna go hooooooome. I just want to sleep. I don't feel so rotten just yet, but I am definatly tired!

They restructured the secretaries with the VPs yesterday, and I got to keep my VP's. I'm pretty happy. And another secretary brought up how good I'm doing and how fast I caught on. I tell you I am like a freaking machine around here. To me, I'm a normal person working a job. They must have had some real winners up in here! I don't think I'm THAT fantastic, but I'm a good worker!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Absense and Fonder Hearts...

Today a new girl starts at work. I dunno that I like that. I like being the new girl cus I get special attention. It'll be nice to not be the rookie, but what if she's better than me? Why are girls like that? Why do I care? She doesn't even have a desk. They are sticking her over by our printer with a computer and phone. Sucks to be her, ok?

We have a meeting at 2 today. They ordered us snacks. It's fun to work for a place that spends money. But...they are doing a realighment with the District Mgrs, and our VP's and it's going to affect the secretaries. Some of the girls have had their VP's for years. I think its dumb. I don't wanna change my VP's I like them! There are a couple I can't stand and it's my luck that I'll get stuck with one of them. Their women. Ugh.

Guess what guess what? I get a federal tax return. Can you believe it? I don't owe this year. Yahooooie! And I get more back than I had to pay last year. So, I have to pay my credit card off with it. And get new tires. Doncha wish you could be cool like me? I made 10,000 less last year, from not working the second job, and for that, I get a whopping 400 bucks. I don't see the sense there, but then math is not my forte.

CP came over Friday. He's been deathly sick and I've been avoiding him. I didn't kiss him or anything but I KNEW I'd still get sick. Anyhow, he got me a sweet ass steam cleaner! It's got heat, and scotch guard, and an attachment for furniture. I did all my carpets, then it quit working. Then, a cat puked. So, now I have cat vomit and no cleaner. He was going to take it back for another one but you know men. I might see it next week. A girl with 7 pets needs a steam cleaner, it is essential!

I got new bra's this weekend, and we know what a good bra does to lift ones spirit. I also got some new draws from Vickie V's. And, me and Kat went to the coolest place ever. A store called One Of A Kind Pets. It's a rescue for cats and dogs, and a store. They rescue them from the humane society and they don't die there. There are cats all over. On the cat food for sale, in the litterboxes for sale, display cases, running around after each other, playing with the toys for sale. One cat, Gertie, was curled up on the warm cash register. She wanted to come home with me. She told me, but I'm too poor for another pet! The cats!

Then we went to West Point Market for a few things. It's a place where people who have too much money go to shop. I got some chicken salad. It cost $8 for a pound. Umm, it was quite tasty, but $8? I couldn't believe it. I also got broccoli salad, which I hadn't had in forever. That was $5. Sometimes when you go out with Kat it's like something takes over and you can't help but spend money you had saved up for emergencies. Oh! I also got ground peanuts! Real peanut butter? Omg, it was the most delicious thing ever, I'm getting me more of that!

We made an appearance at 80's night Saturday. I went with Kat, Tayray and Tayray's lovemuffin. You know what sucks when you are 'single'? Being around people in love. You know what sucks even more when you are single? When you go out with a girlfriend, and she abandons you alone with the people in love. So you spend your time alone when they are dancing. Know what sucks worse than that? Going home with no action! Sniff sniff. Kat bailed on me early in the night. I had a blast though. I we did love potion shots, and drank beer. I fell on my ass, but I wasn't drunk at the time. I backed into a ledge and fell and got right back up. I'm like the tubthumper by chumbawumba. I get knocked down, but I get up again, nevah gonna keep me down!

When we all got home, someone peed their pants from laughing, but it wasn't me this time. I went over to Tayrays for a night cap. Then I slept on the couch to avoid hearing any action from that end of the apartment. Our bedrooms are close mkay?

I decided to practically cut my thumb off yesterday. Why not, I mean I don't have health insurance, and my tetnus shot is no good as of 2 years ago, so what better time than now? I cut it at 11 on Sunday, and it's still bleeding not constant, but, it's there. And it's painful. And red. It's only about 1/4 inch long. Right on the side where you hit the space bar. Ouch. I ghetto wrapped it with a kleenex and neosporin, and a rubber band. The pressure kept it from bleeding but when I take it off it starts up again. Just a seeping bloody nasty mess. Mmmmm.

I'm sick today. Sore throat, sinuses. Did I mention how I have no insurance, so if I get real sick, just throw me in a ditch and maybe the cold will keep my corpse fresh until someone can bury me in the woods come spring thaw. Theres a big storm fixing to blow thru. I can hardly wait to drive in it. I am giddy at the thought of not making it up the driveway, and sliding into the ditch.

You know it would happen because I have but 1 year and 7 months til my car is paid off. When I find my sugar daddy, he's going to buy me a cute black BMW. I'm hopefully not getting another car for a year after having it paid off. That's my goal. I need to save $ and pay bills off as it is my goal to get myself a cute condo. With a yard.

2007 is the year yours truely gets her shit together once and for all. Iffin I'm gonna be an old maid, I'm gonna at least own my own home while I'm alone. With my cats. (I'm still open to that sugar daddy thing...you know, if you know anyone)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bio Chemistry is LOST on Me...

Did we watch Lost like good girls and boys? I watched the update show while counting my change. To prepare for the real show. I ended up having $37 bucks! I'm starting my splurge fund with change, and random bills here and there. So, when I want to go out, or buy something, I don't have to touch my bill money. You know like when I get my hair done and whatnot. I'll have a savings, a bill account, and now a fun fund. I find it easier to manage my money when I spread the love around like that. Mostly, cus I suck at math, so compiling the totals of 3 accounts isn't easy for me.

Hmmm how did your morning start you ask? Oh, stuck in traffic for 15 minutes. Why? Ummm, a cop pulled someone over silly. Of course, it has to cause a 5 mile back-up. It's the way of the land. If I were King, I would outlaw gawking at that shit on the streets. It would be punishable by being stuck in that chamber they had Carl in on Lost!!!

If you didn't watch, stop reading. Ok, so, what the hell is up with that room they put Carl in? I slow-mo'd it on the old Tivo and paused it to see some of the weird images being shown to him. God loves you as he loved Jacob? Uhhh ok. Suffering? Everything changes, with an old victrola record and CD's? Planting seeds? And the lights? And maddening music?? That was some insane shit, and did you see all the other rooms? Of course, he was in room 23. The numbers. I wonder if there are numerically 23 or more rooms, or one for each of 'the numbers'? And, just who do they put in there? Will Jack be next?

I thought that maybe it would lose its appeal or something but I should have known better. My prediction, since I love to do those things, is that Benry is Juliettes sister, who she had to turn into a man to impregnate. Why else bring up that she successfully impregnated a MALE field mouse? And let us in on the fact that Benry is Alex's father? Hmmm? Her sister couldn't have kids, I'm predicting she had some sort of girl parts cancer and had to have her ueterus removed, thus, the chemo and no hair. Or it could just be that she impregnated Benry. How awesome her wish came true about her ex husband being hit by a bus? And she got to see it? If wishes came true, oh the wishes I would wish for me and you!

How does one wake up during spinal surgery and not be screaming in pain, or freaked out? Benry aint right I tell ya! I think he's inhuman. I bet that tumor ends up not even being human.
Portland? Who knew as soon as that cheese ball lab guy came to see Juliette he was in with the "others" on the island? Me! Me! And Ethan? I think this concretes the fact that he had some sort of genetic altering to be so strong when he fought with Jack. And at least we know a little more about the experiments being run on the island. Well, we know that they were messing with animals and their reproductive systems, and probably people too.

I was pretty pissed when Juliette betrayed Jack in the operating room. She's such a skeez! Proven by how she just shot Pickett in cold blood! Not that I care, I hated that man. Personally, I don't think they die. Obviously Jack loves Kate more than Sawyer does. He gave up his own freedom for hers. Their gonna have such beautiful babies. I bet they impregnated Kate while they had her, and she'll think it's Sawyers cus they did the deed. There will be tons of Benry's running around on the island. And then, why do they bother to have kids, if their gonna toss them out like they do?
All in all a pretty bad-ass episode. I can't wait to see the rest of the Losties next week. Seriously, I remember why I loved the show. It's all coming back to me now. *swoon*

And I'm kinda tired of the producers trying to tell new people they can start watching the show now and appreciate it. Um, sure, you can watch the show. But you wouldn't have known the mysteries of the island, that make what happened more creepy. You havn't seen all the clues each week. You don't know just how intertwined the Losties lives really were in 'the real world' and how their paths crossed all the time. Ummmm, step off newbies, you can't hang. I like to pretend I'm cool!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lost Is Found...

Hey. Lost is on tonight. Did you hear me? LOST IS ON TONIGHT! Omg I swear when I say that, my heart races. I'm all a flutter! I'd love to know whose bright idea it was to be on at 10:00. Which means I can't watch it until 10:30 in order to FF thru commercials with Tivo.

Is it cold enough for ya? Cold? That's an understatement. They say it hasn't been this cold in
something like 20 years. They canceled schools for 2 days, not because of snow, because it's freaking cold. Wind chill of -20. I think it warmed up to -15 last night. I had to turn my heat up to 65. That's a stretch for me, but it's nice and cozy warm. It's so cold, the Yankee Candle Oil car freshner I have on my car heater vent, froze solid. That's oil. How cold does it have to get, to freeze oil? Yea, it's that cold. The cold makes your eyes water. Takes your breath away. Numbs your body. I garage my car. I get out only to shut the garage door, then it takes me about an hour to warm my extremeties after being outside. Let me say this out loud...thank GOD I'm not homeless.

I've been pretty boring lately. I'm in one of those moods where everybody sucks, and everything is fucked. Some call it PMS, but with my irregular monthly visitor, I call it part of life. I've been trucking along working out, but thats about it. I have off the second job thru the week now. Which rocks. Only, I'm sorta bored. But, yet, I don't want to do anything. Man, I feel like a woman. Is it just me? I can never make up my damn mind.

I have been saving my wine bottles. Only because I don't want my life to be like that episode of
Desperate Housewives where Bree's friends line up her wine bottles on her front porch for all to see. I cut down. Only cus I'm poor. And, I suppose cus of the calories. But I still love it so.
I have to think rational if I want to quit the second job, I can't have such luxuries! You know, like wine. And food. And entertainment.

I'm so distraught over it. I want to quit and I don't. I got my regular pay at the FT job, and I make what I did a couple of years ago take home. Minus benefits though. I can't afford to get them, so I hope I don't develop something horrible in the next year or I'm gonna have to marry me a rich man. Know of any? Preferably they should also be funny, and worship me. But that's just minor details.

CP has offered to move in on a part time basis and pay some bills. Meaning I guess he'd stay with me a couple nights a week but not move stuff in. I dunno what to do. I don't want to keep moving back and forth with us, so if it happens I'd like it to be for real. And I don't know if this is what I want right now. Something is "off" in my life and I don't know what it is. Oprah says, this is when you start to figure stuff out, and become yourself. In your thirties. And we know how I love my Oprah. Don't hate!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pulling An All-Nighter...

I'm all geared up for my 16 hour day today. Ok, I'm lying. I did go get some energy drinks, and
stackers to make it through. The worst part? Not smoking for 8 hours. I don't get a break. Or a lunch. Or anything. I think it's ridiculous.

Next week we have a trainer coming into the gym at work for 3 days you can sign up for time with one. How fun is that? I still have not ventured into our gym, but I hear people complain about it being too busy at lunch. I just love it when someone who drives a Beemer asks you to get them coffee. It's not so much the act of getting the coffee, but the act of me working all night at the god forsaken police station to make ends meet, and then having to shell out money for your coffee? It's only a dollar you say? So! It was one of the other girls VP's. And usually if one of them asks you to get them coffee they'll hand you $20 and tell you to "get all the girls whatever they want". You think I'll get my dollar back?

I'm having to make travel arrangements for my VP's cus their all going back out on the road. It's pretty simple, seeing how we have a freaking travel department. My job is collecting the info, and emailing it, and proofing it. Know what else I don't have to do? Copy jobs. We have a department for that too. I don't just mean like large things you'd send to Kinkos - I'm talking if you have 50 of something, you don't do it yourself. I swear. Have training scheduled? We have a department for that too. At my old job, I had to do entire classes. From setting up the meeting rooms, the food, hotels, to personally making the training books. It's amazing what can be done with a little money. They love to spend that around the new job. Just not on my salary Mkay?

I got my first full paycheck from the new job today. Yea, Um, 2 months after starting. I didn't get paid for the holidays which totally sucked. Anyways, I make $140 less take home. But then, I use to get paid twice a month so I got that extra 12 hours a month. Now, sometimes, I'll get three paychecks and that will be nice. Making as much less as I do per hour, puts me in a different tax bracket, and I sorta make out I suppose. That is, if you want to look at the bright side, which I dont.

Nothing exciting happened last night at work. I learned how to transcribe these stupid police reports. Their pretty funny to do. I havn't transcribed since high school. Who still transcribes? Uhhh, I do. The only fun criminal was another shoplifter, who carried his crack pipe, and crack for his theiving excursion. If you're gonna break the law...you might want to leave the crack at home.

Remember me this evening trying not to fall asleep. Trying to get up a snowy driveway after 16 hours of working. If you loved me, you would come over and salt and shovel the drive so I'm happy. I'd take donations in lieu of your personally showing up. I'm worth it.