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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Dilly-Yo...

So, I know the world wants to know how did my date go last night, right? Fan. Tas. Tic. I of course, spent the day pooping, and begged my friends to come get me once I was on the way to meet him. I was sick to death over it. But of course once I got there, it all faded away. I ended up parking behind him and I knew it was him so I went up to him, and we said our hello's and hugged. It just flowed. And the sick feeling went away. I remember asking Heather...how do I greet him? And she said "it'll happen naturally". She was right. And...have I mentioned that I think he's totally cute?

We had some delicious strawberry wine, and blueberry wine. Mmmmm. Guess what? He paid for it. I told you- the guys I pick usually suck. Someone actually "took me out". Ok, then. There was definately something there between us. I felt really shy. But there was this .....spark. It sounds cheesy, because people say that. But it's true. On a trip to the bathroom, I took one of the plastic grapes off the bunch of grapes in the bathroom, and gave it to him. He put it in his pocket, and at least acted like he thought it was cute.

I told him that I was super nervous, but it passed after a while. He let me beat him at arm wrestling, and I let him beat me at thumb wrestling. Seriously. I would've won. The winery closed around 11 (amish!), so we were going to go to another bar and kickit cus neither of us was ready to go home. We ended up drinking champagne in the parking lot! He brought it! It was the cutest thing ever. He had it in a cooler and had cups and everything. We were talking, and laughing, and looking at the stars.

And, that was where he layed one on me. And by one, I mean WOW. And, it lasted quite long. Like we didn't want to stop! So, we didn't. We just kept kissing in the parking lot. Long after everyone was gone but the workers. And what should happen? The panic button on my CAR goes off, cus it's in my pocket! I mean, not suprising, right? That's my luck! Talk about embaressing, in the middle of nowhere in the quiet, you hear BLEEP!BLEEP!BLEEP! Way to kill the moment!

Then, of course I have about 15 people calling me all night to see if I was ok. Which was nice, but I had to shut my phone off so it didn't ruin the moment(s). We ended up talking, and laughing in the parking lot for a long time. And kissing. Lots of kissing. Very...nice...passionate kissing! The kind you read about. Damn. It was really nice. I hadn't felt like that in so long. And maybe I'll shut up about it now. But once more...Damn!

You know, after my panic button went off a couple MORE times at in-opportune moments - we thought we should go somewhere else and at that point, it wasn't worth going to another bar, so I said we could go to my house, and have a fire, cus we both like fires! And, we didn't want to end the night yet. Then I kissed him in MY parking lot. The kissings nice people! We ended up staying up until 6 am. Seriously, like high school. And the time went so fast! The whole thing reminded me of school, except for the drinking, and going back to my place. I just mean the excitement that we felt with each other. Awesome. Totally!

It was really hard for both of us to end the day (after) today. I had to come to work. And, he did ask if I wanted to go out again, and we talked about having a connection, and feeling something. He actually said "I think it's obvious we are going to see each other again". (eeek!)

But he lives in Cleveland. It's like an hour from me. So, not like I can hop in the car any random day and go see him on a whim. And, I work all the weekends in the world. So, it sucks having to wait to see him again. It really does. I'm just trying to go with the flow. But it's definatley mutual. I'm so smitten with this boy. I knew when we first started to talk somethin was there. It was a nudge from nowhere. The old me would've never in a bazillion years met someone I didn't know like this, but for some reason I just knew I had to.

I had to rush to work, late, with dirty hair, and wrinkly clothes today. Kat came to work to visit, hear the dirt, and brought me Starbucks! She totally rocks!


Suzi said...

This is exciting! I have a feeling we're going to be reading some pretty happy, heartwarming blog posts here. It's about time something really great comes your way!

Frances said...

I am so happy that you had a great date.
Betcha he'll drive in from Cleveland whenever you want.
Thanks for dropping by,

Mon said...

I think you are right! This is a super thing!

he happened to tell me that very thing today. Who knew I was so spectacular? lol I could see it, but no one else did.

Kentucky Girl said...

Wonderful news that things went so smoothly! Thinking positive thoughts for your budding possible relationship. :D

EC said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy for you - it sounds like a wonderful date!! One hour is good - you can see him when you want, and you can find excuses when you don't want to. Take it slow though - you don't want to get *too* smitten too quickly :)

Mon said...

Thank you thank you!

Too late, this girl's already smitten! Pretty badly.

THW said...