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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pimp My Bunny.....

Well, after some time of greiving, and adjustment, I think we are ready to find Boo's a new woman!!

If you know any bunnies, who are female, and spayed (Boo's is neutered, but he feels like spayed females are more friendly) and have great personalities (it DOES matter!) please feel free to post your info here!

I contacted the house rabbit society yesterday to find out who was available. Boo's will be dating 2 women this weekend. Supposedly, they are really friendly. He will be the judge of that. But, he is willing to give everybun a chance who is interested! I am excited, and scared to start the bonding all over again. It is a lot of work, especially working 2 jobs. but maybe we will get lucky and have love at first sight? And, at least I have my own place, so I can do their bonding.

Boo's Stats:

Boo's is a 2 yr old (give or take a year) black havanna/dwarf mix bunny. He enjoys spending his days lounging by his frozen water bottle, or on mom's nice plates she feeds him on because they are cool. He likes his timothy hay, and parsley best. He is a very laid back bun, who lets mom clean his butt when it is messy, and clip his nails. He is a good snuggler, but hasn't felt very loveable since losing his little wifeypoo Bitsy. (Mom knows what that is like!)

He owns his own spacious home:

He keeps fit, by running through tunnels.

Sometimes he just likes to relax.

He is good at playing 'slinky' (and sharing!)but he likes someone else to take the initiative, and then he will join in the fun.

He will even share his raisens!

"Ok, So, who wants to date me????"


Rachel said...

He is sooooooo precious! OMG!!! I have so many bunnies for you---but they're here in St. Louis. I think that's too far for you. I'm so glad you contacted HRS where you are. That's great. I think Cassidy is too bossy for your cute, little Boo. He reminds me of my Taz. You need a real docile, sweet female. Let me know if you are ever in the St. Louis area. We have hundreds of bunnies in need!!

Mon said...

I was really shocked, when I only found 3 females in my area available!!! There are a ton of male bunnies who need homes! I am hoping one of the girls works out this wknd, she had a couple other females but she didn't think they would be good to bond with.