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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love new things!!..

Show of hands...who watched the Fringe? I happened to love it. One of the creators of my uber favorite show...Lost did it. What makes this fun? I believe it to be just like Lost. I think there were clues in the show to help you find what the "pattern" is. Obviously those images they showed at commercial breaks were important, and they had a commercial for Massive Dynamics, the company in the show. Like Lost has commercials for the Hanso Foundation.

Love that. I love when TV trickles into the real world like that. I love having to think and look for clues, that's why I love Lost!

What else was exciting is that scarey guy Matthew Abbadon from Lost that visited Locke in the hospital is in it. That guy is super creepy. And I happen to believe he is the devil. Muh ah ah ah ah.

I'm giving my reviews today. Dun dun dunnnnnn.....I'm not worried about doing the new girls but I am worried about doing the old girls. Cus she got a lower score than last time. It's not my fault her performance dropped. So why do I care?

I might have mentioned that I'm in love with this super cute boy? Well, I still am. Just didn't want you to forget about it! He made plans with me to go out for our anniversary. Awww...It'll be a week late cus on the day, he's going out of town for his Dad's bday. I thought it was pretty sweet that he even remembered to bring it up. Yea, that one is gonna wind up locked in my closet before he knows it. I heart him. Kinda like when you really love a little puppy and you wanna squeeze it so hard that it might die? I realize this sounds insane, and I'd never ever hurt a puppy. Or my manfriend. But, it's the concept. Sigh...


Jess said...

I thought the first episode of "Fringe" was awesome, but I wish Abrams and Co. would rethink the background music they're using for the series. At times, the "mysterious stuff is happening" music sounded way so much like LOST that it became distracting.

Alexa said...

raising hand raising hand!!!!!

i LOVED it, it made me that much more excited for Lost though.

i heart pacey!

Barb said...

Ain't that cute. I see a change a coming from the manfriend! *smile*