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Friday, September 19, 2008

The truth about underwire....

I don't know what it is with my bra's and their scheme to drive me insane latley, but it's a conspiracy. Every last one of my bra's seem to be in on it too. Like, a timed event.

Underwire. It's necessary to have a great looking well adjusted rack, to have underwire. (I also argue it's also important to have padding even when you don't need it..) Those of you who wear these torture devices, know what I'm on to. That one little spot where the wire works its way through, and stabs you relentlessly in the armpit.

Mine is always the same. The left side. And, the trouble is, all of my bras have started this at the exact same time. I retire one for poking me, and the next day it happens with another bra. Is this unheard of? I have 15 bras, and they ALL go south at once?

I've tried salvaging them, with sewing the spot closed where the metal pokes thru, but it pokes right back out. I'm sure if metal underwire could laugh, it would be laughing too. Is there a bra that doesn't do this? Is this the next million dollar idea? (btw my first one is inventing a paperclip that doesn't tangle with other paperclips....) I do not buy cheap bras, they cost $40-$50 bucks!

All joking aside people, this is a dangerous subject. Look what I found on the internet. Underwire is bad for you!

Is there prevention? Any Martha Stewart's out there? I use a lingere bag to wash them with. I suppose I shouldn't put them in the wash, and do them by hand? I'm not that domestic. Nor do I have the patience to add another chore to my long list. Or, has anyone tried the bra saver? I think my fellow women know that bras are an investment worth protecting.

Seriously, if you factor in all the things we women have to deal with, clothing, and hormonal, and not go insane...we really should rule the world. And....what do men have? Balls? Big whoop.

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Erin said...

Ugh - isn't it the worst!!

I have to buy underwire because I need something to hold up my droopies as I call them. And until recently I would not have agreed with the padding thing since I am a comfortable size C, but then I got a bra with padding and OMG they look SO much better - and are still the same size! I will totally never go without padding again :)

I'm sorry, back to you...lol...

Although most bras have an underwire break over time - the average life of a bra is about 2 years - another reason for this happening is because the bra is too tight around the band area. It's true!

So, check your measurements and make sure you are wearing the right size around and that may help.

Oh and it's not the washing machine - it's good that you ahve them in the bag, but I just throw mine in by themselves and as long as I don't dry them they never get warped.

babylamb said...

My bra's always start to poke out at the same time too and the same side.

Ms. Megan said...

I have the same problem... usually I take them to my very domestic Grandma and she inserts a small piece of cotten around the metal end and sews them up nice and they last a little longer. She is my equivelant of Martha Stewart!

Suzi said...

That's only happened to me twice in my entire life, and both times, it was as annoying as having an untreated yeast infection. Make you want to scream!

Mon said...

i do dry mine..dun dun dunnnn...And I was wearing too big til last year I got a smaller size. weee!

what the hell? its a conspiracy!

ms megan:
cotton! Grandmas a genius! I may give that a whirl!

you are so lucky. grrr.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Yeah, I just hate it when that happens too :)

Barb said...

And torture is the reason I do not wear underwire! :)