"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm on the fast track...

Gulp. So, get this. Tonight? I'm going to the boy's house. Why? Tomorrow is his birthday. Tonight he is having "friends and family over". I'm honestly so excited that he asked me to come and meet them. But what does my body think? My body thinks that this new adventure is somehow an attack on it's every intestinal molecule, and is revolting at full force! I mean I was super nervous to meet the boy for days, but the second I got there I was OK. This is worse. I have the doodles. Now, how do you meet new people when you have the doodles? I can't eat. Therefore, making the alchohol that much more effective. So, I can't drink. I'm gonna be nervous, hungry, and sober. What a horrible combination. I know I'll be fine, but my body thinks different. I'm trying to think my way out of this mess. But so far? Not working!

I spent last night at Kat's, stealing, I mean, finding music on the internet for his B-day CD. It's pretty bad-ass if I do say so myself! It has a mix of fast and slow songs. And, I have a feeling he's just gonna love it. Who doesn't love a mix tape? I'm going to get him a mushy card on my lunch break too.

He's just the sweetest thing. He is worried that he is rushing me by asking me over, and I don't feel that at all. I think it all feels right. He says of course, he loves being with me. *swoon* I can't wait to see what his friends and family are like. Even though, it's quite literally scaring the shit out of me.

I might stay up there in his neck of the woods this evening. Funny thing is he is living with his parents since his divorce, (over a year ago) and it'll be kinda weird I think... at the parents. Mkay? I mean, if my neighbor is complaining about us, obviously, we can't be having relations. No relations equals major suckage! I might not go back to work too. I am on for 3-11 Sat and Sun but I have a feeling I won't feel like going back. We'll see. Wish me luck! I certainly need it!


Perfect Patti said...

Take a few deep breaths.....and use the old "speaking in public" trick...imagine them all naked. Or with a third eye, or with hair long enough to braid coming out of their ears...you know, funny stuff.

You'll be fine...good luck with the "no relations" thing and the parents' house. LMAO.

PS...I grew up in Columbus, OH. Graduated from Hilliard High School...so I think of you and my Ohio blogger friend.

Kentucky Girl said...

Friends and Family? **THUD** Gah....good luck! :D

RR Johnson Jr. said...

I'll wish you luck as always Mon

EC said...

You'll be wonderful - just be yourself and all will go well :)

Good luck, can't wait to hear all about it!!

And wtg on possibly quitting that job, lol... I know that is such a strange thing to say!

Mon said...

hey, neighbor! thats not too far! We kickit up in Columbus from time to time!
Yea, if their anything like him, itll all go great. Hes really outgoing and funny. I am too, but i gotta know you first. Or, you know..blog it. lol

Way to go on the moral support! ha ha ha!

Thank you I need it!!

i know, but the job is stifeling my being. lol. i can find something i dont hate as much.
I cant wait to tell all about it. I think itll be fine. he says im going to have a blast, and i trust him!

Rachel said...

Congrats on your new boy! You'll do great. Just pop an Immodium and then relax and be yourself.

Janet said...

This is the same boy you couldn't decide what to get as a gift? What did you ever get anyway? I can't wait to hear about how it all went. It sounds like you two are on the same page in this. That's awesome!