"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Underwear + Chilling Temperatures=Charity!


My first "official" run of the season isn't until the Shamrock 15k in March, but what better way to have a good time, than a winter undie run?

It's been in the single digits, with negative teen wind chills here in Northeast Ohio this past week.

But still, I'm going to be doing the Cupid's Undie Run Valentine's weekend in Cleveland. It doesn't really qualify as a race, because it is just a mile, but according to this video, it is going to be a blast!

I've already raised some money, and hit the "free underwear" mark.

Any time you can get out and be active with friends is a good time!

Any of my local peeps going to run? I'm sure the after parties will be a blast!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recycling Dates??...

So, it's been far too long since I've been out on a date with someone I havn't already dated, you know....someone I know it isn't going to work with, but I still want to get out, and have fun, and maybe have some, you know,  "time" together. This is always done under the assumption that it is what it is and it isn't going anywhere further. Old friends, I like to say!

Recycling old dates don't count toward your "number" and I am still in the business of caring how high my "number" gets. At least, this is how I justify going out with people that I know are not going to marry me. Whatever works.....right?

So, I re-activated my online dating account for about two months in hopes that maybe things will be different this time.

A tip... if you are expecting a girl to be interested in you....send her a legit message, ask a question, refer to something in her profile....don't just say "hi". "Hi" screams "I just want the booty", and if you had taken the time to read my profile, you'd see, that is so not what I am looking for. You can get that anywhere! And upload a picture. What are you hiding? I have mine out there, why can't I see yours?

I happened to get a message from someone I dated last summer for a few months.

He asked did I want to go out again and give it another shot, he said text him and we'd get together. We exchanged numbers again. I messaged him the next day, just a lighthearted message.

Then I didn't hear from him for 11 days. At which time he asked me out on a Thursday for the following Saturday, and I just told him "I think we have incompatible communication styles".

I then realized the reason we quit talking probably wasn't because I was hung up on my ex. It was because he would only randomly respond to my messages. I mean, it only takes 2 seconds to respond to a text message. I don't expect a conversation, just an acknowledgement that you got my message. "Good to hear from you". "We'll make plans soon". Anything. Don't just ignore a girls text for almost two weeks, she will move on!

I mean, I did  read "he's just not that into you" years ago, so I know, that I deserve a response!

Friday, January 18, 2013


I guess I have joined the ranks of so many people who have lost a lot of weight, only to put some back on.

I was in denial for a few months this fall, because I was training for a half marathon, and I allowed myself a lot more calories....but way more than I should have, mind you.

I am not a fan of the scale, like most people. But I finally had to face it!

The result?

I put back on 24 lbs of the 90+ lbs I lost altogether.

24lbs??? Unacceptable!

But, that's what happens when you go from eating "clean" and working out twice a day 5 times a week to eating "mostly" clean, and working out 3 days a week. You live and learn! Obviously, I have not yet found my life long balance routine, but I'm working on it! And I'll get there as long as I keep it as a priority.

So, the last 2 weeks I have gotten back on track. I've got my clean meals made and frozen, and I'm back to running every day, plus taking spinning classes. I'm down 7lbs, with 17 more to go.

Once you grasp the concept that you have to burn off 3,500 calories to lose a pound of weight...you can appreciate all the work it takes to lose weight. And you put in the work to get you there!!

I send positive energy to everyone who is trying to drop ell bee's this year!

It isn't easy, but it's certainly a personal accomplishment! Get it!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I Like Money...

Mr. Magoo in his cat-like way, helping me clip coupons
It's no secret that I'm cheap, er, frugal. But I guess you could say I am choosy about what I'm frugal with. I have no trouble spending $100 on face cleanser and cream, $100 for a hair cut and color, or $60 for a bra. I wont feed my pets generic foods, and I have a thing against buying "discount chicken or eggs".
But just the same, I'll travel to the basement to turn my hot water tank down to vacation temperature after I've showered or done the dishes. And I keep my heat at 55, and use electric space heaters to heat my home, to keep my combined gas and electric bills around $50 each. I re-use all my spare candle wax in my candle warmer, and I use a mini spatula to get the last bit of mustard out of the squeeze jar, and the back of a comb to get one more day out of a tube of toothpaste.
But after the constant urgings of my bff, I have finally ventured into couponing. I always thought it took too much time, which it does, but honestly...what else have I got? And, I have to admit, it is pretty exciting when you find a sale, and realize you have a coupon to match it! And saving money is actually kinda fun!
I'll never be one of those extreme couponers, because I try to stay away from processed foods, so I won't be stockpiling food for the apocolypse or anything. I'm just saving on things I already use.
I'm happy to report my first planned shopping trip saved me $54 dollars. I did have to go to two stores, and spend hours of my weekend preparing meals, but in the end...I bought, cooked, and froze 3 weeks worth of fresh food for a little over $100.
I usually spend around $80 a week on food. A savings of about $140. Plus, this lady will not be turning on an oven or a stove for the next several weeks, and will only have to re-heat my pre-made meals.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dating... Advice?

Dating. Not my top priority these days, but it's still in the back of my mind.

I don't feel like I'm missing out, I mean, I havn't been on a real date (with someone I havn't already dated before....ahem...) in a long while.

I've said a billion times I'm at the point where if you don't knock my socks off, keep it moving. I'm living my life just fine, thank you!

Being only one of two single girls in my social circle, I get a lot of advice as to why I'm "still single". (like it's the plague)

Here are just a few samplings of unsolicited advice I've gotten...

Apparently, I can't go shopping without getting done up. I never know where I will meet someone. So I guess it's unacceptable to go to the store after the gym. I should rush home, shower, spend an hour on make up and hair, (after already doing so for work in the morning) and THEN go get my wine...I mean, food, or kitty litter, or...whatever.

Aren't there any guys at your gym? I should frequent the weight room, ask a guy to help me.

Do you always wear that ring? Apparently, guys are dumb, it doesn't matter if I wear my beautiful antique inspired, self-bought diamond ring on my right hand, they probably still think I'm engaged.

I  need to hang out at Barnes and Noble, there are ALWAYS guys there.

I need to order food at a restaurant by myself and sit at the bar. Someone will pick me up.

I need to flirt more.

I should strike up a conversation with someone I think is cute! I need to practice!

I shouldn't meet someone online!

I should meet someone online!

I need to stop hanging out at the gay bar, how will I ever find a man that way?

I need to get out more often.

I should join a social group. (what is a social group?)

Buy this dress for a date!!! (that I don't have) It will inspire me to be more open to dating because I already have an outfit.

I can't expect a guy to always make the first move I need to go for what I want!

I should be more outgoing, guys love confident girls!

I should meet a rich guy, he will take care of me!

What ridiculous advice have you gotten? Or am I the only single girl left in the world?

Saturday, January 05, 2013

New Year, New Goals!!...

Since I already know that I am able to finish a half marathon, and I did two last year....I am signing up for THREE this year.

The one I am most excited about, will be run in Virginia Beach! My sister lives a mile from the beach, so I also get to take a vacation, and hang out with my sister!! The most exciting part, is that she will be the first person to ever be cheering me on at the end of a race! Being from Ohio, I am also super psyched to run a large portion of this race along the beach! (in September...when it isn't mind blowingly hot!)

Next, my work has an amazing new 12 month program for smoking cessation that basically pays you to quit smoking! I'm most interested in the fact that you are matched with a personal coach that can help you in specialized areas dependant on your needs. One of which is fitness and nutrition.

Gaining weight after all my hard work to lose it terrifies me more than the thought of breaking up with my relationship with nicotine! (and this scares the bejeebers out of me!!)

So...I'm going to try. Giving this an effort is more than I have done in the past where this is concerned, and I owe it to myself to try! Once I finally commited to losing weight by eating clean, and exercising I did it! I didn't look for a quick fix. I didn't try to cut corners. I worked my ass off to lose that last 65 lbs!

After all the years of trying and failing, when I lost the final 6lbs to reach my goal at my weigh in... I remember jumping for joy...and saying  "I can't believe this is still working after all this time".  My trainer asked why I was so surprised. I had nothing else to say other than "you really do get what you put in"

I hope that I have the same success with this smoking thing!!

What do YOU want to accomplish this year?