"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, September 17, 2007

If I worried anymore id be a wart...

I dunno if you can tell. But I'm slightly obsessive about things. I'm pretty sick over the concept of going on a simple date. But seriously. Um, in high school you went to school with people, and you knew them. When you went out, you already knew them from school. Then I married the asshole I dated the majority of my high school life. The next guy well, I met him drunk while I was going thru my divorce, which was an all-around bad idea.

The next guy was a friend of friends, so we met with a group, and I guess we went out once or twice after that, but the initial meeting was with friends. Um, then the next guy I worked with. Sure, there were guys in between, but they were always people other people knew. I have never just met someone and decided hey lets go out. I'm so out of the loop people. Help me. I mean, what the hell do you do if you like the person. And, how do you know when to end the date? And, what if it sucks, and you want to go home? What if you want to take him home...wink wink...but you don't know if he is a murderer? I'm sick. I may die before I even have a date!

It's all too much pressure. What the fuck do you wear? Dress up? Dress down? Boob shirt? No boob shirt? Regular bra? Push-up bra? Hair up? Hair down? I feel like I'm going to prom or something. It'll be interesting watching me go thru this I'm sure. It's not for me. It's nerve wracking! I can see why I've never done this before.

So, last night, I was suppose to call this OTHER guy I met online, but I blew him off. I didn't get that good a vibe from this other guy anyhow. I dunno why, but the guy I'm meeting I think will turn out to be a good thing.

I don't really know how people cheat, or date multiple people, because I'm not even really "officially dating" anybody, and it's all too much for me to keep straight. Wtf? I need to take some players class or something. I dunno. I'm going to be working Tuesday night at the police station. Yippee. I can hardly wait. Repeat after me...the money will be nice.

You know, I still don't have a car loan? Yea, that's fantastic. I got some paper from Chrysler saying they couldn't find any information about me at the credit bureau. Um, hello, that's total bullshit. I just got my credit report. And, the one in question, is the one I see monthly on my credit card account. I think it's a ploy to charge me a different amount, when I clearly signed papers for a payment I could afford. It's been 3 weeks since I got the damn car. I'm sure they don't still have my Alero to give me back. So, someone needs to fix the shit. And fast.


babylamb said...

That's sucks about your car loan. It happens all the time.
No dealership should sale your trade in without having the financing in place.
There are other lenders out there they need to try those lenders.
If they don't have your trade in than they need to do their own in house financing or get your car back.
You can try getting a loan on your own. Go to www.roadloans.com. They help people with all types of credit. They do have some guidelines; one of them being a 2001 or newer and you must finance at least $7500 I'm not sure the amount you financed.

Slick said...

Always wear a boob shirt. That way, if the date sucks, you'll have other men interested ;)

I'm so damn smart.

That's crazy about the car loan thing!

Chaim said...

Yeah, it sucks to feel "out of the loop." But think of it this way: If you were totally in the loop, and had the dating thing down to a science, and knew exactly what to do and wear in every situation, and how to get the exact things and responses you wanted, it would be... I don't know... CREEPY?

Things being unpredictable can, indeed, be a good thing. Embrace it. If the date's not going well, just end it. How much do you have invested in this? If you aget the vibe that this guy isn't someone you want to spend any more time with, why not just say, "This isn't what I expected. Nothing personal, but I am going to go home." And there's no "right time" to end it if things are going well. Do what's natural.

Oh, and, I agree with slick. Boob shirt is probably always a good idea.

Kentucky Girl said...

I sucked at dating. Thank god I don't have to do it anymore. Really, you donj't want advice from me.

The car loan crap sucks. Seriously. They always try to pull shit like that. But it is their fault if they can't pull through on their end of it. Totally on them.

Sarah said...

I'm the last person who should be giving dating advice, but I'm gonna go ahead and say with much confidence: boob shirt. Always a boob shirt.