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Friday, September 05, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time...Of The Year....

Better than Christmas. It's the magical time in television, when new shows start. When seasons begin. Although, it isn't full blown Fall TV yet, I opened up my Tivo wish list and found my tailor-made category "season premier's".
To my delight, 95 programs matched my query. Ninety-five! Some of which were the new season's of Ellen, and Oprah! More importantly? Dr. 90210!
The only TV event that makes me more happy, is when the Entertainment Weekly Fall Preview guide arrives. I shut out the world, and read cover to cover about all the shows I might like. Pop in the complimentary DVD that comes with the issue. Then, I make a date with Tivo while we set them all to record. The whole time laughing to myself and wondering when I'll find the time to watch the 65 shows I already have tivo'd.
I might have a sickness. I've been super busy at work. I think I have re-done my reviews like 5 times. The last time my boss said I was too direct. So I had to pussify them if you ask me. Whateva! I've been working out at lunch, which is my new favorite thing, because then I can go home at 5. Well, except for the fact that I've been working til 6 latley.


Heather said...

Yay! Buckeye football season! And have you seen the previews for the Dr. 90210 premier? Juicy! Do you watch ANTM? Or Grey's Anatomy?

My DVR only has about 38% of it's space left. I have to clean it out!!

Ms. Megan said...

So excited for Football season but sad to see Big Brother End :-( Me and my DVR have a very serious relationship going on... I hope my future boyfriend with understand!

Erin said...

I can only dream about Tivo - and quite frankly I do. I still *gasp* "record" things - and by that I mean on VCR. Yep, you heard me - I have no other choice! Otherwise I would be stuck in the house 24/7 with all the new shows coming up and all the good shows that are already out!

And yay football!! Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!

My Pats better kick ass, that's all I'm sayin'

Barb said...

I'm w/ you sister! I probably don't watch as much as you (65 WOW!). Can't wait to see Dr 90210 it's been a long time! Love my DVR! It rocks!

Mon said...

Yes i watch top model and greys anatomy!

ms megan:
yea, hell understand. anyone worth your time would have to. right?

at least you can still work a vcr, programming one is far more difficult than dvr!

Yea, its a sickness. but i also record a lot of daytime tv!