"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Story Of Us...

Well, better late than never (for me). A year has come and gone for me and the boy, and it seems like just yesterday I was puking my guts out, and crapping at the thought of meeting him face to face....

I met that boy on the internets. It wasn't on a dating site. I wasn't looking to date anyone. CP had recently been locked up in rehab, my brother went back home, and I was enjoying some peace and quiet. But, still, I got a little msg from this boy who was totally cute, and had the sweetest profile. But it wasn't cheeseball sweet, it was, omg, I think I get this guy sweet.

We talked on the phone for the first time while I was on vacay at my sisters.

I had a feeling about him. We texted for a few days and then nothing. So I speculated that it was a "vacation" romance, until he texted me the night I mentioned that he hadn't - I was at the Skynard Concert. We kept talking about meeting, and I worked all the time so it was difficult for me. A date was set. And I was never so nervous in my life. Ever. I mean, like not one other time. People....I liked this guy. What if he didn't like me in real life? I had no idea what to wear, and tried to worry about every minute detail that may happen. I got the trots as well. I was sick! I couldn't eat! Before my date, I also got my monthly visitor. Which made my experience even more awesome! Cramps, bloating, nausea, and diarreah (cha cha cha) I was a mix of total hot-ness!

But then I called him so we could talk again before the date, and ease my nerves with some phone contact. Just the thought of calling him alone warrented a half hour phone call with Kat to "psyche me up". Then, still not believing I'd survive the phone call, I had to call Heather just to make sure. Then on their advice I compiled a list of topics to discuss on paper. I'm tellin you, I was out of control. But when we talked, everything clicked. And I was smitten with the boy even more. We had so much in common, the conversation came so naturally, I never even referred to that list.

Everyone told me he'd chop me up and put me in his trunk cus he's a stranger. Gasp!! It went really, really well. We laughed, and joked, and talked about life. We looked at the stars and saw some fireworks wink wink. I wanted to kiss him so bad, he made me so nervous. I thought my heart would explode. And he still has that grape.

It was kind of obvious from the beginning something was there. We both knew it. And then we were talking about being in love without actually saying the words. And, I got the advice from everyone to "be careful". I always hate when people say that.

We defined our expectations from the relationship. Our communication has been pretty fantastic from the get-go. This happened a few times over the year. We checked in to see that we were headed in the direction we wanted to be. I pondered the "you just know" statement people always use. And decided, it's completely true, and you just have to believe that, because I said so.

He invited me to his birthday celebration to meet his friends and family. He worried he was rushing things, but told me "you just know when you know, you know?" Yea....I know! I had another bout of the trots worrying about meeting the family. Which also included driving to Cleveland ("the big city") all by myself. But in the end, it turned out pretty good. And then, he was the first to speak those words out loud. Though, we both knew we were in love. It's an amazing thing to be able to feel the energy of love from someone, and know they love you. I still feel that every time I'm with him, and I hope it never ends.


Alexa said...

this is awesome! i love how you linked back to all your posts!!!

congrats on the anniversary! : )

Narm said...

You worked Cleveland and Skynyrd into one post - which deserves props on it's own.

Congrats on the anny.

Frances said...

Oh Mon I am sooo happyf or you.
May it be foreworks for you two for years to come.

Erin said...

you guys are so great together and I for one could not be happier for you! It seemed like you waited for this great relationship for a long time and I am SO happy for you both :)