"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, October 15, 2007

And He loves me...

I had the most amazing time with the boy. It just gets better. Seriously. It's that good! Saturday I helped my friend Dusty move, and the whole time I have an actual ache to see that boy. It drives me nuts! He came out around 7:30 and we chatted over a couple of drinks. We were
going out to the bar for a bit. Kat was going to come, to be the official greeter in frien-dom. I asked him if he thought that I was a hoe for sleeping with him so fast. I knew he didn't, but I still wanted to hear it. He told me he didn't think twice about it, that it happened and it was right and not at all did he think of me that way. You know, I'm so sweet and innocent dammit!

So, Kat came! I told her I knew that she would love him, and she said she already did because he made me so happy. Ahhhhh. It was like it was just us at the bar. I've never been that into someone before. The whole place didn't even phase me, I was captivated with that boy. Our
conversation. His touch. The laughs. When Kat came, we continued to have fun. Of course, he fit right in, made us laugh, and didn't miss a beat. After a while, Kat made me go to the bathroom with her, and she said "you're gonna marry that boy." I said I know! She really liked him. And what's not to like honestly? He is so freaking perfect for me. When she came to the bar he got us all a shot, that I had told him earlier before Kat got there, as her favorite shot. I mean, how thoughtful is that? Seriously?

Kat left before too long, "so you two can have sex" she said. We stayed a while longer, and talked about how much we wanted to do the deed, which only made the actual thought that much more intense. We barely made it in the door. That's my kinda vibe right there! We stayed up til
like 4 am laughing our butts off, he had me crying. What's my favorite thing to do? Laugh until I'm crying, and my stomach hurts. He is so funny! We watched a movie, and I made us hamburger helper. I'm domestic like that. I can use the microwave and stuff!

Sunday we got up and went to breakfast. When we were waiting to be seated the boy made me coffee, which was the absolute cutest thing, and he said "look at us doing real boyfriend/girlfriend stuff". For real! He for real took me to breakfast. Then we went to Border's for a while and looked at tons of books, then we went to Starbuck's. He showed me how he paid off his credit cards, and gave me a challenge, I like a challenge! We chatted for a while there, and went back to my house and he got us pizza and we watched The Hills Have Eyes. Muh ah ah ah!

We snuggled of course. That's a given. I can't stop looking at the boy, or touching him. I just want to soak as much of him up as I can, and touch every single inch of him! When he went to leave, we were kissing and hugging. I was fighting back tears, because I was sad for him to leave. The feeling that I get when we are close, is like nothing I've felt. It's honestly, like an electric charge, a feeling, like something is being exchanged, I know that sounds insane, but it's true. He was holding me and in my head I kept saying "I love you I love you I love you" and he whispered in my ear "goodbye gorgeous, I love you" I swear my heart skipped a beat, and I said I was just saying that to you in my head, that's so weird. And he said "I know they're just words, but this feeling is what we have to hold on to" and I told him "I know I never want to forget how
good this feels". Then I was crying lol. But I didn't let him see. He held me forever and kissed my head. He's so freaking adorable, I just wanna eat him. With a little butter!

When he left, I was crying full-on. It wasn't because I was sad, but because I was so happy. I don't honestly remember the last time I cried from sheer happiness. I called my Momma to tell her what happened, and I was still crying. It's like I told her, I just know he's the one for me. And, it's such an amazing feeling, that all I could do was cry. It's never happened like this for me. And I do deserve it. I am not doubting a thing, because whatever this is, is meant to be.

I start my new/old second job tonight. I'm gonna be tiii-rrrred, but I'll have bank!


Perfect Patti said...

When I first started reading your blog, you were mixed up with CP and your brother, and were always sad and frustrated. I'm so glad to keep reading the happy stuff. It makes me smile.

Bianca said...

It sounds like you've got real, honest to goodness magic going on there. I'm so happy for you!

Suzi said...

OMFG. This is the sappiest, sweetiest, romanticest, crap on the Internets, and I cannot get enough. I'm going to go read it again. And then again and again after that, because I just LOVE it, and I'm SO happy and excited for you!!!