"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Wheel Keep On Turnin...

When I picked up the girls last night for the concert, one of them asked if I was listening to Hootie (and the Blowfish) I said yes, it's a song with Edwin McCain. Guess what? She likes Edwin McCain. Right there, I knew the chick was cool! How can you not like Edwin? Seriously? I was pretty excited. I had to rub it in that I had just met him...for the *cough* second time! Hollaaa!

Skynard was a pretty good time. Who knew they sang so many songs? Probably everyone but me. Free bird? Sweet Home Alabama? Live? Fugetaboutit! I was the sober driver. Cus I'm poor. So, I might as well use my power for good! One of the girls who shall remain nameless had to squat in the woods when we got there, and people were honking at her! Another taped a flask to
her leg to take in. Come on, they charge 7.50 for a drink, and $9 for beer! We met up with a group of guys that were pretty fun.

So, today I got paid for the week that I took two days off. Um, hello? I'm freaking poor. If I had to pay my car payment this pay, I'd be totally screwed! Then, I changed my direct deposit to have $75 of my pay put into another account. Ouch! That's all I can spend for gas, and food every two weeks. Watch me suffer. I didn't get a pay from the second job this week, since I didn't work this past weekend. I told those assholes I could work hours thru the week, then I never heard back from them. Here's what I bet happens. I go into work tonight, and I'm on some sort of schedule for when they want me to work. That shit won't fly with me.

Cp told me last night that it's pretty much do or die with him and I. Meaning, I can't be friends with him if I see other people. I should pine over him and wait for him to get his crap together. Ok. Whatever. I said, I knew this would happen, and you have to worry about yourself. He's too caught up in what I'm doing and he is having trouble up there in rehab. So, I told him I understand. I guess. He blames me for his drug problems. Then he called me again. After saying he wasn't calling me anymore. Seriously? I think this was over a year ago. I don't know why he still has feelings for me.

In other news, I did hear from the internet guy again, it wasn't just a vacation romance. We texted while I was at the concert. He's a funny boy. I think we're gonna get married or something. We'll be the next internet dating commercial cus we'll be adorably cute. I'm pretty stupid like that. But, I'm a big dreamer. Don't squash them. I'm telling you I have this feeling in a way that I don't normally have feelings of this magnitude about anything. Kinda freaky. How long has it been since you had a crush on someone like that? Me? Probably middle school. When you don't really know someone yet, but you like them from afar. You can come to my wedding internets!

Ok. So.....Big Brother? Anyone? I stayed up til 1:30 am to be disappointed in the fucking game. I have nothing to say about it, besides GAG ME!!!!


Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun concert. I hate when people can't be friends. Stupid. I'm kind of going thru something like that now--friend of mine has crush on me; me=married--very happily; can we still be friends? The saga continues...

EC said...

I'm sorry - did you say who knew skynard sang that many songs?? I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that ;)

And don't even get me started on BB - I'm totally disgusted by the whole thing. It pisses me off to no freaking end :(

Mon said...

that is the question...i think the person with the feelings has the harder time with the friendship!

sorry to disappoint you ha ha ha! I really didn't know they sang half the songs they sang!!!
Yea, bb blew! oh well theres always next year!

Kentucky Girl said...

Skynrd rocks, holla! LOL I'm always the designated driver because I don't ride with other people (often.)

The internet guy sounds promising....you gonna go out with him more? Hm? Are ya' Are ya' Are ya'?

Big Brother 8? Wait, what is that? I don't remember anything about a Big Brother 8. OH. You mean that shit they are trying to make us care about when only the crappiest people are left? Yeah, I'm blocking this year from my mind forever. They can go straight to hell.

Mon said...

It was a pretty good show!
Um, yea were gonna go out. I am sick over it. bleh!
yea, big brother. this is the shittiest outcome ever. even worse than when WILL and BOOGIE won!