"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fifty Three...

On Thursday I went tool shopping with the manfriend. At first it was kinda fun (as fun as tools can be....at least the hardware store kind. wink) but like a few hours into it, it wasn't so fun. I ran out of things to play with. We ran into his Dad who asked him if they were still going to dinner It was all news to me, so I played along. The boy asked me if I wanted to go to dinner, and apologized for forgetting. (I suspect cus last time that happened was his family reunion) I thought it was pretty cute of him. But then, everything he does is cute.

Before we ate, I did good girlfriend-ly things like hold a door for him while he sawed it, and sanded it. And handed him things he needed. He also made me put tissues in my ears cus it was loud. It did help, and seriously? He's so freaking sweet. But, really, I took it as an opportunity to watch him sweat. And use his muscles, so it was a sort of treat. Manly work is pretty hot! A man that knows how to do manly work is hot. A man that looks hot doing manly work is my manfriend!! And, I'm done talking about the hot-ness because theres only so much a girl can take.

We had a date on Saturday to go out "for our anniversary" which he cutely called our "53 weeks" since it was technically a week ago. A-dorable. We went to the winery where we had our first date, and it was pretty sweet. They had a good band playing out back in the pavilion and we had some yummy wine, (Redneck Red and Hanky Panky) and chatted about stuff like, being in love, and how we wound up together, and how sometimes you can't explain things like that. *swoon*

Suprisingly, they closed at 10....say wha? So we headed to another bar for a drink, and then another bar by my house, which kicked us out at 1 a.m. Which was fine by me because by that point I was ready to have my way with that boy. Or, he had his way with me. Either way, a way was had.

There might have been a bed mishap again. Like, we broke it. Which you notice when it happens, but not enough to interrupt the break-causing event, even if you are say, hanging upside down after said breakage. Lucky for me, I saved the bed risers that didn't break from the last incident. So I had spares. Pretty good thinking on my part, because we didn't have to sleep on an angle. Today I noticed they make wooden ones, and while it is fun to be able to say we broke the bed...I think I might invest in the wooden ones. For our own safety!

Did you know that I'm in love? I didn't think you could tell.


Narm said...

Hmm - I'm going to start brining an impact wrench to the bar to get girls. It can't work any worse than my current methods.

Mon said...

chicks dig manly stuff. Its hard to find a guy who can do handy work, hell its hard to find a guy with gainful employment!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

"If the women don't find you handsome, at least they'll find you handy."

From Red Green

Hmmmm, I played with power tools yesterday, and cooked dinner.

Maxie said...

I was hooking up with this guy and the bed seriously gave out. Apparently he "forgot" to tell me that it was missing half of its rungs underneath. I think he just thought it would be funny to see my reaction.